EP 817 2007 Pinot Noir Tasting with Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler of TasteDC.com joins Gary to taste 2 Pinots from France and Oregon. They sip and discuss Charlie’s new book “I Drink on the Job” and the changing wine world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Camille Giroud MarangesBurgundy Maranges
2007 Domaine Serene Yamhill Cuvee Pinot NoirWillamette Pinot Noir

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘ He’s an Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, Fleer Ultra, remember those, kind of critic’

This episode lacked some of the usual sparkle; the guest didn’t bring a lot to the table (although pleasant enough) and I think GV got bored with him half way through

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  • QOTD: I could Google it, but I'm guessing it's made from mostly Merlot.

    I totally agree with your guest regarding “affordable Willamette wines”, where are they?

  • Anonymous

    I believe you are assuming that everyone can write, and furthermore than everyone?s drinking experiences are worth writing about. Personally, I would like to keep some of mind secret; like the time I basically grabbed this girl?s ass because my friend told me to and got pushed into a bush (I was obviously totaly Sh*tfaced at that point). Damn! See what you made me do!! I swear I am not nearly as misogynistic as this post makes me look, please don?t hate me Vaynernation! I love you all!!

  • Best guest in a longgggggtime! Got to read his book. I thought Chevan Blanc '61 was 55% Cab Franc, 45% Merlot? Dreaming to drink it once, hehe.

    Good show, thanks. Too bad about the Maranges. Had one lately that was also one-dimensional so I'm curious to drink a good one.

    Cheers, Sander

  • We should do something about it man.

  • I liked the story too, but “always smell the cork” isn’t sound advice. Always smell the wine (and you can inspect the cork), cork smells like cork.

  • For one thing, we will all type with our minds and nobody will pick on winecrazy anymore ;D

  • hehehe

  • The detail wasn’t included in the movie. It’s ironic. Don’t worry.

  • awesome…I was raised Catholic and served on the altar for ten tears. The churchgoers may have an opinion, but I am sure the heavenly father will not mind a deep appreciation for “Fruit of the vine, and work of human hands”.

  • Anonymous

    He started it……..

  • I think Josh L was referring to the more recent Princess Buehler episode #796.
    The great one may have had his nose broken at least a handful of times…he may have an excuse.

  • I am old school! A grumpy old man who don’t have stamina to hang with young bucks 😉

  • scottEJ

    Thanks, guys. Too bad the comparo lost some steam in there.

    QOTD: Merlot blend. Not sure of the percentages.

  • tooch

    Charlie – I am friends with your next door neighbors, Gary and Alex. They've told me that they want to introduce me to you…since we're both really into wine! Nice job on the show and looking forward to meeting you soon.

  • Yo G, you should do something called: “The Great QPR Week”. Will please alot of Vayniacs i would assume.

    I agree with most Vayniacs on here, that Qotd, was a bit tame…. Here's one for you then:

    What is you favourite Bond Movie???

    One of the great all-time Q's. Excited to see what happens on this one..

  • ChrisV

    This is the second time I've seen a guest on WLTV claiming to be a big fan of the show and not knowing about the QOTD. Both were marketing books. There's no way I'm buying either book and I don't think anyone else should either. It's sleazy marketing IMO and there's no reason for it. You don't have to lie to market well.

  • Anonymous

    But, a bad cork smells really bad……sometimes.

  • winemonologues

    QOTD: Cab/Merlot blend. Good guest but a little “put off” that he claimed to be a Vayniac but did not understand what the question of the day was. . . hmmm.

  • It’s definitely rough when somebody tastes your wine and doesn’t love it. But I don’t let it get to me because I know that I’m making the best wine I can make and underperformances are just facts of life and winetasting 😉 It would be interesting to have a reviewer who always tasted the wine with appropriate food. But I like that a lot of critics go objectively just based on the wine.

    It’s also worth noting that there is a difference between flimsy wines that become acceptable with food. And light, bright wines that make a meal divine.

    Know what I mean?

    And thanks for asking about my wines. I make wine in the Languedoc, France. But I don’t want to pimp too much on Gary’s comment thread. If you email me at mroconnell@gmail.com then I will talk your ear off.

  • Nik_B

    Quite a weird guest.. it could just be me, but even after 25 minutes I don't really know what he does for a job, what his book is about and how much he knows about wine. Sounds like he didn't even choose the wines, which seems a bit weird too.

    Terrible QOTD too.. loved the expression on Gary's face when he asked the question that showed he hasn't really watched the show before… haha gold.

  • winecrazy

    thanks for pointing that out. I nkow how crucial typos are when your talking 48 years ago…… :)~

  • As a DC resident I was glad to see some DC love! I'll definitely sign up for TasteDC's mailing list!

  • zHeadless

    Thank you! Definitly less expensive than the Riedel ones, about half the price. Definitly getting those ones!

  • Krunch

    The show was “Good” at best, The guest did bring something to the table that was missed by most of the Vayniac from reading the comments is that “Wine and Meals” go together. This was ONE POINT that had value and was of interest. Charlie stated that the Camille Giroud Maranges needed some meat to give it that “UMPH”, and Gary said that it was light and YES it needed something to give it a UMPH. So Gary scored it 70+ points. Gary said that the Domaine Serene Yamhill was big and Bold then gave it a higher point rating, stating that it was good on it own and could stand on it's own two feet and did not need any meat to give it that UMPH.

    Now before everyone Slams me, I like Gary and this show, But when Gary says that Food and wine pairing is what he think is missing, And a Guest points out that a wine needs food to make it complete, Then Gary bashes the wine and gives it a low score(in his opinion). Makes me wonder if Gary likes to put KETCHUP on his meals? If a wine doesn't need anything to make it complete, then it is not to be mixed with food.

    When a Chef prepares a meal he uses spices he thinks will compliment the meal he is making, he wants you to taste all the herbs and spices he added into it.

    A winemaker (and I use that term loosely) makes a wine that will compliment a meal NOT OVERPOWER it. It makes the pepper come to life in your mouth, you taste the herbs and rosemary. If during a meal you can ONLY taste how good the wine is then the wine is a “KETCHUP” you just Killed the Chefs dinner.

    Wine should be a “Glaze” on a meal Not Ketchup which is what MOST New world wine is today.

    When Parker, Roberson, Gary and Others taste wine without food those points are for “Conversational” wines, Meaning wines that you drink by them-self after a dinner, around the fireplace, out on the porch or deck. they are BIG wines that are made to drink and enjoy NOT to have at the dinner table.

    A wine that gets a rating of 90 or more, if you bring it to the dinner table it may end up as a 80 or lower because it will be KETCHUP!!

    Wine is to Compliment the meal!!! The Old world winemakers make the wines to go with the particular Food of there country.

    The USA is a Melting Pot of different ethnic so there really isn't a “Particular American Dish”. So the American winemakers make AFTER dinner wines.

    Now conclusion, I did find it odd that Charlie claimed to be a Vayniac, But was clueless about the QOTD.

    But an interesting show none the less.

  • Anonymous

    You really think this guest was better than Garret of Broklyn Brewery? I dont think this guy was as bad as people are making him out to be, but he was by no means the best guest in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    sorry, I know it seemed I was directing that at you winecrazy, but that was not what I intended.

  • Anonymous

    very apt, thats the whole point of the QOTD, not to mention an important part of this awseome comment section!

  • WineWoman

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

  • fcindc

    Great to see DC represented, and someone who barbecues on the Big Green Egg as well! GV: please do a Virginia wine show, particularly as we get into the spring when people will be looking for more viogniers.

  • alexkeywest

    worst show in a longtime….booooring guest….waaay too much blather

  • Anonymous

    Best QOTD ever by a guest in my opinin was:

    “What makes you, you?”

  • drt999

    Easy question: merlot & cab franc

  • Anonymous

    Drunk on the moon? Im drunk of the landscapes of Central Otaga NZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjvLcxmkJR4

  • Carolange

    To answer your guest's question episode 817, on the varietal used to blend the Cheval Blanc 1961, is……
    Cabernet franc and Merlot. The caracter doesn't like Merlot, but loves Cheval Blanc, it's how you make the wine that makes the difference, i humbly think….

  • cellarrat5

    After reading that epic, there are a few questions it brings to my mind. One is do you really thing that ALL professional winemakers (I have no idea what you meant by using that term loosely, nobody ever should) make their wines according to what they would pair it with? I personally think you are looking at this from two points, with and without food. Wines are not NEARLY this one dimensional. ?if a wine does not need anything to be complete then IT IS not to be paired with food?. Who died and made you the sultan of food and wine pairing? TRUST YOUR OWN PALLET, something that has been beaten into our heads from day one, as it should be. Your sweeping generalization does not leave room for this all important lesson of WLTV. Yes “new world” wines are all over the place, yes often times wines overpower a meal but this does not necessarily mean that these wines “go from 90 to 80”. I agree with many of your points but wine does not live in a black and white world, your analogy does.

  • cellarrat5

    He drinks on the job! Yeah, as far as I can tell your right. Oh well, they cant all be classics. The beer episode was great!

  • cellarrat5

    I agree whole heartedly, but obviously sometimes it helps. otherwise there would not be so much useless sh*t out there that doesnt do what it claims too.

  • cellarrat5

    sh*t, that is a good one. So many to choose from! I would have to say either Goldfinger or From Russia with Love. But I am a diehard Connery Bond fan, so I am a little biased. Daniel Craig is stepping it up though, and Goldeneye was not bad at all.

  • cellarrat5

    If everyone edited everyone elses posts nobody would comment on wines or answer QOTD's, life is too short for that Sh*t!!

  • Wasn't there a little bit of Malbec in the 1961 Cheval too (along with the obvious Cab Franc and Merlot)?

  • I think it's funny you're positive about this episode because your blog comment had almost as much content as the entire show. 😀

    But I'm gonna say winemakers have all different techniques. Personally, I work my ass off during the whole year to get grapes that are going to make a beautiful wine with minimal intervention… to make big wines that I can drink by themselves (because I'm not a sissy and I can handle a wine with some hook) or that I can pair with my mom's excellent cooking which tends to be big, have a lot of flavor, and consists of at least three different kinds of animals.

    But that's personal. I don't think it's right to say a winemaker has to make a wine that won't overpower your meal. A winemaker has to make wine. The same way poets gotta make poetry. Or painters gotta paint. And it's your job as a consumer to pick a context for the wine. There are some great poems that don't belong in the wedding toasts. There are some fantastic paintings that won't go over the couch in your living room. And there are some stupendous wines that won't go with your chicken curry.

  • QOTD is about a movie that came out 5 years ago? That's almost long enough to get a business degree from A.B. Freeman. JUST KIDDDDING. I'm a Tulane kid who is still jealous that the business school has flat screens in their private locker rooms while the comp sci kids work on PCs from the mid 90s. 😀 I hope that TasteDC and the book soar in 2010. I already passed the link to a friend in the city.

  • Sat net was flaky last night…finally getting a chance to see this.
    Go Mott! Good call on the bottle shielding the guest, thanks.

  • castello

    What's a big green egg?

  • I was considering this point. It's POSSIBLE that people just watch the first ten minutes and then zip away and they do that a few times a month. And I think that person still counts as a fan. And I think Gary knows the dude has never sat through a whole episode, but he still appreciates that people watch even parts of episodes as long as they participate. But you're right that it's generally the marketers ;D

  • Krunch

    Cellarrat, When I said I use the term loosely, It was that some “winemakers” are mad scientist that make the same tasting wine year after year in steel tanks just to satisfied the stock holders (IE. Yellow tail). I did not say that wine was “ONE” dimensional, Wine was invented to take the place of water at the dinner time. The rating example I gave that a 90 point wine will go to 80 was just that AN EXAMPLE. When I wrote this, I was hoping that most of the Vayniac would understand that even though Gary gave it a low score, that with food it may or may not have increased the score. A lot of people judge wine by how BOLD it is and how it taste ALONE, but matched with food it is like putting KETCHUP on a ROAST. Yes some like that, but some would actually like to taste the meal too not just the wine.

  • Allan's QOTD – Casino Royale, the original, the parody. I like Bond. But I like Peter Sellers even more.

  • cellarrat5

    I defiantly agree with your mad scientist “winemaker” point, and as I said many of your points were somewhat valid. However, I am not a fan of absolute language when regarding something as variable from year to year as wine. As Ryan said above my post, winemakers have to make wine, it?s our job to tell what we think is Sh*t and what is not. Food defiantly helps wine, I totally agree. But as I am sure you know there is a broad spectrum of wine in relation to food, similar to the flavor spectrum regarding variability of most wine. And wine was more or less discovered, not invented.

  • I saw the same article…very interesting. Added the link to my blog post about Merlove. Not everyone saw Sideways I guess.

  • Krunch

    I know and Respect many winemakers, I understand you work your ass off, But if you made a wine to match your Mom's Cooking and someone like Gary taste your wine (Without food) and said it was too Small, Hollow or not enough “Umph”. Wouldn't you think you did not get a fair shot? After all you made it to pair with food.

    But I do hope that everyone trust their own pallet.

    On a side note which wines do you make?


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