EP 862 Cinderella Wine in the Spotlight- Tasting the Most Talked About Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk retastes three different wines that were some of the most loved and controversial from Wine Library’s sister site, Cinderella Wine

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Alain Jaume Lirac Clos De SixteLirac
2005 Les Cretes Coteau La Tour Valle d’Aosta
2005 Gran Elias Mora ToroSpanish Red Wine

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luca bercelli


Really enjoyable show. I can’t make my mind up about this one. On the one hand GV has to try the second wine seven times (!) in order to justify not panning it. Surely he’d understand what was going on with his usual 2 sips. On the other hand he is very convincing about why it appeals to his (unusual) palette. I’ve got a hunch that it probably sucks and I’m definitely not rushing out to buy it. I doubt if he ever drunk it again after this show.

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  • jcrazy

    Grgich Old Vine Zin2004. Tasted it with my wife and all my relatives on my dad's side in the tasting room. I loved it and even bought a bottle for close to a bill. Everyone else thought I was insane, didn't like the wine and said it was crap compared to the V. Sattui wines we had just come from tasting. I, on the other hand, didn't like most of the wines I tasted at V. Sattui and to add insult to injury the old curmudgeon at the tasting room was a world class A Hole. I have to be honest by saying the picnic area, outside BBQ and deli shop V. Sattui has kicks the shit out of most other tasting rooms in the Napa area.

  • joshuastreeter


    A LOT of people liked it. Hell, the next day when I returned the bottle (a rare move for me), I retried it and almost liked it. It's just soooo odd. I know, GaryVee, chicken pox marks, but this ???

    I dunno, maybe it is like a girl with chicken pox; it's just that day one it's still contagious. It then goes through a scabby phase before leaving aforesaid character mark. I seriously want to like it for it's character, but as “The Fox” said in Pulp Fiction, “Just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character.”

    I would love, love, LOVE to see Gary try this decanted, open for a day, day 3, etc.

  • Radu.Prisacaru

    I invite you to see my post, I hope you will find interesting too.

  • ewb

    Solid job Gary.
    QOTD: Sad to say I don't have any friends that enjoy wine as much as I do. Oh well. Their loss.

  • QOTD: great question! I guess it was the Vin Jaunes from the Jura that aroused the most contention…or rather disappointment for some…I found them quite interesting.

  • Brian Walch (907grapenut)

    QOTD: Unoaked Chardonnay. My opinion, it is a great expression of the fruit, the vintage, the terroir. My friends like the Napa-style of Chardonnay, which comes across butter and flabby and don't enjoy the unoaked style. It is controversial because I think their dislike is due to their notions of Chardonnay wine, not the unoaked style.

  • Clark

    QOTD: 5-8 yr old Grand Cru Chablis and higher end Alsace. Friends have left them open for 10+ hours before they revealed their character. Last bottles enjoyed were their most interesting and accessible after a long time open. The nose and flavors started out appearing cooked but with time revealed some pretty interesting and subtle flavors. To the critics, 10+ hrs open for wines to go from smelling maderized to interesting can seem like giving them too much credit. To the admirers the flavors and aromas definitely rewarded patience for those looking to enjoy a well-made non mainstream wine. Again to the critics, neither of these wines were inexpensive. Considering the money involved there are other wines that would be a slam dunk for value and taste profile. But to the admirers, these were experiences we all learned from and will likely use as a reference point for future tastings.

    After a year or so of lurking, first post. Good question.

  • rjrausch

    I liked the Les Cretes. Yeah I said it, I liked it.

    QOTD: I haven't come across a wine that stirred controversy. My wife and I sometimes argue over Chardonnays but it is simply different palates, not a controversy.

  • Thomas Hardwick

    “Light…disjointed…hollow mid-palate…I give it 89-91 points.” Typical GV logic. Too bad it wasn't green & vegetal as well; it might've gotten 91-93.

  • OzzyMike

    QOTD: The Rose from Chateau Musar. One of the craziest wines you are ever likely to try.
    I tried it over 5 days, left it in the fridge with no cork or stopper and was still alive by the end of the week. Has to be tried.

    By the way, I have never tried The Les Cretes but in my opinion it is a winner. Why? Because everyone is talking about it and voicing opinions. With so many generic wines out there nice to see an oddball every now and again.

  • teckdeck2008

    Wow the wines seemed interesting today. I'll have to try them because i agree with you on the second wine comments. i appreciate a wine that has different aspects than that varietal usually has.
    Qotd: this is going to sound crazy…but my parents love beringer zinfandel and thats the biggest unspoken debate with wine i've been involved with (it remains unspoken because i usually don't want to upset them lol). but they haven't gotten as intense into wine as much as a lot us have either :). that and they still buy their wine at the grocery store instead of making a separate stop which i never understand. i still love them though and thats the important part.

  • I need to start saving and trying more of these cindy wines! Fun show, keep it up

  • Go Jets!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    I love all the nerding it up recently.

    QOTD: A new grape that was bred recently for cold climates called Petite Pearl. Tried it at the Cold Climate Conference in Bloomington, MN. I thought it was great, nice dark fruit, low acid, and good tannins; but not everyone agreed with my enthusiasm. It'll be interesting to see how it performs in three years once wineries are able to make it on a bigger scale.

  • It sucks that I cant get these wines shipped to me but I will search them out locally.
    This was an AWESOME episode!!

  • Weston3220

    I had a Spanish, Tinto Valseco/Syrah Blend almost sounds like the one you had, thin on the palate, which didnt bother me but caught me off guard

    qotd: Pinotage, It was all game/leather, then with Steak it was upped 10x, crazy I mentioned it needed atleast some fruit someone said no

  • Nik_B

    QOTD – rarely happens, but there was a Wild Earth pinot noir from Central Otago with great reviews that I couldn't stand.. too high in and alcohol and too syrupy. 2 friends agreed, 2 friends liked it.

  • jsums

    Awesome show. An easy classic for me. Much more old-school. We needed some straightforward thunder after several guest episodes in a row (not that I don't like them, just needed a break). QOTD – A popped a Schumann Nagler Riesling Kabinett Rheingau Johannisberger Erntebringer 2006 a few weeks ago with three of my hard-core wine geek friends (two of whom are pros with legit certifications). Two of us loved it (me and one of the pros), and two of us hated it (an amateur enthusiast and the other pro). The wine definately had something to say…like it was an old-school punk rocker with the torn Ramones t-shirt and the mohawk. It had an attitude…and you either dig it or you don't. Fun debate, though. Sounds a lot like the situation with the Coteau La Tour.

  • sara

    QOTD –Coenobium Monastero Suoro Cistercensi– to me amazing; to my friends, just weird.

  • TommyB

    Hi, I'm back! It's been a while but sorry, I've been a little busy of late!
    Your discussion of the 05 Les Cretes… has made me very curious to get hold of a bottle – I actually prefer the lighter reds in general so it will prob be right up my street.
    QOTD: not too sure really, I think Gewurztraminer wines; my sis loves them but so far I've not been blown away – too often find them hot and flabby.

  • Jeroen

    most controversial bottle….I think it was a mouton 1995 magnum. Two years ago..from a normal bottle it was divine, but the wine in the bog bottle was still very closed and a bit unbalanced. Still you could taste the potential it had. Second must be the Nit de Nin…very cult, and with a big following. For me it was very dissapointing. Others in our group loved it.

  • A little late…. trying to catch up on my WLTV after moving across the country. Back in the Dirty South and wouldn't trade it for the world!

    QOTD: 2003 Shafer Hillside Select Cab– easy one for me. Had read the high rating from Parker (96ish?) and was looking forward to tasting it at a trade show down here in Charleston and was so disappointed in it. I thought it was disjointed and odd at best. I skipped it and bought 5 cases of their 2005 One Point Five. Sold out quickly by just saying “twice the wine at 1/3rd the price.”

  • NIce show. Wish I could get Cindy here in TN. The wines sound interesting/awesome,.

    QOTD: Havent ran across any yet. Maybe some dissagreement between me and some friends over really cloyingly sweet dessert wines. I need the acidity or I cant stand a sticky.


  • chukhead-ted

    (possibly) corked wines are most controversial.

  • Anonymous

    Had to watch this show again, the Elias is great, the Clos De Sixte was good…….Les CreTes (was hands down the worst bottle of 2010 that I tried, not even good for cooking wine). QOTD-just mentioned it…the Les Crappy. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    Really enjoyable show. I can’t make my mind up about this one. On the one hand GV has to try the second wine seven times (!) in order to justify not panning it. Surely he’d understand what was going on with his usual 2 sips. On the other hand he is very convincing about why it appeals to his (unusual) palette. I’ve got a hunch that it probably sucks and I’m definitely not rushing out to buy it. I doubt if he ever drunk it again after this show.


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