EP 942 Tasting with Sommelier Rajat Parr

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down to taste some Pinot Noirs and a Champagne with Rajat Parr, the sommelier at RN74 in San Francisco. Rajat speaks about his new book “Secrets of the Sommeliers”, and his time into the wine world.

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Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Fourrier Cherbaudes Gevrey ChambertinGevrey Chambertin
2008 Evening Land Pinot Noir La SourceWillamette Pinot Noir

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luca bercelli


Good episode – I love it when GV nerds it up with someone who knows as much (almost) as he does.

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  • Anonymous

    The Evening Land is a very nice wine, but they’re trippin over at the ‘tator…the highest-scoring Pinot (from Oregon) ever? Just about anybody who bought fruit from Dick Shea made superior juice…to say nothing of the man’s own cuvees. But the most mind-blowing Pinot I’ve tasted this year from Oregon (or perhaps from anywhere) is the Dragon’s Bluff bottling from White Rose Estate. Like Brewer-Clifton, they use whole-clusters and these Pinots are super-fragrant, complex, and built to age. The next ‘cult’ Pinot…you have been warned…

  • hmm. part 2, will it spike?

  • tom A


  • small table 🙁

  • Jennifer russell

    just had a question. Raj talked about pairing the Burgundy with quail et al, and commented to pair with a savoury sauce. To me savoury are the herbs like rosemary, lavender, and sage. Here’s the question, what does he mean by savoury?
    Or what do others think of when they hear Savoury?
    Love the show, have been a lurker for about 2 years. I guess I’m in.

  • p_edwards

    Really Enjoyed the show. Great guest and couldn’t agree more on the EL Pinot….had this at the WL Super Tasting and it made a quick impression. Love this wine. Looking forward to Part Deux!!!

  • Violetruby

    Great guest! I’m constantly Googling pairing ideas, so it got me thinking that there should be more pairing shows, whether with more somms or maybe combining with some Gourmet Library stuff.

  • Great show
    Jets- the fix is in to LOSE the game!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic!!!!! Love Raj, thanks for having a Sommelier. I am sittining your every word and can’t wait for Part II. I will go out and find this book. This show ROCKS with the “THUNDER”.

    You guys are great! I wll aslo have to break down and get this Pinot from Evening Land sounds delightful. Thanks for bringing me out of the doldrums of Election Day. You have really lifted my spirits. Thanks! Just to let you know Gary, I had the 2008 Catena Cabernet Sauvignon last night and it is everthing you said it was, Fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Humble guest. I think Raj is impressed with Gary’s knowledge and the fact he is self taught.

  • castello

    Welcome out of the darkness. You are on the right track with savory but I think he means it in a more simple way. Savory(savoury) in this case is just NOT sweet.

  • Love Pinot Noir! Always have. Go CIA!!!! My school. Raj was a great guest. Gary….It chef time. http://www.happydiabetic.com

  • great show…really enjoying this. Absolutely need to get this book!

  • Raj, GV and MOTT! are all cool THUNDER cats…

  • wow…WL is already sold out of the “La Source”!

  • al

    Just got back from SF and ate at RN74. Absolutely wonderful and our best meal ever. Thanks Rajat, for the memories. By the way, congratulations to the Giants.

  • philoxera

    Leave Tim alone yea Bozo!

  • Anonymous

    I will be there thursday in DC. Look forward to meeting you and reading the book.





    Don’t need this book, need to consume more vino. That is all. 😛


    “Did you hear a story about cocain Lil?
    she had a cocain house on cocain hill
    she had a cocain dog and a cocain cat
    she even had a cocain rat
    and it’s all round my brain
    been walking round 10th Street and Main
    i’ve been looking for a girlie to give me cocain
    cocain’s sure running round my brain……”

  • Oh Allan. You 750 ML of adorableness. It’s gonna be oooookay. 🙂

  • Sharing spit buckets are hot. Man, that just sounds like all sorts of wrong.

  • What a donut? What a dalmation? What a dried radish? 😛


    Thnx!! You 500 ML of sweet sweetness, say d’Yquem ’97? I just think Gary should do two shows a day, right?

    Who’s with me?

  • Anonymous

    Gotta luv Raj. So humble yet so wine nerdy. His Sommelier training was showing when he grabbed the decanter and poured for GV. Another great show GV. Keep the icons coming and Raj IS an icon, IMHO.

  • Anonymous

    Good start – sounds like an interesting book. I may have to put it on my Christmas list. 😉
    I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Evening Land. I’m going to have to check them out.

  • DaveAll

    good show. Nice to have an expert on the show. snicker. Nice to see the guest not look to you for indications on the wine! very nice. Raj has a nice positive confidence, and yet not snooty. !

    really. good show. Can’t wait to play part 2…. now!!!

    Yes, we change after what we eat, how much we sleep, acid levels, nasal conditions. Good points!

  • John__J

    Awesome show, I’m looking forward to reading his book.

  • Love the show – but why so much talk about wine scores? Who cares? Honestly – other than people who need to sell wine based upon scores to customers who only buy on scores?

  • Chavez Felicia

    i loved it!!! very knowledgeable gentleman, Raj— you should have more Somms on the show, GV!

    @flochavez, CS

  • Anonymous

    Because (over time) many wine lovers have “calibrated” their palates according to a favorite critic’s evaluation/score. I generally go more by the description than the score, but if I know, for example, that Robert Parker gave a Chateauneuf du Pape a score of 97, it’s gonna be a wine I’d almost certainly love.

  • Anonymous

    Great start to a focused two-parter. I am SO happy to see this fellow Somm’s down-to-earth, unpretentious nature and driven passion for wine, as well as food pairing. I am already looking at his book on Amazon… Cheers!

  • Jordan Mackay is a very talented writer. Just bought a few copies of “Secrets…” last week. Glad to see Raj on the show sharing their collaborative project with your viewers. A great read.
    The Journey of Jordan: a wine and food video blog

  • Michael C in MKE


  • Ricky

    Pinot Noir Oregon Claudia’s Choice 1994

  • Yizhimaoyi888

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  • Dcaragher

    GV – So far so good…

  • Sweet Reverend

    Gary brought up a subject that I have recently been discussing – Indian wines. Does anyone have any experience with this? I know someone who will be going to India soon and I am wondering if I should have him grab me a bottle.

  • porta66

    Great Show.. commitment and entertaining at the same time

  • Supertrirunner

    Awesome awesome awesome show! i loved the guest and already ordered the book. Great education op i definitely enjoyed being schooled. people like you and Rajat are the reason i want to be in the industry

    PS gary; not to tell you how to run your buisness but you should pick up some inventory of your guests books. i would have bought one from you with my next order

  • Supertrirunner

    QOTD being a CKC i cant say i eat at restaurants with som’s but maybe 2-3 times a year. So everyday dining service is mediocre but i still enjoy myself and have a great experience. The terrible thing is the “fine” dining experiences are worse, i feel some servers at higher end restaurants are a bit too hauty tauty! i mean you are serving me for gods sake get off of it. I mean, i went to Le Cirque and the waiter acted like i was waisting his time, sorry i didn’t order petrus!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent guest – a great 2 part episode!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else think that gary was too shy to not score these wines in front of a sommelier who had nothing to do with making them??

  • Anonymous

    Loving this
    I enjoy when there is so much nerdy info flying around. I try to absorb as much as possible.

  • This post is a real mind-opener, and the example of the portrait is just right. As a new blogger, I?m clearly taking up all the space and only creating a small opening for the reader at the end. I think what I?ve been doing is more like writing parts of a book than a blog.

  • Love this guest and so glad I could catch up with these episodes. Once, many years ago, Rajat Parr was so exceedingly gracious to me while I was a customer dining in The Fifth Floor that I have never forgotten his professionalism and compassion. The epitome of what a sommelier should be, he is simply the best. Sadly judging other sommes in his wake is a sad exercise indeed. How do I get a signed book?

  • Anonymous

    The reason I keep coming back.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome interview! I am in the process of reading Rajats book right now and love it! Guests like this are just great….thanks again

  • Anonymous

    I like the honesty. I’m always amazed to see so many people who are passionate about wine.


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