EP 822 Chilean Carmenere Tasting

Gary introduces a grape that’s made a splash in Chile and brings some great value to the table.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Vina Chocalan Carmenere 2008Chile Carmenere
2008 Tamaya CarmenereChile Carmenere
2006 Vina San Pedro 1865 CarmenereChile Carmenere

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Wrong video for this caption….its 821 showing Mott 🙂

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  • the new year is closing up give us a good stuff man

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy Carmenere now and then, have had the Tamaya before, usually get roasted meat flavors and nose out of this varietal. http://www.winelx.com

  • I credit (or blame) Carmenere for pulling me into wine and away from just beer. The good stuff is rich and earthy, the bad is green as you stated. Actually like the $5 stuff from Trader Joes.
    – David

  • luca bercelli


    On the downside this is the first show I can think of where GV seems slightly bored with doing it. Admittedly he does go on to entertain us for another 180 episodes but the seeds of retirement are sown here.
    On the upside, for the umpteenth time the maestro re-tastes a wine because he’s not 100% sure of his initial reaction. I love watching him do this because in the 820 shows he’s done so far he has NEVER changed his initial opinion of a wine. Awesome

  • Wrong video for this caption….its 821 showing Mott 🙂


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