EP 940 TastingRoom.com Red Wine Sampling

Gary Vaynerchuk continues trying new wines, this time focusing on a grab bag of reds.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Swanson Oakville Merlot
2007 L’Aventure Paso Robles Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 Acorn Alegría Vineyards Russian River Valley Medley Red Blend
2004 Ackerman Family Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 DeLoach Maboroshi Vineyard Pinot Noir
2007 Storybook Napa Estate Eastern Exposures Zinfandel

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luca bercelli


Good format, but after a period speaking his mind, Mott reverts back to ‘yes man’ mode.

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  • D.Mil.

    DELOACH my favorite winery and I cannot even pronounce the vineyard’s name.

  • My nu

  • My number one seed is still Silver Oak Cabernet Alexander valley version

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff – really enjoying the random, hodgepodge tasting episodes. 6-pack is nice!

    QOTD: My Cali wine of the moment? 2007 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel and (yes, I’m cheating) 2005 Dancing Hares Red Wine.

  • Anonymous

    After the red 50mL show, I don’t think I can give a thumbs up to the program, as it is. That size, while offering some nice advantages, simply cannot get beyond the potential volatility and perishable factor. I’m confident that well over 1/3 of those wines, maybe half of them or more, are negatively affected by the size, and would not ever stand up, side by side, to the same wine from a (standard)750mL bottle. Sorry.

    QotD – funny I should have waited a day to view, as, last night, at a tasting including a large number of wines, the wine of the day was 2006 Fantesca Spring Mtn. Cab. This is the first new vine-to-bottle effort of Heidi Peterson Barrett, since having left Screaming Eagle several years ago.(4? 5?) Low-yield, (Dobbs) family estate-farmed, mgmt by Jim Barbour, and the winery guidance/development was by Nils Venge. Top notch,and delicious, in every way, red and black fruit, w/ intensity to not even be bullied bygenerous, but moderated oak. As with many of the best in the top tie, there’s simply nothing not to love here.

  • Anonymous

    Gary…I’ll never forget my first trip to Paso “Row Bless,” checking in at the Paso Robles INN at 1am and the person checking me in said “We’ve been waiting for you Mr. “Row Bulls!!!” How can someone working in Paso Robles at the Paso Robles Inn mess up my last name. When I heard you pronounce Robles, it reminded me of that day and thus the small Vent of steam is in this post. I Just ordered Three packs from Tasting Room dot com and am looking forward to the wine club gig. You should really get some wine from Le Cuvier as well….LCWINE.COM = )

  • Love your wine glass Gary..Ackerman..I’ll give it a try..

  • I’ll have to try the Provenance Cab.. You’re the 2nd person to mention it in the past few wks. Today I bought 3 bottles of ’08 Sea Smoke and it made my day/wknd. 🙂

  • I finally opened a bottle of the Alysian Pinot and loved it! Thx!

  • Hi Gary, I’m not sure I like seeing you behind a slew of tiny wine bottles.. Weird.

    I had the 06 Swanson Merlot and also thought it was too oaky.

    QOTD: Too many CA favorites to mention here, but this week’s favorites are two from 2005 vintage: Caymus Cab and Ampelos Lambda Pinot Noir.

    I drink mostly CA wines. Anything to boost my state’s economy, which is a mess.
    Tues Nov 4th will be interesting. Get out and vote. 🙂

  • thunderball

    Great show sir (and thanks for the favour). 🙂

  • Dustimus

    QOTD: Anything Barbera related. I’ve had some amazing Barberas from Upper Napa and Sonoma counties in the last month. Reverie and VJB both blew my mind when I tasted them. Go see Normal at Reverie! That man knows how to party.

  • JCNJ

    QOTD: Cafaro

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I don’t like the question, What is your favorite…. I never have an answer or my answer will change each time I answer. No favorite.

    Today is my last plcb day. Off to Delaware next week.

  • Andy

    You may have said this, but could you revisit your pack(s) once you decide which ones you’re going to include? That’d be great! Love the show.

  • Larry

    Overall, good set of episodes. Enjoy the whole concept of 50-ml pours. Enjoying Thomas Fogarty wines right now especially the Pinot Noir.

  • Mestern

    My favorite California wine of the moment is somewhat non-Californian: the 2007 Dare (part of Viader) Tempranillo…….super delicious. We bought a case of it during a summer trip — It blows the lid off of their Cabernet (which is good but not great). Not sure if it’s true, but they said they are only one of 5 Napa vineyards that grows tempranillo. Interesting!

  • Hi Murso, thanks for your comment. In fact, the wine in the mini bottles DOES stand up to the 750s and this is borne out in both sensory and chemical testing. Every single wine goes through a rigorous testing process that includes side-by-side sensory comparison by the winemakers themselves. In addition, the wines are monitored over time to ensure the tastes and aromas in the samples accurately match the originals. The transfer process was invented after years of research and development with top scientists in the field and involves the latest in clean room technology (e.g. state of the art transfer technology in a zero oxygen environment.) Thanks for the chance to explain how TastingRoom.com creates their wine samplers. It’s really quite amazing…

  • love TF wines!

  • Alexandre-CF

    this 50ml are really great. how i wish they ship to Brazil.

    QOTD: Tablas Creek 2005 Esprit de Beaucastel Rouge, i’m a rough fan of this wine.

  • MursoTurso2

    Well best wishes, and good luck w/ not only the program, but with the entire enterprise! If I ever see the 50mL bottles available, at least we know the cost to investigate will not be prohibitive to the curious! Thanks for the explaination! – Murso.

  • JRobRRV

    For me, very broadly, it’s California Syrah, especially that coming from the colder areas, not so much the Central Coast, although I’ve had some from there blow me away (Thompson vineyard, Watch Hill). Recent favorites are the 2005 Failla Sonoma Coast and the 2007 Lagier-Meredith Mt. Veeder.

  • Anonymous

    Just had a Bogle Merlot last week and it was great middle-of-the-week wine.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t drink a lot of California wines, but I do order from Navarro and always like their pinots and whites. I enjoy the acidity of the whites since they come from a cooler climate. Their gewurtztraminer is a special treat.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Easiest QOTD in a while, at least for me. Brown Estate Chaos Theory. A Zinfandel Cabernet blend by a Chiles Valley estate. Awesome. Absolutely love the wine. They actually have a Cabernet Zinfandel blend (the former is more prominent) that is good as well but I am still partial to the Chaos.

  • BrianAF

    Great two shows, excellent idea, I can’t wait to get the Gary V tasting kit. I wish every show had this many wines tasted, the more the better.

    Qotd: Right now, the BV tapestry 05 outstanding stuff!

  • Dougholden

    wow dude… just checked out the TastingRoom.com, f***ing stroke of genius! Way to spoon feed a hungry population! By the by, it’s something I’ve been doing with my uni students over here in Korea lately!!! *hint

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – I like Ridge and Segehsio wineries…

  • Dcaragher

    GV – Another good show…still not sure how I totally feel about the teeny tine bottles!

    QOTD: I am totally vibing off of the Ridge Zins! Geyserville with a few years age is bangin’!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – I am really enjoying Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet right now.

  • Nick Garcia

    Fav California red wine is definitely the Hagafen Zinfindel.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: 07 seghesio sonoma county zin

    keep doing 3+ wines per episode please!!

  • Anonymous

    coleman nicole? oh wait havnt tried it yet couple weeks to WLTV eugene party!
    Dont drink a lot of Cali Wines, blackbird winery always stands out.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    very nice, there is little waste on the wine. You can go through these pretty fast to get some tasting notes.
    I’m still wondering if the small bottle taste the same as the larger bottles.

  • Scott

    I play catchup because of work but…
    I really like Dry Creak area Zin. Lymric Lane, Collier Falls. BUT we have been moving recently toward more food friendly wines. A lot of Cal. Reds are a meal and don’t go so well with food. Lighter Zin’s from Everet Ridge are better. But at this time in our palettes were drinking much lighter wines with food and big Cal wines for sipping on the deck.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen you like so many wines in a row – even more surprising was that they were almost all American. You didn’t go crazy about any, but it seemed like nothing was bad. Were you just in a good mood that day?

  • DCinDC

    Nik– He didn’t have the prices available so a few of them (especially that $75 2004 Cab) are a few points higher than he normally would have put them (is my guess).

    QOTD: I like a lot of stuff Tallulah does but my flavor of the day has to be Yorkville Cellars and more specifically their Sav Blanc and PV.

  • I learn so much from your sow. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Swanson merlot is awesome.

    Maybe in between wines you should rinse your mouth out with some water to clear the way for the next wine.

  • Anonymous

    Been drinking a lot of Zins lately

  • Steve Mulligan

    disagree on the Swanon Oakville Merlot – http://www.thefreewineblog.com/. I call it the TV Dinner or Merlots.

  • luca bercelli


    Good format, but after a period speaking his mind, Mott reverts back to ‘yes man’ mode.


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