EP 832 2005 St Emilion Tasting

Gary revisits some 2005 Bordeaux wines from the St Emilion appellation. These wines are predominantly Merlot-based and usually have Cabernet Franc as well, a classic Right Bank blend.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Chateau Grand MuraillesSt Emilion
2005 Chateau LynsolenceSt Emilion
2005 Chateau Beausejour DuffauSt Emilion

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I just got mesmerised for a second’

The longest roll around in the mouth of any wine on wine library tv, it went on for ages I thought GV was fooling around, but as the comment of the day indicates, he was totally blown away by the last wine and as a result, the show was a corker

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  • Kevin

    Love St. Emilion. And Pomerol. And Fronsac. And Cotes de Francs.
    I've got some 05 that was very shut down in 08, that I'm eager to retry perhaps this fall.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, I bet you’ve got alot of friends! Save some money you were gonna spend on wine (or dope, since you know all about it) and buy a sense of humor! I had no idea what a infallable judge of character you were! If you don’t understand ‘Peace’ then go back to the third grade (or maybe you’re not there yet) and they’ll teach you. Re-read both our posts and you tell me: who “comes off like an ass?” I don’t know you, but “Peace” seemed more appropiate than your (childish) insults. GV dispenses facts as well – is he also a “pedantic (impressive) ass?” Later.

  • Sandy

    I love St. Emilion! Try a vintage from Chateau Grand Mayne.

  • Phil G

    QOTD… Yankee Games, In Treatment, 24

  • Anonymous

    I apparently can?t respond to your latest indulgence of my rant so I’ll reply to myself. Thank you for proving my point! I’m childish so you… stoop to my level? And you?re not my friend!? Trust me man, I am not nearly as invested in this as you may believe, what is even crazier I agree with many of your original points! Merlot is not boring at all!! It was your delivery that seemed slightly overdone.

  • Both old world and new Bordeaux's are a favorite of mine. I like the shows where you bring the “big boys” out for a sniffy sniff and a whirl.

    QOTD – 24

  • theDude

    I like this show. Concise, to the point, with great wine.

    Never had St. Emilion

    QOTD: Dexter is the bomb!! (the show is better than the book. how many times does that happen?)

  • cellarrat5

    A friend of mine said all three (there are three right?) of the books were not that good. It might be one of the only times in TV/cinema history!

  • theDude

    I am obsessed with the Dexter TV show but could did not even finish the
    first book!

  • Thanks for letting Mott in on the action…

  • QOTD: no tv at home… maybe a sad commentary, but this is the only show I've watched regularly for a couple of years now…

  • you over the top bad spelled “beau”, dont be cheap and rent some french movies men!

  • Anonymous

    Well apparently, at least to some people, it was done well enough.

  • unclemeate

    AotD: Criminal Minds

  • Jason casale

    I am watching Grey's Anatomy since the first season on fox the best Show on tv. I have had a couple Saint Emillions have not been impressed will go back and revist them. I have better luck with margaux and pauliac to be honest

  • YoungDave

    SIDEBAR QOTD: St Emilion? Absolutely.

    QOTD: Holy cannoli, Mott! I got into Top Gear about 2 months ago on BBC America (along with Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares) and I LOVE it! Along with Top Gear, I've been an advocate and fan of Burn Notice, Castle, 30 Rock, and I'm looking forward to the next season of Top Chef!

  • Side Question: St. Emilion actually happens to be one of my favorites. Bordeaux was one of the first directions I went when I first got into wine, and I drank a lot of left bank cab based wines, because my earlier experience was mostly with California cab. After watching for awhile though, I noticed you tended to be consistently higher on right bank wines, particularly 05. As I tried more and more I noticed I tended to prefer Merlot-based Bordeaux, and now St. Emilion is among my all time favorites.

    qotd: Lost, even though this season is worrying me that the series is going to end leaving way too many questions unanswered.

  • becca b

    never had – but will try for next special occasion…

  • riasharon

    Love the shirt, @garyvee!

  • Gary I love Gossip Girl! Hate to admit but I do. Also love Nurse Jackie on HBO

  • I had a 2005 Clos de L'Oratoire two weeks ago. It was great, but I should have decanted quite a bit longer.

    Favorite TV shows right now are Lidia's Kitchen and Avec Eric. I don't watch TV at all during the week and miss all of the big network shows.

  • DanLacher

    Side QOTD: Nope.

    QOTD:CSI LV and The Amazing Race.

    Great show, trying to catch up on some back episode. Great to see the #crushit power going down.

  • Weston3220

    qotd: dont have cable so Im like a year behind, did watch lost recently, and oz and james big wine adventure [which is probably like 3years behind]

  • Great show as usual, Gary. Love me some St. Emilion. Been sitting on a bottle of '99 Ch. Grand-Pontet that I've been thinking about opening lately. Also some great right-bank style blends coming out of WA – check out Bel Canto from Cadence Winery here in Seattle. '07 was a great vintage for us.

    QOTD: A lot of great shows these days. 30 Rock, Modern Family, Dexter, Lost, No Reservations, South Park, Project Runway, Parks & Recreation…

  • Mike in C-town

    St. Emillion: I have had a couple but they were in tastings only.
    QOTD: What I'm watching changes according to “season”. I'm looking forward to Entourage, Top Chef. Lately what is just finished up and I enjoyed was White Collar and Archer (check it out now on Hulu)

  • Favorite TV show is still “24”. The most exciting hour in television. The Body Guard is one of my favorite new shows.

  • JayZee13

    I have a bunch of Saint-Emilion at home in my cellar and a lot of 2005s. I really like Saint-Emilion wines – the finesse, the class – just really nice wines.

    QOTD: My favorite is still House. I think Gregory House is one of the most interesting and complex characters on television.

  • Every time you do Bordeaux, I go and buy one. St. Emillion is a pretty affordable play, and I've often been positively surprised.

    QOTD: Lost, Chuck

  • A dumb Rhein king

    That felt like a Family Guy moment in the middle where they extend a joke beyond being funny, but then it gets funny again just because it was extended too long.

    QOTD: Don't have a TV anymore. All I would do is zone out every night for hours. I watch this, Jon Stewart, and Family Guy online.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    btw. I saw Sideways for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I'm sorry if there are fans out there, but I thought it sucked big time. I can't believe that detestable character could have such an impact on the industry.

  • ewb

    Good work once again Gary.
    QOTD: Wheeler Dealer
    SQOTD: Not yet.

  • Tim

    My wife and I had part of our honeymoon in St Emilion in 2008. Stunningly beautiful town and it was our first exposure to Bordeaux wines. Also just happened that all the wines we tasted were 2005s – not a bad intro to Bordeaux. First chateau visit was Figeac – finished off with a half bottle of their 1995 vintage! We are definitely fans of St Emilion.

  • QOTD: Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory
    SQOTD: Nope

  • Caught this show on the Ipod coming home from Hot Lanta, love me some Right Bank! Had quite a bit of 1989 Cheval Blanc Sat night too.

    QotD: truly not a show playing now that causes me to change my schedule even a bit, kinda sad really.

  • lol he's so pumped about the last wine

    QOTD : House and Lost baby
    SQOTD : nope

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd: I'm lookin forward to the release of the next season of curb Your Enthusiasm on video.
    sqotd: oh yeah, love St. Emilion

  • drwino

    QOTD: LOST!!!!!!

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  • Wonderful wine advice. Thank you.

  • its great

  • thank you for your sharing .

  • Anonymous

    I like Bordeaux, especially Saint-Emillion. I was on Holidays in France and bought a “Yon Saint Martin 2005 Saint Emilion Grand Cru” (second wine of “Yon Figeac” deuxiem Cru) in the Supermarket for 9? (You believe it or not). This wine was the best I tried so far. The downside is, I tasted it when I was at home again. So I could not buy more of it. I am still angry and if I could, I would buy every single bottle in the supermarket. Looking in Germany, this wine is 30?. That made me think….

  • Oakmon’s BF

    Netfix posted the release data for IT Crowd series 4 on DVD as December 2010.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!!!! Thanks man. Been waiting a long time for that.
    See the new Holmes yet on PBS? Done by the new Doctor Who people.

    Sent from my current frame of reference in space time.

  • I like the side of the monster energy hats wholesale and very like your blog, to write well and hope to continue your efforts, we can see more of your articles

  • QOTD: Been watching The Office seasons lately thx to Netflix. Were those wine bottle stickers you were playing with during the show Gary? and if so I want one to slap on my macbook. That would be awesome. Thanks buddy.

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘I just got mesmerised for a second’

    The longest roll around in the mouth of any wine on wine library tv, it went on for ages I thought GV was fooling around, but as the comment of the day indicates, he was totally blown away by the last wine and as a result, the show was a corker


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