EP 924 Grenache Blind Tasting

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘I’m gonna respect its bombasticness’

Great show, all the better for the surprising results

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  • Nice, nice show and congrats to your Jets though they played the lowly Bills. No comment about my Colts who can’t stop a high school RB. Manning had to lead the team not once but twice for TDs in the last 3 mins to tie (once from his own 4 yd line) and they can’t stop Garrard with 48 secs remaining. Pathetic.QOTD #1: Fins 20 Cheats 17QOTD #2: I consumed copious amounts of ’09 Villa Maria Reserve SB (very good), Tiburno Falanghina and I opened a 2000 Reignac which is still way too young.Cheers!

    P.S. Isn’t it “Stinkor” and not “Skunkor”? Just curious.

  • I think he should have RP from MD pay him a visit.

  • I hear you don’t import any CA wines? They are nowhere to be found, i.e. Dominus or Opus One?

  • LurkerKing

    That is a false stereo type and an untrue one at that. We enjoy many beverages including Bordeaux from the west bank. Cheers.

  • He bought it from Wine Lib of course! 🙂

  • But… we also like beer.

  • Slushpuppy

    Try having your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti! Excellent.
    Smell it first.TR

  • Don Simpson

    Who ever would have guessed the Chateauneuf du Pape would get last place.

    QOTD1: Watching on Monday night so too late for predictions (nice win for the Redskins though – needed that after getting embarassed by Rams last week)

    QOTD2: Went to a wine bar after the Caps pre-season game on Friday night and had a Nicolas Joly Chenin Blanc that was quite good. Also, had the 2007 Saint Siffrin Chateauneuf du Pape, which was awesome. My fiance had an INCREDIBLE beer. The Schlafly Pumpkin Ale. GO FIND IT!!!! By far the best pumpkin beer I’ve ever had, absoluteliy amazing.

  • “I don’t even know who you are, you slut wine!”

    Best quote of the month, if not the year for me. Good show!

    QOTD 1: As far as football goes… not my sport to predict.

    QOTD 2: Beer. ACL Austin allll weekend.

  • Wow!! I’m surprised the Dom La Barroche Signature CDP came in third.. I just tried it at a tasting a couple of weeks ago and liked it. I would buy it at half the price.. (did not love it enough to spend $50). Can’t wait to try the Unti..
    QOTD2: I had a bombastic wine (probably similar to the Rudderless) Erna Schein – 07 St. Fumee syrah-based red wine. 🙂

  • Agree! Easily the best line of the month/year! Ha!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t think WL ships to Denmark, or at least if they do the tax-guys will be after me. Payed way too much for it in a restaurant in Copenhagen (Madklubben Steak), but the food was good value so that’s just how it goes. Theis Vine has it for about 300 DKK ($55) which is fair.

  • John__J

    Qotd: Bandol

  • Anonymous

    Love the brown bags!

    Drank the Pic St. Lup from 101 wines… was interesting but i wasn’t super-crazy about it… nice wine, though…

  • Anonymous

    Loved the energy and love those true-to-form girl next door granacha’s, you will see a lot of those little slutty goopy grenaches that get mixed up with the syrah crowd tho…

    QOTD: Week 5 predict cuz catching up – 9ers over Eagles 29 – 16

    QOTD: Drank a 2008 Riesling in a blue bottle from Harmony Cellars Cen Coast – past it’s prime disjointed sugar stick but nice presentation.

  • LOve the blind shows. I am working my way backwards though. Wonder if you are right on on the other blind tastings on this week.

    QOTD1: Since this is late I will be honest and say I had predicted steelers 19 ravens 14. Missed that one

    QOTD2: Last weekend I had no plans to drink. THis weekend is beer at octoberfest 🙂

  • Anonymous

    OMG! “You Slut Wine!” Hahahaha.

  • Luke

    Unti is one of the greatest little producers in California, their rosé is perfect and they make very serious Syrah and Zinfandel as well. None of their wines are over the top, they are just really balanced food-friendly wines. Very glad to see them get some good press.

  • Anonymous

    Grenache is great.

    QOTD2. A simple Chianti Classico from Castello di Brolio. And in white: Roero Arneis Anterisio, Pïemonte.

  • Anonymous


    QOTD: Patriots just win…

  • Bicky

    Gary good show….always enjoy the brown bags.
    Could have been interesting (during your intro to Grenache) to talk about it’s importance as a blended wine and how that differs to a varietal….
    Also surprised at your reaction to the Barroche CDP. Really like what this domaine is doing.
    I am usually on par with your palate.

  • Cellarrat5

    Usually do not comment on shows this old but I feel I have to. If you hated the wine from Oz so much why did you give it an 86+?? I don’t understand.

    sincerely, confused Vayniac

  • ikraus

    I haven’t been around in almost a year (sorry), but tuned in to catch up and there it was.. the slut wine!!!! Thanks GV. Made my tuesday.

  • ikraus

    Can I design the tee shirt for the Slut Wine? Still laughing…

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed the episode. Sorry for being so late. Lot’s going on. Too late for the QOTD.

  • Fatherthechair

    “I don’t know who you are, you little sl^t wine!” I totally have had that reaction before, especially to Petite Sirahs I’ve had.

    I was at a great restaurant out toward Clinton, NJ called RosaLuca (HIGHLY recommended BTW– it’s in a town called Asbury, not to be confused with Asbury Park) and they had two Chiantis on the wine list. They asked if I wanted to taste them both. One was reserved, traditional, subtle with slightly bitter tannins, the other was bombastic (for Chianti), no tannic backbone, just jamminess. I could only describe the difference at the time (other than as old world/new world) in this way: the first wine was (elegantly) dressed with the buttons buttoned all the way up to the top, the other one had the blouse two thirds unbuttoned and everything hanging out.

  • murph

    Brilliant – really excited about this show – I have the Unti and the Barroche same vintages too!

  • Anonymous

    love the brown bags!!

  • MJ

    great show gary
    love the brown bags
    when u coming back?

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘I’m gonna respect its bombasticness’

    Great show, all the better for the surprising results


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