EP 853 Legendary Wine Importer Kermit Lynch Visits Wine Library TV – Part 1

Gary Vaynerchuk invited Kermit Lynch, a legendary importer of fine European wines, to come and talk about how he got into wine, the origins of his business, and his thoughts on the wine industry.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Kermit Lynch Sunflower Cotes Du Rhone BlancCotes du Rhone Blanc
2007 Cherisey Blagny Puligny MontrachetPuligny Montrachet
2007 Pallieres Gigondas Racines Gigondas

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘Another band was broken up by drugs again’

Fascinating…important guest, interesting story

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  • Heidi Stephenson

    I had no idea “Kermit the Frog” was named after the originator “Kermit Lynch” and KL is a wine importer!?! <- This is an Inference, Gary!
    You guys are awesome and I want me some Zinfidel. In addition, girlfriends rock!
    Also, Congrats on a healthy babygirl 10 mnths and going strong.

  • brothertodd

    Dude, I just read your book, and you are so correct, I dont know the first thing about wine, other than mad dog 20 20 that I drank in 8th grade, but with the passion and knowledge the you speak with on the subject, I could watch these videos all day, im ready to go to the grocery store right now just to try something. thanks…

  • Heidi Stephenson

    One glass of wine starts to make me sleepy now! I have no idea why!?!?! I haven't had any red wine lately “I'm in need”. I've been trying champaigne and different whites. But, nowadays one glass and I'm ready to pass out… ???

  • Greg

    Amazing show! I am usually very loud and not the best listener. In a very quiet voice, I am a French and Italian geek, and I understand. Thanks

  • theDude

    Good show. I liked it.

  • pawncop

    Great episode, love the history of this facet of American business. Great guest, will now watch the second part.

  • michaelgoldfine

    Dear Gary,

    What I value most from these episodes is the education. So Kermit Lynch might be my favorite guest of all time. More education tends to come out when you have guests–so keep the good work getting these fascinating guests like Kermit or Nicholas Joy.

    And I appreciate that you interrupt less than you use to. Good work. But you still interrupt too much.

  • This is getting Good!

  • Ben

    Jim Boeheim is a wine distributor?????

  • That was awesome! Thanks Kermit and Gary.
    On to part 2…

  • Oakmon’s BF

    Don?t fault him for being original, that?s how he rolls.

  • TommyB

    Absolute legend.

  • jayhitek

    Excellent part 1.

  • schwartzman

    OMG! GARY V THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! for getting Kermit Lynch on your show. It's great to hear stories about the wine business way back when. and it makes me feel fortunate to be living in an era where we have access to dozens of sources for wine handcrafted by producers around the world.

  • John_Kenneth_J

    Well like everyone else who's seen this who feels like you do Gary, I am just as thrilled and surprised to see Kermit Lynch as your guest. I'm happy that I was working the past couple days and couldn't see the show till now, so I can see the whole interview in 1 straight shot instead of having to wait 2 more days to see it all.

  • donjohns

    From Wine Spectator: CHÂTEAU PÉTRUS Pomerol 2005 $4,975

  • Doug

    Best wine story I've ever heard! Totally Awesome!!!

  • aladinevargas

    NOOOOO!!!!! That was the best cliff hanger in the history of film making!

  • JiminAtlanta

    You are a lucky guy to have such interesting guests. It is fun to hear how businesses get where they are today, often not by long-term planning done by large corporations. Just people following their instincts.

  • Andre

    Thanks for the email heads up and great show! I've been away for a while and this was just the thing to bring me back into the fold.

  • lordsauvignon

    This guy has such an awesome story!

  • subdaimon

    This, is a legendary series in the making, well done!

  • Mike in C-town

    All I can say is WOW. What great, great stories….looking forward to the rest

  • Amy

    I am so enjoying this interview. When will you put out part 3?

  • winemonologues

    WOW! That's it!

  • I'm a couple of days behind so I'm just watching this now but Kermit Lynch is awesome, quite possibly the best guest ever. This interview is doing a great job showing the personal side of the wine world that we so often overlook, and not just the hand of a particular winemaker in relation to a particular wine, but the big picture and so far his stories are giving me a whole new appreciation and I can't wait to go watch the rest of this, I just had to comment now.

  • JayZee13

    Wow! A legend and he's actually very, very interesting to listen to. I am loving this. Thanks, GV!

  • RobinC

    I've heard that story before. Incredible. Not very many men are that extravagantly sweet and sensitive.

  • I know I'm speaking a minority opinion here, but I had never heard of Kermit Lynch before, and I didn't find these interviews to be all that exciting…
    *hides from the mob*

  • kalyson

    Dude, you are a rube.

  • haha, no doubt!
    Fortunately though, it hasn't changed the way wine tastes or impeded upon my enjoyment of the drink 😉

  • MartinFromGuilford

    Read the Lynch book. Best wine book there is….

  • StopInterrupting

    Gary – please stop interrupting your guest – we know you think you are so smart.

  • Very interesting issue that after a very successful. Nicely written article good work ! Thanks for the great piece of sharing.

  • Anonymous

    $5000 seed money… wow..

  • papavb

    “other forms of… psychic stimulation” I almost lost it at work hahaha, I rewatch these interviews of him for instruction since he’s so knowledgeable and down to earth.

    Can never thank you enough for what you did here Gary, and I won’t stop

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘Another band was broken up by drugs again’

    Fascinating…important guest, interesting story


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