EP 853 Legendary Wine Importer Kermit Lynch Visits Wine Library TV – Part 1

Gary Vaynerchuk invited Kermit Lynch, a legendary importer of fine European wines, to come and talk about how he got into wine, the origins of his business, and his thoughts on the wine industry.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Kermit Lynch Sunflower Cotes Du Rhone BlancCotes du Rhone Blanc
2007 Cherisey Blagny Puligny MontrachetPuligny Montrachet
2007 Pallieres Gigondas Racines Gigondas

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘Another band was broken up by drugs again’

Fascinating…important guest, interesting story

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  • fascinating…just awesome.
    not only have we enjoyed so many of his wines, but those of his proteges.

  • wow, this man has a huge heart, and deep wisdom.

  • johnyhamm

    You're making my day Gary! Can't wait till tomorrow!

  • D'OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! now I see what they meant!

  • Rick in Flagstaff

    OMG, Gary. Thank you a million times over for interviewing Kermit. He is hands-down, my wine importing superhero.

  • cellarrat5

    Hell yeah, I would much rather watch GV than the chin. Never did like
    Lenno, I don't know where I get this but he seems like an ass.

    Sent directly from my brain to your computer/cellular device.

  • Steve in North Vancouver, BC

    Loving this show – especially Kermit's story about Joe Swan – folks forget how long Pinot has been grown up in the Russian River. Been lurking here for the last two weeks, but had to comment on this show – fantastic Gary – enjoying every minute of WLTV.

  • SeanieBoy

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Great job! Too bad you stopped at such a cliffhanger moment.

  • imskyhigh

    i feel like i'm watching 24 with this crazy cut till the next episode

  • Pete

    Dude. That was AWESOME. Best show I have ever seen. And the cliff-hanger???
    A crusher!! Can't wait for part two!!!

  • Pat__B

    Kermit is a legend and his book is sweet too. Wine in the U.S. definitely took a massive leap forward because of his work. Thanks for putting this out there GV.

    Mott – Come'on man! Are you serious? Why cut there and leave us hanging…

  • tarany

    what an awesome guy. really enjoyed this discussion and am looking forward to the next part.

  • mattgmann

    I managed to secure a bottle of the Gigondas slated for part two. Interested to see how palates line up. I'll probably cork it around 3pm tomorrow, so it'd be nice if the show posted ~6pm or so 😉

    I also ended up with an Australian Riesling and a cheap tuscan that both turned out to be ok.

    The aussie juice was a Jacobs Creek Riesling. Kind of interesting. I picked it up because it was cheap and came highly recommended. Not bad by any means, but NOT a typical Riesling. It actually had some sour apple and citrus on the nose like a lot of sauvignon blancs. Very nice mouth feel and viscosity with a Riesling profile accented by the same citrus and green apple from the nose. I'm kind of undecided on it. As a Riesling I wouldn't give it high marks, but as a weeknight dinner wine it's a win. I'd say 87pts or so.

    The tuscan was Monte Antico toscano 2006. Kind of tame straight from the bottle, but opened up after a while. Typical Sangiovese flavor profile softened up by some merlot and cab. Well balanced, and went nicely with some bacon infused smoked gouda. The nose was pretty exceptional, but the body kind of needed a little salty cheese with it to really make it pop. Nice wine for the price ($11)….88pts

  • ufpog

    Nice interview….with a cliffhanger!

  • JohnsGSD

    Cliffhanger! Thanks for bringing on Mr. Lynch, Gary. Loved many of the wines he imports and always look for his name on the back. Looking forward to Part II!

    John D.

  • BruceP

    Great show. As a resident of Berkeley I have visited his store many times. Kermit's wines are the backbone of my cellar. If you haven't tried them, you really should. For him it's all about the terroir.

  • n8somm

    Wow the Joe Swan story is nuts. I've been lurking for a long time. I love that Kermit is a fan of Ridge.

  • QOTD: (I had to make this up based on today's show) How did “what is your first memorable wine experience”? Answer: visiting relatives in California and being introduced to a really nice bottle of Penfolds. I was finally “introduced” to wine.

  • matt leos

    wow…..i love it. one of my favorite episodes to date. he is the man, I have worked with his wines for many years in a restaurant that I sommed at and love everything with his name on the back label. if you see his MGM grand about a month ago.

    Thanks for the great show and I will continue to enjoy,

    Kind Regards,

    Matt Leos
    Bird Dog Winebroker, Las Vegas

  • hilarious spot to end part one…oh, mottster. can't wait for pt2. (btw gary, you reversed the metaphor – best defense is a good offense, not the other way round 😉

  • NellyG

    I'm back baby! Haven't watched WLTV since back in the early 400s. Great show today GV. Also loved the episode @ CRU in NYC from awhile back. Glad to hear all is well, and happy to see WLTV still going strong 830+ episodes in. Keep up the good work.

  • Awesome show, awesome ending; LOVE IT!

  • love 4 tha vine

    great show gary v.

  • andreparsons

    Hi Gary, it's been a long time since I posted, but great show! I especially love how Mr. Lynch appreciates the history of wine. I can't wait for the second part.


    PS. When are you coming to Japan?

  • scotty b

    GV, I feel like punching YOU in the face for leaving me hanging like this. Dammit I feel like I'm watching Season 1 of “24”. I love that fact that you're totally respecting Kermit and not cutting him off. Unbelievable story!

  • troytee

    A “Who Shot JR Ewing” Dallas style… TO BE CONTINUED! Great so far.

  • MDenice82

    Can't believe it ended where it ended. Great interview – when can we see the rest?

  • jprice

    garyv, great show. been a while since i posted, but keep up the good work.

  • castello

    mgm grand?

  • Hey Mattgmann – Interesting that you commented on the Monte Antico 06 becuase I drank a glass of it while I watched the show and read the comments. I agree, the nose is amazing but the body leaves me wanting more. I'll one up you with an 89 +.

    As far as Rieslings go, we've been drinking Helfrich Vin D'Alsace 07. It's a really nice medium dry, not too sweet, nice mouth feel wine. Has a nice pear and green apple flavor and great minerality. I'll give it an 89-90 with a nice fish and veggie dinner.

  • Wow, great show gary. I said your last guest show was my favorite yet, and now I like this one even better. Love to hear people's stories, especially when you let them talk 😉 I bet you're thinking about importing as the next stage, and I think you should. I know I would trust the quality of a bottle with your name on the back.

  • Victor

    Awesome show!!
    we get the “insiders
    ' scoop on Mr Lynch's beginnings!!

  • Phredd3

    This is truly an epic episode. I assume this will displace Mr. Parker on the right when we're done. Barring episodes with Sasha, this is probably the best ever guest episode.

  • I just had to say that I enjoyed how the episode ended. “Okayy…”

  • I've always wondered about Kermit Lynch! Wow. Thanks GV for getting him on the show! Now where the heck is part 2?????? Hurry up and put it out there! 🙂

  • Globex

    fascinating interview!! can't wait for Part 2. Great job Gary, very much appreciated this. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    We get our grapes delivered from Napa, Sonoma, Lodi & Amador. Great wines ! (No Bones)

  • Log on: http://www.napleswinemaking.com & http://www.napleswinemaking.ning.com join as a member it’s free and we like your comments. Hey, you never know, maybe we can send you a bottle to critique for us.
    Joe Nardini, WInemaker

  • So interesting! Can't wait for part 2! Thanks for getting such a legend on the show.

  • Jeff

    I love his books and his wines…super excited that you got him on your show…nice cliffhanger moment at the end-also-nice shout-out to the numerous people who help us along the way to realize our goals: for instance that loan from his girlfriend. See you tomorrow.

  • MarcBelgium

    Gary, that's an awesome episode, one of the best i've seen.
    Great guest. Can't wait for the second part.
    Keep going this way.

  • aday395

    I cannot use words to express how frustrated I am right now. That cliffhanger makes me want to post a video me running toward all my hopes and dreams and then being plastered on a glass wall right before I get there.

  • hollisdevillo

    noooooooooooooooo. need the second part!!!!!!!. nice cut.
    great stuff gary. great stuff. wooh. i'm spent.

  • brianaf


  • YoungDave

    GREAT start to a two (+?) parter with an AMAZING guest who is, without a doubt, one of my top 3 importers of ALL TIME. I cannot WAIT until the next episode posts! Cheers!

  • Thomas_DK

    well you are finding a good interview-style. normally as an european, these sessions on american winebuisness is lost on me, but his story hooked me. looking forward to your take on the gigondas

  • Matt'sName


  • xxxxx

    What a guest! Awesome show!

  • waynoooo daaaaa winoooo

    Meeee Threeee !!! :O)

  • Pete

    Gary, you are a showman! Great cut for episode #1. Give me episode #2!

    Really enjoying the conversation and noticed two decanters on the table. Guessing some serious wines on tap.

    One small critique for the show – The intro music sound level is way higher than the rest of the show. It will blast my ears when listening on my iphone or computer with headphones.

    Keep up the great work!


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