EP 906 Small Production California Pinot Noir Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes 3 California Pinot Noirs with very small productions- all under 500 cases total- to find some new gems.

Wines tasted in this episode:

  • 2007 Kosuge Pinot Noir Manchester RidgeSonoma Pinot Noir
  • 2008 Bedrock Rebecca’s Pinot NoirSonoma Pinot Noir
    2007 Kosuge Pinot Noir The ShopSonoma Pinot Noir

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    luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘It’s like when Bill Parcells said if you want me to cook the dish, let me buy the ingredients.’

    Gary was super-focused in this episode, concentrating hard on getting the tasting notes spot on. This is the type of episode to show someone who’s never seen WLTV before – shows what it’s all about.

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    • Ahh… the Pinot episode… NIIIIIIICE…

      Now you just need to come down the Coast and do a show in Sta. Rita Hills… which leads to the…

      QOTD: Discovered Ampelos via Episodes #630 and 631.. actually, eight of us are going to visit Peter and Rebecca this coming Monday


      And for a mailing list, you can’t go wrong with Sea Smoke


    • Vintage59

      Hi Gary, Thanks for the Cali Pinot Noir review. Usually, not a fan due to the clowns who step on the Pinot with syrah. Breakin the French AOC rules big time. Of any wine Pinot (Burg) will stop and make you think. Beautiful right?. I bought the 04 Three Miner some time back on Cindi. Great wine and price. Love what Joe and Tom Rochioli are doing with Pinot in the Russian River. Always really good wines

    • Great menu. Does your restaurant participate in NYC Restaurant week. Love to try it out with my lady friends. 🙂

    • There are a lot of clown-less producers out there. 🙂

    • Whalen44

      QOTD> 2003 Domaine Serene Mark Bradford, Patrica Green “Four Winds” and Merry Edwards “Merideth”.

    • I just absolutely adore the small batch peenots. I really enjoyed the show.

      Burnt match? Geez, I have experienced that sniffy-sniff a few times yet it could be the first time I remember hearing it and yes, I’ve heard them all. I will need to get some of “The Shop.”

      QOTD: Looking down I see Jay highlighted Sea Smoke so he stole my thunder and of course, Kosta-Browne http://www.kostabrowne.com but I will say this wine floats my boat from Oregon. http://www.northwest-wine.com/Dusky-Goose-Rambouillet-Vineyard-Pinot-noir.html


      P.S. I will call in on Thursday after I sign up and buy a unit. Now I’ll be able to listen to the Colts too though it looks like “Dominus” has been claimed as a user name on Sirius!!!!! Did I sign up years ago and forget? 🙂

    • If you are covering the Pacific Northwest and do not taste a pinot, then you wasted your hard-earned money. Don’t worry, you will.

    • I had the Hobbs and it was truly orgasmic.

    • Huh? 5 bones! I had it this weekend and paid twice that!!!!

    • Emers_2002

      I went to Oregon a while back and fell in love with their pinots! One of my favorite vineyards was Penner-Ash (Ioved all their wines, especially the 2007 Palmer Creek and 2007 Dussin Estate) and Cristom (their Eileen and Jessie pinots were great!)


    • cant wait to have u call in 🙂

    • The Jewells

      QOTD –
      Pinot in Upstate NY is very hit-or-miss… it takes a really warm summer to get to what must people expect. That said, I’ve not found one from a local winery that was memorable.


    • Great show. Focused and direct.

      QOTD: I enjoy Sea Smoke, been getting there stuff since I have been drinking wine (makes me feel pretty tough…). I think a pinot that really excited me lately was the 2006 McIntyre Vineyards Estate PN. Tasty, super fruity mos’ definitely a new world expression.


    • Jrouss

      Davenport 2006
      Tudor pinot

    • Have been on the Kosta Browne mailing list for five years and have been unable to secure a single bottle to try. It must have something to do with WS going absolutely ape poop over their wines. Your thoughts on the highly coveted California pinot?

    • Thank u so much, I feel TIGHT these days!

    • jjt

      Great show – not unkind but pulled no punches…
      Recently tried Bearboat 2007 Sonoma Coast – lots of fruit (strawberry, raspberry, some currants) and a touch of cream. Some tannin, maybe a little heat but overall a nice bottle for the money.

    • Anonymous

      Great show and I can imagine how these are young and need more time. I’ve really enjoyed some Pinot’s from New Zealand, and they have a very Burgundy style to them.

    • Yeah it was pretty rocking. I think I needta get another bottle. Tried one of his other winery’s crossbarn pinots recently and was completely underwhelmed by it.

    • TB

      I visited Adelaida winery in San Luis Obispo and had their HMR Estate Reserve, I believe it was a 2007. I enjoyed it at the winery and would love to try it again. But that bottle gets my vote.

    • A dumb Rhein king

      QOTD: I haven’t had many Pinots lately, I’ve been trying a few MN wines. Domaine Serene was the last really good Pinot I’ve had. I don’t have any tasting notes, but I remember a good structure, deliciousness, and complexity.

    • Chunks

      Gary, joined the mailing list at Bedrock. Thanks for the tip. Cannot wait for your show on Thursday night. It is so good to have you back. A week without your show was like the NFL strike in 1987.

    • jamjo

      Not on the Pinot wagon. Although, I am slippen into Burg land.

    • passion4wine

      Having grown up in Oregon , love to drink the Pinot-
      Last bottle that I really enjoyed was an 02 Pommard les vignots Doudet-Naudin, priced at $58 CAN.. very balanced, fruity


    • thnx so much pal, means a lot, really!

    • jamjo

      Try a Bandol

    • vinotintoiowa

      Maccallum 2005 Shannon’s Reserve from the Willamette valley. Maccallum is a small shop and they make excellent wines and their Pinot is the best I have tried. I am not a Pinot guy because I like full body and Maccallum’s Pinot delivers unlike many other Pinots I have tried. Also, under $30.

    • jamjo

      go blue

    • King of Pape

      Yellow Cherries = Rainier

    • ChrisNY2_uae

      Wine & Web…. so no sports talk?

    • I love Sea Smoke, too… I’ve been on the their waiting list to get on “the list” for over a year now. I can get a few bottles locally but not an easy find!

    • I agree… Failla wines are great!!! And I just had the 08 Paul Hobbs and it is… what Dominus said. 🙂

    • JoeyZ

      Patz & Hall Pinot 2007 really surprised me as to how elegant it tasted. Really well structured…a winner in IMHO

    • QOTD: I had a 375ml of the 2007 L. Mawby Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir to celebrate my wife’s 10 year cancer free anniversary in May and we both loved it. On the web at http://www.lmawby.com

      For the Vayniaks… WHAT COLOR IS GARY’S SHIRT (installment #2):
      I’m going with Salmon!

    • Prasm

      Looking forward to listening to the new show Thursday Gary!

      QOTD: 2007 WesMar Russian River Pinot ($35). Got to meet Denise and Kirk last Fall in Sebastopol, who are great down to earth people making awesome aromatic feminine pinots – the best of which I found to be their Russian River appellation label.


    • Randall

      Oh Yeah!! I feel like “vin jaune” dude! 😉

      I think I would LOVE 3 all of these!
      I guess I’ll just have to try and find out for myself…

      QOTD: Too many… so here’s a consolation prize…


    • Yeah, no kidding! I think we broke a record with the heat today..It’s 92 degrees inside at 7pm..(no a/c). I’m melting. This may be my last post.
      Agree wtih Coleman Nicole.. best served a bit chilled..

    • Randall

      “I’ll have what she’s having.”


    • QOTD; Eola Hills 2008,really needed to breath.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t you just Nerd out on episode 902 ? That was a Nerd fest if I’ve ever seen one…with better wine.

    • I’m definitely a fan, pretty darn good juice and nice to boot.

    • I know it’s cliche but I have definitely enjoying the pinot as of late. Absolute latest was Alysian (http://www.alysianwines.com/) new shop with old heritage. It is Gary Farrell’s new winery. I definitely enjoyed the pinot I got from them and hope to order some more soon.

    • Anonymous

      I had a very interesting Vigneti Zanatta Pinot Nero from Duncan,B.C on Vancouver Island. This winery is famous for Sparkling wines and the Pinot has a definite CO2 component which is oddly intriguing. http://www.zanatta.ca

    • Anonymous

      Pinot show – always good!

      No Pinot’s as of late.

      Nice shirt. Slightly darker Pepto Bismol.

    • Would like to try the Kosuge wines, unfortunately can’t get them locally.

      QOTD: We tried a Laforet Bourgogne a few weeks back, it was quite good actually. Here’s the website- http://www.drouhin.com and here’s my review at cork’d- http://corkd.com/wine/view/64065-2006-joseph-drouhin-laforet-bourgogne-pinot-noir .

    • Anonymous

      As someone else said… Pepto

    • Anonymous

      There are about a zillion sports talk shows out there. We don’t need another!

    • MTmax

      great show…still waiting on taurasi though…or piedirosso…expand the palate

    • Lucyfuer

      Much more reserved. enjoy wltv immensly im sorry it didnt work out, private inside message, im going to try to get to a pals house to listen to the show. if not perhaps youll have a link and we can listen to it post. question of the day. i cannot answer, sorry, thanks for all you do and give to the vayniacs ive learned so much in this short time and thankyou sincerly gary. im psyched for you and this radio gig. well you knew that peace love sherry lucy the dot com gal. over and out..

    • The1805riddler

      Am a bit of Bandol fan. In fact, I am in the middle of a ridiculous Mourvedre obsession at the moment! Been enjoying the work of Alain Pascal from Domaine Du Gros Nore. Love the style and reckon it really shows off Mourvedre’s strengths. Planning on moving my obsession to the north-west in the coming weeks into Lirac and co. Ow the cost the cost. We pay crazy wine tax in Oz. It really stings when I see the prices you guys pay. :-p


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