EP 916 Southern Italian Red Tasting

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luca bercelli


Good prediction

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  • QOTD: Green Bay 12-4

  • Anonymous

    QOTDVikings: 10-6 Tough schedule, fighting through injuries in the secondary and WR positions… I will be happy with a 10-6 record honestly as long as we beat the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets because they are one of the bigger frauds in football right now. Sorry Gary. 🙁 Still Love ya man!

  • Anonymous

    GV must be in a terrible mood today, the Jets lost 10-9, in the first game in the new stadium. That really sucks? I saw on CNN that the NFL is investigating some hostile behavior of NY Jets players against the hot Mexican journalist Inés Sainz who was about to interview quarterback Mark Sánchez. What´s up with that GV???

    GV did not mention on the show but, Brazil?s soccer demolished the USA team on 10/07/2010 in the New Meadowlands Stadium, with a 77.223 people attending. Very nice game.

    QOTD: My soccer team Náutico, is not going to Serie A this year? 🙁

  • Anonymous

    The Florida Tuskers of the United Football League…going undefeated this second season I predict. Always for the underdog, even in football leagues!

  • John__J

    qotd: I’m from Baltimore so it would be the Raven’s I guess, but I don’t really follow football. It’s the day after the game so so much for a prediction on the score.

  • John__J

    Great episode Gary, love when you have on wines made lesser known varietals and/or coming from lesser known regions, keep it up.

  • John__J

    Great episode Gary, love when you have on wines made lesser known varietals and/or coming from lesser known regions, keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I’m an Eagles fan. Before Sunday’s game I was guarded but optimistic, saying things like 10-6, (split inside the division). Then the game happens and the Eagles players all died, and now all I have to look forward to is a 4-12 slog and Tony Romo crumbling in the playoffs again. (Or maybe Demarcus Ware dying in a car accident. I would accept that too).

    I’m looking to dip into Italian wines these days, so this kick is good timing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering if the Jets awful offense was a result of ridiculously safe play calling or if it was Sanchez constantly rushing things/being scared to sit in the pocket and simply checking down after 2 seconds and dumping it off for a 3 yard gain on every passing play. Edwards and Keller barely had the ball thrown their way. Granted the Ravens have an awesome D, but Sanchez looks anything but confident at the moment. And what the crap happend to San Diego………they were my survivor pool pick, week 1 and I’m already done.

  • Gary, you might like to know that the litteral translation of “Uva di Troia” in English is: “The Grapes of the Whore” I’m serious, no joke. Look it up!!
    ciao from Italy

  • Alexandre-CF

    nice program. Just what i´m looking for.
    QOTD : I´m from Brazil, so i´m not an football fan. But hope jets will be good.

  • Anonymous

    Wet farm smell?! That alone is pretty much enough to make me NOT want to go near that wine. Glad the taste backed up the smell.

  • Anonymous

    Wet farm smell?! That alone is pretty much enough to make me NOT want to go near that wine. Glad the taste backed up the smell.

  • NY Pete

    I’m good dude … almost harvest time … 🙂

  • yay! more southern reds!

  • Gaglioppo…raises hand.

    Have not had the Nero Di Troia, but please please let WL get a hold of it, and please let us know… $11 … does that mean WL will have it for $9? 😉

  • Anonymous

    Gary, you nailed it with this format. Perfect length and just the right amount of wines/info!

    QOTD- Being that I am BC born and raised I favor the Lions. Also the Jets have grown on me from watching the Thunder show for so long.

  • Anonymous

    AotD: Chiefs! I would have said 8-8 yesterday. But now I’m going 9-7.

  • Anonymous

    Interresting…love trying new grape varietals. Can’t find the Nero Di Troia in Denmark though 🙁

    QOTD: Premier League, UK: Liverpool will finish fourth. Chelsea 1, Manure 2, City 3.

  • QOTD: Woodstock Union High School will not be a powerhouse this year. In fact, they seem to be getting spanked…

  • hmmm #1 and #3 still say “Dao” copy/paste from the encruzado? or D.O?

  • Welcome back! Hope the holiday and SV’s B-Day rocked. Never had the Nero Di Troia or Gaglioppo varietals. I’m adding them to my list. BTW, was that “funky” reference to US3’s “Cantaloop”? It would really tie the melon discussion in pretty well, LOL.

    QOTD: Giants, 11-5.

  • Anonymous

    where did Mott go my dear..? We missed him in the show as mush as the GIANTS..:)

  • Just a couple of words unrelated to this show but we picked up a nice Barbaresco Langhe in Portland (Old Port Wine and Cigar) on a side trip to Maine. Enjoyed this at a 40yr reunion of Aquadyne in Montreal. Nice. Searched out a Savennieres and an Encruzado for the next couple of special events. Thank-you for spicing up our wine world. Cheers to you and yours!

  • Patriots go 14-2 this season and the big wins come against the J-E-T-S! Tom Brady and the boys are back and looking good. They are going to make another Super Bowl run this year and I’m ready for another one! While the Pat’s may have finished soft – they did manage to win big so it’s all good.

    Loved the show as always and going out to get some good italian wines includin the Nero De Troia! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Quincy is the name of a village in the Loire, right next to Sancerre, i’ve only had a handful of the wines they make but they are 100% Sauvignon blanc, minerally like Sancerre and usually much cheaper. Great for the value play!

  • This was a classic episode. I was feeling it!

    QOTD: I am going to start following football again and my team will be the Chargers because I live in Los Angeles which is close enough to SD (and because Raiders fans are thugs!!!).

    They will go 11-5 this year. I know nothing about football, so that prediction might be off. Cannot wait for hockey season and the DUCKS just signed Bobby Ryan! Finally.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about expanding out palettes, right?

    Request: I haven’t seen you do a vertical tasting in a while. This is something I’m really interested in. Maybe an 04, 05, 06 Bodeaux tasting

    QUOD: Not a crazy football fan, but pulling for the Broncos.

  • Anonymous

    “Pork & beans meets kind of raspberry jam…kind of like splash mountain.” Love this guy!

  • Decent.

    QOTD: Jest suck, that is always my prediction.

  • Nice show and yes we saw the Colts lost. They are 2-4 in their last 6 games though 2 of them they played their scrubs. Football G-ds are punishing them for not going for the undefeated record.

    When does one need to call to get on your show? 830? I’ve tried and tried to no avail.

    QOTD: Colts 13-3 Lose to: Texans, Pats and Chargers

    P.S. Both our teams are in trouble. Yours can’t score and mine can’t stop the run. Maybe we’ll get Haynesworth. 🙂

  • L’egance of Looavull

    Woodford Reserve hands down! Four Roses and Maker’s Mark are good too. 🙂

  • L’egance of Looavull

    There are only a handful of wines from local wineries in Kentucky that make it to the shelves here in Louisville. There are nearly 60 wineries all over the state.

  • L’egance of Looavull

    amen to that! I’ll trade some wine for free health insurance… lol.

  • Anonymous

    So tell me, how many of you really believe that GV can tell the difference between yellow, red, and black (is there such a thing?) raspberry on the sniffy-sniff? Raise your hands.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Washington Redskin 9-7. HTTR!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Best of luck with your Jets, brother. Pats won’t lose more that 3 or 4.

  • Anonymous

    You stumped me. I’m not familiar with the first two varietals but a fan of Southern Italy wines.

    QOTD: not following much….. However my fantasy football team is 1-0. Good start.

  • Anonymous

    Antonio Galloni shout outs. Very nice. Great prices. Definitely freaking out on these QPRs. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jets 11 and 5? LOL.


  • Anonymous

    QOTD: The Washington Redskins. I would’ve probably said 10-6, but after our weak offensive display against Dallas on Sunday night I’m gonna have to say 9-7. I think that’s the reality. we’ll see. HTTR!!

  • Anonymous

    First off – good episode and appreciate the information regarding the wines.

    Second – Best of luck to your Jets. They did not prevail but there is always next week.

    QOTD – Many years ago I was an ardent Dallas Cowboy fan. After the last NFL strike, both the players and the owners proved to me that they were both greedy and I now refuse to support them.

    After the game Sunday night, I am certain that Mr. Jones has completely destroyed the Dallas Cowboys.

    Accordingly, I cannot shed tears for their losses nor cheers for their wins.

    As far as the NFL is concerned, I am adrift and void of emotion.

    Thank God for wine.

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting show – it’s always a stronger episode when it’s 3 wines instead of 1.

    QOTD – Arsenal (I will guess 25 wins, 10 draws, 3 losses)

  • Anonymous

    Excellent, excellent show. I love when you do varietals that I am not familiar with or have never had. That second wine is REALLY intriguing. My only comment/disappointment is that last wine should have been something indigenous as well – I’m thinking Nero d’Avola would have been a better match to the show’s theme. Still, very interesting. Thanks!

    QOTD: Browns 7-9, but much more competitive this season. On the other hand, that first game was NOT very good.

  • Gary, whoever told you that Gaglioppo is pronounced like “Gaioppo” was WRONG. Italian is a phonetic language and words are read as they are spelled (or is it the other way around 🙂 ). That being said it is true that the “gl” consonant combination is a bit softer than others and it may sound almost like the “g” may not be there to a casual listener. But it is the exact same sound you find for example in “Puglia”.

    Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    awesome show, love hearing about these varietals that i would probably never stumble upon on my own … go vikes, think the queens will take a solid 10-6 out of the central (sadly behind the packers) but make a great run in the playoffs as the wild card team

  • Nice show Gary. Love to hear about varietals that are new to me.

    QOTD. LSU Tigers, 10 -2, losses to Florida and Auburn.

  • Anonymous

    Redskins will go 9-7! Come On McNabb! Put up a deuce against Philly!
    VJax coming to Skins if we go we lose to Houston!

  • Anonymous

    qtod: Seahawks, not so good, tho they did win their first game

  • Anonymous

    GV – Good show, pretty interesting stuff!

    QOTD: 49ers go 10 and 6!


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