EP 862 Cinderella Wine in the Spotlight- Tasting the Most Talked About Wines

Gary Vaynerchuk retastes three different wines that were some of the most loved and controversial from Wine Library’s sister site, Cinderella Wine

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Alain Jaume Lirac Clos De SixteLirac
2005 Les Cretes Coteau La Tour Valle d’Aosta
2005 Gran Elias Mora ToroSpanish Red Wine

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luca bercelli


Really enjoyable show. I can’t make my mind up about this one. On the one hand GV has to try the second wine seven times (!) in order to justify not panning it. Surely he’d understand what was going on with his usual 2 sips. On the other hand he is very convincing about why it appeals to his (unusual) palette. I’ve got a hunch that it probably sucks and I’m definitely not rushing out to buy it. I doubt if he ever drunk it again after this show.

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  • mattgmann

    Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch!

  • Hey Allan. Denmark steaming along in icehockey World championships, who knew :D. Poor USA playing for not being demoted to the B circuit. It's a strange time we live in !

  • mattgmann

    In america we call the icehockey world championships “The Stanley Cup”.

  • 😀 Just like world Series in baseball. Sorry, that's just wrong, it's the Stanley cup and it's closed to other countries and teams outside the NHL, ergo, no world championship, just professional icehockey.

  • Timinspokane

    Chucky Shaw merlot will strip the paint off of your deck!

  • mattgmann

    might not have teams from anywhere but us and canada, but has all the good players from everywhere:)

  • waynooo

    WHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRZZZZZZ da G-meister ??????!!!!!?????????

  • CharlieTN

    Pretty sure he said he wanted to keep this ep up for more than one day… so we may be SOL until Monday. Bummer, 2-episode week.

  • waynooo

    OOOOOOOH NOOOOOO, I'm comin' dooooown wit WLTV Withdrawal Symptoms!!!!!!!

  • ONUMello

    QOTD: I can't say there's ever been great controversy amongst me & those I drink with, save for individual differences in palates.

    Also, I've got to call you out- earlier you had said fewer guests this year; 10 of the last 12 episodes before this were guests and while I find guests fascinating and you had both one of the all-time bests ever (KL) and the most recent one was for a great cause, P-L-E-A-S-E spread it out a bit in the future! We (at least I) definitely need a couple of week break from guests at this point- just nice 'traditional' episodes like this one are great.

  • John__J

    I’m a wine steward (not that I’d ever say I’m an expert no matter what my experience),and a wine nerd/cork dork/wino, or whatever and love chatting with anyone whether it be somm’s, distributor’s, wine lover’s etc., about wine. And yes, it does seem when that discussion comes up that either people don’t really have an opinion (or don’t want to voice it), or for the most part they say they would go with the younger wine 1st. I assume this is because I’ve seen some wine pairing charts or guides or textbooks and such where this is the case. It’s one of the few things I’ve questioned and don’t agree with, and I can only assume other people are going with the younger wine 1st because that is what they’ve read and heard before. I agree, I’m just as surprised by you as this, and if I’m wrong I’d love to know what I’m not seeing. Not that I’ve had a mountain of conversation about this, but that’s what struck me when I heard the qotd. With that being said, there are those who do see things the way we do, but there are enough who don’t and I feel like that’s just another one of those wine “myths”, they’re believing.

  • John__J

    Exactly, couldn’t agree with you more.

  • cellarrat5

    weaksauce. 2 ep week is worse than when the oak monster jumps out of the glass and starting to take out members of the wine library staff ;O.

  • cellarrat5

    crazy mixed up episode, I loved it. I think the La Tour was one of the best rants and or comparison of most in WLTV history. I also loved how you went against the grain, great show. I am a late bloomer on my reply this episode, fuc**ing work computer is having issues with disqus.

    QOTD: This couple that came into the tasting room almost came to blows over our two Zins nd their various differences. I tried so hard not to burst out in roaring laughter and help them through their difficult times.

  • cellarrat5

    Don't tell that to Gary, he will go apesh*t on ya!

  • cellarrat5

    Completely forgot to comment on the shirt change to “Only Ballers Drink Hot Chocolate”, fu**ing awesome, where can I get one of those!!?

  • KVM1985

    Late commenter here.

    I liked this episode, thanks!

    QOTD: Not anything specific, but I would say the most controversial topic in which I introduce my opinion is just the ongoing debunking of the idea that red is always superior to white.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • waynooo

    Yo cellarrat, Greeeeaaat Job of keepin' Peace amongst daaa Zin Winos !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allan

    Oh No! No WLTV for the weekend? Oh, well… OK!

    *batteries chargin*………………………………….
    ………………………………See you all on Monday…………………….Have a great weekend.

    Cheers ; )

  • Allan

    That doesn't sound like Denmark, we usually suck at almost anything ; )

    Luck is suppose……

  • Allan


  • waynooo

    Yo Allan, Y'aaaaallll have a Faaaaantaaastiiic Weekend YourSelf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :O) :O) :O)

  • You described the last wine as “not fake” and “a little too fake”.

    What gives?

  • jkwatson

    I have a bottle of the Lecretes in my wine storage. Now, I can't wait to try it! Jon Rimmerman and Garagistewine.com FTW!!

  • no, swedish coach 😀

  • and now all the “swedish” teams are out (Detroit and Vancouver). Let's cheer for Montreal 🙂

  • highveldwinemaker

    Hi. I am a former subscriber in South Africa. I have enjoyed listening to your podcast in my car on the way to work in the Johannesburg traffic. Unfortunately, Internet service here is provided with a 3GB monthly limit on downloads from international sites. Adding your video to my podcast subscriptions eats up my monthly limit in about the first 10 days of the month. And each 1GB topup costs about USD10. I had to top up multiple times last month. So, while I enjoy your program, I will have to pass until high speed Internet access becomes unlimited in South Africa. If you can offer an audio only version, I'll be back sooner.

  • Gary. Love the show just roll with the flow….. changed the shirt love your description and adjectives describing the wine…no dont let it go. spanish wine…… me gusta vino y quiero wine library tv… haha implants for your ass lolol dark tanic over oaked? well made to big not fake…. subtle nuances….eye of the beholder….. fake to fake? caduceus maynard james keenans vinyards . this is the most contraversial wine drama ive ever had. hes all over . ive recieved his wine lists prices and shipping states his humor and satirical wine and grape escapes recent hoodoo voodoo saving of the harvest ..as you im sure have read. is funny and insulting a mangle of insult and injury…..and a need for spotlight. my former brother and lover of the arts. i visited the vinyards in 08… arizona wine cuntry. pricey wine…. judith over the top well this by far is the most contraversial wine review , drama, ive had the heart breaking and painstaking role as defamed and debased cheeky fan. the cyber vixen …. who has been made out to be a tool fool…. youtube myspace twitter facebook funnyordie, alice cooper forum radio forums google spue…and yahoo. bitch. cum to find out he and many facebook fiends are he himself.lol never have i had such a role in a megga stars storey….never have i been so hurt by a fasade. i believe he is a genius and i adore his art . but with words and quipps phrases. he has made melook like a fool a tool for his promo vino . ive hoped he and i will render this soap oprera asap. and redeem each others ego slash austentatious slanderous licivious recent fight fuerer with fire. if only i were as wealthy and had as many players to utilize this woudlent be happening to me. My trust in humanity has been severly severed and like a huge glass of krug my passion my music love has been made like a poor wine and my love for the arts and my dream on the verge of destruction. Im attempting to spell and gramatically post my thoughts as ive read several comments concerinig my inibility to spell. hah the reality is this . i have a borrowed peice of crap for a pc and twitter doesent have the spell check nor does fbook. or you tube where ive been slandered and swindled. all the subscribers are the vino vein. himself…and commentary concering your reviews as well as my recent hack and crack …comments are rude crude adolescent and sadly. the reality of the competive nature of the wine world as well as the ability that money gives in the hands of the destroyer of dreams…. ive never seen such a soap opera in my life…. wow. this is a storey that needs to be my first published book. i will not defile my musical lyrical love. I mean no harm. and seek not to defame, I just need to redeem the blasphemous slurrs recently made that crushed my spirit. well i bet no one can match this contraversial wine real tv….lol…. gyfooma. the cyber vixen tool fool…………..

  • aqua lung jethro tull ian is quite the snob as his review stating he didint want to do woodstock for the smelly hippies……ha i just wish jerry was still alive .. teacher is a great song. and his legendary fairys and tales flute is one of my favorites in musical history….. however his hippie comment uncalled for. hippies are what non bathers??? yes that comment didint make him many friends hippies=yuppies and concert goers have money. so allan you rock love gyfooma

  • YoungDave

    QOTD: In the same vein as the Syrah on today's show, some friends and I recently had a Syrah blind tasting in which a Crozes-Hermitage was despised by a few and appreciated by a few. I was in the “appreciated” camp, but only after it opened up (it was a 2007 and was not decanted prior to pouring). At first, this wine smelled SO much like sulfur and seaweed that no one could even sip it, but after a half hour of air contact the black fruit and spice came out to play and the greenness was a welcomed supporting tertiary note. Weird, earthy, old world, but well-structured and ultimately DEBATED!

  • That’s true, but I chalked that one up to stylistic differences and not wine being bad or flawed.

  • scottEJ

    Thanks for keeping it real, G. I particullarly liked that syrah. Certainly more of a meat-and-potatoes wine.

    QOTD: 2007 Rhones. Love their approachability, uncertain about their typicity and direction of the region as a whole.

  • intwines

    Long time viewer, first time caller. Always love your work Gary, always spreading the Vaynermania to all the wine nerd that visit my wine shop in Adelaide.

    QOTD: Down here, it's got to be the big and/or biggest selling wines that spark the most controversy. Penfolds Grange (are you serious, another price increase!), Hill Of Grace (should an underperforming wine have such a big rep), Yellowtail (we are sorry about that one), Lindemans (we are also sorry about that one), Mollydooker (don't blame us if they are OTT, they don't even sell them down here), Rockfords (the winemakers dream factory… Chris Ringland & Dave Powell are alumni), Seppeltsfield (one of the world's great fortified makers) and Torbreck (Smashing wines and my favourite cellar door in the Barossa.) It doesn't matter what you think as long as you have an open mind and an opinion!

  • erikwait

    QOTD: The most controversial wines in my circles tend to revolve around the HUGE high alcohol zinfandels, especially those from hot regions like Lodi or the Sierra Foothills.

    Comment: I think if you are constantly tasting different wines (more than the average consumer) after a while all the “super model” wines can begin to seem “ordinary” so to taste a wine that is different and unexpected can be a welcome change, even if other people find the wine to be awkward or odd.

    Erik Wait
    “California Wine Tasting Adventures”

  • Allan

    Cheers waynooo!

  • Allan


  • Trust me CR, it’s not me. I’m the one drinking the sparkling wine warding off evil. 🙂

  • Allan

    Yes & yes i am a big fan of yours,

    agreed on Teacher, that's a great song! Rock on gyfooma!! : )

  • Randall

    What…? Doesn’t everyone drink Methuselahs?

  • Randall

    No Petite Verdot in the list?

  • Randall

    You should be a diplomat!!

  • mattgmann

    Agreed with 2007 rhones. For my money, I've preferred the 2006 vintage in most of the CdP's, gigondas, and other slightly higher end varieties I've had. But I've found a wealth of good low end wines in the 2007 vintage.

  • Allan

    Yellowtail is not that bad,,,,,,,,,, Oh wait…….
    Yes it is!!!

    ; )

    I have always been dying to try the Rockford basket press wines, but have never been able to find them. Do they only sell in Australia?
    I like the last thing you wrote, so true i think! ; )

    Cheers downunder!

  • Randall

    I think the “best” wine (or beer) should go first, with maybe some held in reserve for later in the eveing. In a vertical flight, however, the newer often goes first because it’s a matter of seeing where the wine or beer has gone and is going. It can be very obvious in a good flight how the juice is progressing over time… and interesting and surprising, as well. Your buds shouldn’t be so wimpy or elite as to be roughed up so easily by a few little ol’ tannins (or hops)!!
    Take your time… enjoy!! 😉

  • Randall

    Take a guess!!

  • Allan

    Some nice thoughts there gyfooma.. breakin' it down.

    Rock on & see ya soon

  • vinotintoiowa


    WA has such great wine that you will definitely be fine. They are second in production after CA. WIne tasting rooms just outside of seattle. Walla Walla has 150 vineyards and is a great place to spend a weekend. I travel there many times throughout the year and love it.

  • mattgmann

    Weekend wine pimp: I had a bottle last night that I feel I must share.

    2007 Chateau de Segries Clos de l'Hermitage Cotes du Rhone


    30 bones is a lot to drop on a Cotes du Rhone, but I took a shot as it came highly recommended. I don't know where to start. This wine was silly good. Interesting blend, equal parts of grenache, syrah, and mourvedre. Not what I'd generally expect from a CdR. If I was blind I would have guessed hermitage or perhaps cote rotie. Deep, balanced, complex and intense. Seriously one of the better wines I've had in a long time anywhere near this price point.

    This would be a nice one for a viewer's choice show GV.

  • Just Jack

    I’m certainly not willing at this point to join in your opinion of GV’s motivation, but “trying to save the implants” is really good humor. I’m sorry but that’s some funny shit right there.

  • Randall

    I don't care what anybody says, you're no Yoko. Left-of-center is no crime… No slander… just hugs… 🙂


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