EP 801 An Interesting Grape from the Piedmont- Dolcetto

Gary tastes 3 Dolcettos, a cool varietal from the Piedmont in Italy.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Camerano Dolcetto D’albaDolcetto d’Alba
2007 Massolino Dolcetto D’albaDolcetto d’Alba
2007 Aldo Conterno Dolcetto MasanteDolcetto d’Alba

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luca bercelli


line of the day ‘This is borderline undrinkable’

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  • Cool_Dave

    Welcome! I'm popping a Telegramme Chateauneuf du Pape tonight to celbrate Gary's victory.

  • Congrats on the Jets win! Great episode. Don't believe we've ever had a Dolcetto. Edie had a melon wine from Oregon when she was in Portland on business and wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on that grape varietal. Thanks for all you do Gary!

  • lakatosc

    This episode cracked me up – Gary, your reaction to the first Dolcetto was priceless. Thank you for continuing to bring wine to the masses without dumbing it down!

  • Dude, I'm blue with envy, really!!

  • Cool_Dave

    Oh yea! Love the Pape! Sorry about the double post my modem just crashed. ๐Ÿ™

  • Cool_Dave

    Not me I have only had a Cali Pietra Santa Dolcetto. I need to have a real dolcetto befroe Gary punches me. I must try the D'Alba.

  • abrams7

    I feel ya, but life=work and life+wine=happy

  • plaidavenger

    Thanks for another stab at the Dolcettos Gary. I have been preaching the Dolcetto gospel to my students for years as a wildly undervalued grape/wine…along with Nero D'Avolas which are in the same boat. And although I could care less about pro-football, I did find myself at a pub last night secretly rooting for the Jets…just for the big V

  • Had a Muscadet Sรจvre et Maine a couple of months ago, no wait it's almost a year, wow time flies. The grape is Melon de bourgogne a grape native to Burgundy but now used only in Loire for making Muscadet (not Muscatel or Muscat, that's diffrent grapes) It's a crisp and excellent wine for aperatifs or to fresh shrimps/lobster/ other shell fish. The wine I had had a nice smell of lemon peel, some pear and a little yeast. Tasted crisp and clean, pera, lemon balm, slightly of bread and wet pebbels. The varietal was brought to US in 39 by Georges de Latour. Wines have often been labels Pinot blanc. Oregon was the first area that put the grape on the label in a correct way, to my knowledge. Damn I must tell my brother there to buy some.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Great game last night!! I would not have predicted that, but then again I don't follow sports very often.

    Say something huh … how about word association. I say cold climate grapes, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

  • Icewine riesling ๐Ÿ™‚

  • matt lafleur

    whats up gary..my names matt from texas & ive been watching your show for over 3 yrs now & im a big fan. love what you do & your passion for wine. keep up the good work. jets got lucky by the way. they stink

  • Jim C

    Great comments on Dolcetto's. I haven't had one I was crazy about but look forward to finding the Masante.

    I can't believe you have me rooting for the jets.

  • Eric DiNardo

    Great to see two episodes in a row about Italian reds. Seeing two in a row with great wines like Dolcetto and Amarone just gets me excited for VinItaly 2010 that's coming up in April.

  • Nik_B

    A solid show – only had a handful of Dolcettos.. but that is only because they are fairly hard to find.

    Spaghetti Cat says hello.

  • That’s the idea…. just reading it again made me hungry ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Skippy6052

    New to the show! Viewing from Orlando,FL. love Dolcetto D' Alba. You are right on with the great bang for the buck! Very excited to watch your show also love your excitment for wine and wish there were more like you!

  • alanfavell

    Dolcettos are one of my favourite value wines. Each year I go to Eataly in Torino. It has a tie in with the Slow Food organization and has a fantastic store in the basement. They have lots of dolcettos: Matteo Correggia, Mauro Molino, Andrea Oberto , Macarini, Marengo and Conterno of course. The prices are great even in euros. It is a mystery why more wine drinkers don't appreciate dolcettos but that's good for us bargain hunters.

  • jimo55

    Another great show Gary. Plan to try some Dolcettos soon after seeing this. Had a '03 Barolo for Christmas dinner after watching several positive shows on them – it rocked. Perfect complement to the meal.

    QOTD: Favorite Show ? tie between Nicolas Joly and episode 800.

    Keep 'em coming.

  • Kris Marck

    love you commitment to excellence, honesty and being the best Gary possible. Love the beard. Sac Fan-Kris

  • Moselman

    Moselman says: Hey, Mr. Vay-ner-Jets ? I've only had one dolcetto, a coupla years ago when I was so naive as to think I was looking for a white wine (!). Anyway, it was related to the Camerano, I think, and I was quite disappointed. Added to my deteriorating view of Italian wines. However, in researching a few wine sites, I discovered it to be held that Docetto should be consumed young (“best 1 to 3 years from bottling)”, and the one I tried was like '03. This seems in contrast to your comments before getting into the tastings here.

    Now for something completely different, I'm having a rough winter, hockey (fan) wise. The Sucky Yucky Canucky team keeps climbing the standings while my Alberta and Minny teams keep underachieving against teams like Columbus, Phoenix, Anaheim. And after a great start, both the Sens and Habs are making me blue, too.
    QOTD: So, what to do? AOTD: Climb on the Ryan bandwagon! See you at the top!!

  • Achilleas in Cyprus

    I’m back … missed a whole load of episodes due to being too busy.
    Congrats on 801 .. here’s to 900 and 1000!

    What to say ??? I’ve been lucky to try some really good wines from all over the world. Some have been great and some not so great. The thing I always have gone my is taste or as Gary says .. your PAL.

    it really is true – try loads of wines and see what you like. It’s not a sin just because you don’t like an expensive wine and prefer a cheaper one – it’s all down to taste.

    Enjoy life and drink lotsa wine – life’s too short not to !

  • pawncop

    Good episode, have never tried a Dolcetto, but will add it to the list.

    Well a little bit – reserve police officer – work the pawn shop detail- lots of property crime and criminal intelligence gathering.

    Work as a respiratory therapist in a busy pediatric emergency room.

    Been learning and enjoying wine now for about three to four years, still learning and loving the quest.

  • A.S

    Don't think I've ever tried a Dolcetto. Really need to drink more Italian wine. Mostly barbera and chianti when I buy Italian.
    GV keep mention a lot of the Dolcetto wines as god qpr, so I guess I have to buy some and give it a go.

    Hopefully it get some time to watch more WLTV this week!!
    I miss it, being to busy with school.

  • GLrocks

    Try a domestic Dolcetto like Pavi…organic Napa fruit. As stated Dolcetto is
    such a food friendly wine (except for steak and hardy fair). An unsung varietal that
    has such a strange stigma in the U.S. because most consumers think “dolce” hence sweet.

  • ProfessorB

    Ugh – didn't get time to watch this one until a few moments ago, by which time the Conterno was gone. I'm a huge fan of his Barolos (thanks, Cindy!!!) and would have picked up a few of those. Hopefully WL gets that one back in stock!!

  • I'm a wine Noob and want to get my wife more interested. As far as tastes, she likes tropical flavors like mango and pineapple. And leans towards sweet to very sweet. Can anyone help me fine something in my area, Pasadena, CA? Thanks.

  • my fav non-wine blog is http://www.marinelayerproductions.com/index.php/

    Check it! It’s a good one!

  • Braden G

    Hey Luis. My wife used to lean toward the very sweet Piesporters and the likes. I got her trying some Vinho Verdes which she fell in love with and has since moved toward the Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs which have loads of tropical flavours layered behind the grassy notes. Beyond that maybe you could try some unoaked Chardonnays. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Hey cool. Love staight ahead jazz. Know any hood wine shops in St Pete
    Clearwater area.
    Did you know Dave Hardman or Mark Neuenschwander.

    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • pawncop

    Well, was at my daughter and son in laws house this evening and the meal was to be Italian. So after watching this episode I went to the wine shop close to their house and purchased a 2006 Dolcetto d'Alba Pe're Alessandro. It was very good, with good fruit, very bright with good tannin structure. Medium bodied, flavors of plums, dark fruit,

    Thank you for continuing to push us to try new varietals and expand our palates.

  • Drinking a red blend right now… soooo smokey, and i love it!

  • Henry

    This was a very enjoyable show! The tasting went from crappy to good to outstanding…Gary, when you are tasting, is that the progression you prefer?i.e, bad, good, great? Always a treat to watch your shows!

  • Henry


  • tennispro

    Gary, you should follow your own lead on this topic and say something more that a smiley face when you tweet back to people. I know you like to bust out volume but ….. content baby, content.

    @ tennispro

  • YoungDave

    GREAT episode- Dolcetto NEEDS to be explored more- QPR… ALSO- there are some fantastic domestic Dolcettos being produced lately, many from Mendocino, that have rocked my socks off for the price.
    QOTD: Congrats on over 500 comments! It's about time to get the numbers up there again. As for the Jets, as you know by now they stomped on the Chargers 17-13 and I even posted on your facebook wall when Green had that fantastic 53 yard touchdown run to seal the deal.
    As for comment: best wine this week (at least!) 2007 Boeckel Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes.


  • Anonymous

    *SO* good to see I’m not alone in my fanhood of the Chiefs and Hawks here on WLTV

  • Jeff

    hey Gary!! have always loved the attitude and the show!
    I have to disagree about the selling thing though; there is NO reason whatsoever for you not to taste wines you personally like and also happen to have in quantity in your store. No conflict there; we get where you are coming from and it would actually be NICE to be able to easily purchase some of the wines YOU love (especially for me since our palates are similar)!
    take care.
    go jets!

  • JayZee13

    First of all, great show. The last two Dolcettos sounded very interesting and I will have to seek them out. I have to admit that I have had very little Dolcettos and I really need to get some on hand at home in the cellar for whenever. After all, we can't drink Brunello, Barolo and Amarone every night!

    Let's see… you want me to “say something”. Okay. I hate Twitter.

  • steakmonster

    I'm so glad the first wine was the one that disappointed and the last ones came through, the show's mood is always so much better that way.

    I want to say that much of the time I am drinking raspberry tea when I watch the show.

  • Love it when you drop a bomb on a wine… you need to do that every once in a while to remind them who's boss!

  • Last couple of days enjoying Fish Hook, a S. African screw-top 2009 Shiraz…surprisingly good, jammy. Almost bought it for free. How could anyone not like wine? Worried because daughter may marry into family that doesn't drink. At all. Thanks for being a good teacher, for returning us to ourselves.

  • kaeley

    As king of the lurkers I really like your show and because of the Vaynerchuck Cab experiment I am making a Dry Creek Syrah and a Carneros Chard at home. I love your show and thanks. However it would be much better if you wanted to post comments that separate window would open because my DSL is slow and I wanted to post an comment while I was watching a show and it started the shows down load all over. I would comment more but I hate to start the download all over again.

  • winemonologues

    Resolved this year to try a “new varietal” every month. Falanghina (thanks to GV for turning me in that direction) was January. Dolcetto will be February. . . seen Dolcetto, heard of Dolcetto but have never picked one up. Now I will.

  • angelatcarlson

    Yeah, we have a Dolcetto at work (TJ's) last year and man did that bad boy need some air before it was drinkable. At first it was dry and not good, but after about 30-45 minutes it was much smoother and the crew kinda liked it. Italian wines are some of our most popular, especially because of the value-driven price points.

    We tried some Shiraz/Syrah & Zins last night and the favorite was the Castle Rock
    ($5.99 in CA at our stores) which had big berries on the nose, slightly jammy, light without being thin, nice over-all Tuesday night drinker. The loser of the night was the 2007 Jacob's Creek Shiraz which had a sweet, fruity nose, light with berry notes and a hot finish.
    For $5 I can get a much better Italian or Spanish wine than this stuff. Yuck!
    Not a fan of the lower-end Australian wines. Too sweet and/or just plain boring.

  • DaveHohf

    Gary here's your comment, I watched this on my iphone and dragged my ass over here to say something.

  • hooplehead

    “Tight like a tiger.”

  • My comment is that I'm curious what cause a wine to be bitter? I watched two shows back-to-back and the word “bitter” was thrown around a lot. On paper I know what it means but is bitter a feeling, a taste, something you feel in your mouth and if so where?

  • NJStickist

    Great episode. Always looking for good Italian Reds in the $20 price range. As requested, I've created a profile and added an avatar…no more blank faces.

  • I love Dolcetto's. The first time I heard you mentioning it I jumped to the nearest wine store and bought a bottle!


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