EP 940 TastingRoom.com Red Wine Sampling

Gary Vaynerchuk continues trying new wines, this time focusing on a grab bag of reds.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Swanson Oakville Merlot
2007 L’Aventure Paso Robles Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 Acorn Alegría Vineyards Russian River Valley Medley Red Blend
2004 Ackerman Family Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 DeLoach Maboroshi Vineyard Pinot Noir
2007 Storybook Napa Estate Eastern Exposures Zinfandel

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luca bercelli


Good format, but after a period speaking his mind, Mott reverts back to ‘yes man’ mode.

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  • K is for Kate

    Favourite California wine- I have a special place in my heart for St. Supery and their Elu Meritage because the 2002 was the wine that got me really interested in wine.

  • The RED episode was even better!

    Still a shit-load of bottles to try… your palate’s going to be FRIED!

    QOTD: Really lovin’ the “The Ojai Vineyard” Clos Pepe Pinot right now…

  • Their pinot is great juice too.

  • Seems like the taste of the day is “barkey” and what were you checking out on your lower right during the show?

    Nice show, love the smaller tastings and it is interesting there are expiration dates on the bottles.

    QOTD: Fav CA wine all time is a no-brainer but right now I’m into Provenance Cab and Sea Smoke Pinot.


  • BradVinNH

    Just visited Paso this last week; definitely check out Booker but don’t miss Villa Creek (Damas Noir was awesome!!) or the lovely ’07’s from Terry Hoage!

  • Richards_04

    While on vacation I had a couple Cali reds (I live in WA and mostly drink local) the 07 Duckhorn Merlot and the 06 Paraduxx. I enjoyed both very much so they’re my current favorites.

  • Nice reds! Totally agree on the L’Adventure! Fun way to taste for sure.

    QOTD: 2 in my glass recently Laetitia Cuvée, Arroyo Grande Valley excellent sparkling PN based. And Oso Libre Paso Robles, recently met the Behr family at the winery, their 05 Cab Sav is supreme and can’t wait to taste their 08 Carnal GSM blend…deep rich Rhone blends rock my glass these days!

  • I’m left intrigued with the Zinfandel…

    QOTD: don’t have one yet… haven’t had California wine in a looooong time.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the concern from Gary and the Vayniacs. I’ll have to pick up some DeLoach as a “classic” reminder of the love I’ve felt from all my friends.

  • sapdog

    QOTD – Enkidu Humbaba (for the obscure factor) or Roessler’s Pinot Noir – Roessler is sourcing great Pinot fruit from various places around the state. Solid Solid Pinot.

  • Purple Grillz

    I Saw James Suckling in the Wine Library on Tuesday. Guess this will be his big debut away from Wine Spectator. It was a whole bunch of fun listening to him try ask for his 1 O’clock appointment with Gary with the clueless floor staff.

  • Sflambert

    QOTD – Victor Hugo Winery from Paso Robles produces a delightful “Opulence” Bordeaux blend.

  • Mariobnskn

    Drank a ton of Four Vines Sophisticate Zin this weekend.Love the Syrahs from Bonny Doon as they are not overtly jammy. We visited Laetitia this weekend and enjoyed their Sparklers and Pinots.

  • Kylemittskus

    QOTD: 2005 Chase Petite Sirah. I find this whole 50ml tasting idea very interesting. Cost-wise, not a great dea;, but a very interesting concept. Great gifts, IMO.

  • missionpk

    QOTD: 2008 Husch Gewurztraminer. Anderson Valley!

    Don’t think I’d buy the tasting wines, but liked the show.

  • QOTD: I’ve been enjoying Sonoma Coast pinots and chards, like La Crema and Flowers

  • Good format Gary! Focused on the wines. You can bring in these kind of tastings more often.

    1997 Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon Georges III
    Got 8 bottles of it for 10? / each!

  • Go Giants!! Interesting show, definitely intrigued by the format and idea behind the product. QOTD:The current California wine that is exciting me is the Alta Maria Pinot (haven’t yet tried the Chardonnay though it is in the cellar). Just a flat out delicious factor and at the price it is hard to beat!

  • Seems like everybody has tried this Sea Smoke! Gonna have to find some.

  • Anonymous

    I love the wines from Four Vines in Paso. Depending on my mood, I usually go for the Heretic(Petit Sirah) or the Monarchy(Petite Verdot/Malbec blend). I also recently got a great deal on some back vintage(90,92,94,96) Ridge Monte Bello. The ’90 was incredible…perhaps the best California Cab I have ever tasted.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I was recently impressed by the 2008 Sean Minor “Four Bears” Carneros Pinot Noir. Great balance of concentrated red and black fruit, significant weight, and bright, lifting acidity. I was also surprised by the integration of the oak for a relatively young wine, showing some exotic spice and subtle bacon notes beneath the fruit… all for only $13.99 at K&L here in LA!! Best value Pinot, bar none, that I’ve tasted in the last 12 months, maybe even longer.

  • Workaholica

    Qotd: I quite dig Mondavi at the moment.

    Looking forward to those request-shows…

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – At the moment : Kermit Lynch selected Cote du Rhone 2008. This wine tastes different from any Cote du Rhone I have ever had.
    Also : Neil Ellis Sincerely and 2004 Stellinbosch Cabernet.

  • Anonymous

    Love this tasting room concept. Right now I am in love with Carr Vinyards 100% Cab Franc; just a fantastic wine that is worth seeking out.

  • Steve Bjerklie

    QOTD: Navarro “Deep End Blend” Pinot Noir

  • Anonymous

    Love the format, Gary. I like to see you tear through a bunch of wines quickly like that.

    QOTD: I just tried the Smoking Loon Viognier last week, after having been very unimpressed by their other offerings. I was very pleasantly surprised, the nose was simply gorgeous, and filled up my house with melon and florals.

  • this is a great concept look forward to seeing what u put in your pack.
    Did u try the Carol Shelton zins? curious if u would give me feedback.
    u can msg me on the wltv forum thanks

  • Bryan

    QOTD: Bogle Petite Sirah!

  • Smarshall

    Not feelin’ it. 25-29 bones for a tasting plus shipping? I guess we are a little spoiled in the west. Dont they have tasting flights in other parts of the country? Inventory at 25-30 vintners now. I guess if TR get more vintners maybe…. something wrong with splits? “The emperor has no clothes”?????

  • sideout

    Great concept great shows. Probably won’t buy much because I’d rather get the bottle and have a tasting party. I’ll buy GV’s just to support the cause, even though I don’t usually like the same wines.

    QOTD: Ridge, Chappellet

  • misc617

    QOTD: Hope Family Wines, Treana white. It’s Central Coast (Paso Robles) and the wine is “The Rhone blend”: viognier/marsanne.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Not been drinking a lot of cali lately, but did have a bottle of Pine Ridge 2009 Chenin Blanc/Viognier with sushi last night and was pretty solid bang for the buck and great with the meal. Maybe not in the moment still but also had 2004 TVine Zin for the 15th time and still love it.

  • Kosta Browne Pinots. Lucky enough to get them at a discount from release and have a ton. Consistantly the best juice I pour. Especially from Cali.

  • Brandon

    Thanks Pete!

  • al

    Lula Cellars Pinot Noir. A new winery which recently opened up in Anderson Valley. Wine maker is Jeff Hansen, great guy. We recently toured the Anderson Valley on Gary’s suggestion and this was our favourite wine. They want you there Gary.

  • John__J

    Qotd: Been into the “Rhone Ranger’s” style wines a lot at the moment

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Interesting you had the L’Aventure Cab. I enjoyed the 07 I had, but is a bit pricey. I bought a case though of the 07 Optimus for ~$25 a bottle and it is my current favorite cali wine.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Byron 2008 Pinot – easy to find and a very serviceable vintage. Also, Chronic Cellars is the hottest ticket in So Cal right now congrats to the Beckett Boys… huge demand!

  • Anonymous

    Good show Gary. Still enjoy all the little bottles for a second day, though partial to the 750ml bottles.

    QOTD: Enjoying the Bogle Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon at this time. I may be opening a 2008 today or tomorrow.

  • Slushpuppy

    Happy Hollowennie to you and the family!
    Smell it first. TR

  • NY Pete


  • Brig

    Barefoot Merlot Gary!! BAREFOOT MERLOT! Party on!

  • it’s fun to joke about tasting being hard work, but it’s true…go to a sit down lecture with 24-30 wines and then around a trade show floor where there are hundreds more…try to take useful notes, and at the end one’s mouth can feel like a herd of horses has been running through it, and then hung out for a while. Beer is often the best solution…

    QOTD: as confessed previously…not a CA regular.
    But, just recently had the Bonny Doon Cunning Carignan…gamey and tasty. Went great with, pork and wild mushroom sausage, and a side of sauteed kale and radicchio.

  • Jlsyfor

    Chalone Pinot Noir from Monterey

  • Anonymous

    Ridge 2007 Santa Cruz Mountains

  • Anonymous

    It is pricey. I like the Optimus a lot. I have had all of the estate wines, and I like the cote a cote the best. The Estate cuvee is over the top for my palate (at least in 07). For the money, the optimus is a killer wine.

  • QOTD: I just don’t drink a ton of CA stuff, but the last one I had was a Sanford pinot that was actually really nice.

  • Workaholica

    I don’t mind the oak monster, just as long as he’s not holding a gun to my head. 🙂

  • Michael C in MKE

    Novy, Four Mile Creek.

  • Enjoyed Part II as well. I had the Deloach recently at a party, and it was pretty good. Looking forward to all the show ideas that will hatch next week.

    QOTD: Four Vines Zin (I think someone else mentioned this one as well).


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