EP 902 Coleman Nicole Wine Tasting with Brandon Miller

Gary Vaynerchuk invites a long time Vayniac, Brandon Miller, who started making wine in California to come on the show and taste his wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Coleman Nicole Rosé of Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
2009 Coleman Nicole Rosé of Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
2008 Coleman Nicole Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

2009 Coleman Nicole Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

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NY Pete


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  • Kpayton

    Brandon! Ha! Nice show!

  • Anonymous

    Bottom of this comments page, links listed after ‘WLTV Network’. Have fun! 🙂

  • Thanks mi amigo!

  • Don Simpson

    Oh man, they are all good!!! To this day I have not had a “bad Sancerre”. It’s almost like saying, “what kind of bacon tastes good”? 🙂 2007 was a great year but I’ve been enjoying the 2008 quite a bit too. Most are in the $18-$25 price range are solid, I sometimes splurge and get a bottle up to $30. You can’t go wrong!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I don’t see it at wl or my local wine store but I’m making a list.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. I’m in the market.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Wine Exchange in Orange, California has some. You ought to get on
    their mailing list if you aren’t on it already. They send out a Cooool
    “Stock Report” out monthly. I go there about every 4 months or so

  • Anonymous

    Congrat’s Brandon on following your passion, great to see it all come together.

    I’ll have to try your wine some time before my bucket.

  • Craigallynrose

    Hey Brandon – you are definitely an inspiration. I immediately signed up on your mailing list and am looking forward to trying your Pinot Noir! All the best…

    Craig R. – http://fearnowine.com/

  • Thanks Craig…checked out your blog also, great work.

  • Good show. Congrats Brandon M, glad to see the bottles showed well on the show. With that said I don’t really get whole calling out K-dawg for commenting on one of the wines that he tried, I thought you were supposed to “Trust your own palate” GV, poor taste. I just think you should always want someone to give you their honest opinion so that you can better yourself and your product. I know I had the opportunity to taste the 08 rose twice and was much less impressed with the bottling than you were and I found it to be farther from Bandol or Provence roses which I love due to the lack of good minerality IMO. Will definately look forward to trying the 09 as it seems to be a little lighter in style (which I prefer), plus its another year of knowledge always helps. I mean for the first couple of vintages most wineries I know tend to have to find the style and methods that work for them. Good look in the future Brandon.


    1: Tour Alsace, Loire, Provence, and Austria
    2: Work at or own a winery in the PNW
    3: Make it to a Cameron Open House
    4: Get a chance to visit Musar in Lebanon
    5. Find a 100 point wine for my palate and enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    Gary great show and Brandon, what a great guest! Just a person being real and showing what his wine’s got.

    1) Drink a wine from my birth year
    2) Travel every wine region in Italy (so all 20)
    3) Check out Burgundy, Bordeaux, The Rhone, and Provence
    4) Sample wines from over 100 grape varietals
    5) Pass on the passion to friends/family/the next generation

  • Anonymous

    This was a fun episode – great guest – loved the interaction between the two of you.

    QOTD – there are so many, I don’t really know how to prioritize them so in no particular order –

    A. Visiting the Wine Library and meeting Gary ( I’m not sucking up, but it seems that way I know)
    B. Touring Napa Valley
    C. Touriing France (if you know how much I hate leaving Texas you’ll appreciate this)
    D. Learning all I can about Port
    E. Just continuing to learn all I can, the joy is in the quest.

    And just an FYI – I am late because there was some problem yesterday and could not view the video. I would click the playbutton on screen and it would reset and not let me view. Do not know if the problem was on my end or what the deal was.

    Really good guest, really enjoyed Brandon.

  • Anonymous

    I’m only 9 minutes in, but this is already my favorite episode of all time

  • Anonymous


    I wanna go to a Vayniac Dinner! Been one since 2007..LOL Sounds great..(LOVE Hanzell)

    QOTD: Wow..i need some thought for this bucket list stuff…
    Across & thru the US on a Motorcycle
    Spend a whole summer in Tuscany
    Boat/train tour of Alaska
    Wine w/Gary V 😉
    Fly a plane
    You know, the simple things. LOL

    QOTD2: Not sure if its become his epiphany wine..LOL But gave a gift of a bottle of Crystal Rose..and pretty sure it was appreciated & enjoyed..

    Congratulations on following your dreams Brandon…and Yes, I totally believe Gary is “sneaking great” Ive felt it…LOL 😉

    Great ep! Great guest…wanna try all your wines Brandon!

  • j carey

    I tend not to love saignee rose’s because the grapes are picked at a different time for good rose and regular wien.

  • j carey

    Gary you really piss me off constantly telling people to raise their prices. thanks for making wine unaffordable for people who don’t make 100 thousand a year

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    But Pete, that is a little Pot-kettle-black action right there

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Brandon..youre daughter’s precious. 🙂

  • NY Pete

    spot on J
    GVaD < insert it here >

  • 🙂

  • A completely fair assesment.

  • Thanks Randi…she was three then, now she’s seven. She’ll be excited you said so. 🙂

  • lisaupnorth

    Wonderful show- worth the extra minutes of viewing time. I learned a lot, plus it was fun watching the 2 of you interact. If you do a show in Iowa, I’ll drive down from MN!

    QOTD: My husband and I haven’t traveled to CA or Europe together, so trips to Napa, Italy and France would be dreams come true. (Do they make wine in Norway??)

    Best of luck with the wine making, Brandon!

  • Anonymous

    Taking forever for my hotel connection to buffer this episode, but its really a fun watch. 4 years in the making….

  • Anonymous

    Bet shes gorgeous..
    Youre blessed.

  • Jhart44

    QOTD#2: Before their regular bottle shot up in price the Caymus Cab was often an epiphany wine for friends. Of late, oddly enough, the Landmark Overlook Chardonnay has convinced many to abandon the ABC crowd.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic episode. Thank you Gary for finally having another true original Vayniac on the show.

    – South Africa wine country trip
    – I want to try Screaming Eagle
    – I want to try a legendary aged Napa Cabernet
    – Southern Rhone trip
    – retire to Napa/Sonoma

    – unfortunately this had not really happened yet… I’m still on the receiving end of wine enlightenment it seems

  • Thanks Waynooo and Castello.. I’ve been looking for the Albert Mann gewurz, too (since you originally suggested it, Waynoo!)

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Lisa, My Bad, I think it’s even sold-out at Wine Exchange (now).
    But hopefully a New Supply on the Way…. :o)

  • QOTD: Top 5 wine bucket list

    5: Celebrating the birth of my 1st child
    4: Drinking a great bottle of wine on my honeymoon
    3: Sharing a bottle of wine with Shira Lazar
    2: Making a well received bottle of Pinot Noir
    1: Drinking wine with Gary V while the Lions beat the Jets in the Super Bowl 🙂

  • There’s no doubt about that. I count my blessing very day.

  • Eric B

    Episode 160! one of my all-time favorites! rare form that day

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yo Randall, Hope Ya run into a Goooooood Bottle of Pinot Noir
    tanight !!! ;o)

  • Coupe 60

    Brandon and Gary great episode…Gary thanks for mentioning your other moderator…Brandon, the purity of the fruit in the 08 is what makes it for me, and from what I tasted I like the 09 even better, it was elegant and delicious… It was great meeting you and Denise, and really wish you all the best of luck…

    QOTD –
    Visit wine country out in Napa (play a round of golf at Pebble beach when I am out there)
    Visit Tuscany for a long wine vacation
    Build my own wine cellar and fill it
    Try a wine from the 1800’s that still has some life to it
    Forget that I have met Gary V (GVaD)

  • Randall

    Just pulled out an “Irony”… so at least I have “a bottle of PN tonight. ;}

  • Randall

    If you are rich, you can get one of those bottles o’ champagne from the 1780s right now! They say the bottom of the ocean acted like the ultimate cellar…

  • Thanks motm68! I don’t think Gary was trying to call out anyone individual and Kdawg was the one that stuck in my head for a certain comment he wrote, that’s all it was. I honestly believe he was drawing more of a parallel between some of the criticism he has taken compared to what small wine makers have to endure sometimes. One of the reasons I stopped judging wines is because I found it way too easy to pan a wine for small reasons while the overall wine was sometimes very good. I stopped looking at the negative side of some wines while trying to find the positive. I call it the JoeG curse. 🙂

    I realize KDawg is as passionate as one can be about wine and I think it’s very cool there are a lot of people that respect his palate and opinion.

  • Ya…I thought about that after the episode…Coupe deserves a HUGE shout out.

  • It’s OK, Waynoo… I just ordered the grand cru reisling since gewurz is sold out
    (I assumed you bought it all!) Will look for new supply. Thx!

  • Stan The Wine Man

    I totally understand how hard it is to critique a wine from someone you really like, so I do not believe anything you said on this episode, although I will seek out their wines.
    Bucket list includes:
    1. 1961 Haut Brion
    2. 1989 Penfolds Grange
    3. DRC is definitely on my list
    4. Any vintage of Staglin Cab
    5. Any pre 1960 Chateau d’Yquem

  • waynooo daaa wino

    Yes, Yes, Yeeeees, Scarfed-up some of that Grand Cru
    Riesling myself….. Can’t wait to taste them!! ;o)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks “laurieinvt” i’m sure i looked straight at it several times too! oh well, open another bottle eh?

  • Anonymous

    Why Lions? R u in the D?

  • Anonymous

    I think I got a little of the JoeG curse. It’s all good!

  • Anonymous

    Great ep with a fantastic fellow-long-time-Vayniac-guest!!

    QOTD: Regions to travel to: 1) Tuscany 2) Chateauneuf du Pape (again) 3) CHILE!!! (Casablanca, Limari, San Antonio, Leyda, COASTAL APPELATIONS) 4) Loire Valley (road trip from east to west) 5) Portugal (Douro)

  • lol I am soooooooooooo sorry 🙁

  • We love KDawg, we were just fooling around, sorry i didnt make that clear!


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