EP 817 2007 Pinot Noir Tasting with Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler of TasteDC.com joins Gary to taste 2 Pinots from France and Oregon. They sip and discuss Charlie’s new book “I Drink on the Job” and the changing wine world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Camille Giroud MarangesBurgundy Maranges
2007 Domaine Serene Yamhill Cuvee Pinot NoirWillamette Pinot Noir

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘ He’s an Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, Fleer Ultra, remember those, kind of critic’

This episode lacked some of the usual sparkle; the guest didn’t bring a lot to the table (although pleasant enough) and I think GV got bored with him half way through

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  • Anonymous

    He wins respect….. It’s what we do!

  • JiminAtlanta

    Good guest (I thought 2010 was going to have fewer guests, though it does not matter to me). I would like to know more about the book. QOTD – Like everyone else has said, the wine had merlot grapes in it. I liked pinot before Sideways and am glad to finally see some pinot prices coming down.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    I totally cringed, Charlie, after you said you were a Vayniac, and then didn't know about the QOTD. Peeps must be really laid back today because it seems fairly calm in the previous comments. Other than that I thought you did very well on the show.

    QOTD: 🙂 I'm sure we've talked about this to a vast extent. Michael C in MKE, in a reply below, had a pretty good point that I never knew about. There was some worth to me having it brought up again. It reminded me of 93x's morning show where they bring in a state trooper and almost every show he gets asked about window tint.

  • MDSmitty2488

    QOTD: Obviously I'm a little late to be the first to answer but I swear I knew it before I got to the forums (I watch WLTV via iTunes). It's a joke that only those familiar with wine would get but Cheval Blanc is made principally from Merlot, I didn't know it at the time I saw the movie because I was 16 when it came out but I found out later and had a good laugh.

    Charlie was a great guest, I like his no frills attitude about wine. What it comes down to is that it's a beverage that was created to be enjoyed and too many people forget that.

  • vinoreviews

    Agreed Hitching Post is a great place for steaks and SB wine country is a great place to visit with really good wineries. However I have to disagree regarding HP's wines, their Pinot's especially at $40+ a bottle retail have gone down hill since the movie Sideways came out. I would assume this is because they increased production at the expense of quality.

  • vinoreviews

    I thought 2010 was the year of less guests on WLTV? I liked today's guest but the guest we need to see more of regardless of Gary's less guest policy is Sasha V!

  • corkscrew

    QOTD-Cab Franc, Merlot with a bit of Malbec and Cab Sauvignon. Gary, great guest, good personality. I also like Pinot's from Domaine Serene, had a 2005 Shea (Shea Vineyard) last week and it was great. I disagree with Charlie and have found some very drinkable and good Pinot's $20 and under, Pessagno 07 (Lucia Highland) ok $25, Deloach 07-$16, Lafond SRH-06-$16, Erath-07-$16, MacMurray Ranch-$19, and Thumbprint-07-$20. http://www.winelx.com

  • ErieWineGuy

    What a nice, interesting guest!

    Gary, you now have the great balance between respecting the wine road the guest has experienced leading up to your show, and also showing us your opinions and comments based on your own road, to us who depend on you. Your interviewing skills have grown and skyrocketed.

    Great job, and great guest – this was very interesting.

    Your show is always the highlight to the end of my day!

  • zrm

    Rocking the Pinot today.

    QOD I could look it up but ill guess Merlot because that would be some irony

  • Rock on Gray.

  • BuddhaChu

    I'm suspect about this guest being a fan of WLTV since he doesn't understand how to ask a QOTD correctly. You don't ask Gary a question, and you don't ask something that has only one answer like “who won this or that”. After the first person posts the correct 'answer', who cares about the QOTD? Answer: no one. A true QOTD is based on the user's opinion on a topic or interest and there is no right or wrong answer. That's the only way to spur conversation.

    Guest fail.

  • cellarrat5

    Not a bad show. He has been given enough grief about missing the QOTD so I will let him slide. I had a feeling that Gary was going to tear that first one apart. Good the second one brought more thunder, and a rating change as well!

    QOTD: been answered plenty already. I also thought that line was taken somewhat out of context. Miles was drunk and feeling like Sh*t because of his fear the novel would not get picked up. what is more, Paul Giamadie can deliver a line! I even believed him the first time I heard him say it! but then I quickly realized I still loved Merlot.

  • not to be negative but worst handshake ever?

  • Thanks for sharing the 2007 Pinot Noir Tasting with Charlie Adler ? Episode #817. I missed it. It was nice watching it.

  • SourGrapesFC

    Leave Wayne Gretzky alone!

  • Graham

    Holy cow! Charlie Adler! Imagine my shock to see HIM, of all people, to be a guest on the show!

    He's quite a famous voice actor. If any of you guys were fans of shows like Rocko's Modern Life or Cow and Chicken, you may recognize his voice (and hopefully, his name).

  • Nice episode. Great guest. Pinot Noirs from the USA definitely taste different than say Chile or France and I dig them, though a bit on the expensive side but well justified. Merlot, for me at least, wasn't ruined by the movie sideways, I could never truly get the character that Giamatti plays, a bit n hte neurotic uptight side for my taste in movie caricatures but I really like the movie as it is.

    QOTD: I will let this one pass and let the more illustrious of Vayniacs answer, yup, but it's obvious that being a St Emilion wine it has to have a bit of Merlot in it. Ironic for Giamatti's character in the movie.

  • Waits

    Damn! Where is that “Not like” button, when you need it. Nice going carlo10 ; )

  • Not every crazy character is worth ignoring

  • NY Pete

    only 2 shows so far this week … WTF

  • cavemn77

    haha I noticed that as well…but that happens sometimes, especially when people are nervous/anxious

  • zHeadless

    Anybody knows what kind of glass Gary uses? It looks like the Riedel Burgundy Grand Cru but not exactly…

  • Pat__B

    I think everyone should be required to write a book about their personal drinking experiences….

  • ONUMello

    QOTD:?? I've only seen the movie once, don't remember that much detail.

  • ONUMello

    Unfortunately 2 people w/ the same name. IMDB says the voice actor is from Boston, this Charlie says he was born in PA.

  • ONUMello

    I'll 2nd that. This has been asked before by myself and others; I've never seen a definitive answer.

  • winecrazy

    Nice guy. Good luck with the book…..I'd buy one but if you can get Gary to have you sign it to me that would be great. He knows my name. Let me know….

    QOTD: That's easy…Cab Franc & Merlot. I was born in 9161 so I had to have some. Plus I loved the movie line…It' peaking!!! Yuo have to drink it now, what are you waiting for…Go get it!!!

  • WineWoman

    QOTD: The wine is predominantly Merlot-based. Sideways is one of my favorite movies. I even have it on Blu-ray–not that the movie features any special effects or explosions.:)

  • WineWoman

    Order the Big-Ass glass from Amazon. 🙂

  • wayno daaa winooooo

    Yo winecrazy, i don't think we arrived at year 9161 yet……. :o)

  • wayno daaa wino

    There ain't enough trees in da world ta cover moi……… :o)

  • wayno daaa winoooo

    Yo NY Pete, time to slap G around a bit…….. :o)

  • Different Charlie Adler..he’s a voice-over actor, but I own http://www.charlieadler.com, check it out!

  • Michael D

    Hey Corkscrew – I have to agree with you about the 05 Shea Vineyard PN – had it last Thanksgiving, and it was one fantastic bottle of wine.

  • John Rogers

    Great guess, Wish him luck with the book. Gary, you need get the thunder back into red wines
    ,lately you seem to be bored with them.

    QOTD; It will have to have some merlot in it. Please do another show on merlot from Washington State, I think they hold up well. ie; Columbia Crest H3 merlot.

  • Paul Blank

    For the question of the day I have not seen the movie but will watch it .Trying new movie.I am telling people to watch the thunder show.Have told employees at Bevmo here in san diego ca and customers who I engage conversation with.Volume,Volume.Brand new to the wine world but am excited where it will lead.Thank you Gary and Mot.The staff behind the scenes.Your Mom and Dad and your wife for all you do to GROW.God Bless.

  • castello

    Bottega del vino crystal Burgunder. I got a few from the source. They are awesome glasses and good people. You can buy as many as you want. Amazon seems to sell only 6 packs for big bones.

  • castello

    Charlie. Talk to us about your book. It sounds good but I need more info.

  • audiofan

    'Miles' (the main character in 'Sideways') stored a 49-year-old, multi-thousand dollar bottle of Bordeaux IN HIS CLOSET! If the movie wanted to be realistic, he would have opened it, taken a sip, and spit it out because it was DOA! Can we have Gary pass an official WLTV 'rule' that there is to be no more QOTD based on 'Sideways?'
    Also, I saw NO champagnes in the shot of the table-full-'o-wine; not even on the show's anniversary, GV?

  • hollisdevillo

    ben stiller?

  • It's Oregon, not Oregone there is no E in the name. Just visited Domaine Serene last week beautiful vineyard. Domaine Drouhin is another big Oregon Pinot. Plan to be back in that area again in March.

    Obsure Upper Deck Fleer Ultra wine reference can't be done, Gary say's NAY! Love it.

  • QOTD: I'm assuming the '61 Cheval Blanc was primarily Merlot (with some Cab Franc).
    Gary, it was never explicit, but having seen the movie a bunch of times -and read the novel – I believe the '61 Cheval Blanc probably had birthday/birthyear implications for Myles.
    I like (and own/DVD) both Sideways and Mondovino a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Coincidentally, a study came out not too long ago, showing that there really was NO “Sideways” effect on Merlot sales… Here’s the link: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/New-Nielsen-Study-Reveals-bw-4259160670.html?x=0&.v=1
    Be it as it may, I am tired of it being referenced… I guess that’s why I also wasn’t very fond of the guest… But maybe I am just in a bad mood…

  • Anonymous

    Not related to this episode but I think that Gary would enjoy this article. Would be interested to hear his views on a future episode.


  • Actually they have them on on this website for $60 each with free shipping:


    Great episode once again Gary. Haven’t had too many pinots, just closeout Burgundys once in a while. Oregon has gotten out of control! Too many other areas of the world to expolore with a much better QPR.

  • Qotd: 66% Cabernet Franc, 33% Merlot, 1% Malbec.

    Great guest with a great story to tell. I have to say that i think one-dimensional wines can be quite allright, if the taste is pleasing your palette… I'm not a high-roller, so i think that “my kind” will have to respect that one-dimensional-ness a little more often than others. Of course complexity is king, no doubt.

  • Are you from the future?
    What happens?

  • flo

    Cool guest, GV— I too, get to drink on the job! Love, love, love and miss good Oregon (or-uh-gin) Pinots— I used to live up there. LOVE Mondovino— great movie!

  • Richie

    QOTD: No idea. Probably Merlot and a few others. I would like to go down to my cellar and taste the wine now. But obviously I don't have it.

  • matt_wrench

    Best guest in a long while. Really wish my dad made me be family sommelier.


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