EP 821 Cabernet Sauvignon Values From Around the World

Gary tastes through 3 Cabernets, all under $20 and finds some good values!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Villa Des Anges Cabernet SauvignonLanguedoc
2008 Crios De Susana Balbo Cabernet SauvignonArgentine Cabernet
2006 Colonial Estate Etranger Cabernet SauvignonBarossa Cabernet Sauvignon

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘Cabernet drinkers are gonna freak’

Really enjoyed this show. It’s always more fun if GV loves or hates the wines and he luuuurved one of these.

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  • Mike in C-town

    My favorite Cab experience is also memorable for how absurd it was. Too long for the whole story, but the setting was a few years ago at a nice resturaunt in Vancouver, four of us for dinner, a bottle of Opus and a HUGE misunderstanding with the waiter. We pointed to the selection on the menu and they gave us (and tried to charge us for) a more expensive Opus (?).

  • Weston3220

    qotd: well I have had some interesting/Good entry cab like Don David, and Circus

  • biggerb1

    I messed up the name of the wine I mentioned for under $20. It's actually Louis M. Martini 2007 sonoma Cab. Probably easy to figure out once you go to buy it, but I think it's always better to clarify.

  • biggerb1

    Mike-let me know if you have any more recommendations for cheap Cab. Thanks!

  • DCaragher

    GV – I will be looking for that cab…loved seeing the excitement!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Hmm. Big personality … didn't like at first … now do. Reminds me of someone I know … 😀

    QOTD: Geyser Peak Cab 2005. I received a gift certificate to Wild Fire from my place of employment for some hard work that I did. My wife and I went out and had a great time. Perfect cab according to my palate.

  • ex_Cuse88

    Hey, I know I'm late 2 the party but this Cab rocks for $10 bones. I was at Vinology; a wine bar in Ann Arbor two nights before this episode aired and this was on the “by the glass” menu and I took a pazzz. Had a great Montepulciano d?Abruzzo instead. Found the Ville de Anges in a local store. Not a blow my doors off wine, but truly a tremendous value play for those of us who drink 7 days a week but only break out the over $40 sh*t on the weekends. Great job GV!!!

  • QOTD: I never comment since I watch these episodes a long time after they've been aired but this QOTD reminded me of one of my first wine experiences.

    Back in 1996, I was fresh out of college & took a trip with friends out to San Francisco. While out there, we did the Mondavi tour in Napa. I didn't know jack about wine but I liked it. Anyway, a short while later I was invited to dinner at a friend's place. So I picked up a bottle of Mondavi '94 Reserve Cab. It was about $25. Pricey for me at the time. But wanted to impress…and honestly, it was the only wine I had actually had!

    Little did I know that '94 was a killer vintage in Napa and that I was drinking some of the best Napa Cab I'd ever have! I looked for it a couple years later & was WAY out of my price range!

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd: the first time I was given a glass of caymus special selection which was the 1st time I'd had a cab over $20. Got to see how vast in quality cab's and wines could be.

  • adam_riley

    qotd: the best cab (bordeaux blend) i've ever had was a 1985 Chateau du Tertre from Margaux. i drank it last year and is probably the best wine i've ever had. the smell filled the entire room and it probably could have lasted another 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Have seen these wines before but not tried..just had a 1996 Altamura which was fantastic, did not expect the great nose and fruit which was still there… http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘Cabernet drinkers are gonna freak’

    Really enjoyed this show. It’s always more fun if GV loves or hates the wines and he luuuurved one of these.


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