EP 997 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 2

Gary Vaynerchuk meets up with the second group, including Smokenmirrors, SS Chris, Kahuna, and Brooklyn Paul. They all picked Napa Cabernets and tasted through these four high end reds. This is the second of four shows.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Tamber Bay Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2007 Kathryn Hall Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2008 Caymus Special Select Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2004 Karl Lawrence Reserve MorisoliNapa Red Meritage

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luca bercelli


Lines of the day – ‘Nose-tradamus’ and ‘So Gary, when did you become a fan of us? GV – It hasn’t happened yet bud.’

Better than the first fan show but still not really my bag.

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  • Coupe 60

    For the record, I came up with Nose tradomous. Ss please incorporate into the forum records correctly…

  • Coupe 60

    I don’t have the exact quote but didn’t bp refer to having had a wine recently that was too young?

  • Coupe 60

    I believe the skinny guys are all in the next episode

  • rwino

    Snob? Really? I had no problem with yesterdays show, it was more about the wine than the people. A couple in this group wanted to make it about themselves, and after all this is a “wine show”.

  • rwino

    Hmmmmm, actually if someone pops over I don’t open a young $100.00 with no time to breath and warm up. Waste of good wine. I think after what Gary saw happen in the wine choices yesterday, he might spot a trend and have his guest for the next couple of days pick their wines in advance and have Mott open them at least a few hours earlier. The only decent pick was the 2004, which had half a chance to strut it’s stuff. After all, it’s not rocket science…..

  • rwino

    Troll? I guess you don’t read the comments here often, I have made positive comments on a more shows than I can count. But as you said, you put little thought into what wine you picked. This is a wine show after all, and the viewers mostly come here to learn about wine, not the forum members.

  • scottEJ

    Good stuff, guys. Agree on the Caymus….that is one chocolate milk shake vino.

    Looking forward to the next group of misfits.


    I picked the 2004 as it was a really good vintage from a fruit standpoint though from what I have seen most 2004’s in all price points have lacked the depth and structure to carry the fruit for a long period of age and personally I would not decant 04 Napa Cabs all that long due to that reason-

    However the 07’s in general clearly have big fruit and structure which decanting and age would benefit- and the reason we did not mention decanting and all that- is Gary swept it under the table in the first Vayniac episode- meaning we could have spent an equal amount of time trying to figure out where these wines would have gone and could become – etc

    At least my episode was more about celebrating than the wines- at our group you have guys who have been to probably over 40 wine events/dinners together in the last several years and we sort of wanted to convey the friendships we have made because of Gary-

    However from what I recalled the 2004 Karl Lawrence seemed to have the stuffings to age-


    oh no you are mistaken, I was in the last episode

  • Great episode… really disappointed at the K. Hall showing… maybe needed to be decanted?

    QOTD1: No!
    QOTD2: Neither… how ’bout WLTV Ratings?
    QOTD3: Mott!
    QOTD4: 2007 Turnbull Napa Cab, Oakville… for the money, this Cab NEVER disappoints…

  • NY Pete

    just curious, how long have you been watching the thunder show?

  • rwino

    Kahuna, I agree that most 04’s are not for long term cellaring, as are the 02’s. Karls wines are one of the exceptions, they gain fruit with age. Kind of wished though you could have found a decent Petit Syrah, as I am a huge fan of them and they are under-rated and seldom make the show……. Them and Cab Franc……

  • NY Pete

    just reread your post for the 3rd time … maybe you should change your handle to “rwhino”.

  • rwino

    About 3 years, have gone back and watched every episode available that I missed from earlier years. My favorite was the ones with Heidi Peterson.

  • Anonymous

    what is your screename on the Forum?

  • Brandon

    Another good episode.
    1. Yankees will not win
    2. Gary’s Ratings
    3. Who is Sasha?…. Gary has a weapon, and seems like he would be quick on his feet.
    4. Haven’t had a cab yet.

  • this is too funny…

  • Nice to see the show open it up, getting past the ribbing and little more personal.

    QOTDS: 1.) Nope
    2.) Keep it original! S.S. Chris Ratings
    3.) Mott
    4.) 2007 Clos Du Val… and yes!

  • Nice job boys…way to polish off those bottles!
    I figured they were there to share out with the rest of the crew after the reviews…
    This should be some peanut gallery in the next episode.
    Seriously, fun to see your faces and see you review the juice together.
    Kahuna, I left you a present in the comments of your last post, enjoy.

    QOTD1: High Probability
    QOTD2: WLTV SScores
    QOTD3: I might have to say Gary, because I’m sure he would not feed Sasha properly before the fight, and Mott would have to wear the helmet cam.
    QOTD4: I actually do not remember, so that’s not a good sign for whatever it was…

  • Coupe 60

    The yanks lose 100 this year, and Jeter is found to have used Steroids
    I always preferred Gary Scores
    Sasha wins in a walk
    Faust 2007, really drinking well

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Yes

    QOTD2: Gary’s Ratings, S.S Chris is being ridiculous.

    QOTD3: My initial answer was Gary, but I’m thinking Mot has an earlier berserk point. So I’m laying my money on Mot.

    QOTD4: 2007 Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon, I would have it again but i wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

  • rwino

    NY Pete, I understand you wanting to stick up for your buddies, as you could not make it there. But really, RWHINO? is that the best you can come up with? Sorry to slam a few members of your “clik” but I call them as I see them.

  • Anonymous

    Really enjoying these episodes….SS Chris needs his own show…or at least keep him on for the next few episodes.
    Unfortunate that the wines don’t seem to be as good as their price tags would suggest.

  • what episode is that?

  • I saw Gary hogging them…

  • nah, all alcohol adds to your girth since it helps the body retain fat. But yoúr viens might be good 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care about AL baseball
    Gary’s Scores
    Sasha would destroy you all
    2005 Shelter ‘The Butcher’ – it rocked!

  • Neophyte

    I guess it was only women this applied to, at least from the study.


  • Anonymous

    Sounds like someone switched your ritalin with ephedrine, champ. Lighten up.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Vayniac Shows GV, I wish I were there too. Maybe on Episode 2000!!!
    Counting the minutes to the 1000th Episode! It?s been a great journey, TNX GARY!!!!

    Best wishes,

    Mauricio F.
    (#1 Brazilian Vayniac)

    QOTD1: Don’t know …

    QOTD2: Gary’s Ratings is fine, S.S. Chris does a great job.

    QOTD3: MOTT for sure.

    QOTD4: 2007 Atteca, old Grenache from Spain. Great wine that appeared on WLTV.

  • Anonymous

    No problem with yesterdays show? I think you disrespected everyone involved!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD2. I think Gary’s rating is fine, you know many of us have not been around since the beginning and would not really get whatt S.S.Chris is all about. And thanks for bringing it up anyway – it is first day for me having a look at the rating.

  • rwino

    Episodes 715 and 716.

  • rwino

    Castello, how do you figure, I liked that show? No disrespect intended. You guys are sure thin skinned! First time I have seen guests slamming a viewer for their comments here. Lighten up!

  • steve

    These are great, you’re a class act GV.

  • Good show, even if it was all napa cabs.

    QOTD1: No, Rays
    QOTD2: SS Scores
    QOTD3: I think Sascha is the most crafty, but will go with Mott with a splash off of the top rope
    QOTD4: Can’t remember, so then you know it has to be no

  • Oh Heidi Barrett, yes my fav eps too

  • If you don’t like the show then don’t watch, thats how I see it. I think the shows were mostly about the people and not the wine, thats why there wasn’t any official scoring going on. I think everyone involved with these shows have a pretty extensive knowledge of wine and from talking with one or two in person they even mentioned that it was baby killing to open up big young wines that needed air.

  • Anonymous

    You are the one who said “you lost a lot of credibility with me today as did your guests.” I’ve been slammed here before. No hard feelings.

  • NY Pete

    dude, are you a cindy?

  • SSdede

    My husband is a rock star..just ask him! 😉

  • NJ Big Chris

    Sonoma, Napa… either way it was the last Cali cab I had and liked. But I didn’t think it was muted either. In fact I popped and poured and bottle decanted and drank it over the course of say 4 hours. To me it had big fruit and even more as it opened up. But the fruit was so dark I think it could throw some people off.

  • Anonymous

    Strom, you bring up a good point….I probably should have explained more of the back-story about how the SpreadSheet started?although, believe it or not, I was trying to limit my talking as much as possible.

    Anyway, in the early days of WLTV, I was new to wine….and I?m kind of detail oriented by nature….so I started keeping a SpreadSheet of all the Tasting Notes for wines that Gary really liked and I might be interested in purchasing. I did this to keep a listing of potential wines to purchase, but also thought that if I did buy….I could try to identify the aromas and flavors that Gary stated.

    At the time, my screename here in the ?Comments Section? was just Chris S or Chris Stan. About 20-30 episodes into keeping my spreadsheet, I sent Gary my first email telling him about the SS and saying that I thought other fans of his might be interested. Well Gary responded in like 5 minutes?..and, long story short, he put me in touch w/ his IT folks to integrate the SS into the WLTV website. I agreed to continue updating and Gary insisted that ALL wines needed to be entered (not just the ones he liked). The IT guys gave me access to be able to update the SS on the WLTV website…….which I have been doing ever since.

    Gary mentioned the upcoming SS on a couple of episodes, at which point my Screename was officially changed to SS Chris (I believe by TimF). On Ep #97, the SS was officially launched (http://tv.winelibrary.com/2006/09/25/white-burgundy-wine-tasting-and-the-jets-of-course-episode-97/# ), and Gary agreed that it would be called the ?SS Chris Spreadsheet? which it was for about the 1st 100 episodes.

    Then, one day?..the ?SS Chris Spreadsheet? link was removed and replaced w/ ?Gary?s Scores?

    So, that’s the back story….I created….and fully maintain the SS……and Gary agreed that he would include my name on the link?.which he did. BUT then…..without even a conversation or email or anything……the “SS Chris Spreadsheet” link was removed and changed to “Gary Scores”.

    So, that’s the back-story to what happened…and why I asked the question.

    It really it doesn?t matter?..more than anything, I just wanted to bust GV?s balls.

  • Anonymous

    No problem, Gary did lose some cred with me, mostly on his panning of the Hall. Ive been drinking cali cabs since the 70’s and figured out long ago that in a young big one, if you can smell the fruit, it’s there 99 percent of the time, just needs more airing or aging to come out. And an 82 score?Surprised none of the guest picked up on this or said anything. Tell you what, buy a bottle, decant it for 12 hours, try it. If you can honestly say it has no fruit and is a 82 point wine, I’ll send you the cost of the bottle.
    I was at a tasting last week, 30 people had it (after a 8 hour decant), scores ranged from 91 to 95 so I feel pretty safe with this.

  • Anonymous

    I liked 2 ouy of 3 in this format, and have enjoyed hundreds more. So I guess I should stop watching? Maybe go back to being a lurker as honest opionions are not welcome by a few.

  • Such a killa show, 19:36 “Maybe I missed something” is an ESPN Instant Classic! Some serious tonnage at the table today, just not in the bottles!

    QotD 1: Sadly no
    QotD 2: Chris’ spread is impressive
    QotD 3: Mott, and I’ll manage him Grand Wizard style!
    QotD 4: 1994 Freemark Abbey Bosche, and in a NY minute I’d have it again

  • Anonymous

    But that is the way Gary almost always tastes his wine. Most of the real world also does. I think you should challenge Gary to re-taste it which they probably did later that night. Gary claims to be able to see where a wine is going with time and age also. Now I understand that if he said that about a wine I loved, I would be upset also.You should ask in today’s comments if it opened up that night.

  • Brilliant Show. Probably my fav of all time. Great to see all the diifferent vayniac’s that you’ve been giving shout out’s to over the years.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried everything including restoring the original settings, deleting and re-downloading all the episiodes and still no luck. Oh well, I didn’t want to see Episode 1,000!!!

  • really enjoying all of the Vayniac episodes so far. had me laughing out loud at times. awesome!

    haven’t had many Napa Cabs, not a Yankees fan, never knew a spread sheet existed, but i do now! haha! and, not sure, i don’t know what Mott looks like, but being a video guy myself, i’ll go with Mott.


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