EP 843 On Location in Sydney – Australian Wine Tasting

Gary invites Nick Stock, author of the Penguin Good Australian Wine Guide, to share some of knowledge on Australian red and whites while in Sydney.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Vasse Felix Margaret River Chardonnay
2006 Freycinet Pinot Noir
2006 S.C. Pannell Shiraz Grenache

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘can you imagine if you were judged as a human being when you were only 16 years old?’

The line of the day says it all

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  • Allan

    I'm also a big fan of Oz – Oz Clarke right?

    Try Peter Lehmann “Stonewell” Shiraz, That's More than nice!! Fantastic Actually!!

  • If he's still down under, it's just breakfast time, not wino time

  • castello

    Don't have to ask permission, if I wanna go out fishin

  • castello

    I don't tie myself up or anything

  • I've drunk a fantastic Chateauneuf-du-Pape, tasting note right here: http://bit.ly/brTlfb
    and a 2001 Moenchberg Grand Cru Pinot Gris by Marc Kreydenweiss. That was so beautifully aged, almost Riesling-like but more herbal tones. Straw/golden color and a immense palate of petrol, smoky, almond, very rich flavors.

  • Dr. J

    i have not been a fan of autralian juice because they have been characterized as fruit bombs, and rightly so ! i am not sure if it is the winemakers, or the consumers who dictate what the drinking public wants, but it is troubling. why do french and US wines taste differently ? (meaning, they are NOT fruit bombs) i like both syrah and grenache based wines but why is the French CdR and CdP wine so much better ?. and let us not forget, that the australian shiraz, originally came from the french syrah grape. so until the fruit nazis change their style, i am reluctant to purchase/drink aussie juice.

  • NY Pete

    whatever happened to the Thunder down under Show?

  • These Aussies made him one lazy guy I guess………………………………

  • Guys I am so sorry, we got to taping a tad later than I wanted, We are BACK hard core with 4 shows this week, be here!

  • Braden G

    slacker 😉

  • Victor

    new world, over the top, fakey fake, fruit bombs, bombastic….heard them all. I would love to try a Bordeaux-like Aussie wine if there is such an animal?….

  • ian42

    Traveling to Australia, Burberry polo, Cartier watch. Someone's a baller.

  • Phil G

    Wow, that was a shaky video…

    QOTD – I like Aussie wines. Sometimes they are fun with a lot of forward fruit. Other times they bring more balance and structure. Special Aussie wines do both! Hope the is a push from the non-Barossa regions… bring 'em on.

  • Spring for a monopod. I'm dizzy over here.

  • larbear

    I want to see LarBear is NOT a lurker on you chalk board.

    You had me worried for months, now I understand and I'm relieved!

  • amsgpwarrior

    Had a bad day the other day and cracked open 2006 Two Hands “Charlie's Patch” Cabernet from Napa valley (not from Australia). HUGE wine, good fruit up front, but ended with loads of tannins and extremely dry. Will be really good in 5 years but after some air time it smoothed out now. Pretty damn good. Rated 91-92 for its potential.

  • ian42

    I had a 2000 Muga gran reserva at Per Se on Tuesday. I remember Gary characterized Riojas as smelling like soup and that couldn't have been more accurate. Green peppers and just soupy broth. Paired with the rabbit, it was phenomenal.

  • mattgmann

    Don't let those aussies convince you to drink their bundaberg rum. It's like cheap dark rum with charcoal in it.

    It would be cool if you did an aussie beer show though. Last time I was down under the locals touted a bunch of beers that were pure weak-sauce. All they knew of American beer was Budweiser though and were skeptical of the hundreds of great brews I told them about.

  • ian42

    Gary, I just want to say that I'm so pumped that you are having Mike Malanga on the show. You prove time and time again to be a man of your fans.

  • Mark Greenaway

    As an Aussie I am appalled at the parochial palate of the US. We export a style of wine to the US that I personally would never drink – fruit bomb – over-ripe, over-alcoholic. That is what I found on my last trip to the US – I would rate all Californian wines in this class.
    I drank hundreds at all price points. Give me Oregon or Washington any day.
    Most Australian wines are not of the big style. Most of the premium are cool climate wines.
    Drink more widely – or come to Oz and drink yourself around the country

  • kasperhip

    Neither do I. And I never use the computer either.

  • Not all wine from Australia are fruit bombs. In Western Australian wines are being produced which are complex, restrained and identify strongly with their terroir from which they come from. Take Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, which consistenly win international awards with complex and structured wines. Great examples include Voyager, Capel Vale, Cullen and Cape Mentelle.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    Thanks for the info. I hope you had a nice anniversary. Our 18th is later this month.

  • castello

    I'm appalled you think all Cali wines are fruit bombs.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna try and get on it!

  • rowiebabe

    Ah, my home town- you going to be out in public Gary? Some of your Aussie fans might like to get out and meet you!
    I'd have to agree that the Aussie wines you have in the states are really not drunk here much at all.When I was in the US I didn't see an Aussie label I knew.We have some amazing wines, just a shame you cant always access them!
    Great show, thanks Gazza 🙂

  • Allan

    I agree! They are certainly not all fruit bombs…. i'm with you.

  • mattgmann

    I really hope we can get some good qpr wines out of this. I'm sure there are good aussie wines, but I really couldn't give two shits if they all cost $50+ (or even $20+). 95% of the juice I drink cost under $50, and when I go to drop serious cash on a bottle there's a looooooong list of GREAT wines in my cue……..none of them are australian.

    One qpr WIN for the land down under has to be their tawny ports. I buy them all the time for dinner parties. Cheap, delicious and crowd pleasing….all for generally $10 or less. There seems to be a severe drought on Jonesy port here though.

  • noahnoah

    Any one have any info on when Mr. Gary V will be hosting a new show on Satellite radio ?

    The question of the day: “Will Gary continue to do his WTV spot ?”


  • Nik_B

    Why didn't you film the two of you together at the same time? Seemed weird that the guest, with lots of knowledge of the wines, was a cameraman for most of the time!

    I'm not sure having wines in the premium end was the most ideal basis for a show on Australia – there is some great stuff out there that's much cheaper.

    Interestingly a recent Decanter tasting stated how poor the Tasmanian pinots were in general.. and from my limited tastings I can see why. I think Yarra Valley is much better, but NZ pinot definitely wins for me.

    Australian rieslings (Eden Valley and Clare Valley in particular) is really under-appreciated.

  • NY Pete

    @ GV … seeing is believing … 🙂

  • scottiedog

    Australian wines have always been real fruit forward. I have liked most that I have tried.

  • Juan

    Loved the episode. I´m such a fan of Australian wines that I imposed one on my political family´s Christmas Dinner. Never tasted a Tasmanian one, though. QOD: Sophomore getting the VIP Player of the year.

  • Allan

    No worries Mate!!!

    You're on the other side of the planet, so you're excused! ; )

  • mattgmann

    I tried to leave a comment, but apparently it has to be approved by a moderator over there first.

    It's kind of a silly contradictory article. It starts saying that 09 Bordeaux is shit and ends predicting it to be legendary. This kind of hype for the sake of creating controversy is silly bush league high school shit. “Who will Teddy Hall take to prom? The cheerleader or the nerdy girl that you know is actually sexy?”. I'll bet 80s John Cusak could play Teddy Hall in a movie.

  • Nick_L

    Recently picked up the '05 SC Pannell Shiraz Grenache (a 95 RP, but who's counting?) at my local wine store on clearance for $20!

    People just aren't willing to pay for Australian wine anymore, which is a great QPR opportunity. I guess that's my QOTD answer.

  • richardvinifera

    Gary please splurge for a portable tripod for outside broadcasts!

  • Juan

    Assistants without parkingsons and beanbags are proven to be very useful too.

  • payson07

    QOTD: pretty dry/peppery wines (reds), haven't tried too many whites worth repeating. Prices also starting to climb a little, not sure why.

    Any thoughts about a show comparing Central Otago w/ Oz?

    Sydney's amazing, hope you enjoyed.

  • ewb

    Sweet view. Maybe someday I'll get there.
    QOTD: The yummy factor got me started on them back in the 90's

  • lau1

    Great show, what a view!

    QOTD: Lots of very good wines. I've falling in love with the Innocent Bystander Shiraz/Viognier you reviewed a while ago. Also probably the boldest wine I've ever tasted was the Izway Bruce from Barossa. I've cheated a bit in this category since i have a close friend who imports Australian and New Zealand wines… and don't get me started on New Zealand Pinots, omg omg!

  • jayhitek

    QOTD: Love Aussie wine. One of my first red wines that I was introduced to when I had no money was Yalumba and thought it was great.

  • ptgeier

    Wow great show. I have been fortunate to taste and drink some great Aussie wines. 1986 Grange and 2001 Hill of

  • Great show but you should have visited New Zealand 😉

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  • Mike in C-town

    QOTD: You say Aussie, I say “Recovering”.
    Their reputation to me was, well, basciacally, Yellow Tail. I don't know if collectively they decided to make a difference or its my education/evolution in the wine world, but I think Two Hands, D'Arenberg, etc. are, at least, changing my mind. Also the sweet deals on Colonial Estates at CW help.

  • Weston3220

    qotd: fruit bombs, but also after working with a couple aussies in the restaurant industry and them telling me the good stuff doesn't even leave the country so, I blame our Western Yellow Tail Palate!

    I have a fantastic hunter valley Chard just great!

  • jeffrygordon

    All over the map with a wide range of character and characters that bring life to the wine.

    Glad to see the footage from down under.


  • zanne_70

    QOTD: Spontaneous reaction to Oz wine: Yellow Tail, over-cooked fruit, in your face. Even though I know it's better than all that, it's still my top-of-mind reaction.

  • Bagel

    Try Freycinet Pinot Noir as it should be drunk: 02 or older. Then you'll see. Otago Oshmago. Actually, don't drink it, save it for me.

    To the one who wants to try Bordeaux-style Aussie wine, try Cullen Cab Merlot from Margaret River. Not cheap, but stunning and approachable in the near to very long term.


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