EP 832 2005 St Emilion Tasting

Gary revisits some 2005 Bordeaux wines from the St Emilion appellation. These wines are predominantly Merlot-based and usually have Cabernet Franc as well, a classic Right Bank blend.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Chateau Grand MuraillesSt Emilion
2005 Chateau LynsolenceSt Emilion
2005 Chateau Beausejour DuffauSt Emilion

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I just got mesmerised for a second’

The longest roll around in the mouth of any wine on wine library tv, it went on for ages I thought GV was fooling around, but as the comment of the day indicates, he was totally blown away by the last wine and as a result, the show was a corker

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  • Is he slack'n?

  • If Kahuna is so wealthy, why doesn't he hire a cameraman?

  • I forgot to say my favorite show is “Cooking in Chaos!”

  • Anonymous

    Whats an “Afghan Indica” cross? Something to rub to keep your hands from shaking?
    You’d probably make a more effective point if you left out the rant at the end. The answer to your question is no, I don’t wonder if I “contribute to people’s intimidation factor” …what part did you find intimidating? The statements are consistent with the facts, and I asked a perfectly logical question about a comment I found puzzling. The guy’s clearly from Belgium, and I figured I lost something in the translation. Stop shaking, for chrissakes…there’s nothing hiding under the bed, either! ;-] PEACE!

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Gossip Girl? Goes with the Pat Benatar albums GV. Tasted the Beausejour at the Wine and Chile Fiesta in September and immediately bought and laid down 3 bottles. Just wondering when to break them out again. It was only $65 in September here.

  • ian42

    yo random thought: you are always using the word bones for dollars. Maybe switch it up with some doll hairs or cracker jacks. Or maybe “This wine is really expensive.” could be ” This grape juice costs mad scrilla.” (Or Cream because I know you like Biggie) Just saying for a little switch on the vernacular.

  • Anonymous

    The stuff CAN be recycled, ya know. It just ain’t profitable yet. We’re all waiting for THE GOVERNMENT to tell us its become a threat/problem (or even a MENACE TO SOCIETY) and what needs to be done (for the overall GOOD of humanity, of course…whata ya wanna bet it involves higher taxes?)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks hesitating about downloading the next seasons,because I am worried that an “overkill”of DEXTER will at least,in my opinion,lead to a knife fetish. Or worse…..

  • RhoneDrinker

    QOTD- tv- Anthony Bourdain – No reservations.

  • wayno daaaaa wino

    He done copped-out on us today ….!!!……

  • mclurker

    It's been a long time since I've had a St. Emilion. Their tannins tend to give me a massive headache. TBC is very low tannin merlot, so I drink this frequently.

    QOTD: 24. I hate Fox's politics but I love their shows.

  • Yum, I really need to try a St. Emilion (so the answer to the side question is “no”). My palette is definitely shifting toward the old world — had a Cab Franc from the Loire Valley at a SF wine bar the other night that was great — but have friends who have CA pride and shine those SF bottles.

    QOTD: Fav TV show — No Reservations as well; love how Tony combines travel and food — two of my loves (I only wish he was more into wine!!)

  • QOTD: I like Top Gear too; in addition the various Gordon Ramsey shows on BBC America always keep my attention. Wacting a lot of Pawn Stars on History, like Man v Food and Food Wars on Travel Channel. And of course watching the new Season of Celebrity Apprentice…and I'm a sucker for America's Next Top Model (there's nothing wrong with watching models on TV as I see it).

    I can't wait until the new season of Entourage myself.

  • and monday's show was actually thursday ” a little thursday action” at 12.05 🙂

  • Allan

    And now the weather: due to global warming there's no thunder on the horizon, only a slight drizzle of boredom, Gary va-key-vake!

    You ol' slacker!

    ; )

  • flochavez

    Modern Family is crushing it.

  • Allan

    Robby Mac's avatar

  • Allan

    Give them at least 5 years more, that's what i would do.

  • kasperhip

    Mott: Come on, Gary. Take off that DG cap and let's tape some shows…..

    Gary: I don't know what you heard about me
    But bitches can't get a dollar outta me
    No cadillac, no perms, you can't see
    'Cause I'm motherfuckin' D.O.C.G.

    Mott: Hey enough of that…can we please get some work done?

    Gary: So seductive in the mornin
    It's the way that Mott moves that's making me horny…

    Mott: That's it, man. I'm out! Call me when you fell like workin' you maniac…

    Gary: Hate it or love it the underdog's on top…and I'm gonna..

    Mott: On top, huh? I don't think so….

    Gary: Parker you's a window shopper…mad at me, I think I know why…

    Mott: Well see you, Gary….

    Gary: In the WL store, looking at things you can't buy

    Mott: ……(enlightened)…unless…..gary how about doin' some Petite Verdot, today…?

    Gary: ..We're gonna drink Opus One like it's your birthday…….(rattled)…..what did you say Mott?……

    Mott: I was asking if we should make a show about Petite Verdot?

    Gary: …I'll take to the WL shop….I'll let you lick my favorite cork…..

    Mott: Gary!

    Gary:…..uh….oohhh….my head….where am I?…

    Mott: At the office, Gary….

    Gary: What happened?

    Mott:…I don't know…you went to see 50 Cent last night, and you havn't been yourself since then! Let's do a show a show about Petite Verdot.

    Gary: Nigger what!!!? For sure!

  • Allan

    Hvilken fantasi kasperhip LOL

  • kasperhip

    Var i brøndbyhallen i lørdags og synes det ville have været på sin sin plads hvis Gary og Mott også havde været der.

  • plcb

    side QOTD: I've had St Emilion but only value wines, nothing expensive

    QOTD: Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl is back, I watch LOST but it annoys me. Bachelor/Bachelorette is a great train wreck.

  • Allan

    Man kan da sige at mandens bodyguard opfylder sit arbejde til fulde… lidt for godt faktisk.

  • Anonymous


  • kasperhip

    Ja, man skulle jo nærmest tro at hans job-beskrivelse mere eller mindre stemmer overens med hvad der skete her i byen. Det kan ikke være første gang han har lavet den der.
    Jeg må indrømme at jeg ikke har ondt af “journalisten” og “fotograferne” (læs: paparazzierne), og hans egen udtalelse antyder også at hans job generelt handler om at genere berømtheder….Hvis et greb om struben er “voldsommere end man er vant til” (http://ekstrabladet.dk/112/article1313774.ece) er man vel vant til en del? Vold kan selvfølgelig ikke retfærdiggøres, men det kan hans job (“fotografens”) heller ikke.

  • Anonymous

    To answer your question its cannabis, or sometimes colloquially referred to as reefer, marijuana or pot. To address my overall point; it is obvious you know a lot about wine. Perhaps more than most people on this forum. However, if you actually want people to take your sound and compelling advice seriously you may want to try not coming across as a pedantic ass. Given the long winded and condescending nature of your recent posts it sounds like your ass hole is puckered tighter than a snare drum. I apologies if this is not the correct terminology, perhaps harsh, abrasive or combative would be more appropriate. And another “fact” is that was not a rant, this is. Your statements were indeed consistent with the “facts”, or at least what you have read and believe to be the facts. I do not dispute these facts because obviously I could not stand against someone with so much prowess and knowledge on the subject at hand. And what is with your “PEACE” sign off? I seriously doubt you wish me peace, or any other form of good tiding. Give it a fuck*ing rest man, there are too many individuals such as yourself who try and pretend to know all the answers, nobody does. PEACE!

  • Allan

    De fotografer beder af og til selv om det… Gary hviler vist på laurbærene idag? Og Mott venter….. ligesom os andre.. Take care “på Øen”.

  • Anonymous

    I see. these avatars are too small, except for mine 😉

  • gubbiotti

    1st QOTD – st emilion !!!! it is the wine that introduced me to real bordeaux. when i was living in france and talking wine with friends, they said ” everybody likes st emilion” it is true. when it is good, it is soo good. i find myself buying st emilion often when buying bordeaux. love it!

    2nd QOTD – Tv – live in europe and don't really watch it. i did watch the french version of “Top Chef” the other night and loved it!

  • Allan

    Just my bad luck…
    have had a really meh experience with the 2001, which Parker went haywire on; 97p i think. 90 in my book. Extremely interesting nose, i must admit. But the taste fell flaaaaat. I might have been unlucky with the bottle. Or maybe the bottle was in “a closed period”?? I got the impression that the wine was falling apart. Luckily i got it as a gift around christmas time, so i didn’t spend “a ton” on it myself. It must be over 100 bones in US. Well, you can’t win everytime.

  • kasperhip

    Tak i lige måde. Man fornemmer at du befinder dig på fastlandet…?

  • Robby Mac

    I agree Allan. I recently had the ’01 as well and was not impressed at all. Also the ’89 was all tannin and alcohol. Some of the later releases, the ’04 and ’05 are showing especially well. I live in Sacramento, about an hour from Napa and visit every 2-3 months, so I have quite the opportunity to sample and observe their progression (also a Reserve Club member). I highly recommend finding these later vintages, as well as checking out Cliff Lede. He is producing some AMAZING stuff!!

  • Anonymous

    I, for one have enjoyed all of the La Reserves which GV got involved in. The Sansonnet LR I took to Tahoe over the weekend got sloshed down before I got a second taste but I came home to another half a bottle I forgot I opened and it was yumbo. It’s a little thin compared to some of the big boys but very balanced and proachable.

  • BrettFavre

    Great show. I like the tasting note “frickin awesome”! QOTD: I am not a big TV guy (expect sports) but am enjoying Mad Men first season. I believe I have had 1 St. Emilion before.

  • hollisdevillo

    great show gary.

    had a lower end st. emillion. not bad. never a big guy though. come to think of it i have never had an expensive wine. that sucks.

    qotd. the f word.

  • Robby Mac

    Beringer PR not better than what??? Dan was asking for $$ VALUE of wine received as a gift,
    not QPR.

  • lawrenceleichtman

    That has been my general plan as this may be the last of the big wines I lay down for a long time.

  • matthewkenney

    I'd still have to give it to”Lost.” “The Big Bang Theory is my #2.

  • gotsha

    QOTD….GV, I don't watch TV as I am busy watching the Wine Lib. The greatest show on the planet. QOTD2….Yes, I have had a St Emilion in the past.

    Great to see the high score on the '05 Beausejour! I bought the '04 Beuasejour from the Wine Lib for a whopping $42. Can you say inflation? You gave the '04 version a score of 94. If I may opine on your scoring of wines, I think you have become much tougher on wines over the last six months or so. I think a score of 94 from two years ago on WLTV now equals a 92 on today's scale.

  • QOTD: Yes, I have a couple handfuls sittin' in my wine fridge. They are so elegant!

    QOTD: We just got into Parenthood and like it a lot. Also, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and of course the Office. Oh, and don't anyone forget The Mentalist!

  • castello

    PBS is my go to station. Here in the bay area, we have 5 different local feeds and one of them usually has something good on. I also watch a boat load of tennis.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo


  • Allan

    Thnx waynoooo…. That's Danish for you…. We we're talking about 50 Cent's bodyguard. He went bonkers on a photographer in Denmark recently..

    And i just happend to bumb into kasperhip…. YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWWWW! Salut!

  • Don D

    Yesterday I tasted a 2005 Chateau Lamarche, small organic farmer, inexpensive, and enjoyed it!

  • Mmmm, St Emilion…. :o)

  • Slap99


    Love the show but you should call/email me and get from me the right pronounciation f
    for the wines, you really are incorrect 96% of the time, not much of a batting average :p

  • Slap99


    Love the show, Gary, but you should really call/email me to get the pronounciations of the wines right, don't want to break your heart, but 97% you pronounce incorrectly, not much of a batting average …p
    I am French and from Montreal, so , cheers to all.

  • NascentWino

    I have a crap-load of 2005 St. Emiions in my basement–many from WL.

    30 Rock still rocks, and I like Leverage.

  • I am with Mott all the way on the TV show selection! Top Gear is awesome! Fantastic show, it brings the thunder even if you really aren't into cars.

  • Gary

    Hi Gary,

    I agree with you with the 2005 Ch. Beausejour, it's just spectacular…

    A little note on the film Sidewayz. Remember that Miles (Paul Giamatti) just don't want to drink Merlot at all and finds this grape uncomplex. What is his most valuable wine, which he drinks from a cup in a fastfood restaurant. Yes a wine from St Emilion, a Premier Grand Cru A, Chateau Cheval Blanc.(which has 60% merlot in it)



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