EP 916 Southern Italian Red Tasting

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luca bercelli


Good prediction

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  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m not surprised at all about how bad the 2005 Maurigi Saia Grande is. The only New World Italian wines I really love are Super Tuscans.

    QOTD: Jets: 9-7 / Bears: 10-6

  • Dear Gary, you should pronounce S.T.A.T.T.I. not STATATTI! I’m from Calabria and I’ve never tried Gaglioppo STATTI, thanks for the tips!

  • Anonymous

    I first had the Torre Quarto Bottaccia Nero Di Trioia about 5-6 months ago. I loved it! It was suggested to me by Drea at the Ferry Building Wine Merchant in San Francisco. I used it for an office wine tasting event.

  • Scott

    Don’t follow football much, sacrilege I know… BUT the SF Giants, though they lost tonight, are a hair away from clinching the NL west!!!!!! Maybe I’ll grow into football but I do like Baseball.

    Love he California’s but they tend not to go so well with food. Out palate is shifting to the wines that are better partners.

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  • Dude, Gary. The Jets went 11-5 and they lost to four of the five teams you mentioned. You’re a Jets genius!!!

  • luca bercelli


    Good prediction


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