EP 801 An Interesting Grape from the Piedmont- Dolcetto

Gary tastes 3 Dolcettos, a cool varietal from the Piedmont in Italy.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Camerano Dolcetto D’albaDolcetto d’Alba
2007 Massolino Dolcetto D’albaDolcetto d’Alba
2007 Aldo Conterno Dolcetto MasanteDolcetto d’Alba

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luca bercelli


line of the day ‘This is borderline undrinkable’

Tags: Dolcetto d'Alba, Italian, red, review, Video, wine, wines

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  • apriltwocats

    Thank you for bringing forward a varietal from the Piedmont that doesn't cost $60 a bottle.

  • Weston3220

    well ill start While I can remember favourite none wine blog, is studiokitchen fantastic photos of food, and I do enjoy Gizmodo for my techie side

    Ill change my Logo soon enough!

  • rieslingrich

    Going to get a good Dolcetto, a varietal not had much of. Gary do more shows on
    GERMAN Rieslings to teach folks they are NOT sweet bombs, as Heidi Barrett said
    she learned BALANCE from the Germans. Do you know anyone in the Mosel, Im going
    there in May ??

  • Thank you for making me burst out laughing today. I enjoyed listening to what you had to say – it's the first time I've tuned into your show and have been reading your book with relish and PASSION. Thank you.

  • A shout out to Federico Scarzello…talented and passionate young winemaker from the Piedmont and a very nice guy. The Dolcetto is very complex and mature, and still very affordable.
    Also a hello to Iacapo Teodoro who is with the Scarzello importer, Vignaioli Selection.
    Folks in NYC have a good shot at finding the Scarzello wines by looking at the Vignaioli restaurant and retailer lists: http://www.vignaioliamerica.com/indexfs.html

  • ahillsey

    In grad school at FIU and working your Sobe Fest seminar in Feb and I wanna hang with you after.

  • I love your show… and have recommended it to many wine lovers who are not up on the latest internet tools. That said, I'm not one of the devoted viewers that you invite to leave comments. Sometimes I feel like I might be crashing a party already in progress. That's my comment. Anyhoo, you are a riot and make me laugh out loud often. My teenage kids tell me that wine can't be that funny… little do they know!

  • Hey Gary, I love it when one of your region example wines SUX! it keeps you straight and trustworthy. Im gonna get some Dolcetto very soon!

  • jwoliver

    Love your process. I plan to use you as an example for my QA department to break down the componets of a Customer Service Interaction. A great excuse to expense some wine! Dont stop, your biggest fan – “Cushing It!” Vay-Ner-Chuk style. ~Jason Oliver

  • jonathanregan

    Hey Gary
    Just got back from Italy with a dolcetto and a Valtellina nebbiolo in my suitcase: Things that are harder to find in the UK. There are some superb wine shops in Italy if you like Italian wines… Two years ago I wasn't interested in Italian wines but you've changed MY wine world and now it's my favorite country!
    On another note, I've just watched the football episode too and I can't believe how difficult it is to get hold of decent wine in some places in the US. That's something that needs sorting out! Good luck…

  • Great chat GV. Not to impressed with conterno low end, must check out 07's. Interesting new commenting setup.

  • boughtrecords

    As 2009 is kind of remembered as the year of facebook and twitter, hopefully 2010 will be considered the year of family and friends. With the birth of my daughter, Emma Grace January 15th I know it will be for me. It is so amazing to me that even with 5 businesses that I own and operate from the moment she was born I did not even know what day it was for over a week! A wonderful byproduct is that a new baby inspires friends and family to also drop what they are doing to come running. Let's all do that more this year, go running to spend time with those we love without waiting for a holiday, wedding, birth or death. Let us just celebrate our relationships. Remeber we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS.

  • Wiof

    Japanese people can fly

  • Thank you for making me laugh and staying positive

  • John Santamaria

    Just added the Aldo Conterno and Massolino to my WL shopping cart and I look forward to giving them a taste.

  • Anonymous

    So sorry for the delay. I’m still figuring out the disqus thing.

    Re: heart health and wine. It’s pretty clear that a few things are going on, and we’re still trying to sort through the data, but the way I read things up until now is like this:
    1 – Testosterone and progesterone are “bad” for the heart. They are associated with increases in atherosclerotic plaque development, though the lines of association are unclear.
    2 – Moderate alcohol consumption seems to help prevent this, likely due to an estrogen-like effect caused by something in alcoholic beverages. Estrogen seems to have some sort of cardioprotective effect, though we don’t know why. It seems that wine has this substance in higher concentration than other beverages, esp in relation to its alcohol content.
    3 – “Resveratrol” is postulated to be the substance causing the estrogen mediated cardioprotective effect, but truthfully that hasn’t been proven in any meaningful scientific way.

    So that’s the good stuff… Now for the bad….

    4 – All that being said, heavy alcohol use is clearly associated with a number of disease processes, not the least of which is alcoholic cardiomyopathy – essentially congestive heart failure caused by over-indulgence over a long period of time. Sort of a Catch-22.

    5 – The obvious next question is “How much is too much?” and, truthfully, it’s different for every person, and frequently we don’t know until there is already some other organ damage from alcohol abuse (liver, heart, and brain are the most common).

    So my overall summary is: alcohol is generally good for you in moderation, i.e. < 1 bottle of wine per day, though some people can get away with much more. I would not rely on wine to save my life, but it sure does make life better….

    Cheers, and stay well…

  • thadass

    I'm so awesome my post-workout cool down was folding my laundry.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your in depth answer. I will do my best to put your advice into practice. But overindulgence is kind of the American way, but I wasn?t born here so perhaps I will be able to fight off the excess monster a little better. Prost!

  • Thanks for the reply, you are very knowledgable! Just checked out your webpage and never would have guessed you weren’t from America after reading your comment based on your very good English. Where are you from anyway?

  • I’m swedish, living i a city called Karlstad. In Sweden most kids learn english from the age of 9 and it’s a mandatory subject in school all the way through high school. I have a brother living in the states and his wife is american. So I get to practice a bit 🙂

  • Good tip from Braden, also buy some Alsace Reislng of a demi dry character. Spice it up with a gewurztraminer from the same area, often loads of tropical. Choose a bit older ones if possible

  • ironmics

    Just popped a bottle of the Masante, and you were absolutely right. This is stunning, can't wait to see what it's like with some air. Also, just spotted it at a shop for $16/bottle and they have a 15% case discount :).

  • MarC

    let's not cut corners and push it…and i'm enjoying every bit of ur show!

  • I love these sorts of shows GV, getting into the nuts and bolts of the wine and telling it like it is. To me, reviewing a bad wine tells me more than reviewing a good wine.

    Looking forward to heaps more of this in 2010!

  • Thanks for the shout out GV.

  • jimsharp

    Thanks for introducing the 2007 Aldo Conterno Dolcetto Masante. I went on a mission to find it and ended up at Yankee Spirits in Sturbridge (MA) They didn't have it in stock but I was abale to order a case at 270 bones. The most I've ever paid for abottle of wine. The case arrived 3 days later. After the Taxachussetts imposition (sales tax) the cost was around 281/2 bones per bottle. Being overly entusiasic I opened my first bottle the same day it arrived, before it had a chance to settle down. Even so this wine is everything you said it would be. As it aerated more and more aromas developed, revealing cherry, alittle tar, lots of dark berry and tannins that hit the mid pallette but then dissipate and then the citrus tones linger. I'm putting a few bottles away to see how this wine ages over a few more years

  • amm3rd

    today is my son's first birthday. Love you Tuck!

  • Right & Tight, RT, not Re-Tweet. LOL.

    Comment of the day: I bowled a 253 the other day.

  • hello gary, as a fellow wine enthusiast and wine buyer of a retai store in nashville tn. i enjoy your site. however, i only go to it when someone emails me a link of one of your shows, like tonight. i am completely satisfied this way but i will say that i would watch more often if they were a little shorter. i know this conundrum well because i have the same desire to be long winded with a captive audience. at least that's what they tell me. anyway, you've got a very entertaining way with speech. i would like to see you use it more effectively. after all, we are living in the era of the minute. please do not take offense. just some positive (at least that's what i meant it to be) criticism from someone with no dog in the fight.

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  • I’m going to gave to look into that Massolino, I’m fairly sure that one of my local shops has it. $17 is a steal for an Italian red, considering all the junk chianti there is out there. Great show.
    My favorite episode of WLTV, episone 734. I love wine, I love cereal, and it aired on my 21st birthday.

  • Bjansen

    Am tasting the 2008 Masale, and my tasting notes say similar things to your description of the 2007. Am enjoying your shows!

  • I think people mainly don’t know about Dolcetto because we just aren’t getting -a lot- of great ones in this country. Importers often skip the big Piemonte producers’ Dolcettos just to bring in their Barolos and Barbarescos. It’s too bad. And then there are the forgotten/lesser known Dolcettos di Diano and Dogliani, which can be amazing. We get a few here but not enough. Schwaggy Dolcetto is -not- hard to come by in the US but there is a lot of good stuff in Italy and I wish it was all coming this way! Also Dolcetto does have a lot of tannins so maybe people who are used to drinking new world wines are scared off by the structure.
    For the record, I love Dolcetto and think it can make a lovely wine.

  • Anonymous

    Have tried the Massolino.. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day ‘This is borderline undrinkable’


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