EP 905 Sancerre Blind Tasting

Gary is back and blind tasting 3 Sancerres with a special surprise.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Andre Neveu Sancerre Les Monts DamnesSancerre Blanc
2009 Vieux Pruniers SancerreSancerre Blanc
2009 Gerard Boulay Chavignol SancerreSancerre Blanc

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘It’s like the Lincoln Tunnel, it has a big hole in it’ and ‘A little bit better than water with lemon in it’

Most notable for the fact that GV’s bald patch makes its first appearance. Happens to all of us dude!

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  • Randall

    You are missing out, Lisa S… These are Awesome vinos…

  • MTmax

    im gonna keep buggin’ about taurasi until i get a show…

  • Well, in that case, I will try them, Randall… Any in particular that you would recommend?

  • Randall

    That’s kinda like asking if there’s a specific Pinot Noir that shoulod be tried… Start low on the $$$ and work your way up… That won’t disappoint you…

    btw We’re working on the winery trip, etc…

  • Anonymous

    That’s great!!! I love that idea. I’m going to call even though I don’t have Sirius Radio. I’ll get it now…..lol

    I’ll use my title from my show Tasting California Wines with a Longtime Vayniac ? Episode #868….. “LTV” Long Time Vayniac…..Winecrazy. 🙂

    QOTD: Sorry Ian… I know nothing. I do know that the Jets color is green right??

  • Anonymous

    You can get your account code from XM and listen to it on line.

  • Anonymous

    I had it in my car free for a year and it just expired….. I’ll have to do the 30 day thing.

    Howard Stern look out…. Gary V is in da house!!!!!!!!

    Good luck Brother

  • Anonymous

    I had it in my car and it just expired. I’ll have to do the 30 day thing.

    Howard Stern look out….Gary V is in the house!!!!!!

    Good luck Brother

  • Will do! Thanks.
    Cool! Keep me posted! BTW: Here is a specific Pinot Noir that should be tried: Paul Hobbs 08 Russian River.. Oh my goodness. Worth every penny!

  • Anonymous

    Hummm…and I thought it didn’t post. This disqus is starting to disqust me….lol

    When are they going to fix all these glitches??

  • Anonymous

    Sit in the truck…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    put a few exclamation point”s in there while you”””re at it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Globex

    fantastic show Gary! Due to a heavy travel schedule vacationing abroad most of the summer, with another one planned outside the U.S. for the entire month of Sept, AND and moving kids back to college… it’s been a while since watching. But a very fun episode that made my mouth water for that 91pt fav pick. Being a fan of one of our own USC SoCal locals, the wife and I cheer for the Jets each time we watch him play. However, our my classmate’s kid (Toby Gerhart) is now playing for the Vikings so on Sundays we’re split between cheering for the Chargers, Jets, & Vikings. Saturdays are easy because it’s LSU all the way!! As for the Sirius/XM thing, never really got into it because the wife & kids all having iPods and iPhones plus Apple TV, most of the time they have control of the dials (except when the Angels are playing!!). But, I may have them show me how to tune it in on an iPhone JUST so that I can listen to ya on Thursday nights at 7pm PT.

  • Anonymous

    Gary, great show coming back in style. Looking forward to popping collars and popping Sancere bottles now that I finally know which varietal it is. Liked the educational portion at the front end 1936… good fact.

    Surprised by your meh reaction to the new stadium… No way revis doesn’t sign by September. First game of the season will be rough either way, those baltimore birds are nasty.

    Shifting my schedule around to attempt the Tahoe adventure. Now I’m done

  • It’s been a while since we’ve drank a Sancerre.

    Your idea of posting the wines you’re drinking is actually a very good one (on another site than cork’d you mean?), we’ve been doing it for two years now and we’re pretty happy about it, it’s a nice way of keeping a journal (although we only post photos and general info, we don’t score or comment on them, you can see them here http://www.garalysoka.com/vinos ).

    QOTD: The Jets do have a chance, why not…

  • BradFromMinn

    Another great show Gary was starting to go threw withdrawls for a few days but glad your back.
    QOTD: I m sure that the Jets will be just fine. But Revis does give the Jets an edge over most teams but I m sure he will sign soon.

  • Anonymous

    And I will be tuning in on Thursday

  • Anonymous

    I think I’d rather pay a few bucks a month than listen to another thousand comercials. Ain’t it free on the web yet. Make it so Mott!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s make plans to be there at South Shore Tahoe. I’ll see if I can get my buddies cabin. Stumbling distance. Left coast Vaynicas sign up here. Facebook me up.

  • Pass on the Sirius thingy. I’m usually not awake at 04-06 am CET.
    QOTD: Jets doomed? I don’t know, nah perhaps they go to the playoffs

  • philoxera

    Good Episode Bozo!……BTW You look better on the radio


  • Anonymous

    Simply the worst QOTD ever! (at least for anyone not living in the US…)

    It’s been a while since I last drank Sancerre but I guess I’ll have to grab a bottle next Saturday for a traditional Finnish crayfish party. Good show!

  • Anonymous

    He could but I’m pulling for Solderling or Fish.

  • Anonymous

    Love sancerre. Had a pretty nice one the other day from Francois Crochet “Exils”.

    Anthony Bourdain, I’m sorry to say, but has been a fan of him looooooong before I found U. “The black knight of food”- whats not to like. Well, hope U have a tremendes time and say hallo to my future husband from Denmark (yeah, I know he is married and have children, but a girl can always hope)

    QOTD: what?

  • Anonymous

    SIDE QOTD: I, unfortunately, do not have satellite radio… however I HAVE been following your twitter and was SO happy that you landed this gig. CONGRATS!! I look forward to calling in anyway.

    QOTD: Oh, Brandon- personal question for GV. I just do not know how negatively TR’s absence will affect the Jets, but it may be ROUGH!

  • Anonymous

    GV – Welcome back!! You definitely deserved a vacation but I have to say that it was a LOONNNGGG week without you!

    LOVE Sancerre and go pretty often (easy to do when you live in Paris). Favorite producer is Philippe Raimbault. Find him if you can!

  • Anonymous

    GV – Congrats on the new show, can’t wait to listen!

    QOTD: The Jets will be ok without Revis, but he’s coming back!

  • yup!

  • Geoalb

    Nice show, good luck with the radio show, I’m sure it will be great!

    QOTD: They will not crash and burn without Revis.

  • Mswolff86

    I hope Revis signs and you guys kill the Patriots both times you play them this year

  • purplegrillz

    Did you say you have a Coaches Club box? If you do, that means you sit right behind the players on the field with your own box right?

  • NIWineguy

    great show, love sancerres’… will try and catch the show on Thursday but with the time difference it might be difficult. it is on at like 3 am here 🙁

  • “This wine is like the Lincoln Tunnel…” I doubt there is a more severe judgment than that.

    Looking forward to the XM show!

  • Kurt M.

    I have no intention of continuing past the 30 days, and the last time I had Sirius radio and canceled it (because I sold the car it was in), I got calls from Sirius for months asking me to renew, even though I kept telling them I had sold the car, and they kept saying they would make a note of it and would stop calling me. Yet the calls kept coming … So I am not going down that road again 🙂

  • Hey Gary,
    Congratulations on the radio gig. Great to hear the hustle is bringing even more thunder. There is a HUGE Cabernet tweet up happening on Thursday, September 2, during your second SIRIUS show’s air time. There will be a lot of us out drinking Cab. I will make sure to turn the 30-day trial on and try to call in from Healdsburg.

    The Journey of Jordan: a wine and food video blog

  • Yeah, Like someone asking you what Pinot Noir try…imagine that. Pain in tukus….


  • Hey! I am not a Fatcat like you Waynooo. Gotta save my coinage. If your buying…that’s a different story. 😉

    Why do I get the feeling you go to the “Case Aisle” more often then the “Bottle Aisle” 😛

  • hokie wino

    Awesome show! I died when you poured that bottle out!

    QOTD: The Jets are going to be nasty this year, even without Revis. Tell them to take it easy on my skins Friday!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have Sirius/XM, I just can’t fathom paying $10/month minimum to listen to the radio (+$3/month to listen online), and I don’t have Thursday late nights free, anyway. Having said that, congratulations and I wish your show the best of luck. I hope lots of the WLTV forum founders call you. If you ever syndicate, or if there are archives anywhere, let us know. Don’t forget us great unwashed.

    QOTD: One player is not the beginning or the end.

  • I follow up the email response I sent to the list announcement…I dropped satellite radio twice with new cars..just did not do it for me…would rather to listed to NPR ( with a dose of Bloomberg 1130AM now and again ).
    If they let you self distribute the content, I’d rather pay WLTV (WLRadio?) directly than go through outer space.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on the radio show. I think it will be great with you hosting. I may have to breakdown and get Sirius just to listen to you. Love when you put you staff on the spot, Ian was great. I also love when you do it blind tasting. Thanks Gary.

  • Way to play it straight, and dump out the lemon water…good job Ian.
    We are SB fans and certainly like the Sancerre…have a carboy full of Chilean SB that we got as juice back in May…off gassing now, getting ready for an early bottling.

    QOTD1 : probably not…sorry, wish I could justify it.
    QOTD2: probably not.

  • Oh, and for those that do listen to good old broadcast…
    who else gets pissed off when you are driving in traffic, and the XM/Sirius radio in your proximity leaks transmission and takes over your own radio?

  • Missatiejacket

    I don’t have Sirius/XM but I used to have Sirius and have been thinking about resubscribing. Maybe I’ll see if they’ll give me the 30 day trial even though I used to subscribe.

    Nice show. I’d like to see you taste some of the high end Sancerres, like the Cotats’ top bottlings or the high end Boulay bottling.

  • Welcome back and welcome to the paid airwaves, don’t know if I can roll with that show past the 30 day trial.

    QOTD: No comments on the Jets. Go Broncos!

  • Phil G

    GV – best of luck with the Sirius XM show! I think that will be a fun time… though I don’t have satilite radio.

    QOTD – yes, the Jets are doomed, but he will sign.

  • NitaTaub

    Sancerre is one of my favorite whites!! nice show!

  • Allan

    Great Comeback Show G!

    Good luck with your new venture…. It’s gonna be great!

    Sauv B can be great, when it’s FRESH…. i haven’t tried many french ones though….

    Qotd: The Jets are going down. That is all. 🙂


  • waynooo daaa wino



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