Discussing Cork vs. Screwcaps during a Grab Bag Wine Tasting – Episode #654

April 7, 2009

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Gary Vaynerchuk and Liza “The Wine Chick” Zimmerman taste 3 totally different wines and debate the relative merits of cork and screwcap enclosures.

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  • “90/100

    line of the day – ‘you should spend a year doing blind tasting…” by Luca Bercelli

  • “Not tried these, Greek wines hit or miss,mostly miss. She looks like B…” by
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Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Mythic River Sauv BlancGreek White Wine play review at cork'd
2006 Bleasdale Langhorne Crossing Shiraz/ CabernetAustralian Red Meritage play review at cork'd
2007 Descendientes De Jose Palacios Bierzo PetalosBierzo play review at cork'd

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