EP 882 2006 Nuits St. Georges Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down and focuses in on this interesting Burgundy appellation of Nuits St Georges and tastes 3 different wines from the area.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Daniel Rion Nuits St Georges Vieilles VignesNuits Ste Georges
2006 Montille Nuits St Georges Aux ThoreyNuits Ste Georges
2006 Mugneret-gibourg Chaignots Nuits St GeorgesNuits Ste Georges

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I need you to put your snoz right in there’

GV super-energised and producing another top notch show

Tags: French, red, review, Ste Georges, Video, wine, wines

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  • NY Pete

    thanks Glen!

  • NY Pete

    thanks Gary!

  • Stevedries

    QOTD: Not sure about a specific wine. Just hoping to goad the father-in-law into reaching for the top shelf in his cellar.

  • Maya

    Loved the show, partly because you looked so happy and stoked yourself! I don't mind the guests, the good ones bring loads of great info and make an interesting conversation going -like you say everyone has their own palette so the more the merrier!
    QOTD -going on a roadie to the Okanagan/Kootenays so hoping to find a couple of new favourites. Will look for Pinot Gris, Noir and Gewurz if it gets nice and hot. Happy for suggestions on where to stop. Happy Canada Day!

  • Eric

    You brought it Gary. Great show. Thanks for the dedication.

  • legend

    great show-back to telling it like it is-looking forward to opening an aged pomerol with friends this weekend

  • That was also one of my favorite moments of the episode (if not in recent WLTV history).

  • To answer my own question, to shop half bottles on Wine Library, use the search term 375ml

    Also, found the half bottle show (are there other ones, too?)


  • Jcmchenry60

    Hey GV about a lighter wine than Syrah or Cabs how about Kekfrankos from Hungary. Maybe a Takler Noir Gold, as an example. Great stuff. QOTD, this is one of the wines I am taking to Maine with my family for vacation.

  • Fonzie1568

    Hofstra Law wine and food club represents!!!!


    But I dont remember shipping any of those wines to you….

  • winecrazy

    Because the only wines you ship to me are wines I can't get shipped directly….like Sea Smoke…..and like one other one from CA. WHat others besides Sea Smoke do I have going to you?? I think that's it right?


    Umm..several…cant remember…
    I was being funny…Turley, StagsLeap, Pisoni.. lol 😉

  • RobinC

    I'll be in Santa Fe Friday and Saturday for the Opera and will find some nice wines by the glass for hopefully under $22.00. There's always complimentary Gruet on opening night. Sunday – barbecue and my mother's assisted living facility – probably no wine. Sunday evening at some friends who are not big on wine. Will take a simple New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and drink all of it ourselves.

  • I am not going to lie I loved the CKC shout out…if I tried to be a “balla” I think my girlfriend would throw a fit.

  • redrider21

    QOTD: Couly Dutheil Brut de Franc, 100% Cab Franc bubbly! Never had it. Think I'll love it. Think my friends and family will love it.

  • John__J

    qotd: I should probably go with a U.S. wine for that so how about something native like a vitis labrusca varietal? I would love to get my hands on a Schilcher though if I can find 1. (That dry tart herbal rose out of Austria from the blauer wildbacher varietal.)

  • John__J

    I couldn't agree more SIR Gary Vaynerchuk is WAY overdue.

  • Thanks Gary, you rocked this one!

  • Matthewjohnson_78

    look at GV bringing the thunder in the black burberry…fancy!

  • Jacqueline51

    Hey Gary,
    Jacq. from T.O. again!!
    Hey I'm very excited 'cause I just received an email about Henry of Pelham winery in Niagara here going head to head with some top flight Californian producers and 1st growth Bordeaux from 1995 upward in a recreation of sorts of the Judgement in Paris at the Spoke Club in Toronto.

    The judges were told one of the entries was not from either of these places and they had to rate all of the wines in order of winner on down and to put their opinion on which one they thought was the mystery wine.

    1st. 1995 Chateau Latour
    2nd. 1997 Joseph Phelps Insignia
    3rd. **1999 Henry of Pelham Cabernet Merlot Reserve Blend ****
    4th – 1995 Chateau Haut-Brion
    5th – 1995 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild
    6th – 1997 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon
    7th – 1996 Chateau Margaux
    8th – 1996 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain
    9th – 1995 Philip Togni Cabernet Sauvignon
    10th – 1992 Beringer Private Reserve

    No one properly identified the mystery wine H of P with the majority of judges identifying it as a Bordeaux.

    So the reason I write back is because if you read my post for this webcast I mentioned that I would be drinking Henry of Pelham Baco Noir. Henry of Pelham rock! in my opinion.

    Sorry to post this on this forum…….if I only had your email Mr. Gary….I could be your guide / liason into canadian wines. Not that I'm blowing my own horn or anything. Okay maybe just a bit. Like you I get excited when I identify a winner!!!

    And like I mentioned in the other post, Henry of Pelham has american heritage. They are three brothers. All in the family.

    Okay enough already…I hear ya!

    Happy Holidays my American friends!!


  • QOTD;2007 ockfener bockstein riesling kabinett

  • Paulbradymusic

    Ninth Island Pinot Noir all the way! But looking forward to trying the Gruet still Pinot Noir too.

  • Paulbradymusic

    Agreed! H and P rocks! And I love the Cave Spring Riesling and Gamay too!

  • RonD

    Good show, you're in the zone!

    QOTD: 2007 Puligny Montrachet

  • chukheadted

    gotta pop some cali zin's this 4th of july!!

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Basics are what got me to watch. But I like guests too.

    QOTD: I would like my parents to try the raspberry infusion by St. Croix. It was very good.

  • teckdeck2008

    Like the old school style shows. Especially when its about wines I can't always get my hands on. And I feel you on that comment about complex subtle wines. When I try a wine like that, that I want to like so much, and it doesn't live up to the hype I feel bad because I know it is probably higher caliber wine if it can be that subtle and complex. But what can you do.
    Qotd: I bought a McPryce Myer's Beautiful Earth from the wine bar I work at that I've wanted to try for so long, but haven't because I know most of my friends wouldn't appreciate it. But I'm bring it as a guest gift type thing to my friends house, and his dad enjoys good wine and will definitely appreciate it. I can't wait to see the look on everyone's face when they taste it, because it is supposedly off the chain.

  • Adeixler

    I'm a lurker but this QOTD intrigued me because I'm going to be out of the country this 4th of July, in Tel Aviv Israel. I'm going to be drinking an Agur 2009 Rose to pair with my Israeli salad (an Israeli play but in celebration of being American). Great show I feel the energy. Maybe that first wine did take off your pants and excite you!

  • jsums

    Had my heart and wallet broken far too many times with red Burgundy. I just don't do it much any more unless it's on someone else's dime. For me, it's all about Oregon or New Zealand. QOTD – Domaine du Bel Air Bourgueil 2003. Still drinking beautifully. Excellent summer red. Gotta love the Cab Franc.

  • jsums

    Sweet! Gotta find that…

  • jsums

    From my Cajun family to you: go screw yourself.

  • Mrhalualani

    QOTD: Im excited to share a 2007 Ridge Geyserville Zinfandel that I'm bringing to my family's house tonight!

  • Nik_B

    Interesting show.. I think it highlights how difficult it is to get 'entry-level' Burgundy that isn't a let-down.

  • Cardiff_Kie

    QOTD: Excited to share a Rhone Blend from Terry Hogue in Paso “The Pick”

  • YoungDave

    QOTD: I was back home all weekend so I am BEHOND in episodes, BUT I paired Oregon Pinot Gris with lots of July 4th fair last weekend.

  • Hey Gary

    Why shouldn't entry level Burgundy take your paints off? You have been on an absolute role recently – lot's of great wines – and look what happens when you come to Burgundy! These wines were all expensive and offered basically nothing. What's the matter with red Burgundy? Why shoudln't the entry level stuff be good? Why isn't the pricey stuff good when it should be?

    QOTD: No idea what 4th July is but I'm cracking a bottle of Bindi Pinot Noir this week with some friends who are staying, really looking forward to trying it.


  • barneyfife

    Way behind on the WLTV episodes.

    QOTD: When this was first aired, my answer at the time was Galena Priorat, which I purchased from WL. Had it as a capper to an evening with friends and it was excellent. Everyone loved it. Definitely would load up if it went on sale again. First time I had Priorat, which I am sure I never would have chosen if it were not for WLTV and the challenge to try different wines. Another example of WLTV changing perspectives and palates. Thanks Gary.

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  • Weston3220

    qotd: have a 2 bottles of 1er Burgundies and a 01 barolo. those I shouldn't drink by myself

  • zach58

    Love Burgs, love back-to-basics, love GV calling 'em as he see 'em

  • Mike in C-town

    Gary, sooooo far behind. Crikee.
    For the 4th weekend I went to my brother's place. They are still pretty new to the wine scene so I took things I thought they could appreciate: a 2005 Campo Viejo Reserva and a 2007 Casa Castillo Monstrall. The reserva drank really well, which is good news because I bought a case of it. Could not pass up the sale of $9.99 a bottle and then a 10% off for a case. Wooden case that is. The CC was a little hot on the back end.
    Like the tight shows. Cheers.

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘I need you to put your snoz right in there’

    GV super-energised and producing another top notch show


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