EP 839 Expanding Palates on Passover with New Kosher Wines

Gary tries out 3 interesting Kosher wines that have been getting some buzz around the store just in time for Passover.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Elvi Adar Sparkling CavaSpanish Kosher
2004 Carmel Kayoumi Cabernet SauvignonIsraeli Kosher Wine
Porto Cordovero Vintage Character Port

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘this wine had a good fourth quarter…it was getting ugly there for a second’

pretty lacklustre wines and no Mott…not really a winning combination

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  • Had to reply up here because I couldn’t to your latest comment…

    But yeah, definitely think GV should taste some of the stuff that we do. In fact, I’d be happy to be a guest while he tastes them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • camira43

    never had a kosher wine. had a great bottle of chat du pape at proof in dc. but for the life of me can not remember the name.

  • leni

    qotd 1- no, but will make it a point to!
    qotd 2- didn't have wine this weekend, but did have some Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse beer, which was SO good!

  • I had the 2007 Saint-Romain from Leflaive.. and unlike most of the rest of Leflaive, this one was actually pretty freaking good!!

  • Bredsun

    QOTD: Only had one wine this weekend… King Estate Oregon Pinot Gris and it was very disappointing from all of the great things people have been saying about Oregon Pinot Gris…who knows, maybe Pinot Gris just isn't my style…

  • corkscrew

    Think the only Kosher wine I have tried is Yarden Chard, was ok. The hands action must of been left over reaction from vacation…these wines seem like many from new markets overpriced. QOTD-I was in Napa…too hard a question to answer, drank some amazing wine. Maybe Trefethen 2005 Reserve rated 99 pts, or 2005 BV Reserve or 2006 Caldwell Gold. http://www.winelx.com


    2007 – Steltzner Claret

  • TommyB

    Kosher wine? Not tried one yet – I guess that I'm still not confident enough about the general standard (sorry).
    Best wine I've had this weekend? 2009 Les Rocailles Apremont, Savoie, France. Reminds me of Vinho Verde – lovely and fresh, mineral, green and almost sea like?! When you drink it it reminds you of the sea – honestly. A wonderful wine.

  • QOTD1: The last Kosher Wine we had was the 2005 Yarden Syrah which comes in kind of high on alcohol, and is big, and inky, but overall pretty nice. We enjoyed it, though when we tasted it, it felt as though it could use some time to mellow out. Decent price point as well, $15, I think.

    QOTD2: We had the Tohu Pinot that made the top 100 Spectator list this year. It paired fantastically with lamb. Cheers!!!

  • angelatcarlson

    QOTD #1: No Kosher wine yet, but will probably do it for work sometime in the near future.

    QOTD#2: Hmm, I did a Domestic Pinot Noir tasting on Saturday and the 2008 Patrica Green “Ribbon Ridge” Estate Oregon Pinot Noir ($35) and the 2007 Willakenzie Estate “Pierre Leon” Willamette Valley Pinot Noir ($30) ran almost neck and neck as my favorites. They also served a 2006 Pahlmeyer Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir ($65-70) which would have been spectacular with another hour to open up. (It wasn't part of the lineup initially, but had been on the website list and someone asked it to be included)

  • NY Pete

    think I'll become a lurker

  • assafezra

    Nice to see you came back with new powers gary!
    As an Israeli, and a Israeli wine drinker I think there is a major problem by how
    Israeli wines Are shown in the United States. As you know, many of our wines
    are non-kosher, and many are really exellent, but because of the super small amounts their Not exported and you don't have the Opportunity to taste them.
    Another thing is that “Kosher wine section” actually there is no such thing. There is an รsraely wine section” and it's only matters if the drinker drink non-kosher…
    Please respond to these words. Thanks!
    QODD1: So many times that I stops counting…
    QODD2: Tasted a real Israeli bomb wine – the Tzora vinyards Shoresh vinyard '07

  • PurpleGrillz

    QOTD 1999 Chateau de Beaucastel, first CDP I've had older than 5 years, very nice, tasting like how autumn smells with some orange rind a tiny bit of brown sugar,

    Followed up 2 nights later with Darenburg Ironstone Pressings (CDP blend) 1998. oddly enough the Beaucastel had more fruit. The darenburg was still very good though, paired amazingly with Panda brand herbal licorice, a must try.

    Welcome back Gary. smart move to leave your work at home.

  • plcb

    QOTD: The best wine I had this weekend was NOT at the seder. Our seder wine was bad. Over the weekend I had a 2005 Domaine Jaume, Vinsobres that I liked. We've been working through a case of it for almost 2 years and we have 5 more bottles. It's nice.

  • lordsauvignon

    QOTD: A 1998 Marques del Puerto Rioja from Spain.

  • K is for Kate

    I'm excited about seeing your reviews on Cork'd! I enjoy reviewing things there, though I'm still learning. I've reviewed 60 wines in the past few months since I joined and it is so helpful because my memory is not always great.

    The best wines I tasted this weekend were at a tasting of Jorge Ordonez imports:
    2008 La Cana Albarino
    2008 Wrongo Dongo Monastrell

    Both were grape varieties I'd never tasted before and enjoyed immensely.

  • Skippy6052

    Sorry I am drinking and typing so I will go with the wine in hand for best wine of the weekend even if it is tuesday. The wine I speak of is a 2007 Les Bastides D' Eole VacQueyras, this wine has that gamey kind of nose with good dark fruit and a touch of sun in there too so far taste like a steal at 15 bones. Gary enjoyed the friday show a couple of weeks ago and found a Gigondas going to try this week of course 2007. Thanks for giving the rhone props!

  • qotd_0: I think the worst thing kosher wine has going for it is that wine stores segregate it into it's own section. I'm sticking with European wines until I figure out what I'm doing, so if there were a kosher French/Italian/cetera, I wouldn't notice.

    qotd_1: 2008? Leitz Eins, Twei, Dry Riesling Trocken and 2004 Casale del Giglio Mater Matuta from Cinderella. I preferred the latter. The next day I found some weird crystals on the inside of the Riesling bottle. They tasted bitter and awful. What were they?

  • castello

    I forget what they're called but they are fairly common.

  • Richie

    I really like what cork'd has done by bringing the entire world into rating wine. I do think people could be a little more scrutinous when it comes to giving out ratings like 98 points to the locale grocery store wine. Hope to see more posters on there.

    QQTD: Boekenhoutskloof Syrah 2005 this on rocked the house. Hints of herb, spice, blackberry and current. Incredibly complex with a soft long finish.

  • jayking

    QOTD: 2008 Tapiz Malbec from Medoza Argentina. Never had this varietal before, but really enjoyed it.

  • QOTD: The best wine I've had this week was Chianti. Boring? Not so much!:)
    I didn't expect it to be so rich & delicate at the same time.
    It was a Chianti Rufina Montesodi Castello di Nipozzano 2003. Gorgeous stuff:)
    As for kosher wines, I've never had a decent one. 75-80 point wines, yeah. But something intriguing – no. Still looking:)
    Have a great day,
    Alexey from Ukraine

  • Cool! I’ll try to find them. I’ve had Port maybe once.. or twice at most. So, looking forward to trying something good. I can hardly find variety in middle of Iowa. Sure hope I can find Revolution Winery stuff (or at least get some local shops to order it for me).

  • Meh.

    QOTD1: No
    QOTD2: None

  • DAveAll

    no kosher for me. not enough in the world for those that need it. I'm fine with that.
    New Testament freed us from all that. smile. OH, boo me. I'm being light. ghez.

  • yiplar

    WAIHEKE ISLAND & HAWKES BAY! New Zealand is making some great wines outside of Central Otago and Marlborough… I would love to see some other Kiwi wines on the show! The Goldwater Esslin is one of favorites and the Goldwater Goldie is also really wonderful! Intriguing flavors and fun nose… Lets see a new region.

  • rieslingrich

    No Kosher yet. Had a Kistler, Cuvee Catheren, PINOT with dinner and a GREAT
    Port, SHAFER yes SHAFER Cabernet Port, Only available AT the winery.

  • rieslingrich

    Yes would like to rate wines. Our three man group do it all the time

  • QOTD:Orin Swift The Prisoner

  • Only had a few Kosher wines. The only name I can remember was Baron Herzog. It wasn't bad….but wasn't too memorable either.

    Hey GV, had the Balthus over the weekend. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • teckdeck2008

    Nice to see that your back. That vacation sounded like a lot of fun and its something I could use considering all the stress in my life.
    Qotd1: I have never had a kosher wine, but I'll definitely look into trying one for my next wine.
    Qotd2: I would love to review wines for you but I don't know how skilled I would be at it. But check out my reviews on corkd (http://tinyurl.com/y8g4jxn) and let me know if your interested.
    Qotd3: I didn't have any wine this weekend. Usually I get some every Friday with my best friend, but we went to Fishdaddy's and got margaritas instead. I have to say, the sangria swirl margarita was quite good…sweet yet still lemon limey enough to make it a tasty margarita. And technically it could count for some form of wine tasting since it had sangria in it lol. Its all good though, I plan on getting a wine for this next weekend.

  • teckdeck2008

    I know their kind of trendy lately but I swear by South American Malbecs. They're also good from Australia too, but imo they have better balance in South America.

  • pian0_player

    I have never tried a kosher wine, to be honest I dont really know what makes a Kosher wine? What is not Kosher about normal wine making? I had some great wines this weekend, but without a doubt the 2005 Chateau Pape Clement was the best. What a flawless wine, so complex and layered. I was comparing it to a Priorat from Les Mines, and the difference in class and polish was obvious (not that the priorat wasnt good, because it was lovely). The Clement was shut down, and probably showed its most interesting stuff right after it was opened. Needs time in the bottle, but is absolutely breathtaking. By far the best 05 I have tried.

  • teckdeck2008

    I know the feeling lol. Not quite at that price point, but its happened before. I'll start talking about what I like about the wine etc., and they'll either respond with 'its sweet…i like it' or 'i don't like it…its not my style'. Its not that I mind those comments with more added, but they just didn't get that I want to appreciate the wine and not just find something that tastes good and goes down smooth. But I'm in college still so that's what I get lol.

  • howkatz

    Can you do a tasting by country starting for example Northern Italy and working your way down the country elaborating on the naming of wines and the terroir etc.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Meeee Twooooooo !!!!!!! :o)

  • Michael D


    Didn't have any wine this past weekend, but last week I was in the Traverse City, MI area on R & R. We got lucky with great weather and we did some tasting at wineries of the Old Mission Peninsula [which divides the Grand Traverse Bay into a West Bay and an East Bay]. I especially liked a Cabernet Franc and a Merlot, both by 2 Lads Winery. Their wines are only available at the tasting room, due to small production, but I wanted to give a shout out to some really nice Michigan wines. Who knew?

  • castello

    I think I almost hit the Like button.

  • castello

    My lady friend gave out a 95 on the Rudi Pichler riesling the other day and then a 72 on the Venus. Hard to argue with palates.
    I took her down a peg to 94 on the white and still arguing about the Venus.
    Sounds like your Syrah was 99. ; )

  • winelou

    Last night drank a Grand Vin du Castel 1996 that was the best Israeli wine I've ever had. (Rogoff completely underestimated this wine when he reviewed it years ago.) It was rich, deep and profound, a perfectly blanced bordeaux blend. It was a clear winner over two other extremely good wines: 1999 Leoville Poyferre (kosher), which was subtle and complex, like the Grind Vin, but without quite as much depth (not surprising in the good but not great 1999 vintage) and 2001 Herzog Special Edition Warnecke Vineyard (Napa Valley) Cabernet, which had beautiful fresh fruit (but not a fruit bomb); nobody could believe it was nine years old. While not in the same league (or price point) as those three, we drank a Borgo Reale Riserva Chianti 2006, which is the first Italian kosher wine I've had that actually tasted like it was supposed to; a number of italian wine drinkers were there, tasted it blind (effectively, as I just handed them a glass) and said, “hey, this is chianti, it can't be kosher.” [Borgo Reale generally makes wines that are only occasionally not awful, but 2006 was such a great vintage in Chianti that even they made a decent one.] There were also a couple of whites and another red in there that don't merit mention, but worthy of note was a surprising and very refreshing Dalton Moscato 2008 that was the perfect way to finish a meal of heavy food and big red wines. There are many kosher Moscatos out there, this was the first good one I've had, with lemon dominating the nose and a hint of acidity that perfectly set off the not too intense sweetness. Very reasonably priced (for kosher), too.

  • Hi Gary,

    Just wanted to let you know South Africa's Backsberg Cellars Kosher Merlot 2008 is a great option if you're into South African red ๐Ÿ™‚

    The wine display aromas of raspberry and red plumbs. Succulent sweet fruit flavours and finely coated tannins.

    The wine is Muvushal and kosher for Passover. Made under the auspices of the Cape Town Beth Din and the OU of the United States.

    Enjoy your shows.



  • irishwino

    QOTD 1: Never had a kosher wine, I don't think we have any available in Ireland

    Qotd 2: Torbreck 'The Steading' 2003 Delicious wine.

    Could you do a show on English sparkling wine, or comparing English bubbles with Champagne and either A tasmanian or Californian sparkler. I think it would make an interesting show, especially Denbies Gold medal winner at the International Wine Challenge 2007, Greenhills 2003.

  • Nice ZachL I agree the Nalthus is legit!

  • ahahhhahaha

  • Tracy

    I just watched your episode on the Malbec-Temp combo. In answer to your request for what I'm buying: cheap, cheap, cheap LOL I've found Lucky Duck's Malbec at our local Walmart for $3.97 a bottle. I (and my still budding palate) really love it. I've found that I am drawn to darker wines–shiraz, malbec, etc. But, I am not really drawn to the sweeter wines (ick).

    Really liked your show. Now that I've found it, I will be watching more.

  • QOTD: Sticking to the classic. Mad Dog Manischewitz!
    QOTD: Had a Malbec on Sunday. Can't remember the name but it was good. The Malbecs are rising like the dead in a George Romero movie. Even my tiny little town liquor store has a section now.

    Next time put on your chalkboard. “Lurkers really suck.” Then the next day. “Posters with pictures really, really, suck the most!” Hey that would be me! Woohoo!

    Zizen Pesach!

  • I've never had kosher wine (that I know of) but I did experience my first Seder meal last night with my neighbors. Interesting fun night ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jwrichardson

    QOTD: Never had a kosher wine that I know of…

    QOTD: Had a good weekend with the vino. I don't care what people say: Rose rocks! Had a bottle of the 2008 Elyse Rose from Cali. It was delicious. Also had a bottle of 2002 Clos Pegase Merlot. Unfortunately, we discovered the cork was busted and fell apart as we tried to open it. It was still drinkable, but we waited too long to open it for sure, which is a shame because it's supposed to be a great wine. Also had a bottle of Big Claw, a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, and Chenin Blanc, from the north coast of Cali. A wine distributor in Portland, Maine, developed it to pair perfectly with lobster. It's also very good.

    Just discovered your show. (Where have I been?) Love it. Keep it up.

  • sarno

    QOTD: Best wine this last weekend was the 1999 The Poet, it's a Meritage from Cosentino Winery. GREAT GREAT wine, loved it. We tried it at our blind wine tasting that we hosted on Friday.

    Good to see you back in the saddle GV!

  • QOTD1: Don't believe I've had a kosher wine, but I'm not biased against them.

    QOTD: Actually none, it was a dry weekend.


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