EP 937 Valpolicella Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk gives some background and tastes three Valpolicellas, an interesting wine region in Italy. Valpolicella is the baby brother to the well-known Amarone.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Zenato ValpolicellaValpolicella
2008 Marchesi Fumanelli Valpolicella ClassicoValpolicella

2004 Marion ValpolicellaValpolicella

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luca bercelli


Good one

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  • QOTD: My wife’s cookies!

    Thanks again for finding a wine for us “common folk”!

  • misc617

    QOTD: fresh, ripe on the vine heirloom tomato with aged balsamic vinegar. Simple.
    I think Valpolicella would work just fine with that!

  • Eirikpm

    I have had the Zenato many times, and I really like it! Zeanto is one of my favorite producers from Veneto! They make alot of good vino 😀

    QOTD: Hazelnut icecream from this great italian place i Oslo called Dolce Vita! Just delicious!

  • Diabetic Chef

    Love the Italian wines

  • Zenato does rock, and it is consistent…maybe one of the best Valpo value wines. but man oh man, I gotsta find me some of that Marion Valpo now!

    Best line from this episode: “This wine knows how to handle a lady.”

  • Love the Italian wines. Thanks for the low cost Monday thru Thur drink-e-drink.
    I love it when the 11 bone wines rock!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice show Gary, I adore Veneto wines, especially Amarone. Valpolicella [Val (Valley) + poli (many) + cella (cellars)] has been turning our fantastic wines for centuries, but in the half of the last century, the quality revolution started. Producers like Romano Dal Forno, Masi, Zenato, Michelli Castellani, Allegrini, Bussola and Quintarelli.

    QOTD: The dinner at Piselli Restaurant (www.piselli.com.br) in São Paulo ? Brazil, I had a fantastic lamb with Gnocchi with a very nice Chianti. Ask for CARRÉ D AGNELLO CON GNOCCHI ALLE ERBE.

    Fun Fact: In order of sugar level & concentration, Veneto wines rise from Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto.

  • Anonymous

    MOTT!!! Great line: “Capital D Licious Wine”

  • Damn! Thanks for that Valpo line-up Mauricio! I teach classes on wine, and never thought to categorize them by intensity like that….but I will be for Spring semester classes now, thanks to you!

  • WineWoman

    2 Great Finds.Too bad I waited a day later to watch this episode. Might have been able to get my hands on the Marion Valpolicella. Let the hunt begin.

    QOTD: Most delicious…hmmm..nothing outstanding in the last month(watching weight)in the last 6 months, the Sushi Italiano menu at Alessio’s in Metuchen, NJ has something called a stoonad roll which was quite delicious.

  • I love cherries and chocolate!
    Also the best thing I’ve eaten in the last 6 months, are some meat stripes with paprika during my visit to Hungary. It was just AWESOME!

  • I was just in Valpolicella last week! Visited Recchia, Valentina Cubi, Castellani, Speri, Bussola, and Quintarelli. Tried to get to Zenato but it was a little out of the way. Also really like Zardini but they were busy.
    QOTD: almost every dinner I had in Italy the last 2 weeks

  • Eirikpm

    Btw; another incredible producer from Veneto is Prà! You should really try some of there wines, Gary! There Soave Classico is a real value, and ther ripasso is also great 😉

  • Let us clear the record… you are not a fan of OHIO. You just like the scallops?

  • you like the stuff he did with the Fog?

    Mahler’s symphonies are worth exploring, minding the conductor.

  • Anonymous

    Of COURSE NOT! I just happened upon a restaurant that was unfortunately in Ohio that had very good scallops.

  • I don’t doubt it… but, much like the higher end wines of Burgundy or serious Barolos, Mahler’s music is not something to be considered haphazardly if it is to be properly understood and appreciated – and that means setting aside about 2-5 hours. I’ll get to it sometime, I hope.

  • LurkerKing


  • Anonymous


    QOTD: Homemade Chocolate Gelato…. 🙂

  • oklahomamichael

    QOTD-Duck fat fries with garlic aioli—Rocked my face off

  • Jasonbcarey

    Time for Some Pieropan, Movia, Gravner and Vallentino

  • Jasonbcarey

    According To Alois Lageder,, both Teroldego and Lagrein are long mutated clones of Syrah, according to new DNA analysis

  • Jasonbcarey

    Claypot eggplant From ZY Garden in SF..

  • Anonymous

    OR NOT!!!

    QOTD: Fried foie gras with rubarb and a glas of 2007 ‘La Charmotte’ Nuits St. Georges, Thibault Liger-Belair at Ruth’s in Skagen, DK

  • Anonymous

    Well, actually, I tend to prepare filet with more delicate seasoning, making it all about the (medium rare) quality meat. Now, Ribeyes, T-bones, Sirloins, I tend to like a pretty big cab-based wine. California for heavier seasoning, Bordeaux for lighter…but that’s me. One time I went a little nuts and paired a Rheingau Spatlese on a lark–and I was pleasantly surprised. It really changed the experience but not in a bad way.

  • Allan

    Have never heard it. :O

    You’re right on Mahler. It’s all about the conductor. It’s a mindblowing piece of music, to me. My two favourite versions is; by Sir John Barbirolli & Berliner Philharmoniker from 1964 circa & Claudio Abbado & Berliner Philharmoniker from circa 1999. But the best is probably Bruno Walter’s from 1938.

  • QoTD: 2007 Bogle Phantom after it was reopened after a week in a wine fridge vacuumed. Gorgeous, gorgeous wine. Fills your mouth with delicious dark fruit.

  • LurkerKing

    2004 Marion Valpolicella

    Is this anywhere on the west coast? can someone help a lurker out?

  • Anonymous

    FANTASTIC (likely accidental) ending to the episode; “whether they like it…”

    QOTD: Hmmm… ok- going out on a limb here: the Grilled “chicken” (faux-chicken because it’s a veggie product) wrap at Muse Cafe in Los Angeles. Whole wheat wrap, diced tomato and greens, sauteed red onions, avocado, it’s a great healthy and delicious lunch/dinner/snack.

  • John__J

    Qotd; Alcyone Late Harvest Tannat, Uruguay.
    If you like chocolate it ends right there. I can’t ever remember having so many guests who like chocolate ask me where they could find this wine, compared to any other wine I’ve ever offered.

  • Don Simpson


    Not sure why I wrote that in all caps, probably because they were so delicious.

  • Don Simpson

    That sounds amazing!!!

  • EricD

    Amaretto & white chocolate semifreddo as I finished dinner actually with a Valpolicella Superiore.

    FYI the Fumanelli & Marion wineries are actually neighbors… Interesting that the favorite and least favorite wines are actually neighbors. I live in Verona, so I can’t wait to visit the Marion winery!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – A scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream

  • sideout

    Since I usually blast GV on his pronunciation I have to give credit here. Nice job on this episode. I have no idea if GV is correct but at least I?m not positive he?s wrong, which is sometimes the case. Remember when GV would just mumble through the pronunciation. Reminded me of my High School foreign language class. GV, it didn?t work then either.

  • Anonymous

    GV – WHOA!

  • Anonymous

    Amarone rocks! At least the last Valpolicella sounded really good.

    QOTD: The most delicious thing I had recently was when I was in Europe a couple of weeks ago and we went to a really nice restaurant that had saddle of venison with an incredible sauce and all of the fixings to go with it. We had that with a beautiful Faugueres wine. It was sublime.

  • Anonymous

    Great show! You guys make me genuinely laugh out loud!
    QOTD: the most delicious thing I have had in the last six months would definitely have to be a kiss from my girlfriend

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Maybe filet mignon from the home grill

  • Anonymous

    available at a few of the PA wine shops…my store has one case

  • I believe that’s what mine has too. Thinking about buying a case.

  • Johanvaniersel

    Brunnello riserva 1980 Fuligni at the winery

  • Anonymous

    I’m way behind in shows, but GV – you have said something like, “this is a good wine and I recommend you seek it out” HUNDREDS of times over the past few years!

    QOTD – not sure about 6 months. Candy corn in the last 6 minutes, pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    Good episode and good information. Will look for the Marion.

    QOTD – Port – 1986 Smith Woodhouse Colhieta -nuf said.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Whole Flounder deep fried with chili and garlic sauce at the most authentic Thai spot I’ve come across: Bangkok Garden in Bethesda, Maryland

  • luca bercelli


    Good one


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