EP 148 How To Get Your Wine Palate Trained.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Today Gary tastes a wide variety of “THINGS” to show you how important many of the flavors are to training your palate to find them in wine. Have a good weekend.

Hello newcomers ( and there are a lot of you) This is a long video and it builds up but to see what EVERYONE is talking about you can see the last 2 minutes here CLICK HERE

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Francesca de Granville

Hi Gary,
Great demo on how to train your palate. By any chance is there an associated list of wines (brands) where each of these flavors are easily detectable? At least for some of the flavors that are least common and more difficult to identify?
Great work, thanks so much.
~francesca de Granville, CSW

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  • this was an amazing episode! Not only was it the funniest thing I’ve seen but so informative, can’t wait to try these flavors with friends!
    Thanks for your dedication Gary!

  • Anonymous

    I might try this but there is no way I’m eating sweaty socks. You may as well ask me to taste soiled underwear.

    I had to watch the last 15 minutes several times because I was laughing so hard I kept missing what you were saying.

    Great episode!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE this episode, something so simple, yet so brave! want to try it with friends! Cheers to you Gary 🙂 -Danene

  • Anonymous

    I R O N E E E…Omg, spit the good wines, but consume all of these high sugar foods! Insane. I really enjoyed this show and funny too (tho I know were serious). That was a serious assault on the senses. And I loved how you tossed in the shrooms. I know from experience that shrooms really open up the pallet in a magical way. Keep up the good work. I will be making some suggestions for future shows.

  • This should be under the education section.

  • GARY! When are you coming to Virginia Tech?! You said “if you see 5-6 people from the same college” comment, you would come…. where are you?! Love, the CKC

  • That’s a crazy way to train your palate but tip of that hat to you man. Definitely the way to go about it and nice touch with eating the dirt haha. Come on down to Virginia Tech and teach us about some wine dude. CKC-VT

  • Gary, your show is so awesome. you should totally come speak at Virginia Tech for the Geography of Wines class

  • As someone new to drinking wine, this is a cool episode. I definitely need to try this. CKC VT!

  • Crazy way to train your palate! Great information though.

    P.S Come to Virginia Tech!

  • Dude – if you retire come to Virginia Tech! We could use your bottle opening skilled here! Awesome videos! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Fairly virgin palate here, i am definitely going to try this, or as much as i can get my hands on, thanks a ton for the demo and being a real trooper at the end man!!!! Virginia Tech Represent!

  • QOTD: I’d try this, sure, definitely with the fruits and cereal, even rock and paper. Might take a while to get up to the sweaty sock/jalapeno level. Loving the dedication though, and incredible sound quality. rock on gary v, CKC VT.

  • Anonymous

    Gary you’ve got to come to Virginia Tech! Our wine class could really benefit from one of your talks!

  • Anonymous

    Gary you have to come to Virginia Tech! Our wine class could really benefit from hearing one of your talks.

  • This is by far my favorite video, I will defiantly be giving this one a try. Way to take on for the team! CKC VT

  • Anonymous

    sweaty sock = dedication. Props to you

  • this is my favorite video I’ve seen so far. awesome.

  • Anonymous

    best video i’ve seen yet! love that you ate the dirt! COME TO VIRGINIA TECH!!!!

  • Totally feel the wet rock taste, weve got plenty of those at VT!

  • Anonymous

    Gary you NEED to try DURIAN if you haven’t! I grew up on that stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian

  • Anonymous

    Gary have you tried Durian? If not you NEED to. I grew up on this stuff. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durian

  • Love this! I’m going to build my palate. Come visit your fans at VIRGINIA TECH!

  • This was so entertaining. I love how you can get such a range even with popcorn. Come to VIRGINIA TECH!!!

  • Munchin socks for the CKC’s, your videos are great Gary. Come visit us at Tech

  • Very good episode! Come talk at Virginia Tech!

  • Anonymous

    You should come to Virginia Tech and taste some Hokie stone.

  • Anonymous

    You should come to Virginia Tech and taste some Hokie stone

  • Anonymous

    Come eat with me and your 1000 fans at VIRGINIA TECH!

  • Anonymous

    Disappointed that you didn’t try some manure, you know for that barnyard taste.

    Please do us all a favour and go to Virginia Tech to shut them all up for a while.

  • CKC @ Virginia Tech! Come see us!

  • Anonymous

    Best public college food in the nation…Welcome to Virginia Tech.

  • Plenty of manure at Virginia Tech…

  • What an absolutely RIDICULOUS episode! I lost it once you brought the dirt out. You definitely should come see your CKC at Virginia Tech!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Episode…nice to see where you come up with some of the off the wall flavor descriptors….you should come to Virginia Tech and teach us in person!

  • Suzczy

    Gary! I’m a newcomer…love…love…love your show!!! A good friend posted pictures from taping of episode 1000 and that was it, I’m hooked. Never been a wine taster but I am now. 2nd episode I watched, “How to get your wine palate trained”. OMG sock, rock, dirt…too funny. The kids and I will be doing our own tasting, no wine for them and I’ll save the sock, rock and dirt for the next time!

  • Gary I’m a newcomer. I love the show. Very informative! I also read your book. Great stuff! I never would have guessed that all of those foods were found in wine.

  • OMG dude! Are you frigging kidding me? I was totally floored — and impressed — by this episode. You continue to challenge me to expand my palate but no way can I bite a jalapeno. You are really tremendous. I’m going to start with some of the things I have in my pantry now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Absoultely HILLARIOUS. I have seen your keynotes, I have seen your interviews, and this is the first time I have ever seen your actual show, recommended by a Eric Dahler, a French wine sales guy here in Tokyo. Nice to meet you, Gary. I’m Andy….here’s what I was doing last Saturday night (had invited Eric to come see my band at the Crocodile)…..Fantastic!

  • Absolutely Hillarious! The ending had me cracking up at the screen….and it’s useful! I have seen your keynotes on Youtube, seen your CNN interview, and today was the first time to see your show. This episode was introduced to me by Eric Dahler, an independent French wine importer here in Tokyo. Great to meet you, Gary! I had invited Eric to our show last Saturday….here are some photo clips and one of our songs, just so you know a little about me… Andy

  • R Persaud

    UNBELIEVABLE. lol. I came here to learn how to start video blogging and spent the last hour watching your videos. smh. From pairings of cereal and wine to this video.lol. Not much experience with wine at all, but by coincidence, I actually went to a wine a bar about a month ago and tasted a very bright, very golden, thick, sweet wine by the name of “Vidal Ice.” From the Standing Stone Vineyards, it’s labeled as a finger lakes vidal blanc. Good stuff for those who fair towards the sweeter side of tastes. Anyhow, you gotta new fan.Two thumbs UP!

  • I wish they had a Beer Tasting Palate show

  • THAT was hilarious. I would love to do one of these profile parties. It will be a hoot!

  • I would be all over this. I pride myself in eating everything and anything foody. I am gonna put together something like this for my friends and family sometime soon. Great show Gary

  • Gary! Here watching this video for Virginia Tech Geography of Wine with Boyer! Holla! I think you should bring the thunder back to Blacksburg by re-creating this episode with us! Help train the palates of the up and coming Vayniacts (and future of the industry) using the same method you used to train yours. You and me are changing the wine world!

  • dcolvin66

    Ohhhh That was sooo valuable and so many different levels… (Sigh) I wish Gary would come back!

  • dcolvin66

    Ohhhh That was sooo valuable on so many different levels… (Sigh) I wish Gary would come back!

  • SOLD!!! I neeeever thought I cared about wine tasting before. But now, I’m about to run to my spice cabinet to start sampling! You just put the “-UN” into what make wine FUN!

  • Chris Paspaltzis

    Unreal,man you are amazing

  • EPIC! This show is the epitome of how they’ve been changing the wine world 😉


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