EP 824 Canada goes for the Gold: Canadian White and Ice Wine Tasting

Gary tastes 2 wines after the close of the Olympics, a Gewurztraminer and an ice wine from our neighbours to the north.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Malivoire GewurztraminerCanadian Gewurztraminer
2006 Inniskillin Ice Wine VidalCanadian Dessert Wines

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘Golden yellow; like if you drank a crap load of beers and haven’t been to the bathroom in a while’, and; ‘If you’re married you need to stay away from this wine, it’s very seductive’

GV’s prophecy that this week will be a phenomenal one for Wine Library TV whets the appetite…I can’t wait

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  • cdncartman

    Thanks for being so gracious and giving kudos to the Cdn hockey Team Gary. I know your canadian fans appreciate it. On the same note, wanted to congratulate the USA on winning the most medals and even more for the US athletes leaving such a good impression on all the Canadians at the Olympics. After winning the gold, what Shawny Davis said about Canadian patriotism was sincere and I'm sure it meant a lot to many Canadians, including this one.

    QOTD: Given I live in Canada, I've had many Canadian wines. I think they are starting to put out some good stuff, but I'd prefer to see Cdn winemakers stick to varietals that suit the terroir instead of just trying to plant the famous international varietals so they can mass produce a below avg merlot or cab.

    QOTD: worst prediction…that reality TV would not catch on.

    Question for Gary….how long can you age icewine. I know sauternes and ports age like champions but I haven't had good results with older ice wines.

  • QODT (at least the first one): I have drunk a fair amount of Canadian wine. Even though I am from and live in the States, most of my family is from Calgary. I am always intrigued by the process and results from Icewine!

    The hockey game was exciting and fun. Couldn't believe it was forced into overtime in the last 20 seconds.

  • hokie1fan

    Thanks for the VT shout-out! The Hokies love WLTV!

  • AaronO

    Gary! I live in Penticton, Okanagan Valley, B.C. Working for the wine industry here, I have exposure to a lot of local wines, including some beautiful icewines. I agree with your take on Vidal… If you want more bite and balance from these products, try a Riesling. They offer more acid and freshness. Inniskillin Okanagan has a fantastic bottling giving up big peach and apple with enough zip to make your cheeks sing! If you can't find it, come visit us in the sunny OK!

  • JayZee13

    Damn, that was a great hockey gave even if the Canucks won it. They deserved it but the US team played phenomenally well in the Olympics and the Silver Medal ain't too shabby. I mean, what did Russia win?

    QOTD #1: I have had a good bit of Canadian wine from Niagara-on-the-Lake. I am familiar with Inniskillin and while their ice wines are great, they make very good regular wines as well. I generally like their Cabernet Franc quite a bit.

    QOTD #2: I predicted that the Dow would bottom out at 6,000 and would not get back up to 10,000 in my lifetime. Glad I was wrong.

  • Vineares

    wow…that was a ridiculous cut to Misha haha
    SQOTD : Negatory.

    QOTD : That Gary V. would actually come through with the whole “less guest” idea. 🙁 <3

  • brentl

    That facebook would never work outside of colleges.

  • Daniel O

    I've had plenty of Canadian wine, mostly from Ontario (Niagara predominantly). I love our white wines, especially Rieslings and Gewurztraminers. I'm not surprised that the Malivoire didn't show well. It's a great winery, but I'm sure by now that the 2006 is very tired. I don't think that Ontario wineries produce certain varietal wines with the expectation that the consumer will age them. Chardonnays, Rieslings… I expect the wineries have reason to believe that people might hold on to them for a while, but Gewurztraminer isn't at the top of people's lists when people think of cellar-worthy wines.

    I'd encourage Gary to try the same wine but the '07 or '08 vintage and see if it really was an issue of the wine being tired or if the wine making or quality of fruit wasn't up to his standards.

    As for my prediction… I predicted that I'd get a great job right out of grad school. It actually took me almost 18 months to get something that I was happy with!

  • wyethy

    QoftheD: That I would have a decent paying job after college.

  • wesleymcallister

    QOTD: This years Olympics Large Hill Ski Jumping competition, I was way off.

    I have probably had over 150 Canadian wines. I guess living here does give me an advantage.

    Thanks for giving us props from the Hockey game. Yet I am not sure that comparing Sid to Innilskillin is a true comparison.

  • maseface23

    YOoooooooooo Gary we got some Vaniacks at VT! Come to Blacksburg!

  • nickgrzenda

    Just to comment, Colorado actually has a fairly mild climate, relative to many other places. We actually make a fair amount of wine here. As far as I know, there are 93 Colorado Wineries at this time. I tend to not be blown away by them, and the QPR is typically overpriced (I think due to small demand), but there definitely is a wine culture here.

  • Worst prediction ever – G.W. Bush get's defeated in his bid for a second term. Almost made my wife and I move back to Canada.

    As a native of the Niagara region I'd be very interested to have you compare some of the better Canadian Ice Wines against some of their German counterparts.

  • Mike in C-town

    A few notes:
    1. Reading back, I now see why all the nastiness directed at Bentheman. Tool indeed.
    2. Click, click…Gary, click… you are a …click…star…click, click, click
    3. The picture of Misha was hysterical. The candid shots are always the best!

    QOTD1: I've had a couple when our US group visited the corporate offices in BC. Don't specifically remember them, but was not into wine as much then. No visits last year, next one should be June.
    QOTD2: The Cavs winning the NBA championship last year. They were cruising right through everyone.

  • jacqueline51

    Bonjour Gary,
    Jacqueline here from T.O. Not surprised the Gewurtz. was a little past it's time. We're not Alsace here in Ontario (yet) however having said that Malivoire (fyi-pronounced like the Loire only it's voire….Malivoire) is a good producer. Next time try their gamay or a fun little ditty which I enjoyed this past summer chardonnay musque. Absolutely delightful fun spring/summer wine, light petulance. Great patio sipper. Nice acidity, balances out the lightly sweet aspect! Fun fun fun little wine.

    Check out Henry of Pelham Riesling Icewine if you want some acidity. Can you say mmm…mmm…good!

    Thanks Gary for your passion! Love it!
    Jacq. in T.O. — Come do my show….Let's talk!!

  • Justin_in_the_Dirty_Jerz

    There are a log of wineries in the Grand Junction/Palisade area on the western side of the state. I grew up there and I wish I could say that all of the wines from there do a great job, but… I'm pretty disappointed with a lot of what comes out of Colorado.

  • nickgrzenda

    Yeah, a lot of them are really quite jammy (not that I am totally against that). This surprises me because of the cooler climate, relative to Cali, and other places. Not that climate is the only factor, there's always extended maceration, type of cap management, how long the grapes are left on the vine, and many other techniques that can effect that style. But… I think a really good wine maker could come up with some nice vino with the given terroir.

  • unclemeate

    AotD#1: Zilch

    AotD#2: My pre-season Super Bowl XXVIII prediction “Kansas City vs. Green Bay”. phvert!

    PS – How long 'til you have another guest on the show. Hopefully tomorrow!!!

  • leisure_doctor

    Always appreciate any love you give the Canadian wine market, but you always ask for new tastes and to challenge the pallet, time to move on from ice wine and Canada, although any excuse to have some I get. Get out west BC has some great wine, even a red or two that might surprise. Love the show, almost as much as the #$#@ kick'n laid down on Russia, even better than the gold for me.

  • cellarrat5

    I hear that! You stole mine!!

  • cellarrat5

    Good show, glad the Ice wine carried the show. I feel like I have been sleeping for a week, I have some WLTV to catch up on!!

    QOTD 1: I think I might have tried some at the San Fran Int wine competition, but for the life of me I cant remember.

    QOTD 2: 2000 election, lost all faith in Politics, the two party system, the voteing system in general in this great country of ours. Wish I lived in Canada, but its far too cold for my Cail blood.

  • Weston3220

    The only Inniskillin i would drink would be the ice wine definitely not there wines eew
    qotd1: yup drank Okanagan wines and Ontario, being a Vancouverite have some in my cellar

  • DCaragher

    GV – Pumped you did an ice wine, I just had a German ice wine that I loved! Look foward to trying it!

    QOTD: I swore Al Gore was going to be president!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Glad you enjoyed your piss wine. 😉

    Too bad vidal is only hardy to -25F otherwise MN would be all over that.

    SQOTD: Yes. I know I've had Vidal before from Canadia and a few others.
    QOTD: The housing market by far.

  • QOTD1: Yes I have had a few ice wines from canada. Not anything else yet.

    QOTD2: I really cant think of anything I have predicted that was bad.


  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd1: twice, riverview vidal ice wine & inniskillin vidal ice wine. Both were dynamite. Just bought inniskillin's cab franc ice wine, looking forward to trying my 1st rose dessert wine.

  • Nik_B

    Only ever had 1 ice wine and I rarely see Canadian wine anywhere.

  • Broadway

    Hey found you on hulu and became an instant fan. I’m an FIU student and I will be working at the SOBE Food and Wine festival next year. Just recently discovered the wine world through a few courses I’ve taken at FIU. Couldn’t agree with you more about Miami, the “dol-fans” down here really disgust me. You should hear them call in, on AM, ridiculous, I guess one WR can save their team?? LOL trash. My blood has been green since birth. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.

  • Anonymous

    The wine that got me into wine was actually a Jackson Triggs Riesling that I found in Finland in 2005. I wish I could find it again!

  • Anonymous

    Gary you DEFINITELY should have tried a BC wine post-Olympics! I’m Canadian & loved the Vidal Icewine review, haven’t seen you that keen in awhile! “Pineapple/apricot/mango” yum and the best line of today’s show: “If you’re married you need to stay away from this glass, seductive!” ha ha Always a pleasure Gary, always a pleasure! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the Virginia Tech shout out!!! We would love for you to make a trip to the beautiful town of Blacksburg and get our drink on.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the Virginia Tech HUGE shout out!! We love your videos here in Blacksburg. Please come visit and we can get our drink on.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy a ice wine now and then, usually they are too expensive and are mostly .375 bottle size.. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day – ‘Golden yellow; like if you drank a crap load of beers and haven’t been to the bathroom in a while’, and; ‘If you’re married you need to stay away from this wine, it’s very seductive’

    GV’s prophecy that this week will be a phenomenal one for Wine Library TV whets the appetite…I can’t wait


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