EP 872 Head to Head Chardonnay Blind Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 2 Chardonnays blind and gives you his unbiased opinions.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Walter Hansel Chardonnay Cuvee AlyceSonoma Chardonnay
2008 Hubert Chavy Meursault NarvauxMeursault

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luca bercelli


I think this is the first time GV has changed his score on a brown bag episode for the second wine, after revealing the first. That’s not like him as he usually trusts his initial reaction. Unfortunately two poor wines, but, surprisingly not panned in the usual way.

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  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Not really sure, but would love to see USA win! I might say Italy or Spain.

  • way to get in there Mott!

  • jparadise

    Nice to be back, I was without a pc for the last 3 days. I think you and kmurph should do a stump the pal challenge. You pick her wines she picks yours and you go head to head double blind for accuracy.

    QotD: Lie to Me is back which is cool I kinda dig that show, but probably not going to do much watching as I'm starting my WSET classes this week.

  • it's cheaper to buy the wood at the lumber yard…or cut it down yourself.

    QOTD: no TV… but since my wife grew up abroad in the 70's and missed some classics, we've started going through Barney Miller season 2 via Netflix…I forgot what an awesome show it was.

  • Love the bags, too bad the juice was what it was.

    QOTD: Don't really watch TV other than sports. No good shows on TV anymore.

  • ilbee

    I'm having a real problem with the Meursaults. Some of the best white wines I've ever had have been 1er Cru Meursaults. Then again I've tasted some 20?+ wines from the same region that were mediocre at best. So frustrating.

    QOTD: I just love 'Party Down'!

  • jsums

    Bummer. But it is what it is. That's what BROWN BAG is all about. Love it! QOTD – World Cup, I guess. Oh, and the rest of Deadliest Catch.

  • jsums

    In defense of the KJ, for that style they do a great job producing a huge amount of quality juice at an affordable price. It may not be your cup of tea, and it's not “cool” to drink it if you're a wine nerd. But, if you like that big Cali Chardonnay style, it's a good QPR play for “weekday wine” and usually MUCH better made than the other Cali Chard plonk at the same pricepoint Just sayin.

  • mclurker

    Although it's getting a tired at this point, I will probably watch Hell's Kitchen this summer.

  • plcb

    It was one of the top selling wines in PA in 2008 or 2009. I think it's priced kind of high (at least in PA). I heard they spike it with chenin blanc or some other sweet grape to appeal to the masses. I prefer US Chateau St Michelle Chardonnay, 8.99 in Delaware and 11.99 in PA vs the KJ at $14 in PA. I'm not much of a chardonnay drinker. So many varietals so little time.

  • Good show. I wish you did blind tastings of “crazier” wines. Pinot/Merlot/Cab/Chardonnay are obvious targets, y'know? You should do a blind tasting of granacha or port or just other overlooked varietals in blind tastings.

    QOTD: Royal Pains is looking gooooddd. Only in it's second season, so looks fresh and interesting. The characters are still building their place in the whole space.

  • teckdeck2008

    Good old school style show…although I wish the wines were a bit more interesting. But beggars can't be choosers 🙂
    Qotd: Burn Notice, I have been waiting forever for more episodes of that to come out.

  • winesaurusrex

    Yay brown bag!

  • Thanks Gary

    mmmm … overpriced Chardonnay from Burgundy and California who would have guessed…

    QOTD: not a massive TV fan, but have jsut started watching series 1 of 'Lost' – I may just now be addicted…


  • Too bad these two chards didn't stand up well. Interesting picks from @kmurph though.

    QOTD: I have to catch up on stuff this past season, though Leverage and Top Chef will likely be at the top of the queue for the new stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I do agree that the Chat SteM is a great buy as well for widely available entry-level value Chard, and is a bit more streamlined and food-friendly in style. Good point.

  • JiminAtlanta

    The blind tastings are good because you judge the wines on their merits and not by what they are or should be. QOTD – I am not a big prime time TV fan (I watch sports and news) because I like comedies and they are not currently in fashion. Maybe I have not been paying attention and there are some good, funny shows to watch.

  • angelatcarslon

    Love the brown bags. How about a true double blind?
    Let's see what K-Murph can really do ; )

    Top Chef all the way. Let's go Quickfire!

  • <font size=”6″><font face=”Courier”>me a like a you a too a wango tango. you rock allan where are you from?
    <img width=”325″ src=”http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/117/l_49b5a47a881841889249b8238a738035.jpg” />

    love gyfooma rock on </font></font>

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    Allan wrote, in response to gyfooma the dotcomgal:

    Me like -a- like you -a- tooooo!! 🙂


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    gyfooma the dotcomgal wrote:

    wild and energized love the bag over the head commentary, enjoyed the descriptive word plays. ash meets smoke love it gary. pazzzzz .question of the day? shows in the summer on tv. nada more wine library tv episodes and live music performances tv not for me.unless its to watch mr, hot gary vee. lol gyfooma:)

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  • John__J

    qotd: I'm goin w Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 which gets released on video this month. I don't watch tv, so the few tv shows I watch I'll wait til they're released then get them.

  • elaineegan

    Gary, How about a weekly South African wine show and food for the World Cup?

  • corkscrew

    Enjoy Chard…….QOTD-not much to watch during the summer http://www.winelx.com

  • Troytaibi

    hacksaw hoooo awsemome props to hacksaw jim

  • TLT

    true blood HBO

  • Allan

    Scandinavia; Denmark, well, that makes me a viking, i think


  • Disappointing turnout on the Chards. Love the honest eval though.

    QOTD: Anything sports, really. I used to watch Big Brother but it just became more of the same with added crap over the years. Not anymore.

  • alexlinsley

    Love the honesty of the assessment GV. Shame neither of these two great regions shone through and particularly that they're flogging such vino at these high prices. That's the way it goes…

  • sam1984

    Gotta say, sometimes I get more out of shows with crappy wine than when everything is peaches and sunshine. Not as much fun for you I guess…

    My shows just went on break for the summer, except the guilty pleasure Stargate Universe.

    I saw a comment down below about world cup related wine and food, I second that.

  • notTheFalseD

    I think I've referenced this before, but since the story is about 60-80% Grenache I'll risk being repetitive. Last November, a group of us drove out to a remote parking lot on Long Island to look at the Leonid meteors. It was a cold night, so I brought along some wine/cheese to keep the morale high. Well, it happened that the only bottle we opened was a 2007 Cotes-du-Rhone from Chapoutier – a fantastic wine for the $12 I paid, and, with the flavor profile (the oft-referenced Rhone combination of earth, spice and dark berries), perfect for the setting. It almost erased the disappointment over the fact that I was off by one night (i.e. the meteor shower had happened 24 hours prior).

    1st QOTD – My favorite villain (with nothing else coming to mind right now) would have to be The Brain, from Pinky and The Brain. He often does skirt the boundary between villain and shlemazl, however…

  • notTheFalseD

    Whoops. Wrong episode.

  • pacw808

    QotD: I'm am eagerly awaiting the new season on Eureka starting back up in July! And Burn Notice is carrying me through until then!

  • I believe so, yes.

  • VonP

    You have to check out “It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia” It's genius…rude and crude but genius!

  • Dcaragher

    GV – WOW…$80 bucks combined for nothing that special! Yikes!


  • Don Simpson

    Chardonnay got crushed! I have been trying hard for several years to get into Chardonnay and I have not been successful… I don't really know what it is but I have not been a big fan. In my book the Loire whites absolutely destroy almost any Chardonnay I've tried to date. I'm also not ready to pay the big bucks for white burgundies when I haven't been impressed with other ones… Any advice? Any Chardonnays in the $20-$30 range that would actually change my mind?

    QOTD: Not sure yet… any recommendations in this area too?

  • QOTD : DEXTER!!!!

    boy oh boy it's been a while since I've watch WLTV. You've had so many guest shows! (I hate guests!)

  • Boy oh boy it's been a while since of watched WLTV. You've had so many guests! (I hate guests!!) Glad you're going back to some brown bagging.


  • What a nice scene its focus on food and drinks you can see also here from me http://sfresht-foodandbeverage.blogspot.com

  • zanne_70

    GV – let's see a double blind tasting one of these days just for the fun! (Or maybe I just haven't seen those episodes?)

    QOTD: Burn Notice!

  • Skinnerc06

    QOTD: Wine Library TV duhh.

  • Mr_Shizz

    True Blood BroKing… That show pwns all other shows and is the shizz. You should do a WLTV show and taste some “True Blood”.

    On a side note why do women or at least the women I roll with like to crush Chardonnay on the reg? I just can't get in to it… Any advice or good Chardonnays for a newbie Chard crusher?

  • qotd: tour de france

    I've never guessed a wine tasted on wltv based on the color and sniffy sniff till now. I thought the glass on gv's left looked like and the nose smelled like the 07 cuvee alyce I had about a month ago. then i scrolled down and low and behold. I agree with Parker about this wine. The nose is most definitely funky, the body viscous, the fruit full of sunshine and a searing penetrating acidity. I wasn't bothered by the oak and to my palate the intensity and energy in this wine was almost painful but I was liking it and coming back for more because it had “the thunder!”

  • A_S

    Love this kind of episodes. Brown bags, head to head!
    Great Gary!!!

    QOTD: Nothing special. Finally time to rest and relax. Tour de France, the world cup and WLTV of course!!!

  • I don't watch much TV. I'm looking forward to the new season of Entourage.

    Jeremy Piven would be a great WLTV guest.

  • ewb

    Love the brown bag Gary.

  • Mike Vey

    Royal Pains and Burn Notice… love that the best TV shows aren't on the networks anymore, they're on cable (USA, FX, SciFi, etc)

  • aeggert

    I'm catching up on episodes after a week of vacation and just had to come hit the QOTD…

    By far the most exciting summer TV show for me this year will be the new season of Leverage. Totally looking forward to it.

  • Phil G

    QOTD – won't watch too much tv, but looking forward to a good baseball summer for the Yanks…

  • le bon vin

    Nice video. Le Due Giare makes a pretty good Chardonnay. Terranova imports it. Very crisp with hints of apple.

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