EP 900 The Return of Sir Gary Vaynerchuk

Wine Library TV celebrates its 900th episode with the return of Sir Gary Vaynerchuk, a very important, respected, and upstanding figure in the wine world. Sir Gary takes over for the day and tastes 3 Pinot Grigios that can be found all around the country.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Ecco Domani Pinot GrigioNon-Tuscan Pinot Grigio
Bolla Pinot GrigioNon-Tuscan Pinot Grigio

Santa Margherita Pinot GrigioNon-Tuscan Pinot Grigio

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luca bercelli


Thank god Gary is not really like this, and it’s a shame that there are so many people in the wine world who are. Great question of the day: ‘why am i so great’

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  • Anonymous

    You better dump the mac and watch while you download…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • Anonymous

    He’s a lurker,,,,,,,,,,,,, but he is here!

  • Anonymous


  • Teeceotasas

    outstanding. I LOVE the flat out sarcasm.

  • Germanchemist

    Hi there Gary,

    yes we expect sth. special for #1000! What about R.P. as a guest?

    Bye Steven

  • AcinoGarbo

    hi Gary,
    I totally agree….!
    I think that you tasted three of the ***** wines of Italy!
    But this is what we need to understand the difference between the chocolate and the s***!!!
    Wishes from Italy!

  • Valentin

    Very interesting show.

    QOTD: Because you are not the Gary Vaynerchuk we all know and, unfortunately, you are like most wine “experts” …. clueless about what the normal people expects in a wine.

    Love the sarcasm but bring back The Thunder.

  • oh, it’s a PC…it is the satellite internet that can be slow…usually jams during the day but the bird must be swamped in the evening…they say we’ll have DSL here by the end of the year…we’ll see.

  • Laughing through the entire episode, couldn’t stop smiling:-) Congratulations on 900 episodes. May you have 900+ more.

    QOTD: I am great because I bring the THUNDER to television news video-journalism!!! Oh, wait..why are YOU great. Stay tuned after the break to find out what excites up-tight wine snobs.

  • Pizza Vino Joe


    Very entertaining. I think you should break him out at least once a year.

    I knew that the Bolla was going to suck. The funny things is that in most markets they are even a vintage or so behind so they are even worse. As for the Santa Margherita; I believe that the “Alto Adige” is not even sold in many markets. In Ohio, they sell the lesser “Valdadige” which I would guess you would have scored much lower. You should buy Santa Margherita if you hate your money.

  • This show was as tasteless as the wine you tried, I am also a Sir, and deserve respect.

    For your question, you’re great because you’re the wine world.

  • and on top of that, when I got out of the shower, FireFox had crashed and was gone…no way I could start over…catching it this morning…

  • Anonymous


    (I’m sure Vermont Pete has already posted this…..but just in case)


  • Claire

    I like the regular Gary. I don’t like “Sir” G.V. as much as he doesn’t like me. Please don’t invite him back.

  • Hail, Hail to the “SIR” Gary!!! Too Funny, But the Sad part is that over the Years I have run into this same exact critic.

    Nice twist into your show I hope you had as much fun doing it as some of us did watching it.

  • theverylastlurker

    Impossible. RP is the “Wine World”.

  • that’s what I was wondering…

  • Cheryl S.

    Very funny show! Congratulations on #900.

  • Elisa916

    Fun show! Thanks for the smiles!
    QOTD: You are “so great” because you took the time & energy to talk to us ;0)

  • none of the wines were nearly as dry as Sir V…
    I have to agree that Alsace is the place for the gris. Just came across a small producer that folks may be able to find in NY: http://www.sippmack.com

  • scottEJ

    Alright…now that that is over…how about hopping in the laid back couch and doing some BBQ wines. Grilled Surf & Turf?

    Thanks G…and congrats on this and the next 900.

  • Put me to sleep, literally.

  • Sir Gary maybe you could do one more WLTV, wines with a rating of 98 or greater.

  • Justin

    Sir Gary, I know I’m not worthy, but if I see you on the street I may try to hug you. You are that great.

  • Thad

    Sir Gary, please tell Gary V. congrats on 900! You, on the otherhand, can jump off the Brooklyn Bridge!

  • roy josephson

    while i concur with your reviews, the presentation was sophomoric

  • Dbedini

    Now I must find the earlier episode. Wonderful send-up of pomposity. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on 900 eps Gary. Appreciate the sarcasm of Sir Gary, but bring back the Thunder 🙂

  • ahw219

    900 webisodes, congratulations! Love Sir Vaynerchuk. Gotta bring him back at least once a year.

  • John__J

    Congrats on 900 Gary! And thank you, I got everything I wanted out of your 900th. Loved getting to see SIR Gary make another appearance after SO much time. I hope see him again sometime.

    qotd: because you’re the perfect “bizarro” to Gary, and the more arrogant and condescending you are, the more I love it.

  • Anonymous

    nonsensical fun. Smug-nasty

  • Anonymous

    Love it Gary. My fav to date.
    QOTD: You are great because you made it to 900! Congrats.

  • Prion911

    I would love to see R.P. and Sir Gary play a round of badminton. Winner gets “the wine world”. Thankfully I live in the real world.

  • Unclemeate

    F’in hilarious Sir Gee Vee !!! Krackin’ me up as usual ……… Iron Sheik episode #1000

    AotD: You are great because we are watching.

  • Atreyu

    First off, congrats for the 900th episode!!! Sir Gary every now and then is fun – he makes us miss the real Gary! To be fair, you shouldn’t bash a whole category of Italian Pinot Grigio, especially if you just taste the worst ones in the show. Try some Grigios from the Friuli region (blends or single varietal)!!

  • benfromboston

    Mott, edit both Garys into one episode, doing the same wine. this needs to happen!

  • David M Roberts

    The 900th installment deserves the pomp and circumstance that only Sir Gary can deliver! Welcome back, and.. no ascot?? After several years away, you have gotten casual.

    Sir Gary is just plain fun – great metaphor for so many other wine critics that kind of set the tone not that many years ago. We love you, you magnificent ass!

    (The character reminds me a bit of “Dr. Science” which is a radio show that takes the same approach, though with a pompous “scientist” who answers absurd questions with even more absurd answers and who looks down on the masses. Worth checking out: http://www.drscience.com)

  • Very funny. Really good show.

  • PearlGirlWhirl

    Awww, you really had me goin’ there for a minute! I thought, “Who IS this Sir-Gary-guy, who looks suspiciously like GV, but sounds like him not at all ?!” THEN you swooshed that wine around in your mouth making the usual disgusting sounds like slurry wooshing & battering your teeth & assaulting your tongue, and AH-HAH !! It really IS GV !!

    And the cuffs clinched it: no left cuff showing, & a good 2+ inches in the right–guffaw !! At least “this guy” didn’t chew his fingernails! Not that we notice these things as a matter of course…….

    Yeah, you can’t fool us….. But now we’re wondering, Which borderline-personality is The *Real* Gary Vaynerchuk ?!?! Someone, Please answer this!…then we’ll attempt to address the QOTD…..

  • njchiantiDan

    Great show, weak British accent!

  • Anonymous

    good luck with that.

  • TommyBoBo of WI

    Great to have you back Sir Gary,, I’ve longed for this moment… great episode once again!

  • Anonymous


  • RickyDub

    Loved the curveball that is Sir Gary. Scary how true the representation is though. Looking forward to more Thunder soon.

    Also, the laid back couch hasn’t made an appearance in a long time. Did that get sold?

    QOTD: only in your mind.


    900!!! CONGRATULATIONS. In a wierd way this show makes me want to get an 8 Euro bottle of Pinot Gris, cool it down to fridge temperature and drink it in the afternoon sun.
    QOTD: Sir, Your mother made you great, Sir.

    Line up for #1000: R.P., Sir G., Christopher Mott & Iron Sheik

  • Don Simpson

    HAHAHAHHAAHAH!!!! That was so awesome… Absolutely freaking HILARIOUS. I don’t know how Sir Gary Vaynerchuk can do that with a straight face. Simply amazing.

  • Don Simpson

    “I will now smell this wine” — Fantastic.

  • Gary, the most supreme congratulations for reaching 900 shows! I’ve been away from WLTV for a few months and have rarely seen any WLTVs but HAD to see #900; yes I know I was even worse than a lurker. I know you’re even more busy than you have ever been, but I commend you for keeping your committment to the wine community by pumping out more shows.

    It was great to see your aler-ego Sir Gary a fake/horrible British accent would have made it even more funny and a silver-plated champange bucket. HAHA Just realized that so much could be taken out of context if people don’t really know you…in the wrong hands you just bashed 99% of the wine consumers. A fun way to get back into WLTV. Best of luck for the next several hundred WLTV episodes.

    QOTD: That was awesome, way tooo funnny. Sir Gary does need an appearance every now and then….

  • TomP

    Gratz on 900 episodes!

  • Heatmiser78

    Loved every second of it!


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