EP 148 How To Get Your Wine Palate Trained.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Today Gary tastes a wide variety of “THINGS” to show you how important many of the flavors are to training your palate to find them in wine. Have a good weekend.

Hello newcomers ( and there are a lot of you) This is a long video and it builds up but to see what EVERYONE is talking about you can see the last 2 minutes here CLICK HERE

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Francesca de Granville

Hi Gary,
Great demo on how to train your palate. By any chance is there an associated list of wines (brands) where each of these flavors are easily detectable? At least for some of the flavors that are least common and more difficult to identify?
Great work, thanks so much.
~francesca de Granville, CSW

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  • I'm trying to get some people together to do this so it's easier on the pocket and to get a few different type of wines to see if the different profiles can be matched. I doubt I'll be chewing on my sock though. lol although i might take a bite into some stone. haha!!

  • Question that I hoped Gary would answer in this episode but didn't: I've always wondered why wines should taste like anything other than grapes or berries. I understand that the grapes could pick up some flavor characteristics from the soil content, of course, but do wine makers add some flavors to give their wines more distinct layered flavors? And if they do, are they natural flavors or artificial flavors….or both?

  • Allan

    Insane ep, highly entertaining & inspiring! This is true thunder!! The ep that “changed things” for sure. . . . 🙂

  • cadams82

    Great episode. Would like to see you eat some more jalapeno peppers!

  • littlebeetle

    Hi Karen,

    grapes naturally have the ability to mimic other flavours – eg. different fruits, spices, savoury characters, etc. The characters the wines exhibit depend on many different things such as climate, soil, variety, vineyard practices, picking decisions, yeast used for fermentation, fermentation temperatures/techniques, oak origin/age/amount to name just a few. No artificial flavours as such are added to make the wine taste like anything, rather the winemaker and viticulturist manipulate the growing, fermentation and maturation stages of the wines to enhance the characters that are already exhibited in the grapes.

    Additives are used for fining wines; removing harsh tannin and phenolics, clarification and stabilisation of the wines.

    Hope this answers your question

  • Amanda

    Hey Gary- Arrowroot is used to thicken sauces/stews, etc. You prob know that by now! I got to try gooseberry recently. Hard to find, but comes out in NZ Sav Blanc sometimes. Keep it real.


    this is epiphany… gary your my hero man… I can't wait to watch this again with my girlfriend an aspiring wine connoisseur, her first language is Taiwanese an she always struggles with her tasting associations; this episode should be shown in wine course curriculum from now until the end of time man… thank you!

  • Alaskagroundhog

    Please try Alaskan blueberries, the flavor is SO much better.

  • YOU ARE A HOOT GARY!…. Super funny show… Read your book, loved it. Keep writing. I really enjoy watching and learning from you. I think I'm going to go right out and get your episode #887 2007 Cascina Gilli Freisa D' Asti – Never heard of it before, but I do like a BIG wine. Take care.. Judith@wineallday.com

  • HAHAH! I love it!

  • gringoinchile

    Freaking hilarious! My favorite is the lemon peel … keep educating me and keep making me laugh. Good show Gary.

  • Sthomas8537

    This episode has made me a follower. Great Show!

  • Moblueeyes2000

    I AM a first time viewer. This is so very informative!
    I have a home based wine tasting business and will use many of the suggestions you have offered.
    I am looking forward to viewing many more episodes! Thank you so much for this valuable tool!

  • Tim Chinashopbull

    Awesome video. I have arrived at WLTV via mentions of you in marketing blogs and this video is to me what it is all about. Valuable, accessible content! I will definitely refer back to this in future.

    That aside, I really love your explanation of wines and will be working my way through your back episodes to further my own understanding past my usual Shiraz!



  • Annie

    Can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched this and how many people I’ve shown this too. Totally informative not to mention hilarious. Bought the stuff, smelled the stuff, ate, chewed and licked the stuff; I’m definitely on my way!

  • i thought you were going to chew on the couch at one point, love leather flavors in a full-bodied cab.

  • Jim

    ok, kind reminds me of crazie eddie videos. Lots of energy I’ll give you that.

  • I was a bit surprised you didn’t include lychee fruit, for Gewurztraminer. I thought it was hilarious when you said, “I really hate ’em!” about the chocolate-covered cherries.

  • Federico

    what an idiot

  • Augusta
  • Alloveritsj


  • Anonymous

    What about Oak?

  • Anonymous

    I am new and I enjoyed to watch your show. It is a little bit crazy what you are doing but it has opened my mind. I recalled the flavors you tasted as I was watching. I got inspired to try this food again and I will see if I can find all this flavors in the wine. But I will give me more time to do this 😉
    Thank you and keep it up!

  • A C

    That was phenomenal! I have heard of you from the internet marketing circles and am just now getting around to watching your show (surprising as I am a major wine enthusiast!). I believe I have watched only about 4 episodes so far and am already totally mesmerized! Your wine knowledge (and sense of humor!) is incredible!

  • A C

    Actually, he is quite brilliant!

  • joanie

    I think you need to drink some milk , like right now, : ) This was amazing! Thanks!

  • Don

    Fabulous, just fabulous.
    Inspiring truly wonderful
    I do hope you get to see this Gary.
    I was having my Annual Wedding Anniversary dinner/lunch at the Ledbury in London (very wonderful place if you ever get there. The Sommelier told me about your blog…
    It’s going to take me a while to catch up.
    I’d love to emulate this with my driving courses Don Palmer (.co.uk)

  • ryan ezekiel king

    Are you serious? I am loving this show! Thanks Gary for the entertainment and passion!

  • WineRangerBrazil

    Made the basix training vid for our consultants! Thanks

  • I am so doing this!!!! I am in love with the fact you had jalapeño, rock, dirt combo…. you have mighty ones… Gary….

  • Jazzyjezzy

    Thanks, this one was great. I have been wanting to learn to develop my palate and this shows me how. Husband and I love watching and learning from you.

  • Bhessel

    That was excellent and hilarious. I have struggled with identifying some of the scents and flavours in wines I am tasting for the first time. Now I know how to learn what they are.

  • This was absolutely amazing. Complete inspiration for tying on my own and a gut-buster to watch!

  • Anonymous

    now the sock was it 100%cotton or was there nylon in there?

  • Anonymous

    you never scored the soy sauce?

  • Anonymous

    you had me at white pepper completely lost it on the arrow root. still laughing.

  • Kevin Moriarty

    I loved this episode, informative and I couldn`t stop laughing the last couple of minutes.Sent to all my wine drinking friends.I went right to my refrigerator to sample a few things, don`t think I`ll try the sock though!

  • Magrady4

    4 year anniversary!!!

  • This is what I really need to do. I am always trying to figure what I am smelling or tasting. Oh and you are high rolling at the end with that ’99 Cristal

  • JDR

    Superb episode. I’m eating all I can!

  • Anonymous

    This is hysterical. I really did learn a lot and I loved it!

  • Anonymous

    I loved the script and your preformance on this show.

    Your positive response to the perceived taste of “Burnt Tire” however reminded me to add that it to the list of unlikely flavors praised by wine critics: many pleasurable scents like leather, hay, yeast, toast, EARTH, and then FOREST FLOOR, LEAD PENCIL, TAR, and now BURNT TIRE. ALL of which are just what I want to taste or smell when drinking wine, if you get my sarcasm.

    While the name of every other fruit and vegetable or surface that can be licked has been invoked to describe the scent and taste of wine, no one who reviews wine has EVER used the word GRAPE.

    Where am I?

  • Anonymous

    …you simply cannot successfully proof read your own work…

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the funiest episode I have seen. Your expression when you ate the chilli was priceless. We at http://www.winegifts4u.co.uk do alot of tastings and will be using some of the stuff you have used to get the flavour profiles. Enjoyed the show keep up the good work. If we come up with any thing new will let you know.

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching the show for a while but i haven’t watched this episode til today. It is totally great. This is what everyone needs to do. Gary you are the best! thanks for all your efforts!

  • Hey Gary,

    This is my first time stopping by Wine Library TV. Looks as good as I’ve heard.

    I have a quick question, did anyone write up a shopping list for this episode? I’d rather not watch the whole things to write down everything to taste.

    Thanks for taking the time to help wine newbs like me!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a new fan… I love your work!

  • Gary, totally hilarious, educational, and inspiring episode. I’m a new fan too and really love what you’re doing. Wine doesn’t have to be so intimidating. You are having fun and that is important. No longer a lurker, I have a ton of past shows to get into. Great job, bravo.

  • Anonymous

    I have watched this coutless times.. LOVE IT.. Gary you rock!!!

  • Fantastic episode! You could have also added oregano, basil, lychees and flowers (violets, jasmines, roses, etc.)


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