EP 937 Valpolicella Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk gives some background and tastes three Valpolicellas, an interesting wine region in Italy. Valpolicella is the baby brother to the well-known Amarone.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Zenato ValpolicellaValpolicella
2008 Marchesi Fumanelli Valpolicella ClassicoValpolicella

2004 Marion ValpolicellaValpolicella

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luca bercelli


Good one

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  • Anonymous

    Brie cheese in Bordeaux. SO much better than the brie you get in the States, and I really liked it with Saint Emilion 🙂

  • WineLou

    WS scored the 2004 Marion 85 (review was in 2009). Equally interesting are the notes: “Aromas of ripe plum and mineral turn to spicy cedar on the medium-bodied palate, with fine tannins and a clean finish. Drink now. 850 cases made. ?JC” No chocolate, no cherries. So completely different a description that one has to wonder how they could be talking about the same wine. While one might contend that GV is an unreliable source, Mott raved about the wine, and that’s particularly impressive. 🙂 What does that say about WS reviews?

  • Anonymous


    I have rarely seen you pan a wine as much as you did the middle one and I am curious why not blast it and score it the 50s – 71 is clearly awful, but please comment on the scoring scale in general. Thanks!

    QOTD: Pinkberry – just discovered it circa 3 months ago – freshest most awesome treat that’s probably healthy for you.

  • Some good thunder on the show, qotd macaroni gratin at Artisanal. I was the crackhead on this one.

  • norcalking

    Another good episode. Must go track down the Marion.
    I’m hearing Mott much better the last few days. Excellent.

    QOTD: The gnocchi at Zuni Cafe. It has ricotta in it, which begs the question, is it really still technically gnocchi? But what do I know, other than that it ’bout knocked me on my ass it was so good.

  • HugeneOR

    Gonna have to try that last one. Sounds tasty

    QOTD: Had dinner with the girlfriend at Café Soriah before leaving for New York for post-grad studies. Ate beef bordelaise and drank an ’05 Ch Beychevelle brought from home. Crème brulée for dessert. A sad occasion, but a phenomenal meal. Love and miss you Natalie!

  • norcalking

    Sorry. Zuni Cafe is in San Francisco on Market Street.

  • Ed R

    brieremere blueberry cream pie. a must buy for anyone traveling out to the vineyards on the north fork of long island.

  • Anonymous

    You are asking me to remember back several months? I can’t remember back to yesterday. But I had some very good Belgian beers tonight at a tasting. So I will say they are the best. Ask me tomorrow and I will say a good wine.

  • Tacordier

    For anyone within 100 miles of Orange County, CA, you have to go to Marche Moderne and get their prix fixe menu. For $25 you will get not 1, but 3 of the most delicious courses of your life. Hands down.

    I could go on for days, but the desert was some sort of hypersoft/warm/just out the oven apricot-y cake with a sweet creme on top, whipped cream and slightly cooked down blueberries. I had this on Saturday and I’m going to become a regular customer it’s AMAZING!

    P.S. I’m not a paid sponsor, I just love that restaurant!

  • Anonymous

    …….. or not! Just had to say it.

  • PayneTrayne

    QOTD: Dinner at Kingfish restaurant at Quincy Market, Boston

  • i loved how he totally obliterated the second wine and then made the last wine sound so intriguing. haha

  • You are off the chain! Suspending the resolution… taking us back to the tonic (home!) if we are patient. Nerdy music talk… in a nerdy wine forum. Lovin’ it! If you guys start talking about the Ducks win (tonight) then I will lose it. Absolutely.

    Way to tie into Liszt… your thoughts on Mahler?

  • Or J Mascis?

  • 1955 Chateau Mouton Rothschild with pappardelle and braised pork at Drago Centro in LA.

  • Vincentscudder

    QOTD: Yealands New Zealand sauv blanc. It is incredible!

  • Jrr64

    I really enjoyed this episode, two extremes on one hand bad bad wine and then the other great great wine. I have to admit your panning the marchesi was fun to listen to a 71!

    QOTD: I had a tomato sauce during dinner that keeps coming back to my attention. Like wine it was balanced. Every ingredient was intergrated, nothing out of place.

  • Anonymous

    OR NOT! Had to finish the sentence. Did Mott cut you off unintentionally or was that something you guys planned?

    QOTD: The most delicious thing I’ve had in the last six months would have to be the scallops at the South Market Bistro in Wooster, Ohio. I cannot understand how a state that is so far away from the ocean has such delicious scallops but they’re absolutely the best I’ve ever had.

  • Allan

    Very good tight show, high on info.

    Valpolicella IS usually a sweet spot for QPR. And i think at least the Zenato showed that.

    Watch your back Gary, Mott might steal the show anytime soon 😛

    Qotd: The last wine that really had “The Delicious Factor” for me was the 2006 Don Melchor 96% Cabernet S. 4 % Cab Franc. Always devoloping in the glass, always improving & opening up. And at the end it was all coffee and cigar dust flying around. A joyride.
    And for my palate, just as good, as any dang Bordeaux out there.

    oh, by the way……………

    …………. Or NOT!


  • Allan

    Agree 100% with you on Saint Jean, it’s pretty superb stuff & also agree on the vintage. I found ’06 Jean to have more minerality than ’07 Jean. More sun = more sugar.


  • Allan

    “It is time to say goodnight to Napoli….”

  • Allan

    Ripasso is the baby brother of Amarone.

  • castello

    clean up on aisle 4 please. Cigar dust, coffee grounds all over the frickin place.
    I hate when your favourite show is on but the camera man is all stoned and stuff.

  • castello

    Are you ready for some vayniac wine tasting on the peninsula? eddwest at comcast.net

  • castello

    technically I have no idea. Sounds soooo good!

  • castello

    I think liquid gets 50 points. It’s really a 20 point scale. Then you throw in half points to cover your a$$.

  • castello

    I ordered a couple bottles. I’ll give you a professional opinion in a couple weeks.
    As I recall Gary hates chocolate covered cherries.

  • castello

    Chat doisy?

  • castello

    I looked it up. Sounds tasty indeed!

  • castello


  • castello


  • castello

    go Giants!

  • castello

    greedy rotten ba$tard!

  • castello

    You need a BIG A$$ WINE with Filet!

  • Allan

    Mott had an off-day. :O

    Cheers castello-witz!

  • Allan

    Link it up castello! your opinion that is….

  • ND

    Look forward to the episode on Teroldego!

    The 2006 (not ’04) Marion Valpolicella Superiore is available on order from the state-run monopoly Swedish wine retailer, but it “rolls in” at USD 52, as opposed to 22 at WL. FML!

  • Allan

    “It’s close to midnight
    and something evil’s lurking in the dark….”

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – Massimo’s in Palm Harbor Florida. The mushroom tarte appetizer was killer diller.

  • Mahler? Don’t know his music well enough, but it seems to me (for what my opinion is worth) that there isn’t anything he said that Beethoven didn’t already imply.

  • Hey Gary

    That is the best show in a long, long time. Focussed, funny, interesting and good wines. top work.

    I have to watch WLTV on Youtube as I’m at a school and the Wine Lib site is blocked becuase it’s about alcohol (WTF?), but anyway it was very funny to see Episode that it linked up next – maybe about 197 – Gary your hair looks awesome!

    QOTD: Easy to answer now Krug Grande Cuvee; jsut had it last night for the first time!

  • Anonymous

    I have Marion 2004 in my cellar. It’s a very good wine.

    QOTD. That’s an easy one. 4 weeks ago we had dinner at Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. AAAWWWEESSSOOOMMMEEE. I visited several 3* michelin restaurants but this one was the best, the best, the best. There we drank a white Vieux Telegraphe and Ducru Beaucaillou 2001. But even if I had to drink water, the kitchen was the overall winner.
    If you are in Paris go there. If you are not in Paris: go to Paris.

  • Allan

    Mahler’s 9th is worth attention.

  • Allan

    He’s just cool. Liked Farm very much. But prefer Where You Been & Your Living All Over Me.

  • QOTD: had some really really nice smoked salmon past tuesday….

  • Allan


  • Allan

    Moulin-À-Vent tonite…….

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Chocolatefruit! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m also very interested in your opinion. Seriously.


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