EP 825 Guitars, Grenache, and Cabernet

Gary sits down with Billy Penn to talk about their music, wine, and taste. They try a Spanish Garnacha and an Australian Cabernet.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Algairen GarnachaCarinena
2004 Limb Cabernet SauvignonBarossa Cabernet Sauvignon

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘Mark Macguire – your neck is the size of my house over the top’

Good episode, solid guest who didn’t pretend to be an expert

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  • I agree….wine & jazz…..awesome!! Thanks for the kind words….!!!

  • Yo kasperhip- Hey my friend. I'm glad you play the guitar……awesome. To me guitars and wine go together perfectly…. Having said that I don't think its your place to judge or question the justification of why I was on the show. It is Gary's show and he decides if/when/who he is going to have guests. I am a HUGE Gary V fan and his book Crush It is a fantastic inspiration to me. He is an awesome guy and all at Wine Library are just top notch folks. I just wanted to bring awareness of the fact that guitar players love wine. I know many of them… I also thought that the show would be entertaining with a completely different energy than a more educated wine enthusiast than myself. And why does there have to be a reason….so you can wrap your head around the show??? Maybe try drinking a little more wine and enjoy watching Gary be the great host that he is do his show with different people. I'm glad that you saw the humor in Mott asking for Steely Dan and me serving up some Johnny Cash….. I really thought it was funny as well!!! Take care and I hope you make it to the US. It is truly a marvelous place to live!!!!!

  • Thank you pawncop…. made my night..!!

  • I missed Jim Campilongo at NAMM….. Oh well. He plays in NYC very often and I'm only about an hour and a half away…. I will look for Goodsell…!!!! I'm actually here in Austin right now!!!!! AMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In the early '90s, I met Danny Gatton in NYC at a venue called Tramps. He spent a lot of time with me because I had a hot girlfriend on my arm – haha.

    Tell Richard Goodsell that Billy from Charleston, SC is waiting to hear from him and enjoy the amp show!

  • twcustom

    I've been checking out 300 guitars for a few months now, and was thrilled to see that Billy was your guest. Even though the nerdy wine talk that I enjoy wasn't there, it was a fun episode for me and that's what counts in the end.

    QOTD: I really enjoy Malbec and Bordeaux most, but I try a lot of different wines. I'm a bass player who plays a little guitar. Even though I've still got my Epiphone Les Paul Standard, I'm really enjoying my new Guitar Mill S-Style guitar right now.

  • YoungDave

    QOTD: I like the boldness of the guest to pose a question only to guitar players, which I unfortunately am not, but I will answer it anyway for the sake of heightened comments.
    I've been digging fresh whites lately, but specifically those with some lees contact like Muscadet Sur Lie, Marlborough Pinot Gris with some on-the-lees ageing, Vin de Pays Chardonnay made in the Loire Valley with minimal (10%) oak fermentation, some Spanish Godello, Vouvray Sec, etc.

  • Thanks for the kind words twcustom!!! It was indeed a thrill to be on the show and Gary is awesome!!! I have two Tele's I built with Guitar Mill bodies…..Mark Jenny finished them from MJT. He is a nice guy and does a great job. -Billy

  • Cheers for the hot girlfriend!! I met Danny a few times and he was super nice. I talked to him about Fords, guitars, amps and guitar players. Goodsell is in suite 226 and I will stop by later today…..if not tomorrow…AMPS!!!

  • erikwait

    QOTD: I learned to play in junior high but didn't keep with it. I can play a bunch of chords and know a few songs but I wouldn't really consider myself a “guitar player” anymore than a person who only drinks wines at weddings is a “wine drinker.”

    Carlos Santana did a joint venture on a wine with Mumm Napa Valley. If you are ever at the winery you can pick it up and you'll see display featuring one of his guitars. You can check it out on my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHDhUNiFCrU

    Erik Wait
    “Adventures in Wine Tasting”

  • AaronO

    Love this episode, guys… I promote and sell wine for a living and rock and roll at night for kicks! I prefer Pinots and Syrah for reds, and Chardonnay and Riesling for the whites, but I love it all. I share whatever new wines I can afford with the boys… it definitely greases the rock wheels most nights! Let the music and wine world unite!!

  • David

    Great show: I cannot play a note and am pretty tone deaf so I can't even sing in the shower, but that guitar playing was awesome.

    On the wine: Gary, its getting boring now: Never a good thing to say about Australian wine. Yes, its all very well to say “trust your won palate, find what you like” and so on, but the reality is more like “make your own choices. But as far as this wine is concerned, its awful, full of oak (or what ever).” Seldom, if ever, do you say something like “Well this is over the top, oaky, and it would probably go well with: a steak/on a picnic/on a freezing night/in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn.

    And in that vein, good on you Billy for not being intimidated into downgrading your opinion on the Cab.

  • hollisdevillo

    haha, mott goes for the steely dan! classic. i don't even know mott but it seems like exactly the right choice.

  • JiminAtlanta

    It's nice to have some music on the show even if I am not a big Johnny Cash fan. I am not a guitar player so no answer to QOTD. At least he was ready for the QOTD, unlike some other guests.

  • cusewino

    Nice fun episode and kudos to Billy for saying he liked the wine even as Gary killed it. Way to go Billy!

    QOTD- only played a little guitar in my life (and not very well) I don't think I am qualified for the QOTD. Would like to recommend a guitarist though- John Butler

  • QOTD: Ok….I'll weigh in as a guitar player….who mostly just plays Old Crow Medicine Show songs….that's a whole other category of liquor! I mostly go with reds but have been moving a bit into whites lately.

    Glad to see two guys who stick to their guns on what they like.

  • JC

    bit of guitar in my day not much……love the GSM's for reds. Riesling for whites……..good show fellas.

  • kasperhip

    Hey Billy
    You are absolutely right. It's Gary's show and he can do whatever he wants, and my little rant was over the top, I know. The episodes I love the most are where the guest and Gary really nerd it up, like the one about champagne and decanting (if you haven't seen it, you definately should…), but that doesn't mean that he can't do other stuff and be a good host as well. I would like to apologize for whatever shit I implied in the post above. It looked like you guys were having a great time, and that fine by me, I just always hope for that wine nerdiness, when guest are on, that's all. Take care.

  • No worries my friend…. Gary is a great guy and an awesome host. This was just a thrill for me and everyone at Wine Library were excellent. I get it…this was not your kind of show…..totally cool. Keep drinkin' wine and enjoying Gary's show. I know I will be!!! -Billy

  • fun entertainment…I drink more reds than whites! but I don't play a guitar.

  • cellarrat5

    Wow, it sounds like the Vaynernation is taking themselves a little too seriously (often times myself included). There is a difference between constructive criticism and outright snobbery; his name was NOT Helen Bhuler. This is exactly the reason why people are intimidated by wine and stick to drinking Bud or Coors (possibly a little bit of an exaggeration but stick with me here). People such as Billy and many of the other not so popular guests drink what they like, it doesn?t matter how disappointed or livid us wine nerds are. The very reason why this show is popular and why we all watch it is the open-mindedness, the LACK of stuffy wine introverts with their gigantic noses plastered to glasses the size of houses who barley have enough time to wriggle out of their dusty cellars cough up the latest revelation and return to their dusty piles of “old school” WS and WA magazines. Enough with the bullshit people, I have made Wine for a while now, and it?s not worth the negativity; enough blood sweat and tears go into making the delicious stuff anyway. And props to Billy for defending himself and not letting us walk all over him like many of the guests do.

    QOTD: I have only been playing for a few weeks now, I have been really enjoing the more obscure whites recently. I am all about Touriga and Tempranillo, Tawny port (10 yr or older normally) and can never say no to an REAL Old Vine Zin, not this shit that claims to be old vine.

  • unclemeate

    Wassup Billy,
    The Tele does suit you well. I would love to have a '68 Gold Top! Do you sell parts? I need a pot for my Dean. Let me know. Keep on pickin' and uh drinkin' wine.
    Take it easy,

  • Tholland

    Good episode. Props to Billy Penn for sticking to his guns on the Barossa Cab. I too enjoy the occasional fruit bomb.
    QOTD: I don't play guitar or saxaphone or drums. I can't sing. In fact, my 3 year old daughter has said to me, “Daddy, you're not a very good a singer.” At least she didn't tell me that I blow goats.

  • northwest_pk

    Hey, so I've been playing guitar for a while. I like Billy was into the Cabs – you know the big bold wines. But i've been exploring a bit and one of my favorites is the 2004 La Loggia Barbaresco, bought at TJ's for about $14 a bottle. For whites, I love the bubbly so Louis Pato Cava that my local wine store recommended – about $16 from Olympic Wine Merchant in Olympia WA. Delicious, a little sweeter than I normally go for, but it really got me excited. So there you go!

  • Thanks David…. I liked both wines okay but both would not be my first choices. The second one was better to me but too much oak flavor. If someone was serving them with a meal I would probably drink them and be ok with them… My favorites that I buy are better to my taste.

  • lgindoff

    qotd: drink Pinot Noir with Strats and Cabernets with Les Pauls. White wine when I play keyboards! Jack Daniels when I play drums and Dunkin Donut coffee when I play bass.

  • Great show. The guitar bug bit me about 6 months ago and I haven't been able to put it down since. I like the boldness of the QOTD, but not the QOTD itself.

  • Those youtube links are great!! Thanks!!!

  • What kind of guitar are you playing for a few weeks now? Welcome to the wonderful world of guitars!!

  • What kind of guitar are you slinging??

  • LOL!!!! Like!!

  • What kind of guitar are YOU playing?

  • It's funny, I never played anything for my first 25+ years, but all of the sudden, I felt that I needed to. I always loved the guitar so I thought “what the hell.”

    I bought a Taylor 110. My idea was that I didn't want something too crappy but at the same time, didn't want something that was going to destroy my budget. This one fit perfectly. Sounds real nice and I'm addicted to screwing around with it. Any tips you have would be great. It was fun listening to you play on the episode.

  • cellarrat5

    I recently got a Seagull, Entourage for a birthday present. I have been meaning to pick up Guitar for several years. Once I got a Guitar and lessons given to me I had not excuses left. Its awesome, much harder that I thought it was going to be; but the experiance is awesome.

  • palu

    I have my first electric still – that's an early 80s Ibanez strat-style with a sort of non-locking tremelo, single coil pickups, bridge position got upgraded to a stacked (?) humbucker a while back tho. Its a surprisingling smooth guitar to play. My baby though is a '97 Gibson LP 24 fret, double cut-away with single volume/tone pots. Nicest guitar I've owned – but after checking out your site I feel like I should live a little and try out lots of different axes. That sounds fun! Oh and I have a lovely though too-big-for-my-apartment Fender Twin-Reverb re-issue!

  • What kind of tips are you looking for? Happy to help! Nice guitar btw…!

  • Your Gibson sounds great! I guess I treat my guitars like wine. I have my favorite Tele's and try some other guitars but always come back. The Twin is a beast for an apartment..!

  • When I started to play guitar about 35 years ago it was really hard for a bunch of months. Then all of a sudden it all clicked and it all became a bit easier. You have to stick with it and put in the time. Stay motivated…and by all means enjoy it!!

  • northwest_pk

    Any thoughts on an apartment friendly replacement for the Twin-Reverb? I don't find myself turning that thing on anymore, its too much of a beast!

  • I have been using a Tech 21 Trademark 30 for home practice and recording. It has a headphone out which is cool. While I was at the Austin Amp Show I talked to Jeff Bober who started Budda Amps back in the 90's. He's got a KILLER 2 watt amp now that sounds ridonculous…. Perfect for apartments and recording. There are lots of options it just depends on what you like and are looking for..let me know and I will try to help!

  • Weston3220

    great episode, love the Guitar Music Playing in the middle

    Qotd: No guitar player but I do appreciate Guitar Music

  • DCaragher

    GV – Good unique guest…the mix-up, I like it!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Speaking about ups and downs in the wine world, I was a little burnt out recently and fell behind on WLTV. I wish I'd have seen this sooner. What a great ep. Seriously, bring Billy in and have him play a half time song at least once a week! 😀

    Yes and yes to Jimmy Page being up there.

    QOTD: I am not a guitar player, but the ones that I know usually like the bigger reds.

  • Jimmy Page….!! Did you see It Might Get Loud? Great flick!!

  • Thanks for the kind words!!

  • Cool show, and Billy I like your website. Good stuff.

    I have been playing since freshman year of high school, so 1987. Still have my first guitar a harmony strat 🙂 I have come back to that one lately, although its not the easiest or smoothest to play. I actually pick up my cheap acoustic usually. No hassle of plugging things up.

    QOTD: Yup more of a red wine then white. I mean I love white wines, but if I have to pick, its usually red. I think it has more to do with food for me, as I fel more like drinking wine with a hearty meat type meal. And red lends itself to that more.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    I haven't, but my friends at work were telling me that it is awesome. I'll have to rent it sometime soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I LOVED that movie. I thought Jack White was awesome…!!! Let me know how you like it!

  • Thanks for the kind words about my site Jason…!! I have an acoustic that I just grab and play as well. It's a quick “guitar fix” rather than firing up an amp and everything. FAST!!

  • John_Kenneth_J

    Billy was a really fun guest, gonna have to check out the website.
    qotd: anything from a rare varietal or wine region, especially if I've never had it before. Kinda goes with my love of underground music.


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