EP 820 Celebrating with a Shiraz – WLTV Turns 4!

Gary and Sasha team up to talk about the 4 year anniversary of WLTV and taste the big time FU Shiraz.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2004 R Wines F U Shiraz Australian Syrah

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  • boughtrecords

    Awesome show! Love your dad! Hopefully I will foster that kind of relationship with my daughter. I love the question of the day. Why not some political q's? I'll answer just because. I say Obama only gets one term. I'm not saying I am for or against him but I don't think he has attached with the average american. The other question of the day. The shipping seems quite high.

  • The sub and wine reminded me of the last wine I had last year with a friend. We started off at a wine bar with a 1995 Leoville Las Cases. Then went bar hopping(which i seem to recall involving PBRs and Jack and Cokes), and eventually capped the night at home with Steak N' Shake and a 1986 Chateau Climens.

    Something I'd like to see more of is talking about how the wines related to the vintage conditions.

  • jcozzi

    As always a great double act (Sasha Rocks the house again!).
    QOTD 1: A weekly Sasha show (and give him total freedom of expression).
    QOTD 2: Broadcast a show from my place in the UK (you'll love it).

  • drunkfish3

    great episode love you dad i saw him at the aquarium store a i work at last Saturday but it was busy and i didn't get a chance to say hello.

  • Sasha is just a cool a guy. Hope my son and I have as much love as you all do in 30 yrs.

  • jayhitek

    The Sasha shows are my favorite.
    4 more years!
    QOTD1: Economy is a hair better
    QOTD2: Get the Mass state law changed so you guys can ship to me! And tell Gary to stop touchy the guests so much (except for his father. That's ok). OH! More Sasha shows!

  • dt


    come bet on games for free and win real money

  • Vineares

    Gotta love the off track Sasha shows.

    QOTD : Sasha shows should include sushi? lol

  • jeffreywuilliez

    Gary, I am a lurker…first time to comment in 2 years…I bought 4 bottles of the F.U. can I get one of the three pack boxes?

  • John Beckman

    Great anniversary show love your dad

  • wwgirl

    Great 4 yr show!

    QOTD is easy: Figure out a way for us Washintonians to be able to buy wine from Wine Library!!

  • mclurker

    Happy 4th, Gary!

  • chukheadted

    sasha is the best guest ever!!!! he is right–people should not critique a wine unless they have tasted it.

  • Fred

    Always a favorite when Sasha comes on the show….I would love to see him chat with a bunch of high school students and tell them his story, about coming to America…starting with nothing…building a business…and his love for USA…

    Anyway, thanks for the great show….Happy 4 years….

  • Great show and I really want to eat that sandwich!

    QOTD: Deliver to New Zealand! Unless you do already?

  • PayneTrayne

    Happy 4th!

    QOTD: I'd like to see some way to browse the entire wine library inventory like a directory (the only way I can figure out is to use the search function).

  • Special K

    Great show Gary. Happy 4th! I'm finally off the lurker fence and into the fray!
    All the best!

  • It seems like it should be possible since Wine.Woot does it, but I think Cinderella has higher quality wine. Thankfully I am in Wisconsin for now, which is an alcohol friendly state, as evidenced by all the obnoxious Packers fans.

    Also, what about Minnesota? My family and a fair chunk of all my friends are there, and I cannot tell any of them about Cinderella/Wine Library. Guess who does ship there, though … Wine.Woot.

  • marcfrontario

    Gary, my 3 yr. old son Cage said your going to eat all that sandwich and then your going to poop in your pants. We're teaching them well over here at the Frontario house.

  • QOTD: That's actually a tough question. I think I'd say lobby to get shipping to all 50 states would be a huge benefit to the most people in need.

  • Blythesville

    QOTD: Canada won the gold medal in hockey.

  • Andrew


  • Brett Steigerwaldt


    I feel your dad on the Belarus thing. My heritage is Volga German and several members of my family who didn't get out of Krasnodar before the Bolshevik Revolution were shipped off to box cars. Several died due to starvation and malnutrition on the train and others died at later times because of the hardships they endured during these times.

    Its always nice having your dad on the show he's absolutely charming. Keep up the good work Gary!

  • QOTD:SASHA! SASHA! SASHA! Canada 2 tries, can you say 2 out of 3.

  • wesleymcallister

    Sasha, I guess Canada is just better at hockey. Congrats on the 4 years Gary.

  • winenOOb

    Darn you Gary, I had been away from this site from being extremely busy, but I ran across this episode while testing video embeds for a site. Totally took away my 30 minutes. Probably my favorite show next to episode #148. Your dad is awesome.

    QOTD 1: Yes, things are improving with the economy slowly; it's the nature of economics regardless of who is running the country
    QOTD 2: No suggestions for improvement

  • Weston3220

    yeah guess after that hockey game canada vs usa you wouldnt think canada would win gold ah well

    Well I was downtown in Vancouver celebrating at night after the win! so many people

  • David

    Funny this: Another example of an Australian wine made for American palates. This wine is not distributed in Australia!

  • MaRc

    u go gary….and the dedicated team of wine library~!

    QOTD: Keep wine library tv coming and pls pls….get cinderella wine overseas! I'm either in Singapore/ Malaysia, its so TEMPTING +++!!!!

  • Great show, congrats on 4 years!!! Never forgot the first time I heard about tv.winelibrary. I heard you on NPR in wilmington NC. I was down there for my sister's wedding. It was just a pure miracle that I remembered to look you up 2 days later once I got home around a PC. I never remember stuff that long in the future without writting it down!!

    QOTD: To make winelibrary and cinderella better. Get that shipping to TN think worked out. But that just benefits me,and whoever else on here is in the TN region.


  • jimp1234

    Hmmm..lets have a look…

    Color…the chemistry of you and your dad is unbelievable…the love you feel with each other is palpable and I thank you so much for sharing..

    Let's give it a sniffy-sniff….what can sometimes across as commercial marketing personal branding in some of the shows…blows off with decanting, and the pure joy of what you do and the genetics of where this mix you have brought together comes together…

    Let's give it a whirl….best show ever! 100 pts…it's the mix of your roots with the ambition you have created to combine into a really heart-warming show

  • Vas

    Oh wow – I have the same Arcteryx shirt your dad is wearing and I'm 23. Either he's really cool or I'm a huge loser, let's hope its the former.

    QOTD: I'd like to be able to search specific price ranges on WL, under $10, $10-15, 15-20, 20-30, etc.

  • richardvinifera

    Hey Gary how about doing a Pandora Wine site? Perhaps like Cinderella Wine but even more explosive… (open to interpretation!)

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd: any support for wine shipping laws to be passed in the remaining 13 states would be great, and it would be 13 more states ordering from you guys.
    Love when yr dad is on the show, some of my fav episodes.

  • Congrats on 500! Best recommendation…at the pick-up order window on the weekends there is usually 3-7 people waiting for orders. Try to improve that waiting time. Last time I was there someone commented, “everything at winelib is first class, except this pick-up window.”

  • Anonymous

    Classic episode, FU wine, great name..Sasha snags the OWB! http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘Dad – you just asked Mott to link up a porn site’

    Great episode, my favourite one with GV’s dad in the house. Most of the chat is not wine related but I’m starting to like the off-topic stuff almost more than the wine chat.

  • Cheryl Henry Baker

    Give Sasha his own WLTV show!

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    Brilliant information here! Hopefully you wont stop the flow of such magical material!
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