EP 984 Aglianico Tasting

After last week’s Taurasi show, Gary Vaynerchuk decides to dive in again about the interesting varietal Aglianico from Campania.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Terra Di Vento Petrale AglianicoCampania IGT
2006 Cantine Del Taburno Fidelis AglianicoAglianico del Taburno
2006 Molettieri Irpinia Aglianico Cinque QuerceTerre degli Osci IGT

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luca bercelli


Line of the day – ‘Wine & Spirit is smoking some seriously good ganga if they think it’s a 92’

Great to see the quick-fire tasting method GV would use if he were tasting with a view to buying for the store. Interesting.

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  • Anonymous

    This episode was like the point in a marriage where love making happens at a set time every week, and lasts 6 minutes. We both know how it’s going to end anyways, right? Is it better or worse this way?

  • David M Roberts

    I am not sure I can refine your idea, but how about we go a different direction:

    You have a beautiful retail store. I’d love to see a “virtual shopper” episode where we follow a customer through the store, see the selection process, and end with a review in your tasting room (ala the James Suckling interview, but with a walk-through of the store).

  • I’d love to see you go about this style again. However, have the varietal of wines you are thinking about carrying that are not in the store yet, and do a show where you select a new wine to carry on WLTV.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure others have already said this because I am late this week after being out of town – the format was good, but I want to know more about the grape and the region.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: This was an interesting format, but definitely rushed. Why are you so interested in changing the format? The show works. While shorter episodes are easier to get through, I would bet that most people get more out of the longer episodes where you spend more time talking about the wines.

  • John__J

    Yeah my deep apologies there kasper. I meant one format change that wasn’t a massive success, not that he’s only done one format change in 984 episodes. Sorry I wasn’t explicit enough for you. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for you next time.

  • John__J

    Now granted there are still almost 20 episodes of WLTV I haven’t commented on or seen yet, so there could be even more format changes I’ve missed! But point well taken and much appreciated. Thanks for keeping us fellow commenter’s in line.

  • John__J

    Yeah, I think comparing the differences between the aglianico’s from Campania, with the Aglianico del Vulture’s from Basilicata would be really cool to see. It’s no different than if you compared pinot’s from Willamette versus pinot’s from Carneros.

  • I’d like to see you do that “professional tasters” whirlwind again, but with some one else. After the tasting, break it down, talk about it. It’d be fun.

  • Anonymous

    I think the beat aglianicos I have had are from Basilicata..

  • Got all that. I shop online and at the local store of Systembolaget. One of my local hangouts is Bishop Arms here i Karlstad. But even so, some things never get to this frozen land 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Loved the format. That’s what it’s like in the wine world. First impressions are always more accurate. I also like the single-glass setup ? the less fussy, the better. More of these, please!

  • QOTD: Refine what you just did

    Easy, have me as a guest. Bam! Refined. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I agree with some of the comments, the short shows are great, but the dangerous if it is rushed to much… But as always – a great show

  • Anonymous

    GV, Have not tried this Wine yet but now it’s on the ToDo list.
    QOTD: The Format was Different. It’s too fast. I Prefer & enjoy the slower paced informative style. Not that I can’t keep up with the East Coast lifestyle, just rather see it downshifted to a Lower gear with more Torque.


    I Wants My WLTV!


    ……..And…… Refine it elegantly………. have ME on.! :OP


    3 weeks to go

  • Anonymous

    GV – Not a fan of the speed tasting! It’s WLTV on crack and crack ain’t no good!

    QOTD: What might be interesting is to do a blind secret pack tasting that way…now speed tasting with the vayniacs could be out of this world!

  • and make it really obscure and interesting, have me on 😉

  • to what? more like 4 weeks to go. average is 4 eps a week lately, 16 left, ergo 4 weeks 🙂


    oh you come on now, I thought we were supposed to help each other out huh? 😉


    I have to go to the dentist :oP

  • I want a Trader Joes episode!

  • Anonymous

    Watch Episode #212.

  • why don’t people search the archives, why? 🙂

  • but that is two different concepts, elegant and obscure 😀

  • Anonymous

    2 buck chuck episose is one of the sticky episodes on the right side of the screen.


    Why are people stupid, well search me……. 🙂

  • Todd

    QOTD:If you omitted the initial tasting from the episode it could be like a 3 min hyperblast of a review. So instead of watching you taste the first time and say nothing, you would start the episode having just tasted all wines real quick then proceed to taste the second time and give your impressions.

  • you dunces, there is a lot more better wine than two buck chuck at trader joes. They have hundreds of great foreign wine that can be found no where else, as well as great domestic stuff. You learn something everyday I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I love the format, I agree with Todd, where you could skip the first part and drop some knowledge instead, or only do it for certain wines that fit a genre. Maybe this would be a great way to do under $10 wines. A 5-7 wine throwdown of boxes would be nice. I definitely want to see some more box on box action.

  • it’s sad Tj’s makes you think of Two Buck Chuck. That stuff is garbage and the store prides itself on having massive amounts of quality options to choose from. Lots of Trader Joe made stuff too.

  • QOTD: I really like the speed tasting. Watching you power taste was exhilarating. I agree with Todd abit. if you get rid of the power tasting at the beginning. Start the episode, do your greeting. Taste the 3 or 4 wines, give us the notes and scores. I think you could make it really fluid that way.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I like this format. Would have been much better with 3 glasses. It was good the wines were from the same varietal and region so it’s just a quick preference and comparison and an overall sum up of the region.


  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I think that it comes down to a wine:Gary ratio. Sometimes there is too much Gary and not enough wine. This one had too much wine and not enough Gary.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary, you wouldn’t have got to almost 1000 episodes without doing it right. Keep it up, love the show.

  • I guess I’m not a complainer

  • I think this might be my first comment. I didn’t like the show. I watch to learn about wine, and I didn’t learn very much about this varietal. I learned a lot more about Greco di Tufo on that episode. I also thought it was too hectic. As you were tasting, I was wanting you to tell me your impression, the wine’s qualities, etc.

  • Troytee

    Power tasting. Not as good as episode #986 😉
    Aglianico is great. Good insight into tasting for purchasing. Everyone thinks it’s awesome but it’s still a job.

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought this was a cool episode Gary. Keep on rockin to 1k

  • Anonymous

    yes we need the box on box action, it isnt a true wine program until it happens.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it would be interesting for this CA gal to see what kind of TJ’s Reserve wines y’all have out there. Last year’s Carneros Pinot Noir was de-lic-ious!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps wearing Kiss (the band) makeup and drinking the wine with a funnel would refine the show.

  • Don Simpson

    I enjoyed the schizophrenic style of the show today 🙂 Keep mixing it up!

  • Anonymous


    I LOVE the Aglianico grape. It hardly ever gets any credit among the other big names in Italy. Loved this episode. And this is exactly why you need to join us Hokies in Blacksburg, VA sometime this spring. Obviously a college with some many wine drinkers instead of Natty light drinkers has to be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Aglianico, I’ve had a few never blown away, especially since I’ve heard it called Barolo of the South, its not Barolo and I love Nebbiolo grape sooooo that being said I’ll slowly try one here and there

  • Anonymous

    yeah, clearly not the best… the worst? maybe. now you see that people love to hate with more passion than they love. Give ’em what they hate. Maybe Sir Gary can come in and refine this effort – Aglianico deserves a 2nd showing. Great run – keep it up. I challenge even 1% of the “Vayniots” to accomplish what you have and look forward to 1000 and the next thousand!

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting as I’ve never had Aglianico before.. sure it wasn’t the best show, but seriously it’s not bad enough to start complaining about!

  • QOTD: NOTHING! Mixing it up is important. I appreciate the fact that you showed us how you work when you aren’t in front of a camera. For peeps in the industry, this episode is one that is not to be missed!

    I know some restaurants that do the same thing with a panel, starting off with 20-30 wines and then filtering out the best ones that will end up on the wine list. It’s all blind, so there are no pre-conceived notions.


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