EP 900 The Return of Sir Gary Vaynerchuk

Wine Library TV celebrates its 900th episode with the return of Sir Gary Vaynerchuk, a very important, respected, and upstanding figure in the wine world. Sir Gary takes over for the day and tastes 3 Pinot Grigios that can be found all around the country.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Ecco Domani Pinot GrigioNon-Tuscan Pinot Grigio
Bolla Pinot GrigioNon-Tuscan Pinot Grigio

Santa Margherita Pinot GrigioNon-Tuscan Pinot Grigio

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luca bercelli


Thank god Gary is not really like this, and it’s a shame that there are so many people in the wine world who are. Great question of the day: ‘why am i so great’

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  • Anonymous

    Great Stuff!!!

  • leaping gnome

    Love Sir Gary, the anti-Gary V; no ADHD, no Jets blather, no pretending his ego is not huge. He’s the real deal. He should have Gary V on as a guest! Christopher could probably manage the technology to pull this off.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Sir Gary. Where have you been all these years. After all, we all know that wine is for snobs and you are one of the best. You need a more catchy ending to the show. Come back soon and bore us with your intellect and snide remarks again. Cheers.

  • Nice twist showing your alter ego, Gary, er Sir Gary!
    QOTD: Sir Gary. . . not one thing in the freakin’ world makes you great.

    It’s that type of wine snobbery, that held back wine in this country for decades. Wine should be fun, approachable… an ice breaker, a way to expand your palate while enjoying it with friends and family.

    The Thunder Show rocks the house and brings knowledge to the masses! 900 and climbing! Congrats!!

  • McLurker

    Finally some gravitas and dignity in the wine reviews. Just what this show needed.

    Where have you been all this time, Sir Gary? You must appear more often.

    QOTD: Because you give the wine world what it really needs, the sound, no-nonsense viewpoint of a refined palate. Kudos.

  • Niklas

    Sir Gary is absolutely best! Thanks for the show

  • Dariakush

    He wasn’t doing a British accent.

  • Dariakush

    Ha! I’ve never seen your Sir Gary incarnation before. I would have expected a silver spitoon rather than Ordinary Gary’s NY Jets helmet. Very amusing. I like Santa Margherita, and amazingly, it costs LESS in Toronto ($16.95). And a major congratulations on 9-0-0 episodes!! Who knows that much about wine???? Gary does. He really does.

  • Hey Gary…what do you think of this guy? He’s trying to rob you of your glory. (HAHA! Great show, it is my favorite to date, I was cracking up the whole time.)

  • Alex T

    Sir Gary buttons ALL of his buttons, even if he’s not wearing a tie. That’s how I know he’s the best, and that’s why I trust him.

  • Fred

    I loved this show and I love Sir Gary – He didn’t say ‘literally’ once. It goes to prove, smart people like Sir Gary don’t say ‘literally’ twice a sentence.

  • lisaupnorth

    Wunderbar! Entertaining show. Congrats on 900 shows! Keep ’em coming….

  • Varanids

    QOTD: Breeding, class, talent and let’s not forget, sheer presence.

  • Superb!

  • Kevin

    Wish you’d taken this concept further – a different name, silver spittoon, no “you guys”, etc. – but funny nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    Sir Gary you’ll need to do one more show to redeem yourself from that awful, maybe something like a Horizontal + Vertical of 1st Growth Bordeaux is really the only way to go in maybe 3 Michelin star like Per Se

  • A_S

    Congratulations on 900 episodes!!!

  • Herb

    I am going to rate this show 100pts. Nice job!! lol

  • Geoalb

    Congratulations! I friggin’ loved it and I hate Pinot Grigio!!

  • You iz the whine world!

  • Anonymous

    HOLY CLASSIC EPISODE!!! I have been WAITING for Sir Gary V to return for SO long, but little did I know that it was 3 whole years! I have posted in comments numerous times that I loved this character, and the dry wit and dead-pan delivery was spot-on. Kudos, my friend, and I cannot wait to be insulted by this feeble, arrogant snood again!

    QOTD: Sir Gary V is so great because he is the EPITOME of what is wrong with the wine world (especially in the US) today: the snooty, pretentious, closed-minded, self-absorbed “elite” that are out of touch with the movement toward exploring value and up-and-coming wine regions and producers around the world. LOVED THIS EP.!!!

  • SopranoWineGuy

    Somebody should whack that GUY ! Hey Gary Congratulations on 900

  • Anonymous

    Sir Gary V was awesome – I’ve missed that pretentious dude! I cannot believe that it has been about three years since we’ve last seen him. Gary V, thanks for bringing him back.

    QOTD: Sir Gary V reminds me a lot of Frasier Crane and he is therefore entertaining and funny, although he doesn’t mean to be either. His pretentious nature is rather sublime.

  • Anonymous

    GV – What a shocker to have Sir GV show up…totally caught off guard! Thank god he’s finally gone! RUBBISH!


  • mikek

    My Dear Sir Gary, “you, along with…him; change nothing! I am the wine world.”

    I was at work and LMAO! (much to the dismay of my co-workers)! So funny, I had tears in my eyes.

    Kudos, on 900 episodes! The show is STILL fresh and strong. Like fine wine, it ages tremendously! Thanks again for all the effort. Outstanding! Best always, Mike K.

  • Too funny! Soooo literal.

  • pakman01

    Love it!! Congrats on 900 G! Looking forward to the next 900!!

  • Scott the ex-wine dude

    Perfect deadpan pretentiousness

  • Anonymous

    Sorry GV, but we’ll never see you on the big screen with that performance. Nice to see you switch things up but oh boy, acting is a “major pass” for you. Sorry Buddy!

  • Justin F

    I totally disagree with charlzee, I’m impressed with your comedic ability. I’ve been laughing out loud this whole time – a first for me at the thunder show. I hope he comes back more often

  • Eric

    Thank you Sir Gary. I’m going to go out into the world now with a huge smile on my face.

  • Tflangan

    Glad to hear this is Sir Gary’s last appearance. He was fun in the beginning, but is now getting a little tiresome and contrived. Go with the gusto GV.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on 900. Thanks for checking out the supermarket stuff, its good to point new people to these episodes, just so they can find out how much better it gets!

  • Congrats on the milestone, not really a fan of this though.

    QOTD: Meh

  • Anonymous

    Quite funny.. shame about the wines!

  • Lurker Berserker

    Congrats on hitting 900 – looking forward to the next 100 & beyond. Sir GV is clearly a very silly act but clearly illustrates how straight-laced & uptight the common critic can be. kudos to you GV for keepin’ it real! Cheers…

  • Thanks Gary

    Congratulations on the 900 show. I found it pretty interesting reading some of the comments below. Some people love Sir Gary, some hate. For me it’s not about the acting or comic value, but what Sir Gary does is hold a mirror to the stuffy and conservative nature of the traditional wine press. Is he gone for good? is there still a need for him? The wine world has changed a lot in the last three years, especially regarding the format and style of media expression, but my question is ‘have consumers changed?”.


  • Eddy

    This episode was great. I kept wanting to crack up, I have no idea how you didn’t. Great job Gary!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic way to show us wine drinkers who the fools really are. I loved it! It was neither comic nor entertainment. It was, in fact, right on!! Thanks Gary for holding the line and keeping it real. Sorry for those that didn’t get this. It is the most important message in the wine world – bar none. Joan Bruno

  • Belated congrats on 900!

  • LOL @ this stuffy dude!

  • Anonymous

    congratulations on 900 episodes, gary! and thank you! I’m not a fan of ‘sir’ at all though.

  • Kathleen Lisson

    I like Sir Gary because he is like the monster in the closet. When I was inexperienced, I *was* scared of him. Now that I am wiser, he’s not scary at all.

  • Thnx J

  • i miss u man!

  • luca bercelli


    Thank god Gary is not really like this, and it’s a shame that there are so many people in the wine world who are. Great question of the day: ‘why am i so great’


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