EP 997 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 2

Gary Vaynerchuk meets up with the second group, including Smokenmirrors, SS Chris, Kahuna, and Brooklyn Paul. They all picked Napa Cabernets and tasted through these four high end reds. This is the second of four shows.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Tamber Bay Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2007 Kathryn Hall Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2008 Caymus Special Select Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2004 Karl Lawrence Reserve MorisoliNapa Red Meritage

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luca bercelli


Lines of the day – ‘Nose-tradamus’ and ‘So Gary, when did you become a fan of us? GV – It hasn’t happened yet bud.’

Better than the first fan show but still not really my bag.

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    it was fun – and where is that bobble head


    not for long


    I will speak to my stylist -lol


    I will speak to my stylist


    odd comments not appearing where they should

  • I can’t even believe how good these episodes are. It’s like I’m there, except I don’t have any triple digit cab in my glass. I felt the love when Gary and the guys exchanged sentiments. Nice.

    QOTD: Gary’s Ratings. New people will never understand the SS thing.
    QOTD: I’ve met Mott and Gary and seen plenty of Sasha and nobody has Gary’s energy, competitiveness, and fire. He wins, hands down.
    QOTD: 1992 Joseph Phelps Insignia. Truly spectacular. No I would not buy it again, because there are so many other wines to try.

  • Same. I get one at midnight, then nothing, then four in a row. wtf.

  • Cindy, you should be there! I see Winestein in the crowd. Seattle crew represents!

  • Still counting by months! Nice, best to Misha! Epic to see the big names of WLTV history. Great idea to round out the 1k Gary!

    Yankees will not win.
    SSChris spreedsheet!
    Sasha (just saying he would go old school)
    Last was Pahlmeyer and not in a big hurry.

  • Still counting by months! Nice, best to Misha! Epic to see the big names of WLTV history. Great idea to round out the 1k Gary!

    Yankees will not win.
    SSChris spreedsheet!
    Sasha (just saying he would go old school)
    Last was Pahlmeyer and not in a big hurry.

  • winestein

    Please come back and give the forum another chance. You can see from these shows that we are all a pretty good bunch of people

  • Anonymous

    New one on me

  • Anonymous

    There needed to be more female energy in the room. No long time women vayniacs I take it?? I hope to change that 🙂

  • I couldn’t make it…had a funeral. 🙁

  • This format is very cool. just a bit of a new spin on things.

  • Great idea Gary………….I love it! Nice to put faces with the names……..I think I’ve seen Smokey’s pic in my local post office!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: 1. It all depends on Burnett but they’ll need to beat the Sox to do it.
    2. lol
    3. Mott
    4. Frank Family and yes.

    Cool shows!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1: No idea.
    QOTD 2: I’m used to the title Gary’s Ratings, but I don’t care what they’re called as long as they are still made available!
    QOTD 3: Sasha, of course.
    QOTD 4: Checked consumed in CT, and, wow, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a Napa Cab, so here’s the last Cab I had, regardless of origin: ’06 L’Ecole No. 41 Walla Walla Valley.

  • rwino

    Gary, perhaps the worst show in Wine Library history? A couple of your guest I would not serve 2 buck chuck to. Perhaps it?s the sophomoric N.E. frat boy mentality, or just a total lack of respect for the wine and the people who put their hearts and soul into making them. You seemed to feed into this, pop and pouring $100 plus wine that is to cold, with no chance to breath to show anything. I guess it goes to prove that just because you can type at a computer does not translate into knowing much about wine.

    Almost any $25-$40 dollar cab would have shown better than these under the circumstances, and would have been less wasteful and a better choice. Every one of those wines should have been decanted at least 6 hours before the show, better yet the night before. Your take on the Hall is so far off base, makes me wonder about your palate? I had one last week that had been decanted for 8 hours. It had tremendous concentrated fruit, and was easy a 93+ wine. Needs 7 to 12 years in the cellar to show it?s best however. What I saw in this show was a crime against the wine, all of you should be in jail for child molestation. Sorry for the rant, but my number one pet peeve is not letting wine breath long enough, and you lost a lot of credibility with me today as did your guests. Sad???..

    Only one decent QOTD, and I will answer that one.
    QOTD: 1994 Grace Family Cabernet, and yes!

  • @winecrazy: I love Erna Schein wines and wondered about The Knockout -I just may have to buy it. Great artwork on the label, too.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1 – Yes, Yankees win it.

    QOTD 2 – Gary’s ratings.

    QOTD 3 – Gary wins.

    QOTD 4 – I can’t remember. I guess it was the Quintessa. Heck yeah I’d do it again.

    Good show if Chris could ever shut his mouth.



  • SS should have a third forum account called “Gary’s Ratings”

  • Like Jaime, I was also asked but couldn’t make it. We exist in the forums (some great gals over there), but it just happened that this time around none of us were able to travel to New Jersey.

  • Anonymous

    Snob alert!

  • NOSE-tradamus hahaha that was good.

    Steel cage match question: Sascha

  • supertrirunner

    I understand where you are coming from and i agree with you!

    with that said…… Don’t tell me that you haven’t had guest come over and you opened a bottle on the fly because…… hey its a special occasion or whatever. Not everyone has their entire day planed out around their wine. It was a special occasion filled with special guests so they picked some high caliber wines, how can you fault that? I mean seriously?

    Now in a perfect world with YOU hosting the show i KNOW you would ask your guests to pick the wines they want to taste with you in advance so that you can decant them 8+ hour earlier with 16+ decanters. Because we all know that Gary has nothing else going on in HIS world so he should have never made this MONUMENTAL mistake! Give me a break!!!

    Gary, good show and its fun seeing the faces of the people who are commenting, great guys

  • supertrirunner

    Fun show! I too have noticed that Caymus SS had a much Chocolaty-er nose than it has in the past and after doing a little research i found that this is the first vintage where a little Merlot has made it into the wine! Just found that interesting.

    QOTD 1) Dont know don’t care!

    QOTD 2) Gary’s Ratings by sschris

    QOTD 3) Mott would crush both of you

    And according to some the only decent qotd
    QOTD 4) a bottle of 1992 Dalla Valle Maya that had been decanted for 12 hours because i only drink Cult cabs that are in their prime and have been properly decanted, and yes!

  • supertrirunner

    My real answer to the QOTD 4

    a bottle of Kuleto 2001, thank you Gary, and yes i would buy more if i could find it

  • NickyGogol

    Like the roundtable format…lots of fun. What’s up with no Whites? Do the top Vayniacs not drink white? How bout a nice Bordeaux Blanc, French Viognier, maybe something from Friuli by Jermann? You should have stood up for your Riesling! What are these guys CAB FASCISTS?

  • Johnmcalinden

    Hi Gary,
    Just want to give you a shout to say that your acievement has been amazing over these thousand episodes. I joined in at about 155. This stands tall not only in the world of wine, but right across the blogosphere and is a landmark in cyberspace.

    Respect and huge good luck for the big Kiloshow


  • Another good one. Nose-tradamus is a classic!

    QOTD: Don’t care about baseball, Gary’s Ratings, Sasha with all his experience, 2004 Beringer Private Reserve…

  • NY Pete

    spot on Ed!

  • NY Pete

    no AFK, that was BLou’s mug shot at the local PO.

  • Agree… Mott is the best but I know how hand held photos can get tough to control. hold anything up for that long and try to hold it steady… Mott must be a great arm wrestler.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, Castello. I can tell you that many of the participants would have been happy to taste any bottle, and personally I put very little thought into which wine to select. Hell, we didn’t have all that much time anyway!

    I’ve been saying all week how I did this not for the opportunity to drink wine, but to meet with these people I’ve known for years. The fact that they know something about wine and enjoy good wine was just a huge bonus.

    And to the original point of the troll, many of us have had the average and better than average bottles of wine. Part of the criteria for our selection was “it must be something you’ve never tried before”. Therefore you get people picking these monster wines.

    And a great time was had by all. Except “rwino”. Meh.

  • Anonymous

    What this episode showed to me is how eloquent and lucid Gary’s descriptions of wines are, compared to the bunch of guests …. ‘Errrr fruit’.

    QOTD 1) Don’t care

    QOTD 2) Don’t care

    QOTD 3) Don’t care

    QOTD 4) Silver Oak Napa Valley Cab Sauv, and yes !

  • Anonymous

    “who finishes the bottles that are opened for each show?”

    Must be the cellar rats. Not us.

  • Anonymous

    wow….vivid reply to #3. Scary;)

  • Anonymous

    I sporadically have issues with my iPad. Seems it might be related to memory. Mine only has 1G memory. Just a WAG.

  • WineWoman

    The Yanks probably will win the AL East
    I’m thinking Kahuna meant Sasha not Stasha, but after all that wine I don’t blame him, and yes SASHA wins. If it were a game of words, we all know the answer to that one.
    Question 2(I’m out of order, and no, I haven’t had any wine) It should be Gary’s Ratings by SS Chris
    Last Napa Cab was the 2005 Sanctuary, Usibelli Vyd. Yes, I would buy it again.

  • great show!!!

  • Anonymous

    yes, she was sitting across from gary, behind SS chris, and she had an aluminum bottle in her hands

  • Anonymous

    I can tell someone’s ready for march madness!

  • Ron Westlund

    Come on Gary! Hey – nice effort…lot’s of fun to include your fan base. But…..young cabs with cellaring potential should be given extra credit. I believe that the Kathyn Hall is the most authentic (ok….”old world” if you will) of these wines and the fact that it was boring and vegatable is a great sign. It’s not crafted to create a particular wine signature. I am very suspicious of cabs that are approachable as 2008 or 2007. How can a wine with great structure be ready to drink in its youth??? Napa cabs with are largely manipulated and the carefully selected yeast strains and additional enzymes creat these crowd-pleasing taste signatures. In the spirit of aging….i’ll bet that most of these will be pooped in 10 years. Instant gratification wines such as these have their place and I am realistic about that but I distain the “crafted” wine efforts coming out of Napa. Kathryn Hall will outshine this wines after a few years in the cellar. Cab Franc anyone???

  • Adam Eggert

    I’m really digging these episodes. It is a ton of fun to see the people who helped make your career get in on the action of tasting.

    QOTD 1: I don’t really care. Though being in Maine I feel obliged to say, “Yankees Suck!”

    QOTD 2: Gary’s Ratings… No offense, man, but they are his scores and they should be labeled as such.

    QOTD 3: Mott all the way!

    QOTD 4: The last one I had was actually that Caymus Special Select you all tasted when I did a tasting at the Vineyard in January. That’s obviously way to long to go without now that I think about it and I’ll have to fix that.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

  • I know that as you approach Show 1000 you are going to ask the QOTD – What episode di you like the best so I’m going to get a little ahead of the curve – Heidi Barrett.

    Maybe the QOTD should be more of a question in categories because you have brought so many different types, interviews, blind tastings, restaurant visits, etc.

    Anyway, congrats on all your success, Keep changing the wine world! KevO

  • JoanVV

    SS aka NoseTradamus TASTED the muted flavors first! That’s why he had a different reaction than everyone else.
    QOTD 4: McKenzie-Mueller 2001 Napa Cabernet. Most definitely I would have this wine again.

  • Brunellofello

    I’m 6’3”and 240 lbs. I think I would fit right in with these guys. #1 sorry, but I hate major league baseball #2 they’re Gary’s ratings, but I appreciate the effort SS Chris #3 Mott! #4 Hall 06 Cab from Costco, 30 bones, WS94, but it was very boring, will not buy again.

  • 1 dont care
    2 It should be Gary’s ratings Sponsored by SS Chris
    3 Nobody is a winner there especially us the viewers
    4 Pepperwood Grove -coolaid with alcool, shame on whoever brought this

  • Tcsodt

    Not to nit pick, but the martin ray is sonoma. I found it to be delicious. To me it was subtle not muted, but that’s just me. I not a big fan of the over the top wines that come out of cali at times.

    The last napa cab i had was silver oak 06. Resounding no! One dimensional and that dimension they did not even do that well. No qpr there whatsoever.


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