EP 820 Celebrating with a Shiraz – WLTV Turns 4!

Gary and Sasha team up to talk about the 4 year anniversary of WLTV and taste the big time FU Shiraz.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2004 R Wines F U Shiraz Australian Syrah

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Brilliant information here! Hopefully you wont stop the flow of such magical material!
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  • slave2thevine

    Still not to 500…people are slacking!

  • slave2thevine

    I don't think Gary will put on another show until we hit 500 at a minimum…

  • slave2thevine

    Seriously…it's just 50 more. Lurkers, it's time to come out

  • heka


    Hockey is a very big thing here in Finland and considering the fact that these olympics have gone really bad for Finland I really hope we win gold in ice hockey. Also gratz for the 4 year run.

  • ewb

    Bravo Gary & Sasha. I just so enjoy watching your show.

  • Anonymous

    what’s a coppertop? Don’t make me wiki it!

  • winedeac

    Great episode. Look forward to hearing what's next from Gary that is so secret.

    QOTD: I agree with some other posters, need to find a balance between promoting a wine and hyping a wine. I understand that everybody has different taste and different wines that excite them, however, some of the wine that have been hyped should have just been promoted as they were not worth a weeks worth of emails and build up. Just my 2 cents

  • Fonzie1568

    Congrats on year 4!

    QOTD: more cheese/food pairings and maybe an associated specials/deals combining a good/superb pairing (i.e. a team up between gourmet and wine library)

  • Congrats on 4!! I would LOVE shipping to holland. Seriously. You're doing a great job with WL and CW but I can't stand the fact that it's unreachable for me…..

  • themosk

    Congrats GV! Keep up the great shows, we're enjoying all these shows while you're still finding enough time to make them for all of us. Here's to another year and to the countdown to #1000!

    qotd: come and open a WL in the SF Bay Area 😉

  • CollinB88

    Congratulations on four years! I usually lurk, but it's time to say how much I appreciated the show- Thanks so much for making us all apart of your world!

  • cellarrat5

    Yeah, a HUGE second to that answer. Its time to expand WL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AmyNYC

    Happy 4th!!! and a big thank you!

  • Awesome show and happy anniversary!!! Good luck on the next four and many more. I'm pretty happy I saved my $125 on the FU. It really doesn't seem like my style wine.

    QOTD – 1st – Take WLTV on the road. Similar to the book tour, you could hit a bunch of cities with live audiences over a period of time. 2nd – More two or even three packs on cinderella.

  • LeBo75

    Happy anniversary! Nice father son interaction there!
    My first comment, a lurker came out! 😉
    Warm regards from Paris!

  • Mott

    How can you tell when a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

  • TommyB

    QOTD: lots of interesting wines, guests and just keep it tight man! I think there's lots of life left in this show yet…

  • abrams7

    Your dad is the greatest. I loved the episode ,and I don't think obama will have the amount of time needed to fix the economy completly if he could at all. Just keep in mind that it takes one week to crash the economy ,and years to fix it. Maybe he will do something to help the people that go to work every day and not give more money to the people that sit on their ass. The US will have to work for it, like we did when the economy was good! It will not be given to us for free.

  • Ben Leaderman

    How about a series of “tasting packs” A group of say 6 wines that would be of like styles from different areas. Ex. cabs from Ca., Chile, Argentina, France, Australia,etc. A brunello and 4-5 wines that might have the similar style. Send them out with forms for tastings that would encourage small tasting groups of 6 .

  • Love the Giant Fruit bombs.

    Would have loved to taste this wine.

    QOTD: When you are out of a wine maybe you could link out wineZap or wine searcher so we find it elsewhere.


  • Anonymous

    First Matrix movie, the scene in the car where they de-bug Neo- the girl (can’t remember the character name, not Trinity) calls him coppertop…. analogous to the battery of the same name….

  • Me too, if they're made right….

    If the alcohol is over the top, NO! Then you might as well buy a bottle of vodka and a cranberry juice to mix………. ; )

    Cheers to you as well……

  • Al

    Great show. What can Winelibrary do better? Export wines to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Although you might not want to when we win the Olympic Gold in Men's and Women's Hockey. Congratulation on 4 years.

  • Ivan Perez


    Congrats on WLTV anniversary!, but to be honest, I was more in to your fathers stories then the review of the wine.

    You?re father is a great man and he makes me remember my father; now I know why you?re like you are (I mean this in the best way).

    Saludos from Mexico.

  • ben from boston


  • rdd

    Great Show…you guys are beautiful together. Happy 4th.

  • Don,

    The translation is: Congratulations on 4 years! We always enjoy the episodes when Sasha makes an appearance. We wish you many more years to come. Cheers!

  • Happy 4th! I'm glad I've been there for 1+ years.

    QOTD: Gift ideas perhaps?

  • Congrats on 4 great years! Great having SV on the occasion.

    QOTD: I'd say aim for balance of guests/blind/old school shows, and blend in some special stuff here and there (Flip-cam and otherwise). Oh yeah, and definitely the couch and champagne week.

  • alienrelic

    Great show. Sasha reminds me of my own Dad. That's definitely a compliment.

  • plcb

    The WLTV 4th anniversary is my 2nd anniversary as a Vayniac. I found WLTV right around the 2nd anniversary.

    When this episode began, I thought 'Sasha without food on the table?'. I'm glad he had his grocery store sandwich handy. Classic….. pricey wine and a value sandwich. It's all about where you are and who you are with.

    Since discovering WLTV, I have enjoyed expanding my palate! Also it is my one year anniversary since I began my job in the wine & spirits industry. I play my small part in expanding palates.

    QOTD: do what you do……keep bringing the thunder

  • GoIrish04

    Dude, all I have to say is for a guy who claims he's “not really a turkey guy,” you took that sandwich to the house.

    And I adore your dad. QOTD: you can do better by having more Sasha on WLTV.

    Keep it real.

  • Was at the Canada vs US game, what a heartbreaker I was so sad

  • lcschumer

    Wonderful episode – happy 4th anniversary! I'm glad you're not a stuffy guy in a suit being all serious. Bring on the action figures! I love it when Sasha's on.

  • neilinkentucky

    Always love it when Sasha makes an appearance on WLTV. You two have such a wonderful relationship and it shows. I'll bet your dad is so proud of you Gary.
    QOTD: See if you can add Kentucky to the list of states that you ship wine to. I think the laws have changed here so that you could begin shipping into our state. If not, I'm still a big fan of the show just for the knowledge and the thunder that you bring.

  • hollisdevillo

    congrats. fun stuff.

    ship to canada.

  • SEFB

    Congratulations on 4 years! I enjoyed the episode and the back and forth between you and your father. I started watching sporadically at the end of 2006 and regularly in Jan-Feb of 2007 and have been watching ever since. Thanks for so many fun and informative shows!

  • ben from boston

    your dad meant slovakia, not slovenia, right? put me down for Canada gold, usa silver, slovakia bronze (obviously rooting for usa, but canada looks pissed).

  • texaswino

    Longtime lurker…looking to stop lurking, Congrats on the 4 yr anniversary

  • CongratsCongratsCongratsCongrats!

    QOTD: more promo codes for gourmet lib (like the recent free shipping one), more blind tastings, more value shows with wines under $15/$20, lobby Tennessee lawmakers to change their liquor laws so you can ship there, more food/wine pairings

  • Jeff_RockyRiver

    Congratulations on the four years! Well deserved … Thank you for all you time and efforts into producing this show. It is much appreciated!

    Again, just love the shows with you dad. Full of laughs for me! The FU Shiraz with a sub sandwich – turkey to boot! Hilarious. Keeping it real, for sure!

    I'll answer the first question – the economy. (Not a political answer by any means.) I'd say in northeast Ohio virutally everything is remaining stagnant compared to the past 6-12 months. No significant improvements – a few minor gains and yes, job losses, companies closing and continued unemployment. I certainly don't see a marked improvement occurring (again, not political – not a knock against Obahma – he's only one person, only so much could be done at once – I'm just being realistic).

    Question 2 – WL does a fine job (at least based upon my use). I think the CW outlet was a great idea. Continue on with the ideas – some will work and some will probably flop. I'd say the only thing I can think of (and I admit, it's pushing the envelope) is possibly increased selection. Again, I've never seen the store so I do not know what is possible storage-wise but many times other places may have more than a couple of wines I might be looking for and I wish WL had them instead. Again, I undestand distributor issues, so who knows if a particular brand even comes into the state of NJ. So that's my only comment – continued selection improvement.

    Again, congrats on the four years – many more, hope all stay healthy for the remaining years!

  • pnwal

    Lurker coming out to try to help get to 500! Great show, I burst out laughing 4-5 times. Happy Anni #4, I've been watching for the last 2 1/2 years really enjoy it and your efforts to “keep it fresh”..

    QOTD: Cinderella Wine: include shipping – it raises the price, but its not like we're not going to pay for it anyway. As a West Coast customer I HATE tiered shipping prices, it reminds me of when you paid for long distance calls based on the distance of the call…really, so 70's!

    Show: Gary take this with the love intended: first, I like the new format where you give more information about the history of the region, varietal, vintners…things I can drop to seem more informed around my friends ;). Second, roadshows are great but the sound and pic quality are easily improved with slight effort.

    Keep it up – more Sasha = more fun :-))

  • i adore your dad/ my moms dad was in ww11 he was in germany when he returned to usa he died of tb. i love boxes too tell your dad i collect wine boxes and fu is absolutely beautiful. love this episode. take care. peace and love to all of you this show rocks.

  • BTW, i seriously love the way your dad loves you. So obvious and it makes me think of the relationship between my dad and me. Took some time to made him realise the hospitality and wine world is where I want to end, but at this moment, he supports me and is obvisouly proud of me doing so well at this age. If I and up in a comparable way as you with WLTV, i'm sure to let my dad make some appearances too. Serious shout out to you as a couple.

    Just wanted to say that because it gives me such good feelings about my own position. 🙂


  • Denise

    Gary! Redefining the Vay-nacular of wine for FOUR years!! Keep rockin' the Kasbah, Gary! You are the BEST!!

    Your #1 fan,
    Denise : )

  • stevo

    congrats on 4 years

  • Ozzy

    Congrats on 4 years Gary, great show your dad's the man.

    QOTD: Your shows rocks, the only thing is we need is more Sasha and a little Mott. And when you do your road show the sound could be improved a bit but I m just nit picking now, otherwise keep rockin Gary.

  • John Martelly

    Congrats on the 4 years. Your relationship with your Dad is much like the relationship I had with my Dad. Don't take these days for granted. They go by quickly.

  • jsums

    Four years, dude! Amazing. As usual, your dad rocks. QOTD – Bikini models as guests?

  • jsums

    Oh, and a Mott-tacular episode! Trade spots for one show!


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