EP 906 Small Production California Pinot Noir Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 California Pinot Noirs with very small productions- all under 500 cases total- to find some new gems.

Wines tasted in this episode:

  • 2007 Kosuge Pinot Noir Manchester RidgeSonoma Pinot Noir
  • 2008 Bedrock Rebecca’s Pinot NoirSonoma Pinot Noir
    2007 Kosuge Pinot Noir The ShopSonoma Pinot Noir

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    luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘It’s like when Bill Parcells said if you want me to cook the dish, let me buy the ingredients.’

    Gary was super-focused in this episode, concentrating hard on getting the tasting notes spot on. This is the type of episode to show someone who’s never seen WLTV before – shows what it’s all about.

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    • Ronald

      QOTD: Auntsfield 2007 heritage Pinot Noir (New Zealand.)
      Web: http://www.auntsfield.co.nz

    • AcinoGarbo

      pinot noir!…l love it!
      I remember my best on april 2008…..
      ….Gevrey-chambertin clos du Fonteny 2000 Bruno Clair….
      There were a tear on my ace at the end…!
      Thanks Gary!

    • Ket9004

      I enjoyed the 2004 Three Miner’s that the WL & Cinderella had. Get more!!

    • G-The white cherries are called “Ranier”-just an fyi!

    • njchiantiDan

      QOTD: 2005 Vital Vineyards – Pinot Noir

      More call in intros for the Sirius/XM show: “let’s crush it!”, “lets bring out the big ass glass”, “I’m ready to expand my pallet”

    • DAKOTApaul

      QOTD: By far the Kanzler 2006 Sonoma Coast – WOW!

    • Bhenzel

      2006 Wildhorse Cheval Sauvage. Delicious.

    • Joe Trdinich

      Gary, by far my most interesting Pinot is Papapietro Perry in Dry Creek Valley. I discovered them about 4 years ago and joined the mailing list. Every vintage has been great and when I open a bottle everyone who has it loves it. They are light and can be drunk as an aperitif and also match well with salmon or pork. Have never been disappointed. Wonderful people there as well, led by Bev Gill as their wine club manager. You can’t go wrong with their pinots!

    • Allan

      Good show!

      Rocking the pink polo!

      Looking out for the Bedrock!

      Qotd: I really enjoy Pinot from New Zealand, especially Felton Road. Now that’s true class.

      Cheers ya’ll!


    • Anonymous

      Lately? Phillips Hill Oppenlander 2006. $25 and 91 points for my palate. Not bad.

    • Anonymous

      GV – Interesting show…I am always a little hesitant on the small production “culty” wines…I will keep my eye out for the Bedrock!

      QOTD: I recently enjoyed the Domaine Serene Yamhill Cuvee…very good!

    • Bacchusboy

      The 2009 Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Barda (Argentina, Patagonia, Río Negro) This wine is made by Tenuta San Guido, who make Sassicaia. I tasted this wine at a Caterina De’Medici dinner and was very impressed. At $27.00 It is a very good buy. Favor profile similar to Kosta Brown; unusual for a wine from Patagonia. I bought a case!

    • John__J

      qotd: Had a few lately but I wouldn’t brag about any of them or call them interesting

    • Jim

      campion 2001.complex and burgundian and silky.long finish.at $30.00 a tremendous bargain.one of the better red wines i have ever tasted.93 points.

    • Interesting show, thought you would gush about The Anderson Valley bottle. Bedrock getting nothing but love out here.

      QotD: Ceritas, end of discussion.

    • I was lucky to get in early because of a tip from a wine buyer at Whole Foods but otherwise would have had to pay way more to taste the central coast jewels.

    • Someone was just telling me about that one last night. Haveta check it out.

    • BTW, it is AHR-tuh-zahn-ul dude.

    • QOTD: most interesting pinot I’ve drunk this year is the 07 regular bottling of Blue Mountain: http://www.cellartracker.com/wine.asp?iWine=655421


    • I just tried the 07 Hobbs Hyde Vineyard last night. Pretty solid too. Haven’t gotten to the 08s yet. One of my friends who has been in the business for decades rates the 91 Hobbs Hyde (I believe the first vintage) as his favorite Pinot when he tasted it years ago.

      I really want to taste the Estate Syrah from Failla. Tried their regular Syrah and it was solid. When Kathy from the winery was in town she told me the Estate Syrah was probably her favorite of the Failla wines.

    • Anonymous

      I tried the Dog Point from New Zeland last night and it wasn’t bad but really not feeling the Pinot. How come your address is in Roseville? Do you have a real winery on the coast?

    • We’re with a consortium of wineries in Napa…the business office, and where I’m most reachable, is in Roseville.

    • Rainier Cherries…I concur.

    • Phil G

      Nice old school type show.

      QOTD – not many Pinots recently, into trying other things now.

    • QOTD: In the past year, I discovered Small Vines pinot noirs (Russian River Valley, California). Small production, kind of expensive, but some of the most layered and nuanced wine I’ve had in quite a while. Indeed, my birthday is coming up, and my gift to myself was to order the full 6-bottle allotment of their gorgeous MKVineyard pinot noir. Pretty much the only way to get their wine is via their list, http://smallvines.com/

    • Anonymous

      I may be heading through there in September. Do you have a tasting room there?

    • Completely agree…I have a vertical of Small Vines and love what the Sloan family is doing.

    • Anonymous

      2007 Kosta Browne

    • Anonymous

      Nice show will be looking out for the Bedrock Pinot.
      QOTD: I haven’t had many Pinot lately but today show makes me want to go out and try a few.

    • Anonymous

      Still a big fan of Oregon Pinot Noir. Few Anderson Valley Pinot’s I like and for Russian River Merry Edwards. I didn’t look at the availability of the Bedrock but expect it is only through mailing list.

    • Anonymous

      Not a bad show, seemed like you were enjoying yourself GV so I enjoied watching.

      QOTD: Fess Parker’s Ashley’s Vinyard Pinot was pritty good, although my alcohol budget is shot this next couple weeks. If anyone has not checked out Total Wine you really should do so. Blows Bev Mo right out of the water. They had Old Pultney 17yr Single Malt Scotch I have been looking everywhere for.

    • Anonymous

      I always come away learning something from your shows- thanks! We aren’t big PN drinkers but have enjoyed La Crema, Carmel Road and Hayman Hill in the past.

      Now I have a hankering for Rainier cherries…

    • Tofferotti

      Good question of the day. I’m not really a fan of Pinot noir but last time I was in the shop I asked Frank to recommend a burgundy for around $50 that would show me why people love burgundy so much. He hit a home run. Gave me the Meo Camuzet Morey St Denis and I loved it. Wanted to get more but I think you are out of stock. Maybe I’ll throw down some more cash and explore some of their other bottlings.

    • Anonymous

      QOTD: Instead of posting my absolute favorite Pinot of late, I’d like to talk about a crazy value Pinot:
      2009 Cooralook Pinot Noir, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Australia.
      **You can likely find this retail for under $15, and it is as REAL, TRUE, and BALANCED as any Pinot Noir I’ve tasted from ANYWHERE recently at this price point. (Cooralook also makes a solid Pinot Gris)

    • Randall



    • DaveAll

      Good show. QotD: not a Pinot Noir seeker explorer. French Burgundy when I do.

      Yellow cherries – Royal Rainers. or just Rainers. I like these better than red. like i also like yellow tomatoes over red, but for a different reason. But I do like red cars best. haha.

    • Randall

      You better stop by…

    • Randall

      A Roseville address? Link it up!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip, Aaron. I just put myself on a wine moratorium (been spending more on wine than food lately). but now I need to find the ’07 Hobbs Hyde PN and the Failla Estate Syrah! Loved the Failla 07 Keefer Ranch Chardonnay.

    • sethsethy

      im drinking pinot noir right now. nothing spectac but its not that bad either. its just a cheap $8 2008 pepperwood grove pinot noir from italy that i got at the supermarket. it totally smells like beef jerky and sulfur.

    • ChrisNY2_uae

      Haha I know…but I’m wondering if Gary’s going to be able to refrain from going off on sports tangents.

    • QOD: Check out 10 Minutes by Tractor… From the Mornington in Victoria, Australia

    • Rktekt

      Yet another solid show GV!

      QOTD: Five Rows Pinot Noir 2007. Ultra, super, hyper, mega delicious burgundian style pinot noir from a small production, family-run winery in Niagara. I felt like I had gone to Burgundy but only had to fly to Buffalo then drive to Niagara.

    • Anonymous

      QOTD: I always enjoy Merry Edwards’ Pinot’s. Always well balanced and always delicious.


    • Anonymous

      Where are Cobb, Littorai, Hirsch and the Radio Coteau/

    • Anonymous

      Good episode, Pinot Noir is lower on my radar that other varietals. I have enjoyed some in the past but cannot recall the producer.

      Best of luck with the new program.

    • Lisa S

      Joshua, I checked out their website and will add to my list of must-try wines. Thx.

    • Anonymous

      qotd: hmm two really one a canadian from Okanagan and the other a oregon
      Blue Mountain Pinot Noir [ http://www.bluemountainwinery.com/ ]
      2007 Andrew Rich Pinot Noir Cuvee B [ http://www.andrewrichwines.com/wines.htm ]

    • Hmm, I wish that would have been a Pinot show with wines from different regions and small prod.
      QOTD: Bergström Lancelotti Vineyard 2006

    • Hey gary

      QOTD: Best Pinot I’ve had in a while would be from Bindi in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges (http://www.bindiwines.com.au/index.php)



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