EP 872 Head to Head Chardonnay Blind Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 2 Chardonnays blind and gives you his unbiased opinions.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Walter Hansel Chardonnay Cuvee AlyceSonoma Chardonnay
2008 Hubert Chavy Meursault NarvauxMeursault

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luca bercelli


I think this is the first time GV has changed his score on a brown bag episode for the second wine, after revealing the first. That’s not like him as he usually trusts his initial reaction. Unfortunately two poor wines, but, surprisingly not panned in the usual way.

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  • Randall

    Deep breath… again… now, doesn't that feel better? 😉

  • I find it very interesting that Gary remarked several times that the Walter Hansel was a well-made wine. If his assessment of the wine is correct, this wine is over oaked and over manipulated. This is totally contradictory. This sounds like a poorly made wine. I believe that what he is trying to say is that he can sense the quality of the fruit. This is what provides the acidity and length. There are so many CA chardonnay producers that are sourcing fantastic fruit. All too often the problems lie in the cellar. The bottom line is that any wine that marred with oak is decidedly not a well made wine.

    I hate to tell you what you are really trying to say, Gary, but am I right? I am.

  • laposte

    QOTH: Oh set up question, I'll be watching winelibrarytv…

  • Illegal_Formation

    Disqus does kind of suck. I've had success clicking on the Disqus link, logging in there, coming back to WLTV and refreshing. It's a pain, but it's worked every time.

  • Illegal_Formation

    Good show – lots of energy – though I'd like to see you ease up on the burgundy varietals for a while.

    QOTD: Mad Men, I guess. Really just counting down the days until 30 Rock starts back up.

  • Randall

    I love sharp, mineral-driven, tropical Sauv Blancs AND big, gnarly Chards… also my tastes can appreciate different styles of the same varietal. To me, it just depends on my mood, the food, and if the vino's good…
    QOTD: I'm another “pretty much anti-TV” snob, excepting news, sports, nature stuff, the Hitler Channel, A&E…
    I have been following “Justified” on Hulu lately, because I only use a converter box… and haven't turned on my TV in MONTHS!!

  • Randall

    p.s. LOVE those Brown Bagz!!

  • Gary, You nailed it with your description of the Walter Hansel wine. I tasted this at a chardonnay tasting along with 6 other Calif chardonnays a couple of months ago. Well-made wine, but had a weird taste – gummy or something. Very different from the other five chards. Not as oaky as Rombauer in my opinion, but not for my palate either.

    QOTD: Mad Men on AMC!

  • JohnsGSD

    Interesting stuff G. Love the brown bags.

    QOTD: Haven't watched tv in 2 months. Although I did turn on the plasma to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie on blueray this past weekend. Awesome movie. Kudos to Downey & Law. Although Jeremy Brett is still the iconic Holmes in my book.

  • It's more fun when you guess the regions.

  • QOTD: Catching up on last seasons Mad Men (we just finishing Battlestar Galactica so MM won't start for another week or so)

    Question for you… I wonder how you balance scores versus producers – In other words, would you pick up a low scored wine because it's from a producer you like or vice-versa, would you avoid a high scored wine from a producer you know little about?

  • redrider21

    Gary, I thiiiiink “double bagging it” refers to different kinds of “bags” that go in a very different place.

    QOTD: TRUE BLOOD 'fo sho

  • LindseyN

    Love the brown bags. 🙂

    QOTD: Don't watch much TV, used to love The Office but the past season wasn't that great.

  • howlr5

    I will watch Breaking Bad and Hollywood & Vines.

  • LindseyN

    I haven't had much luck with chardonnay either. I'm not giving up though!

  • Allan

    This show got me thinkin' and i have a Q for you G and the Vayniacs…..

    What are your 2 cents on the pricing of wine, are we still seeing a look back 5 years to “the golden days”, when the price “didn't matter” that much. Is there a “bubble” that needs to pop? ? ?
    Or is it just because it's a Burgundy, well, then it has to be pricey.

    I guess what i'm saying is; do we consumers get what we're paying for in general? ? ?

  • amsgpwarrior

    I was eyeing the Walter Hansel the other day because of the huge Parker score. I am greatly relieved i didn't buy it now because it sounds as if I would have hated it. I've moved away from drinking chardonnay mostly now in favor of lighter varieties like pinot gris, gewurtz, riesling-kabinett, vermentino, and even vinho verde. It probably has alot to do with the weather because I just cant handle anything with much oak right now.

    Recently we haven't seen any knockout whites on the show that bring the “thunder” in awhile. Do we need to knock up the price point a bit to see some thunder or move on to other varietals. I think, Gary, you should do a show with 8 wines, all whites that are higher end whites from more obscure varietals (other than chardonnay or sauv blanc).

    QOTD: Can't stand many of the TV shows these days. I am just waiting on the new season of “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain. Been a big fan of his for years due to his book “Kitchen Confidential” years ago. Now I have read all his non-fiction literature. He reminds me a lot of my father with his commentary on a lot of subjects.

  • ONUMello

    Loved the energy at the beginning of the show!
    QOTD: I don't know… just got cable, I'm going to have to find some; I'm still catching up on some online finales from the normal seasons.

  • amsgpwarrior

    Going to have a 2010 British Open party this summer. My favorite golf tournament needs a good party for me and my friends favorite venue. Something always magical about that tournament. I really pulled for Tom Watson last year, and hated that he choked at the end.

  • chukheadted

    QOTD: WLTV ep 900!!

  • Oakmon’s BF

    I?m ok with Disque. I like keeping track of messages and seeing who responds. I like the ?like? feedback. It?s all much better than the old system. I don?t give a flying f*ck if I?m never ?first? to leave a message.

  • I have tried to understand wine prices, but I don't. Names are obviously important and the second thing I think structure the price is the winemaker , for instance Chateau Reignac that produes really good wine have a strict price regulation, aka, keeping the price down even if it get high points from critics. Are we getting good QPR? well that's up to each individual, but the names are overpriced for sure. Bubbels there are lot's and if one burts more pops to.

  • Randall

    I’m down w/ Everything you mentioned… love it all!! The problem is the constant re-logging in, thus losing your text and having to re-type everything… not letting you answer someone… not even being up and available… and Several other probs… it used to work with very few glitches, but Now…Gheeesh!!!

  • Allan

    OH YESSSS!! 🙂

  • MarcBelgium

    you are absolutely right.

  • MarcBelgium

    Gary, that was again a very, very good show.
    I love the brown bag. Real fun.

    QOTD. I don't like that kind of TV

  • plcb

    QOTD: The boys of summer…..Entourage. Also looking forward to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • plcb

    I work in a store where customers buy value wines I wouldn't touch if you paid me, Foxhorn, Corbet Canyon, Barefoot, Cavit…. Yet are biggest selling chardonnay is Kendall Jackson which is pricey compared to the other big sells. I find Kendall Jackson to be quite nasty and I don't understand the appeal. I try to offer the customers value without big brand names. There's tons of QPR out there. You have to be willing to give it a try. In the higher price range, brand name or vineyard name has a lot to do with pricing. The sky is the limit for a Napa Cab consumer in my store.

  • RichieHell

    QOTD: Don't watch TV.

  • wild and energized love the bag over the head commentary, enjoyed the descriptive word plays. ash meets smoke love it gary. pazzzzz .question of the day? shows in the summer on tv. nada more wine library tv episodes and live music performances tv not for me.unless its to watch mr, hot gary vee. lol gyfooma:)

  • Allan

    It is difficult to understand the prices, i agree…. Thnx for ya 2 cents.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  • Allan

    Thank you for posting. I'm not really into large brands (although there are a small handful who does an ok job) Concha y i think is ok, maybe Mondavi, i dunno about Kendall J…..

    Wine is not made in a factory, that's for sure. And i think it's difficult to keep mediocrity at bay, when you are in a higher scale.

    Thank you, have a great weekend! 🙂

  • Allan

    Me like -a- like you -a- tooooo!! 🙂


  • Allan

    I have a request G; Laid Back Friday w. YOUR DAD!

    Now that WOULD be awesome!!!!!

  • Allan


  • Allan

    Is Ian Woosnam still active? he is one of my favourites. Golf is interesting i think.

  • Allan

    OOOOOPSSSSSS!! just forgot on the Qotd: I need a daily dose of Jon Stewart, that is all.

    He would be a cool guest Gary!

  • Allan


  • cusewino

    Love the brown bag shows, sorry the wines disappointed

    QOTD- Rescue Me and Curb

  • eliotfagley

    Hey! I know you!

  • eliotfagley

    Hey! I know you!

  • JongS

    This is a nice “review”, very informative. It's good to have different perspectives like this.

  • davidemillombard

    QOTD: The only thing I make time for (on demand..wknds) is Whale Wars, Deadliest Catch, & Entourage. I know there's a new season of the first one. TV=Electronic Income Reducer : )

  • He plays the European Senior tour, I think he won the tour money list in 2008, but will to be eligible for The Open

  • scottEJ

    I like were KMurph went with the pics. Too bad they're nowhere near an age to really show their stuff.

    QOTD: Rescue Me & So You Think You Can Dance.

  • gary816

    What else but WLTV !!

  • gary816

    What else but WLTV !

  • lawrenceleichtman

    It is what it is. By your description, I wouldn't have liked either of these wines. I like Psych as he is a real smart ass but I watch WLTV every day it is on.

  • LLUErker

    QOTD: Not sure, a lot of big shows just ended their seasons. Right now, I'm watching Mythbusters, and I guess that's it, but I am looking forward to Top Chef starting next week.

  • adrums

    Interesting… FWIW, Josh Raynolds gave the Hansel a 93, so it would seem it must be well made, at the very least…
    QOTD: Mad Men, season 4.


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