EP 13 Episode #13 – Gary explores wine tasting parties

2004 Cheeky Chick Pecker’s Blend White

2004 Peirano Estate The Other White

2004 Folie A Deux Menage Trois Blanc

2004 Folie A Deux Menage A Trois Rouge

2004 Peirano Estate The Other Red

Watch as Gary goes into wine tasting parties and tastes some great valued wines.

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Local Cellar

Haha, yep – theme looks like “swinger’s party” although I won’t confirm or deny that I’ve ever witnessed something like that in real life 😉

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  • corkscrew

    Good show…real hard to figure out sex theme with wine blends and labels/names that go that route. I totally agree with you that both The Other wines are fantastic values, love Viognier. http://www.winelx.com

  • I love that just about every word that GV says in this one is loaded with double entendre – even as he says the names of the wine you can see that sparkle in his eye 😉

    It's also neat to see that risk taking and creativity have always been a part of the DNA of this show.

  • The ending was a bit sudden… but good show. Wine tasting i always great fun. A bunch of friends gettin' together over some vino, what could possibly beat that? Maybe some great music to go with that?

  • Good article! Thank you so much for sharing this post.Your views truly open my mind.

  • Jeremy C.

    The Menage A Trois has been a go to wine for me ever since I first tasted it. Great value wine. Also, I hosted wine tasting events at a restaurant and must say that not only are they fun, but you can learn so much by tasting different wines with others. The meritage theme is fun, especially when you taste them blind! Thanks for another great episode…

  • Anonymous

    Love wine parties, we’ve been trying different formats recently, always a theme so the wines are not random and we can sort of compare, we do it blind, but sometimes one wine overpowers the others and spoils the tasting, haven’t figured out how to offset that problem.

  • Anonymous

    Brandon M coming in at #2. I have to say i think he is your most dedicated Vayniac!

    Fun tasting but other than “the other red” i have to say these wines have been a major pass!

  • Swinger party! Sorry, I’m catching up on old episodes and I couldn’t help myself.

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘fun fact’

    A more relaxed GV who tastes 5 wines and likes them all…and that doesn’t happen too often. First mention of ‘Fun fact’

  • Haha, yep – theme looks like “swinger’s party” although I won’t confirm or deny that I’ve ever witnessed something like that in real life 😉


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