EP 890 Rhone Valley Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk discusses three wines from different appellation in the Rhone Valley.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Bernard Gripa Saint Joseph BlancSt Joseph Blanc
2008 Andezon La Granacha Cotes Du Rhone VillagesCotes du Rhone Villages
2007 Chateau Signac Cotes Du Rhone Chusclan Cuvee Terra AmataCotes du Rhone Villages

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘it becomes sour water about one second into the experience’

Good show, but chatting to people off-camera doesn’t really work

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  • Terrykaney

    Gary nice show love the La Garnacha 07 and the 08 is not far behind. QOTD. Now that the World Cup is over I'm looking forward to watching paint dry. Blackhawks rule!!!

  • Shindig

    QOTD: Vegas, parents' b-days coming up (big 7-0 for pops), and then the start of the Bears season!! Go Bears!! (Relax, GV. We get it.)

  • lawrenceleichtman

    Busy with moving. Scheduling a trip to Japan in the fall. Drinking lots of good wine.

  • jsums

    Good solid workman-like show. Much appreciated as always. Gotta love the Rhone. My fav. QOTD – Going to visit a buddy I haven't seen for years down in Santa Fe. Gonna get rowdy…

  • Don Simpson

    The guests in the background were distracting and took away from the focus of the show. Wasn't a big fan of that approach.

    QOTD: Enjoying some cooler weather on an island in Maine, its been ridiculous this summer!

  • Don Simpson

    Oh yeah? Is he speaking at an event?

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • Oakmon’s BF

    Where are your classes? I?ve been thinking about ?the Wine School of Philadelphia?. Are there other options in the region?

  • Anonymous

    The Wine School of Philadelphia is the only one I know. My wine classes are PLCB wine classes, my employer sends me. The PLCB has a good wine education department. I’m lucky to have the perk, wine classes, chairman’s tastings, special tasting meetings and seminars… No store discount though.

  • biff

    Nice show. It's hard to beat those '07 Rhones. Really nice stuff. The CdR Villages seem to be creeping up a bit from a price standpoint and that is a bit of a bummer but most of them have the stuffing to rest in the cellar for quite awhile. I, for one, definitely prefer the CdR Villages with a bit of age on them.

  • I love me that Rhône.

  • John__J

    qotd: Looking forward to an end to this brutal heat we've been getting around Baltimore, and to reformatting the wine list and bringing in new wines at Antrim 1844, where I started working recently.

    Great that you're throwin another bash for everyone Gary. I certainly see how Saturday's are probably the most convenient day overall for people, but for those of us in the restaurant industry, being free on a Saturday is pretty rare.

  • pawncop

    Good show, I enjoy grenache a lot. Will look for the Andezon.

    QOTD – No real events, went to Atlanta the end of June watched the Braves play the Washington Nationals.

    Sort of gearing up for the fall influx of patients in the ER. Still dealing with the trauma patients of summer.

  • ewb

    Love the content. Keep expanding my mind and I'll keep expanding my palate. Thanks for the effort Gary.

  • JayZee13

    Good show, good content, 2 out of 3 decent wines. Too bad about the Saint-Joseph Blanc. I've had some that were outstanding in the past, although I am not familiar with this particular producer.

    I've put the 25th on my calendar and, at the moment, that date could actually work for me. I'm pumped!

    QOTD: What am I looking forward to other than the September 25th party? I'm looking forward to going to Vegas with some buddies Labor Day week.


  • Phil G

    Rolling along…

    QOTD – last few months have been busy, looking forward to the summer slow down.

  • a little delayed in getting to this one, but glad I did. Nice stuff.

    QOTD – On Labor Day my family hosts a Horseshoe Tournament, which we are now in our 30th year, at our cottage on Lake Ontario. Nothing quite like fun and friends to finish off the summer.

  • chukheadted

    we are looking forward to the up open (and ep 900!!)

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘it becomes sour water about one second into the experience’

    Good show, but chatting to people off-camera doesn’t really work


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