EP 823 Gruner Veltliner Head to Head

Gary tastes some GruVee (or Gruner Veltliner) from Austria with some surprising results.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Fuchs Gruner VeltlinerMittelburgenland White
2007 Hirsch #1 Gruner VeltlinerKamptal White

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luca bercelli


I enjoyed this show a lot more than GV seemed to. Especially the bit where he ponders a scenario at a dinner table with two introverted, boring brothers. ‘Of course being tremendously over the top I would carry the conversation all night’. I love those sort of line… because they are undoubtedly true.

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  • Pat__B

    This show will have me avoiding Gruner Veltliner for at least a couple months. It 's hard being impressionable….

    QOTD: I had stone crabs the other night. Blue crabs are better. Who agrees?

  • QOTD: I know exactly the feeling. I was incredibly sad when Canada lost to the US the other day. very very sad

  • forget that. worst 2 wines in an episode so you are disappointed and lose energy — who cares? i liked the show

  • Phil G

    just now…

  • ChrisV

    After watching the ep where you called the lurkers out, I thought I'd start leaving a comment on every ep I watch. Starting now.

    Surprised at the negative reaction to the ep. The wines were dull as dishwater and so you wrote them off and ended the ep. Makes sense to me. Leave expending an hour of air-time on something that deserves 2 minutes up to the 24 hour cable news networks…

    QOTD: Bought oysters, limes and a bottle of Bay of Fires Rosé NV today. Foolproof night of good eats, right? Nope. Oysters are terrible and the wine is very average. Surprising as the standard Bay of Fires Brut NV is very good.

  • Feartec

    Easy enough. QOTD: Every time I open a bottle of wine over here (Japan) and discover it sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Haha !
    He should get them then D Rod! 😉

  • Domdomi

    sometime up, sometime down, life in fact.
    Live GV alone!!!
    QOTD: a small spanish producer who's made a fantastic wine in vintage 2000 and 2003(tempranillo aand cab), and a painful 2001, so fruity,so oaky, so eavy, so so much ..

  • Richie

    Grüner Veltliner ist great. Sadly one doesn't see it in stores much here.

  • gatvalk

    graves de peyroutas,grand cru but sadly very one- dimensional wine..although french wines were,are and always will be one giant step ahead then the rest of the world..greetings from croatia…

  • Bruce S.

    Thanks for all the food pairing suggestions! Now we just have to find a decent GV to go with them. Nice tight, high speed – low drag, show. And if the wine's a dog, best to call it what it is.

    QOTD – Congress yesterday, Congress today, etc.

  • NY Pete

    yeah, you have it soooooooooooooo tough … insert doucheroll here.

  • DAveAll

    I like FAST shows! no sports talk! wow, keep these up! Get to the point, let's all enjoy the rest of the day. haha. I am seeking a Gruner Veltliner today! Maybe you did this show too early or too late?
    QOTD: Christmas 1974 – I thought I had been clear to Santa, but when I unwrapped my last present, I still did not have a blonde under the tree. wink

  • Ahh yes, I can see the pairing now….$190/ oz Iranian Caviar with the $8.98 bottle of wine. 😛

    Nice pace to the show. Aurélia Filion may even like this one. LOL

  • Blind tasting comin' up this Saturday, startin' to get pumped!

    Cheers ; )

  • missatiejacket

    Nice episode, even though you weren't happy with the wines. I don't know if it's because it's been the “new thing” for the past few years here in the US or what, but I often find less expensive gruner veltliner to be fairly boring also. I have had inexpensive ones that I like a lot, but not recently. Maybe I'm not trying the right ones.

    qotd: Some of the wines I was excited about trying at a tasting last night did not show well. We had a corked wine, a dead (older) wine, and a wine that was just unexpectedly lacking in character. That's how it goes sometimes. Some of the wines were great, so no big deal.

  • iTunes feed had episode #819 in it labeled as #823. I'll have to watch it on the web.

  • NascentWino

    Best sign-off ever!!!

  • Hey, GaryVee – your GruVee never made it to iTunes. It was the latest Chardonnay head-to-head instead. I've only had spotty luck with Gruner lately, with Leth and Birgit Eichinger being the two that I've gone back to more than once.

    QOTD: A dry Tokaji Ordinaire that was fantastic in 2004, a great Chardonnay substitute – recommended it to a bunch of people, and the 2005 was a pale reflection.

  • NY Pete

    since when do you sleep?

  • plcb

    QOTD: My kids woke up sick today. Boo Hoo. Makes today a blah day. My son will miss his basketball playoff game. The team will miss his height on the boards.

    You have definitely tasted more exciting GruVee on WLTV. In fact the only reason I know and have enjoyed Gruner Veltliner is because WLTV introduced me to it. Thank you once again for expanding my palate. Huber is nice Laurenz V & Sophie is nice. Hopler sells well in PA, I haven't tried it. We have FUCHs (Fooks) in PA, won't be trying it any time soon.

  • plcb

    Wolfgang Gru Vee Gruner Veltliner has a catchy label. Haven't tried it.

  • StevenL

    QOTD- Disappointment – its called Spring Training for the Detroit Tigers.

  • lawrenceleichtman

    This is the problem with Grüner, entry level wines are boring and the really good ones are expensive and that limits its play. My biggest wine disappointment lately were the Sharp Cellar wines that you reviewed with the owner/winemaker. They were nasty overextracted wines with very unpleasant noses and did not mix with food at all. A $100 disappointment so much so that I probably will not buy any more wines that GV sits with the winemaker and discusses. Just put the last bottle of this wine into the vinegar jar.

  • Had a series of disappointments last night, and most are well scored.
    Started with a 2006 McKenzie Muller Carneros Pinot Noir. Heard good things, but wasn't expecting much (haven't been a fan of 2006 cali pinot); and it delivered even less.
    2005 Pio Cesare Barolo (WS 93). Usually a fan in past vintages, found this one light and boring.
    2005 El Puntido Rioja (WE 95). Liked the 2004 a lot. The 2005 I thought sucked.
    2006 Numanthia (WS 93). Got hooked on Numanthia with the 2002 vintage. Really dug the 2004. The wine was good, but I thought it lost it's umph; tasted lighter than I remember Numanthia.
    All around a disappointing evening.

  • I was ready to go out this fine Saturday and have a great day outside. But after watching that draining bland show, I think I will sit in a room on the side of my house that the sun doesn't hit, keep the lights off and sulk.
    Have a great day, I don't think so…

  • leif

    its interesting here in europe its called grüner veltiner instead of velt(l)iner maybe its marketing the liner is more familiar to the english language…?
    with piemont / pie(d)mont its the same… weird…

  • Rusty

    Only had one, last January (2009)
    it was a Fred Loimer Osterreich Gruner Veltlimer Weinland.
    I was really surprised by how much I liked it.
    Drank with cheese crackers and some chocolate
    and really enjoyed this $9.59 bottle!

  • Ron

    Good call on the Hirsch. I've had that one and assessed it the same.

    Hey, you've got to stop knocking us introverts in your wine analogies. You've done it before and it's not fair. Introverts aren't less interesting, just less blatant (think wines). We don't think we have to shout out loud every thought that passes through our consciousness. We give thoughtful responses, not flippant ones. We're not your Robert Parker hedonistic fruit bombs. Think German Riesling, or Sancerre, instead of a big Barossa Shiraz. We're more subtle, profound, and complex as people, and so calling a wine introverted should be a compliment, or at the very least a distinction, not a complaint. Unless you use it as a value judgment and really do score over-the-top wines higher (which you typically don't). Please take this suggestion from a long-time fan, and find another analogy for boring wines. Thanks.

  • Finally had the Villa Des Anges tonight. Did not disappoint in the least! Super good and full of flavor, very smooth and long finish and only $10 here in Billings. Not quite Wine Library prices around here I’m afraid 🙂 Thank you so much for the recommendation Gary and thanks again for all you do!

  • mikebest

    Sorry Ron, please don't take these things too seriously.

    Anyway, Gary do you not think that the Hirsch is too old. There's nothing to be gained from aging those wines at all, so if you could have found 2009's of both of those then they would be more exciting, more fruit forward. I think they've got too old and become tired.

    QOTD: Last time i was disappointed was today as England lost 16-20 to Ireland at Rugby. Shame

  • jimsharp

    Last night on Hulu which I watch using Roku, You aired episode 819 instead of 823. are you aware of that?

  • Well, that was different 🙂 QOTD: didnt we have this qotd a couple episodes back?

  • Anonymous

    thanks, I’m looking forward to mine.

  • Mr. Leichtman:

    Please don't give up on the wines of the vintners who show up. Case in point is episode #43 with Achaval Ferrer. If there's a winery that makes a better Malbec than its single fincas (also pricey), I haven't found it yet (although I'd bet it, too, is in Mendoza).

    Here's to fewer future disappointments….
    Carlo P.

  • bobbytiger

    Actually Gary,
    the program wasn't an entire waste. I now know to avoid the Gruner Veltliner as I pass thru the wine aisles.
    QOTD- As I don't handle being disappointed very well, I choose not be ever be disappointed. It works for me.

  • Just Jack

    Can you just reverse that lol. Two shows back to back rolling old school style. One man – a few wines. No BS. I love it.

    QOTD: I'm freshly disappointed every time Sasha isn't on the thunder show. No offense GV, I mean I aint saying nothing, but I'm just saying. you know?

  • WHAT I just bought a Grüner Veltliner from Stadt Krems, but haven't had a chance to try it yet (excited!). It's label is bad ass (a vicious bird that with two heads) and the bottle is the typical long German style that I love. Far better than a deer with it's tongue in a glass, which is enough to keep me from every trying it.

  • Followed by training camp for the Detroit Lions. 😉

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Sharp Cellars was not my only bad experience. Phiilps Hill Pinot Noir ended up tasting like old tobacco leavings and while it did not make my vinegar jar it was close. I am now wondering how GV finds the people he puts on?

  • Gary Vee and Gru Vee on another day…remember it is live folks no editing and everything can't always be a 90 pointer. Maybe the Friday laid back couch would have helped?

  • QOTD: Disappointed? The Hong Kong education system!

  • jt

    Nice Gary. Honest. Fresh. Well done.

  • dsallen

    QOTD: Last night's Olympic races with Apolo Ohno.

  • neilinkentucky

    You tried a couple of Gruner Veltliner wines, but I think you picked two lousy examples to present to the Vayniacs, and therefore it could lead to people getting the wrong perception that GruVee is not worth drinking. Wronggg folks, just not true at all. There are Gruners out there that bring the thunder and are not only worth trying, but beg to be tried. I challenge Gary to do another episode on this varietal and bring to the Vayner Nation some examples that of the wine that you know to be good. I've never had a bad Gruner, but then I haven't had either of these shown in today's episode.

    QOTD: I have had a bad Gewurztraminer where I drank part of one glass, then poured the rest down the kitchen sink. It was just awful and I'd never buy that brand again. No names mentioned here, but it was like drinking a chemistry experiment gone wrong.

  • I was all excited to start and then by the end I was like What The Fuchs! Still haven't had a Gruvee so I guess I will have to try for myself. Thanks….

  • m035

    soooo you don't like turkey subs much huh? haha i thought the converstation between father and son was halarious and honset. Had a long night at work and i got a few chuckles from the convo because it was reminiscence of a happy moments btw father and son amungst the daily caous of life, and celebrations of a 4 yr annv.

  • Jeff

    GV I would love for you to try my favorite GV: Berger. I've had to retire it for I've indulged too many times at that well.

  • chaps. great word.

  • Where do i start on this one…

    Blind tasting last night.

    In 1st place: 2008 Inthaba Merlot form South Africa, approx 6-8 bones in the US.
    Showing vegs on the first attack, then going sweet cherry. Thought it was a classic Bordeaux, Wrong. A great QPR bottle. I was guessing 3 times the price… 88+ p.

    2nd: 2007 Le Strette Dolcetto D'Alba. Fruit forward wine. Simple but effective. That evenings greatest bottle of red, taste wise, structure wise as well. Probably 15-20 bones in US. I gave it a 90 p. But because of the inexpensiveness of the previous wine the Le Strette couldn't win.

    3rd: 2008 Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Sébastien Roux. A bit on the thin side, no way way way on the thin side. Can't recommend it. 75 p. Approx. 8-9 bones in US. Not worth the money.

    4th: The horror… 2005 Beaune 1er Cru Les Teurons from Nicolas Potel. 50+ bones. Corcked. Damn it. Green green green green green green green, GREEN. A bad bottle, and can't really rate it….


    The evening ended on a high note.

    2006 Kistler Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay. Amazing nose, with obvious oak but beautifully handled. A scoup of butter, with nectarine fruits-a-plenty. Really a BIG wine. And yes expensive, but it brought the thunder, so what can you say.
    Know i was a bit down on American Chards a couple of episodes back. This has changed now.


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