EP 847 Brown Bag Challenge – Malbec

Gary finishes the week by blind tasting challenge with 2 Malbecs.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Crios De Susana Balbo MalbecArgentine Malbec
2005 Chateau Cayrou CahorsCahors

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘three straight shows where I’ve pissed on the wines’

Worst brown bag show ever

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  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    qotd: Had a few Argentina Malbecs (one of them was the 2006 or 2007 Crios) and they

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Yo G , Can't wait for Football Season !! Da JETS gonna ROOOCK 'n' ROOOOOLLL !!!!!!!!!

  • Waltraud

    I'm not a huge Malbec fan and due to that, this one may be a bit boring to many but the Abacela Winery based in Oregon has a Malbec ('07 vintage) that suited my palate. Here's the website:


  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Yo Waltraud, Greeeeeaaaat Info, Mooooochoooooo Thanx !!!!!!

  • Beeper

    The shows are always good regardless of the wine…

  • Allan

    Tak for det.

  • Anonymous

    Air quotes are juevenile and gary has said many times he is trying not to use them. We do love his enthusiasm but without air quotes.

  • Oakmon’s BF

    OK, I never saw them that way. Maybe it?s because of my age. I was already an adult before I encountered them. I saw them, along with facial expressions, as a way to add meaning to spoken language. They were popularized by George Carlin, and he?s even older than I am. Thank you for explaining the objection. I was beginning to think people were assuming the quotes had a negative connotation.

  • royjosephson

    don't apologize. you call them as you taste them. the next step is double blind.

  • vill du ha hela artikeln så har jag den som pdf.

  • Noble Sot

    I've never really been all that excited by Malbecs but I did have one this weekend, and when paired with lamb kidneys it was delicious.

  • Thnx!!! ; )

  • davidemillombard

    Just watched. No worries…&*%$ happens…its all perfect.

    QOTD: This newbie hasn't even been to Argentina yet

  • Meh, love malbecs though.

    QOTD: Catena Alta, great wine for the price IMO, the upper tier bottles are better, but hard to justify double the price.

  • Anonymous

    That’s cheating. You’ve got to chug the whole damn bottle at once!

  • Anonymous

    In moderation, I like the air.

  • Neil

    QOTD: Grafigna Malbec is all right. Perhaps Malbec has hit a rut like Merlot did a few years back.

  • QOTD: the 2003 MONTEVIEJO LINDAFLOR MALBEC is my favorite Malbec ever. Slightly over the top? Sure, but it has everything else to back it up.

  • Anonymous

    GV — Perhaps you should give KMurph a raise. Maybe then she will put good wine in your brown bags.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    She must be pissed wit G, givin’ him da Plonk & Swill……

  • mrzitro

    & I'll second the pazz on the Crios De Susana Balbo
    QOTD: so far it is Obra Prima Reserva Malbec ?03

  • Anonymous

    Then that’s the show I wanna be on!!!! The serious wine show… 🙂 With the not so serious guest..lol

  • mrzitro

    Yes, perhaps Argentinian Malbec is in a rut.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it was Mott had a couple strippers in back of him flashing you and you coudn’t concentrate on what you were doing…….lol

  • Anonymous

    Oh great, I go on vacation and Gary steals my chalk board…Nice!!!

  • RhoneDrinker

    I don't have a favorite per say. I do Like the Tikal Malbec quite a bit.

  • hahahahaha wow the ending of this show had me laughing out loud. Nothing like a speechless GV staring off into space for a full 5 seconds in total Malbec disbelief.

    And no way you should be apologizing! That is the beauty and essence of the GV brown-bag-o-rama! Honesty trumps all! I It appears that the downward spiral of Malbec may have already begun since it has been way too over-hyped and now over-produced. Damn, the cycles of boom and bust on wine varieties has been exponentially accelerated in the last few years!

    But I still love the brands that were bringing the thunder before Malbec hit the mainstream, which brings me to QOTD: Catena Zapata hands down. Every one of their reserves I've had for the last decade has shattered my palette and made me want to move to Mendoza on the spot. Viva Zapata!

  • Anonymous

    Love you too.
    (Altho, you did say you cdnt take me for more than a day on vacation!)

  • mattgmann

    I'd like to buy a vowel please.

  • sure, åäö or any other?

  • LOL!

  • A good stand by for company on any evening is the 2008 Bodega Septima Malbec. This is a big wine out of Argentina at only $9 a bottle. It possesses a deep red color and a bit of alcohol on the nose which results a hint of alcohol on the palate. The big fruit on the nose comes through with black cherries, raspberries, and plum on the palate. This wine shows some soft tannins and a long finish. I believe this wine could do well with a bit of time in the cellar. An exceptional buy.

  • plcb

    I agree. It's even a good buy at $11 in PA.

  • maybe a DOUBLE blind?

  • seb10

    Hi Gary,

    QOTD: Chateau de la Pineraie (their best cuvee,I forgot the name). Ofcourse Cahors.
    By the way loved the show, nice and messy and honest….


  • CharlieTN

    Wow, seems like we haven't had a Monday episode in a while…

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    G gettin' OOOOOOLD, Slowin' Down………..

  • castello

    How about their Cab? I've got a bottle ready to pop.

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo


  • I think everything Catena Zapata (aka Catena Alta) does is insane good. You do have to pay for the pleasure of course….but if you have one of their bangin' cab reserves and it has at least 5 years of age on it, I would not be able to resist tearing into it as soon as possible. It will be intense though. I'd love to know how that goes, so hit me up again when the cork is pulled!

  • Anonymous

    What does that mean exactly?? I don’t get it…..I never said that.

  • Anonymous

    What does that mean exactly?? I don’t get it…..I never said that.

  • castello

    It's an 07 high altitude grapes selected by Laura Catena about 20 bones. Can I wait 3 years? Maybe three hours.

  • A_S

    Takk for linken:)

  • Hold on to it! Its a baby! Just say no to wine infanticide!

  • Allan

    Shhhhhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone ; )


  • Dustin Tobin

    My favorite Malbec is from the Seven Hills Winery out of Walla Walla, WA. Vintage 2006.

  • ewb

    Still love the brown bag even if the wines don't bring it!
    QOTD: I don't have one.

  • Paryb

    It was down to 8.99 at the grocery store this week.

  • Gary,
    I've said this before here, but an absolute BOMB Malbec is the Gascon Malbec. Excellent value at 10 bucks, too. I was really expecting to see that when I saw you were doing a Malbec show. I think the people would love it!


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