EP 946 Moscato d’Asti Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk jumps into a category that’s been getting a lot of buzz in the hip hop world, Moscato d’Asti. Gary tastes 3 Moscatos from the Piedmont region in Italy.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Elio Perrone Clarte MoscatoMoscato d’Asti
Bug Juice MoscatoMoscato d’Asti
2009 La Spinetta Moscato D’asti Bricco QuagliaMoscato d’Asti

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luca bercelli


lines of the day, ‘I’m going reverse jinx on you Mangini’ and ‘Tremendous analogy Mott’

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  • Rosemary

    Ok…I admit, I’m a Wine Library TV newbie…I saw an article in Food and Wine Nov. issue and decided to check it out. Glad I did! I learned something new about Moscatos…never tried them, but now I will. Thanks and may your football team win.

  • Sushiman18

    He brings back the ENERGY!!!! Felt like a couple of the last few shows were yawners. Thanks for waking me up again gary.

  • NY Pete

    is this no show tuesday?
    what is going on?

  • Anonymous

    Good episode, good information.

    QOTD – Favorite Sweet – PORT!!! Oh yeah sparkling – not so much experience – have a bottle of Proseco to open, hey maybe tonight. Yeah that’s the story- will try it tonight.

  • NY Pete

    πŸ™‚ … who loves ya baby … and it’s πŸ˜› not ;P

  • jade from seattle

    Gary, what a crazy coincidence. I just got home from the store with a bottle of moscato that rocked my world when I tried it last week. (Vogelmaier 2009 Moscato Giallo from Alois Lageder). And I turn on my computer and see the show you have today. Love it when that happens. I’m turning everyone I know onto moscato. Like you said, perfect balance of flavor, acid, sweetness, fruitiness and at a great price point. Hey, when are you coming back to Seattle? We’re waiting for you.

  • Anonymous

    I have had a moscato d’asti, much respect for that appellation which is often overlooked with Barolo and Barbaresco within spitting distance. I find a lot of people getting down on sweet wines but I find that overall moscato has a really nice balance between the sweetness, body and acid.

    QOTD: I would have to say that my favorite sweet wine would have to be Vin Santo. I spent a couple months in Tuscany a couple years ago and every time that amber liquid hits my lips it instantly transports me back. I love to dip biscotti e panettone in it after dinner or even before. As far as favorite sparkling wine I’m going to go with good old Champagne. Tasted a Grower version a month and loved it!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD- Favorite sweet wine is Port. 1977 vintage rules!

    Favorite bubbly right now is a raspberry sparkler from NJ, Tomasello Vineyards. NJ cannot grow vinifera grapes, but we can grow fruits. This raspberry sparkling wine is amazingly delicious with sushi, with Indian curries, even with chocolate desserts.

  • Anonymous

    Is that you Steve?

  • NJ Big Chris

    Ive had a few different moscatos and liked them all. My only complaint with them is that i would like to see another 3%-4% Alcohol content. Mine never seemed to bubble quite like yours did today though. Frizzante, sure, but never outright bubbling… I need to find some better ones I guess.

    I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite sweet wine. I love ’em all, ice wine, auslese, sauternes. But I recently had a Fingerlake ice wine that was down right stellar.

  • Of all places I walk into a Hi Vee store in Indianola Iowa and it is loaded with Moscato d’Asti for $10. The cat must be out! I’ve enjoyed Moscato for years, haven’t had a bad one yet. Maybe Sarocco is my fav.

  • Brian Marzano

    Sorry Gary, love you, love the show…but hearing you pronounce these wines KILLS ME!!! These are NOT pronounced “dee-asti” and “dee-alba”
    The apostrophe does NOT mandate a break in the word!
    D’Asti is in fact…DASTI as in moscato dasti
    D’Alba is in fact…DALBA as in barbera dalba


  • Brian Marzano

    Oh, and try Tre Donne Moscato D’Asti (from Small Vineyards)


    You bet i do! πŸ™‚


    Gary’s suffering from Jets-a-gitis, a very overlooked sickness that only occurs when one’s team does not perform as well as everyone would have liked.

    Dr. Edwardo signing off……. :O)




  • Phil Anderson

    Gary, first of all, thank you and the Jets for Leon Washington, though, right now the ‘Hawks absolutely SUCK!
    Second, surprisingly enough, we have happened onto a wine called Grangia from Italy which is 10% Moscato and 90% Vermentino. The latter I hadn’t even heard of. This is such a spritzy wine that the cork, once popped, swells like that of a sparkler cork! Very cool! Have you had this particular wine?

    Phil Anderson
    General Wine Thoughts

  • Anonymous

    Nice show, vibrant and fun.

    QOTD. I don’t like sweet bubbles. And if you say hip hop loves this ….. well, I will never drink this.
    If Anna Netrebko loved this I would take a bath in it :)))

  • dcos-and-it-don’t-stop

    Hmm . . . three 90-point wines the day after the Jets pull off an OT win. A little suspect if you ask me.

    QOTD: Favorite sparkling wine is Laetitia Brut Rose. I’m not into sweet wines, however, I’d be willing to pick up a bottle of Moscato d?Asti and give it a try.

  • Ceara_89

    I replayed you knocking the glass just cause your face was so funny hehehe πŸ™‚ and loved the ‘HIP HOP IS COMIN TO THE WINE WORLD AND IM HERE FOR YOU HIP HOP’ hehehe. great vid as always, must try one of these if I can in ireland.. may I say though im not a HUGE hip hop person but at 21 i do hear my fair share and have heard muscato being mentioned… interesting! So many of my friends are really getting into wine too..okay mostly the cheap stuff but hey! Great show as always Gary thanks πŸ™‚

  • Love the moscato d’asti! First had it at a tasting on deseert type wines, and was really suprised. I bought a bottle the next day and shared with friends that weekend who had never had one.

    QOTD: I dont usually drink a lot of sweet wines but would go with a moscato d’asti for sure. Just love the smoothness to them.


  • Larry

    Spinetta is one of my wife’s favorite wines period so we drink quite a bit of it. Try it with Dover sole, quite nice. Have not had either of the other two though the bug Juice sounds more my style. Early happy Birthday GV. I can’t believe it has been 5 years since this began. Seems like only yesterday.

  • We shall see whether it’s πŸ˜› or ;P when my Lions beats your Giants in the playoffs. ;D

    *tee hee*

  • insane right lar?

  • agreed πŸ˜‰

  • sorry pal πŸ™

  • oh and to the 3 people that liked it πŸ™

  • Im back πŸ™‚

  • Thnx Rosemary πŸ™‚ welcome!

  • We miss u man!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday on Sunday! (My brother-in-law’s, too.) We haven’t tried a Moscato, but now we will. We don’t drink many dessert wines- we may have to expand our palates and try a few. We do drink ports now and then.

    The Vikings got their mojo back last Sunday. I’ve got my money on them this weekend with the Bears.

  • Anonymous

    GV – love the Moscato, good stuff. Hope you have a great weekend/b-day!

  • My birthday is January 18th – how spooky is that?; i.e. that we both have our birthday during the winter.

    But there the similarity ends, as I am just thirty!

    Moscato d’Asti is good drinking!

  • Don Simpson

    Gary – So glad you did this show! I’m getting married in June 2011 and I’ve heard Moscato d’Asti can be a great pairing with wedding cake. Do the vayniacs agree? If so, I will look into this. My fiance is a huge fan of sparkling wine so it will be featured prominently at our wedding (along with other wine pairings for cocktail hour and dinner courses too). I might be bouncing my pairing ideas off the Vayniacs over the next 3-4 months.

    QOTD: Haven’t had a Moscato d’Asti yet but I will soon! I had a Blancs de Blancs from Burgundy recently for 15 bones that was awesome! In fact, it pummeled a $50 2004 Champagne I had recently that smelled/tasted like over ripe bananas and peppermint. I respected it because it was well made and complex, just too weird.

  • Anonymous

    We sell a megaton of Paolo Saracco’s Moscato d’Asti, and also Elio Perrone’s Bigaro Rose (a 50/50 blend of Moscato and Brachetto, tastes like strawberries and honeysuckle), here at WineStyles in Macon, GA.

  • Candoni Moscato d’Italia IGT NV (Italy)
    I have had this Moscato d’ Asti and my tasting thoughts are, “this is wedding cake in a glass”. I really did get on a wedding cake in a glass kick with me and some of my girlfriends, but we are really red wine girls at heart, so the sweetness was too much. I do keep some on hand for the white wine girls who venture this way now and again, and it is fun to watch them be so thrilled by the sweetness. πŸ˜‰

  • nivole moscato di asti, bricco del sole moscato di asti, mmmm to dolce and y’quem… and how about a 30yr port…

  • Chris

    Love the stuff!!!! Give me a bottle with a straw in it and the tv remote!!!!!!

  • Tad

    Dude, are you wearing yellow?? Please don’t wear yellow anymore.

  • jasmin fortier

    love it gary!!! i have been a have fan of your show since two 3 weeks now. love your work.
    great wine they are moscato d asti is, a bite of sweetness and bubbles jst great. try some bubbles shyraz from australia, very interesting !!

  • Anonymous

    Oh this makes me want to go out and buy some Moscato d’Asti! Love the idea of a lightly sparkling, low alcohol wine! Thanks for the fun show & inspiration!

  • Jen

    Gary – I’m a lurker. Lately, I’ve been drinking Riesling which led to Prosecco and I was so excited to see this episode! My boyfriend loves Moscato and we tried a Moscato d’Asti. I loved it too so we bought our first CASE of wine. Can’t believe I’ve been watching you for years and haven’t posted….woot woot!

  • TommyB

    Tokaji, Banyuls, Patras, Asti, Loire Chenins – I love all the sweeties!

  • TommyB

    Yep – delicious but very sweet – often 1 glass is enough.

  • TommyB

    Oh, forgot Port – how could I forget Port!

  • John Trombley

    Great and unusual ideas for food with Moscato. You’re wrong about my never drinking this stuff before–I’ve had it off and on for 30 years. And I ain’t hip-hop. ClartΓ© and Perrone’s pink version Bigaro are my favorites. ClartΓ©, by the way, gets drier as it’s open for about 20 minutes or so and shows more depth. Thanks to Vieux Vins for bringing them in.

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day, ‘I’m going reverse jinx on you Mangini’ and ‘Tremendous analogy Mott’


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