EP 862 Cinderella Wine in the Spotlight- Tasting the Most Talked About Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk retastes three different wines that were some of the most loved and controversial from Wine Library’s sister site, Cinderella Wine

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Alain Jaume Lirac Clos De SixteLirac
2005 Les Cretes Coteau La Tour Valle d’Aosta
2005 Gran Elias Mora ToroSpanish Red Wine

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luca bercelli


Really enjoyable show. I can’t make my mind up about this one. On the one hand GV has to try the second wine seven times (!) in order to justify not panning it. Surely he’d understand what was going on with his usual 2 sips. On the other hand he is very convincing about why it appeals to his (unusual) palette. I’ve got a hunch that it probably sucks and I’m definitely not rushing out to buy it. I doubt if he ever drunk it again after this show.

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  • Unfortunately I haven't found too many wine geeky friends here in Iowa City yet so I don't get to talk about wine too much. 🙁

  • jjadamsfb

    Gary, great episode. You were the old you in this episode, the reason I started watching. Genuine, honest with some nerd knowledge.

    QOTD I don't debate wine I usually just pound it. Not much of a palette here but I do enjoy.

    Also we thought of a new shirt for you. Once you go Black Cherry your never go back.

  • brunellobob

    Obviously the Finest Wine Library TV episode ever…

  • Randall

    Hahaheehheehaha!! 😀

  • xlurker515

    Vaynerchuk you brought me back…
    You?ve inspired me to get back into the industry that I love, Three years ago I left the restaurant/hospitality industry to open my own residential remodeling company, business has been good but my true love has always been food and wine, after watching your show the knowledge, enthusiasm, and love you have for wine and people has inspired me to follow a career in liquor and wine sales. I?m 25 years old and mark my words by the time I?m 29 I plan on being an influential player in wine distribution in the Chicago land area (go blackhawks!!) Remember my name ?Ryan Scarpelli? up and coming sales rep
    Love the show
    and damit you are changing the wine world whether they like it or not!!

  • subdaimon

    QOTD: Vayniac Cab, hands down is numero uno

  • DaveyDonut

    I got the 2005 Les Cretes Coteau La Tour from Garagiste for $19.99. I thought it was quite tasty, and I agree with you as to why most people aren't enjoying this wine. Here's my note:

    3/30/2010 rated 90 points: In glass 30 minutes. This started out very primary, with one character, but shifted into over drive with an hour and a half air. The nose shows some crushed volcanic rocks, bloody ground beef, iron, graphite, bird dander, powdered sugar/flower mixture, and plum sauce with the sugar removed. Stunning, really. The palate is incredibly soft, and started out showing some light minerals, gummy worm candy, blood orange, light beef, beet juice, and nice soft tannins. With more air the palate becomes a mouth full of crushed up rocks and minerals that is quick shocking. Finish is showing more rocks, peppercorns and chili flakes. In it's prime this was a 91+ point wine. After 4 hours of air, it began shutting down and didn't have quite the complexity on the nose nor the pure crushed minerals on the palate. Perhaps it needs a year to mellow, but I'd still drink this within 4 or so years. I look forward to watching the evolution over the next few days. Really tasty stuff; not sure I got the same wine as the other folks here.


  • Naysen

    For me the Les Cretes was a real winner. I completely got almost all of Gary's notes, and I find myself almost wanting to revise my own. I too thought the mid-palate was a touch weak, but otherwise this wine really intrigued me.

    I really am getting sick of the heavy-bodied, high-alcohol, big fruited, oaky, if not over-oaked, no-finesse style wines that seem to pervade the well-scored $20-40 value consumer market these days. I feel like I have either spend $100- to get in that nerdier echelon, or buy something that gets super-panned by the masses and likely low Parker/Miller/Raynolds/WS pro-scores. I want to experience more terrior-driven, unique flavor profiled, food-drinkable, nuanced wine; otherwise, I fear I'm going to bore myself out of this who

    My '05 Les Cretes perspective…
    5/8/2010 rated 88 points: Around 1+ hr in decanter @68F. I tasted a small portion of this on opening and it was only slightly smoother/sweeter/funkier than after decanting, where it showed more dry, peppery, and tannic. I was rushed into eating tonight and wasn't able to taste this beforehand and with full attention. Here are my impressions gathered mainly from consumption with dinner. Lighter colored with just a little fine, red silt at the end of the bottle. The bouquet brought aromas of strawberry, red cherry, Herbs de Provence, and cracked green & red peppercorn. The palate was light to medium bodied showing what was for me a nice, elegant mouthfeel. The combination of green peppercorn and sour cherry does show a little like grapefruit rind on the mid-palate, however I like how the finish resolved in a way that wasn't artificial, chemically or otherwise off-putting. Other flavors of lavender, tobacco leaf, and leather also appear throughout. I thought this drank a little like a lean CdR in flavor profile. I can see how some might find this thin and low on fruit concentration, but the fact that the bottle was gone between the two of us before either knew it next to an uneventful evening meal like tonight's says a lot about how drinkable this wine is and how well it serves with food. I marked this one at $10 from the pack buy, and it definitely stands as one of the better QPRs in my recent purchasing. Other stats: medium- finish; high acidity; low on oak flavors; medium+ on tannins; dry.

  • Daikun

    Hey, Gary. Have you seen Viddler's new HTML5 development yet? It's basically a replacement for their Flash player with higher quality videos and mobile support to broaden your audience.


    You should apply for it. Since you're a Partner, you'll be approved in 24 hours.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I just got one. I was looking forward to it.

  • I have a question. It struck me when you said that you could feel the effect from the alcohol on the first wine. Why exactly is there alcohol in wine? Or is it just there because. Didn't know if there was a story behind it.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you hear that 3rd party stuff?

  • kasperhip

    I don't get. it. slabber blabber blabber in the acid freak thunder show stopper. wound up under table with comments on. wine review of dreams in silly internet doorways of sheer freestyle. cyber vixen tool fool making light work of no(n)sense indeed.

  • This is a typical thunder show! OUTSTANDING! Love to come for the party. Ill cook! http://www.happydiabetic.com

  • Hey fellow Iowan I'm in Bettendorf

  • QOTD-So many people like yellow tail! I don't get it!

  • mrzitro

    Go read about it on the WL forum, the topic is “Gary – Can You Re-Taste the 2005 Sierra Carche?” http://forums.winelibrary.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=28026&hilit=sierra+carche
    GV tasted it at the Tribeca Grill. ilCesare, JeremyQuek & RieZin (all 3 at that tasting according to their posts) commented on the Sierra Carche & nothing was posted by GV. Later in the thread, Ian Dorin chimes in: “Sorry for the long chain of silence. Just as an official ‘from the mouths of the WL’, Gary and I have both tasted bottles from our batch, but not from the same bottle. Those that tasted with Gary know that we would have scored it between 86 and 88…”. I still count that as a 3rd party speaking for GV.

  • xlurker515


  • Montrose

    Had to try the Cretes after the episode. Must be significant bottle variation, because my bottle was superb – I agree entirely with the 92.

  • seb10

    Ha Ha LOL That is a good one

  • seb10

    loved the episode !
    QOTD: Clos Rougeard a top class low yield cab franc from Loire. Apparently has been a cult wine forever,so it is no surprise that the opinions vary. I love it. Also I love Sancerre,but some of my friends say it tasts like cat urine (howdo they know?)
    Love Seb

  • seb10

    Hi, loved your comment about the 2007 Rhones, lovely fruit and a bit of topsoil/mushroom but they all seem to have that same flavour profile.

  • xlurker515

    ?PLASTIC? wine bottles anyone ???
    Sorry a little off topic, but I read that glass wine bottles might become a thing of the past? What? Synthetic corks and twist off caps I?ve gotten used to but plastic wine bottles, hey I?m all about reducing carbon footprints but come on this cant be true?

    I guess my question is would you drink ?Gran Elias Mora Toro? if it were served in a plastic bottle?
    What do you think Gary?
    (go Hawks!!)

  • Yes, it was a good show and I agree with you when it comes to appreciating or preferring the lighter red wines with those subtle nuances. I can taste alcohol from a mile away and don't like it. I believe there's only one Zin that I like, Haywood.

    QOTD: Good question; though I will defer to my dislike and debates with my wine friends over Zinfandel and rose. Most people like Pinot but there are two camps; ones who like Zins and hate rose and the “others.” I'm one of the others but in the minority.

    P.S. I will do my damndest to see you on the 10th! Do they allow “18” jerseys in the Jerz?

  • peaceloveandpinstripes

    My friends and i go back and forth on Franzia sunset blush or Franzia chilable red. Its a big choice in our life. that and whether to get a 3 liter box or 5 liter box.

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Brought a Kangarilla Zindfandel to a wine tasting of Zindfandels. When I opened the bag, people were throwing things at me for bringing such a ringer wine that didn't taste anything like Zindfandel but was still interesting. Hey, for $10, what's not to like. I have yet to buy Cinderella wines because I am having issues with storage now that I've moved to a smaller place and also couldn't be home for UPS or Fedex to deliver. Maybe soon.

  • xlurker515


  • Those look like great wines. Personally, I've recently gotten hooked on Penfold's Shiraz.

  • download is proceeding nicely….should be able to get this in before bed, I hope.
    been a whirlwind few days. montreal on thurday eve for cirque du soleil, and then friday in QC wine country, saturday a.m. run to Hartford, CT to pick up Chilean grapes, p.m. crush, cleanup and recovery today.

  • a few minutes in, and looking forward to hearing about the cw action…but I'm crashing hard…going to have to enjoy this mid morning.

  • joshuastreeter

    QOTD: http://corkd.com/wine/view/68936-2007-quattro-m

    Without a doubt, that, the “toh-kai” from Slovenia, is the most controversial wine on the planet…or any other planet. I returned my first bottle because I thought it was bad. A day later, there's this amazing menthol nose; distinctly spearmint. However, if it's only been open for four hours, the nose is all black licorice.

    It still looks like piss in the glass, so I cannot stand it. However, I'll be the first to bring this to a party, for conversation. The dude who sold it to me, @StPeteWineSmith, certainly had everyone talking; good and bad at the tasting. http://wine-smith.blogspot.com/search?q=quattro

    Do a pop and pour, 4 hours, and 4 days. Its a freak of a wine.

  • joshuastreeter

    Yuri-I hate everything big and corporate…except Penfold's. Don't tell anyone that I still like half of their profile.

  • joshuastreeter

    BTW, Mr. Vaynerchuk, one of the best WLTV I think ever. You crushed it, Brother!

  • pian0_player

    2002 Chateau Pavie.

  • zanne_70

    Great show Gary! I actually had the chance to visit Alain Jaumé last September and brought home a few bottles of the Clos de Sixte. Lirac is totally under-rated!
    QOTD: Definitely most hotly debated wine in my circle of friends is sherry, especially dry sherry. I LOVE it but it's a tough sell to a lot of people. What up with that?

  • Chris & Liz

    QOTD: Alma Rosa 2005 Chardonnay (El Jabali Vineyard Sta. Rita Hils)…R. Parker and my wife Lizzy love it…I don't get it, disjointed to me…I can barely palate it, and I love Chardonnay thats light on the oak…this also kinda reminds me of the Foxglove Chardonnay we just tried…I didn't like that either but again Liz did…

  • Ken

    I bought the 3 pack and am looking forward to trying the LesCretes but that probably will not be for 2 to 3 years. Has anybody thought that this disjointedness that they are experiencing with the wine might not have been an issue if they were a little more patient?

    QOTD: Oz Shiraz & Cal Cabs. I usually do not like Oz wines, though there are a few exceptions, as I find them to be too bombastic and fake. Cal Cabs, in general, have too much oak for my tastes. Most of my friends love these wines. Another controversial wine among my friends is white Rhones. I love ?em and was turned on to them with a CdP blanc ( I cannot remember what producer). I?ve loved white Rhone wines and Rhone varietal wines ever since.

  • Anonymous


  • Kayla28

    Great show Gary !!!! I have been gone for a few months I will have to go back and watch all te show I missed.

  • Allan

    Goody Goody!! I have been missing you.. ; )

  • qotd – good question, and I find your example especially funny. It's not going to be my answer, but Silver Oak is one of the wines that a lot of my friends are crazy about that doesn't really impress me – I've had a few vintages of both the Napa and Alexander Valley bottlings and still think it's incredibly overrated. The most controversial though leads me to two… 2006 Clio, which I loved – I bought a half case after you reviewed, I think it was last December, and have opened up bottles in various company, and have gotten mixed reactions, some people thought it was the best wine they ever tasted, some thought it was merely okay. The other is a Carignan that I had at a wine bar awhile ago – I thought it was very good, nearly everybody else who tried it was very low on it. Definately had some extreme barnyard characteristics, especially on the nose, but it tasted way better than it smelled, but still I think I was one of the only people to like it.

  • Great show! so far I haven't had a controversial wine like that, but I liked the way you describe and broke down the characteristics of this wine that is like the Yankees, either you love them or hate them, it's just depends on your personal taste.
    I will loooove to go to the big party on July 10th, unfortunally a visa is require to get there and I don't have one, can you do a live video for the Vayniacs that can not make it ?

  • Awesome video. I just came over from SixFigureBlogging PDF that just came out. I just started at a wine storage company and thought you would be awesome to come subscribe to. Loving the videos, thanks for the entertainment!

  • plcb

    QOTD: no big controversies; My husband likes CA chardonnay and I prefer Saint Veran. He doesn't like syrah but we like syrah blends. I mind when people will only drink their ONE favorite and refuse to try anything else.

  • mattgmann


    for public knowledge….it is not cool to use other peoples forums/webspace to advertise. If this was my site, you'd be IP blocked and perma banned. Doesn't matter how nice and cool you think you are, you're a douche for taking advantage of the traffic another person has worked hard to build.

    If you build it, they will come. If you Spam it, you're a douche.

  • mattgmann

    I think the 07 clio will be a little controversial too. I personally wasn't thrilled with it.

    I had a 100% Cinsault rouge from rhone last week that was a little controversial. A few of us really really liked it, but most didn't. I was thrilled because, honestly, if I were blind I would have picked it out as a $30-40 Bourgone Rouge. Not a killer wine or anything, but for $12, I'll buy it again in place of cheap burgundy.

  • Allan


  • DAveAll

    wow. since I don't follow all the posters/comments, this was interesting to see that posters give a lot of input. Hope the wineries/distributors read them. smile. You loosing weight? looking mean and lean! Good. enterwinement.
    I like cinderella wine, good buys, i have bought often. but then i like total wines if i find the right wines. smile. good show. thanks.
    QOTD: Niagara – semi-sweet. if you like sweet junk – it's great. if you like more classical wines, you hate to admit it, but it's great sipping wine. I've had the debate with dozens of folks over it.

  • DCaragher

    GV – Interesting show…

  • joelbombardier


    I had the Quatro Mani Tohkai (2006?) and if its the same one you drank then I've had the same wine, the spearmint just punches you in the face, it is such an interesting flavor. I really liked it though.


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