EP 827 California Thunder- Serious Cabernet and Pinot Noir Tasting – Epiosode #827

Gary picked out three iconic wines from California with big scores and put them to the test.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Drew Mcdougall Ranch Pinot NoirSonoma Pinot Noir
2006 Beaulieu Vineyard George De Latour Private ReserveNapa Cabernet
2005 Crocker & Starr Stone Place Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I can’t taste this I just had a breath mint (Mott). Good, a couple of shows ago you almost knocked me out….just joking’

Monster wines, happy show

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  • waynoooo daaaaaaa winoooo


  • waynoooo daaaaaaa winoooo

    Bottle a Wiiiiiiiiine, Fruit o' daaaaaaa Viiiiiine, When Ya gooonna let meee get
    Soooooooobeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr !!?????!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ; )

    What happend Gary???

    Did Mott pull that crazy freshmint trick on you again???

    ; )

  • http://cinderellawine.com be there! in 1 hour, you wont be sorry

  • tflangan

    Great show, GV. Made me feel good, just like you obviously felt. Loved the “USA” at the end. Now go out and find three wines that bring the thunder like that for a price point we can all afford.

    QOTD: Black & Blue

  • cusewino

    Great show glad you got to drink some great wines
    QOTD- Medium-rare

  • thrawn1020

    Loved the show. Question though: I have heard of two BV vineyards/wineries. One, the one here, is Beaulieu Vineyards, and the other is Buena Vista. I always hear stuff about the former, but never about the latter. I know Buena Vista is featured in Bottle Shock in the scene in the bar where they guess the three wines blind, but outside of that, I know very little about them. Can someone shed a little light here?

    Oh, and where's the laid-back Friday couch? Been waiting for the return of that for some time now…

    QOTD: I made one for myself the other day! Interesting, though I am more of a medium guy. Still loved it though.

  • jtuck

    terrific show!

    i was a vegetarian until i was 18…then i fortunately saw the light. i like my steak cold and purple.

  • SS_Chris

    Yes Gary…….SS can do the range (92-95)….and you've done ranges before

    and DAMN……I'm too late for the Crocker & Starr as it's S/O. If you can get any more in, PLEASE let me know….

  • When it comes to steak, I'm a medium kind of guy. I like my steak to be nice and warm, and not artificial heat lamp warm either… but those who get the inside well done are missing way out on the juiciness factor.

  • Glad to see some CA love. I struggle with California wines – the European system makes it easier to zero in on a particular style. In the US, the winemaker can make whatever they want, however they want, and it's vineyard-to-vineyard, winemaker-to-winemaker as to whether a particular style is going to appeal to you.

    QOTD: Depends. Tenderloin/Filet – rare. Ribeye – medium-rare. Strip – a little more than medium-rare. I like my filet with brown butter and a little grilled scallion on top, and other steaks with a salt/pepper/paprika/cumin rub.

  • A_S

    QOTD: Depends on what type of meat it is. Usually I order it medium/rare.

  • waynoooo daaaaaa winoooo

    Yo G , it's MooooCHoooo, NOT “MooooKoooo”…….. :o)

  • shamikodesign

    Love to see your comments n the comparison of Insigner 2004 and Opus 2003 Gary!
    Also can you tell the difference between a $15 wine and a $30 wine? I know there is a difference between a $20 and a $80 wine. Maybe some education on those topics will be great!

  • You're weird, but i love you man!

    Whatever happend to the great G? Mott freshmints??? Surely not ; )

  • Waits

    Mott rules!!!!!!

    Black ‘n’ Blue is the king!!

    I’m ready, ready’s anybody can be…. i’m ready for you, i hope you’re ready for me…. Muddy! Waters!

  • waynoooo daaaaaa winoooo

    “U S A, U S A, U S A !!!!!!!!” YEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAW !!!!!!!!!!!

    qotd: I likes me Steak, when Ya sticks a fork in it, it goes “Moooooooooo”………

  • waynoooo daaaaaa winoooo

    Yeeeaaah, Breath Mints & Vino, not exactly the best combo………. :o)

  • “Back in the USSR…….” Beatles!

  • I would like to agree with you! Big time. Mott link that one up! Big something,,,,,, ; )

  • Whatever happend to all the cool guys on this show!????

    castello, carlo, brf1028, johnfarrin!?????

    even audiofan, and kasperhip (the dane)?

    Not to mention gyfooma the dotcomgal (miss u)

    And all the others……………………… Time to bring back the thunder!!!!

  • QOTD: Have to go with Rare on this one.

    Glad you had a good time with the wine on this show!

  • Dirty blvd. L. Reed. Rocks!!!

  • Joe Papas

    QOTD – Medium Well, It's gotta be dead.

  • Bredsun

    QOTD – Most steaks: medium rare Prime Rib: Run it through a warm room


    I was reading the comments regarding having “Wine Pros” as opposed to “Vayniacs” on as guests…and I think a mix of both is awesome…
    But I have an idea..why not make a “Guest Wednesday” format, where you have your audience raffle to win a spot as a guest. I happen to know that many of the ppl here know a LOT about wine…and if theyre just learning, thats ok too..it would be nice to see the interaction..
    ..Just an idea….

  • Did u guys see the insanity over at http://cinderellawine.com today?

  • Nope! ; )

    Why didn't you post a new one this friday???

    No couch this time? When, then?

  • Yep, i like that idea!!! Go on…..

  • “Raindrops keep fallin' on my head, but that doesn't mean…..”

    Yo G, you're alright………..

  • Glad you asked about Buena Vista (now Buena Vista Carneros). It's probably the oldest ongoing winery in California, founded in the 1850's by Count Haraszthy (incredible life story), the man who notably brought zinfandel to the state. The tasting room is a historic bldg, but up until recently probably didn't merit a detour if one was focused on tasting (as opposed to touring), because the wines, while decidedly decent, were (IMHO) not special. From my friends' reports things have really changed under the current winemaker, and B Vista's single vineyard chards and pinots are high-quality by any standard including QPR for $30-$50 wines. I gotta try them when I get the chance.

    QOTD: Medium rare. Just my luck to work with one guy who likes shoe-leather steak and another guy who likes steak tartare (yes, I know it's raw ground beef). Now there's a question: What wine goes with steak tartare?

  • boomy13

    QOTD: Pittsburgh is the way to go. I agree hole heart'dly. Its best of both worlds. You get the intense favorable spices and rough texture on the outside, and the rare melt in you mouth center. Could agree more GV.

    Thank you for the show, it was a good one.

  • bsmiley

    Medium rare at the most!!! Anything more is a sin! Gary you still need to to re-visit Virginia Wine! Barboursville-Octogon, and also Montfair winery. AWESOME!

  • Bruce

    24 oz cowboy steak medium with butter and lots of salt. Must have a good California Cab with it..

  • angelobabab

    QOTD: I am an SOB, Son of a Butcher and my Pop would stab me if I ate a double aged steak other than medium rare. Add some mashed, creamed spinach and a good cab to wash it down and you are big pimpin'.

    Regarding Cali Cabs – I love them, but I think they are pricing them selves out of the market…comp wines out there for a fraction of a Cali Cab.

    GV: great show..great passion…great food suggestions. BTW – great idea by RANDINTHECITY..please consider.

  • drew82

    Drew! A wine named after me! (I assume.)

    QOTD: It's gotta be medium-rare (more rare than medium). I need it pink and juicy, but with a nice salt-and-pepper sear on the outside. Pittsburgh sounds more like it's charred outside then really rare inside, which doesn't sound like my cup of tea (or steak). And I must admit, I'm a sucker for A-1 sauce.

  • QOTD: I like my steak medium.
    I'm also off the Napa wines, but at times you can find some interesting wines like the Crocker & Starr. Great show Gary!

  • jeffisrad

    Medium Rare.

  • QOTD:

    I like my steak medium rare, but properly medium rare, so sealed, juicy soft and still very much red in the middle. Rib eye is the best cut as well, most flavour of any of the cuts for me

  • YoungDave

    Yeah, Cali!!!
    QOTD: Medium Rare all the way, although I will surely try Black and Blue next time just for you!

  • have there ever been a saturday or sunday show? If you skip the lazy friday, shouldn't there be a fiesta saturday 😀

  • stephenleighton

    QOTD:Normally blue, but like the idea of black and blue very much will ask next time.

    Nice work so need to expand my USA wine knowledge this has made me want to go out and do it.

  • leni

    Gary, I want to throw dollars at you, but I live in PA. So ANNOYING! Our laws are bunk.

  • “Whether they like it or not!” USA! USA! Great show and love the C&S label.

    Agree you need to do more wine pairings with the wines you like which goes without saying. It really helps us foodies out here plus it gives us an insight onto your tasting notes.

    QOTD: On the grille, yes, char it up baby B&B but at a restaurant I can't trust them so I go with the ole tried and blue, “medium-rare.”

    Back from vay-kay and nice to see some good CA cabs rock da house!


  • Going to the local wine shop for some of the Montfair. New on my VA list. Thanks

  • I'm there. I like Da Lede. Have you tried Schug pinot? Had it a couple days ago and was impressed.

  • NY Pete

    the answer is no to the weekend shows … GVaD insert it here … 😛

  • NY Pete

    QOTD … medium.

  • roy josephson

    great show. good to see you so happy. PLEASE use clean glassesfor each wine when tasting wines of this caliber. your so called rinse is inferior. it leaves some residue of the prior wine aound the rim.

  • NY Pete

    good call Roy … let's see if the elf listens.


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