EP 905 Sancerre Blind Tasting

Gary is back and blind tasting 3 Sancerres with a special surprise.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Andre Neveu Sancerre Les Monts DamnesSancerre Blanc
2009 Vieux Pruniers SancerreSancerre Blanc
2009 Gerard Boulay Chavignol SancerreSancerre Blanc

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘It’s like the Lincoln Tunnel, it has a big hole in it’ and ‘A little bit better than water with lemon in it’

Most notable for the fact that GV’s bald patch makes its first appearance. Happens to all of us dude!

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  • Anonymous

    Very Nice Show GV! Best luck on your new radio venture! It´s going to be available for download as and audiocast?

    You could do a show on wine trade. I think with the prices of WL you could bring wine down to Brazil and be very competitive, wine margin down here is up in the roof? Let?s do business!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, never heard of that.

  • Anonymous

    Great to have you back, Gary!

    I’ve never tried a sancere but perhaps that’s going on the list for things to try in the near future.

    QOTD: I don’t follow pro football much because I’m from Detroit and the Lions don’t give us much to get excited about. I do however follow college football a good deal and can’t wait for the season to get underway in less than two weeks! GO BLUE!

  • sethsethy

    yes wltv is back! i was fiending! i must try sancerre. if only i lived right outside the wine library…

  • Anonymous

    Big ups to GV for the Sirius gig!! Definitely will seek out a Sancerre, now that my house wines are sorely lacking some whites to bust out in the waning summer months. And welcome back, GV …hope your family vacation was awesome.

    QOTD: I’m stressing about my Bears. No time to worry about the dang Jets.

  • Just Jack

    Well crap. Now I am going to have to go spend even more cash money to get Sirius. Hearty congratulations GV and I am looking forward to spending Thursday evenings hearing about wines and nerds. Go get em Gary.

    QOTD: I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that we will have to live with 5 months of football already, and it is not fair to make us have to answer football questions in the pre-season. I am with Chris. It aint football until the season starts.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Gary! Rockin’ the pink polo I see. Congrats on the radio gig.
    Unfortunately I’m at work when you’re live, so I’ll have to miss out.
    Any idea of what you’ll be doing at the Tahoe Wine event and when?
    I’d love to come if I can afford it & I get someone to cover my shift at work.

    Really like the Sancerre when I can find a good value.
    Went to Family Winemakers yesterday after volunteering on Sunday and some really nice stuff. How about reviewing some Gracianos from Lodi? They were very tasty and the area is really starting to take off quality-wise. Bokisch Vineyards and Fenestra were the two I tried. Also, Clarksburg seems to be moving up as well. Dancing Coyote had a delicious Albarino, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer and a Gruner Vetliner of all things. Perfect drinking for the blazing hot day in the City. Their wines are very value-oriented and screw-topped to boot. Yeah!

  • ND

    Congrats on the satellite radio program–just too bad it’s airing 3am GMT! I really hope this doesn’t interfere with 5x/week WLTV 🙂

  • Just Jack

    MI Alumni here. As long as we don’t play Appalachian State we are good. Go Blue!

  • John__J

    I don’t have Sirius or XM and I work Thursday nights, so I’ll have a harder time catching the show than others.
    Publishing notes on the wines you taste off camera would be cool, what could it hurt?
    qotd: I don’t know if they’re doomed, but it sure wouldn’t help

  • Thanks, Melba. You go, girl! 🙂

  • *high fives* My work is done here. 😉 Good Sancerre hunting…. I’ll look for the
    Paul Hobbs 08 Russian River.

  • Unusually quiet. Hmmm…Note to self…must raid wino’s cellar. ;-P

  • waynooo daaa wino


  • Dustimus

    Gary where was the barolo tasting to follow up the barbarescos??? PS: It seems like sometimes when you try a 91 pt first then move onto a less quality wine, your palate is influenced by the deliciousness of the first one. Shouldn’t you be cleaning your palate with some tasty bread or some ginger before hating on the poor frenchy.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    me Guard Dogs on ALERT……. :o)


    Nice show. My first thought was that it’s not much of a blind tasting with three wines where both region and grape are given before hand, but it was very interesting none the less. And a great performance by Ian!
    Can you podcast the radio show, as it will be the middle of the night for us Europeans?
    QOTD: I have no idea if what’s-his-name will make any difference. All I know is that Liverpool are playing crap like last season which is really bothering me. Come on lads! Get into it!! The Chelsea cheats have already nettet 12, and it’s not preseason anymore.

    Perhaps I should switch from the round ball to the americana one and start routing for those Jets…

  • Love the blinds, keep them coming.

    NameQOTD: BLN?

    QOTD: The Jets are doomed because they are the Jets and Ryan might start eating his own once he gets hungry.

  • Anonymous

    Get Anthony Bourdain on WLTV!

  • Anonymous

    I second that, those two on the same show would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Good show, am loving Sancerre and Sauvignon Blanc in general recently. That was an auful lot of plugging in the beginning there, mainly it was the mad jesticulations that were unneccisary but you gotta keep up the hustle I would be worried if you did not. Love the AMBUSH JOURNALISM, keep that shit coming.

    QOTD 1: O.G.V. (original Vayniac, and I am aware that most of us are not “original”, but OGV has a nice ring to it like OPP (yeah, you know me)

    QOTD 1.5: I do not have serious, not worth it in my opinion (although you having your own show does make me think about it).

    QOTD 2: I could really care less, sorry.

  • njchiantiDan

    Gary, dont dis Ian… he is the wine “ORACLE”.

    Great job landing the Sirius gig…..when is your 1st show with Martha Stewart or Howard Stern? Even better … you and Mad Dog Chris Russo.

    How about for a call in…..”long time vaniac”, “bringing the thunder”, “link it up”, “where’s Sasha?”, “How’s your palet?”

  • Allan

    How about gettin’ Oz Clarke on the show, he’ll shoot you down

  • Allan

    When’s the BIG NEWS comin’ ???

  • Allan


  • GV
    Congrats on a Sirius deal.
    I have XM and will be listening.

    Ian, My hand is up, No chance without Revis.

  • NY Pete

    ha ha ha

  • NY Pete

    ok … time for some new thunder

  • NY Pete
  • Anonymous

    Good episode, am a big fan of Sauvignon Blanc, but more in the the New Zealand style.

    I need to expand my experience and try more of this varietal from France.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing Show! Great to have you back; last week was empty without GV to brighten up (and learn up) my work day. Very interested in this style of SB, haven’t ventured much out of Cali or New Zealand styles.

    QOTD addeen: LTL – Long Time Lurker. Most of us where there for a while and there are still a ton of them watching …. whomever they may be.

    QOTD dvah: They’d be fine without him but in that division one can take zero chances, just sign him already.

  • Anonymous

    I have Sirius XM but only in my vehicle so I will have to go out to the car to listen but I will call in. Am and OV myself. Is it pro football time already? Don’t know any Jets but Mark Sanchez so can’t comment on Ian’s question. Sanceres are faves with me but not the wife. I like the thought of GV and Anthony Bourdain.

  • Alexandre-CF

    It´s really nice to have you back. boring week on the internet without WLTV.
    Sancerre is just great, best S. Blancs for my palate.

    don´t have Sirius.

    nice 90pts show.

    congratulations on the sirius thing.

    a book with some tasting notes would be great.

  • Awesome!

  • RobinC

    Who’s in charge of Disqus?
    QOTD: Hope springs eternal. Where there’s life there’s hope. Hope is the thing with feathers…, Hope is the steadied sword that severs the head of irresolute doubt.

  • yeah, I get it periodically when I’m driving down to Boston…
    They don’t like to make a big deal about it…

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! This time Ian makes an appearance as well as another Brandon sighting. Actually, 2 of 3 sounded like buys to me. Nice work.

    QOTD: Of course the Jets are in trouble without Revis. But he’ll sign. The Jets defense will get them pretty far this year, but it is up to young Mr. Sanchez whether they really can challenge for the Championship. GV, I hope the Sophomore Jinx doesn’t get him.

    OV? Why not just announce that you are an Original Vayniac? This is radio, not texting for goodness sake. What’s with the shorthand?

    Congrats on the Sirius deal. I will try to listen although I only have Sirius in my car. I’ll have to consider adding on-line access if the show doesn’t suck. 😉

  • Excellent Show! Always like going behinds the scenes!

  • Tholmz1

    Great show. Will be running out to find some Sancerre for a party soon.

    We have XM in 1 car and Sirius in another. Just went and added the online package tonight–can’t wait for the show. Love the idea of being able to taste along side the show.

    I would be very interested in knowing what you are drinking off-line, what you like and what you don’t. The more the better.

    Congrats on the Sirius deal.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: Yes? No? I dont know~

  • Hey Gary

    Got to love the Sancerre. Though a bit like the wines you had onto they can vary a lot – when they’re good, they’re very good, when they’re bad, they’re very bad!

    QOTD: ????

    Good luck with the radio show.


  • benfromboston

    gary, great ep. to come back to. congrats on the new show. no sirius yet.

    qotd – meh, pats are still better. hard knocks is awesome though, are you gonna be in any upcoming episodes gv?

  • Dbs554

    Im not sure I quite understand the blind tastings that you do on your show. Besides a price to quality ratio without you knowing either before you taste, there is no real mystery here. We all know that some wines’ quality do not match their price level and that is not a mystery. I suggest doing a Pho-Court of Master Sommeliers blind tastings where you talk about the characterstics of terrior and grape to help the vast majority of your audience understand grapes, terrior, production methods, and what grows where in the world and why. You could even do Sauvignon Blancs from around the world… blind. Just a suggestion. Love the show.

  • Anonymous

    Just turned in on XM-139 and listened in you first show. It was full of energy a fantastic show. very exiting.

  • TommyB

    Whats happened to my picture? – I look like an alien convict!!

  • TommyB

    Ahhh – pics ok now, but I’m still ugly.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: No idea.
    Good to see you back GV.

  • Little late catching up on the this weeks shows. Great having you back and on Sirius! Congrats.

    QOTD: I don’t think about the Jets.

  • Anonymous

    good luck on radio! i dont get satellite.

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day – ‘It’s like the Lincoln Tunnel, it has a big hole in it’ and ‘A little bit better than water with lemon in it’

    Most notable for the fact that GV’s bald patch makes its first appearance. Happens to all of us dude!


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