EP 810 2000 and 2005 Cahors Tasting

Gary shows some love for the Cahors appellation in France, a region that gave the Malbec grape its start.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Haut Monplaisir Cahors Cuvee PrestigeCahors
2000 Chat Lagrezette Pigeonnier Cahors Cahors

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘we need a Mott cam’

Basically GV could say to Mott – ‘this smells like Bruce Willis’ arse on a Friday’ and Mott would reply – ‘Yeah I get that’. Here it’s ‘sardines’ that GV bowls out there and the Mottster picks it up immediately! Comedy value very high

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  • abrams7

    I watch a lot of WLTV

    I listen to a lot of TOOL

    I don't read near as much as I want to cause I don't have the time.

  • joelmchenry

    GV glad to see video about unheralded places. Nice job.

  • adrums

    Replies seem to not be counted in the running tally.

  • abrams7

    If I did have the time I would probably read CRUSH IT just because you wrote it.
    An your the shit!

  • Mott cam would just be a mirror, that's a great observation Carlo 10! We are watching old “The Office” episodes and “Simpson's” episodes when we're not trying to get all those darn Star coins on Super Mario Wii. I (Andy) listen to Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand, and other similar music. Edie listens mostly to country. Pretty much just read the internet newspapers and magazines, not really any books. Great episode, never had a Cahors. We're having ham and pineapple tonight so we're not to sure what wine will go with that, maybe a Sav Blanc or sparkling.

  • ilbee

    L: Marvin Gaye
    W: The Community
    R: CellarTracker tasting notes about interesting wines, I guess. No time/discipline to read books

  • gbinm

    Cahors is just Good good good wine. have it with some Pigeon(squab)

    Listening CBC and Sirius radio Underground garage and deep trax with Bob Dylan's show.
    watching: the weather and my new baby boy WP
    reading: all the old Travis Mcgee pulpy novels by John D Macdonald, cool Man!

  • I am listening to Jason Mraz's Beautiful Mess Live CD, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, and a Live CD by the John Mayer Trio…

    I'm watching Mixergy interviews by Andrew Warner, Sportscenter, and occasionally some WLTV to get my passion fix

    I'm Reading Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Textbooks, and Seth Godin's Blog

    That should give you some idea of who I am and when I'm not doing those things I'm working on pumping some good content into my blog, starting the Blacksburg Music Connection, and going to class

    Satisfied Gary?

  • jayhitek

    I love Melbac. Never had a clue about the Cahor correlation.
    QOTD1: Me! I would love a Mott Cam. DOit! You can put in a little pnp video block in the bottom right of the screen. Like on skype.
    QOTD2: Listening: Sirius. Stern and Alt Nation
    Watching: Unfortunately 24. Blows this year. So I am going with Human Target. Reminds me of the old show Equilizer. Celeb Rehab 3, Smallville, Psych, Criminal Minds, CSI Vegas.
    Reading: I read cnn and tmz online.. does that count.

  • Paul in Paris

    An excellent show Gareth, the best in a while.

    Cahors is a wine I would normally avoid but you have really done the appelation a service with this show – it would be worth looking into these wines to relieve the monotony of the usual suspects – bordeaux/rhone/burgundy etc.

    Incidentally, tried some Vieux Télégraphe 2007 La crau there – delicious.


  • QOTD: listening to you. Watching you. And reading your book. Seriously Watching This Old House, Reading Crush it, and Listening to 311. (good show)

  • SS_Chris

    Gary, This new interacitive Comments section is AWESOME!! The next step would be to create an online forum…..where there are different sections and threads. think about it…

  • +1 on the Mott Cam!!!! At least put up a mirror so you can see Mott in the reflection.

  • lawschooldrunk

    if you've never read this one before, I won't ruin it for you. Good luck 😉

  • Vinacull

    An exciting EP. Really enjoying Cahors lately and this was cool because one was in an everyday price range and the other a pinnacle from the region with a little age on it. Intriguing TN's Gary. I tried the '05 Monplaisir last month and I loved it. Old world yes, but offers major bang for the buck and will be even better with a few more years behind it. Cheers!

  • allanj

    Yep, It is rockin'

  • Anonymous

    Listening: Anything on thesixtyone.com (awesome site to discover new music)
    Watching: Tons of WLTV and Mythbusters
    Reading: Sadly, just a bunch of textbooks

  • AmyNYC

    Watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and The Daily Show
    Reading Jim Harrison's The Road Home and Sherlock Holmes stories
    Listening to Lady Gaga and Django Reinhardt

  • johncannata

    Im a big 'Sit Com' guy, so I am loving Modern Family. Very funny show. I've listened to your Audio Book a few time, so Im listening to you. Looks like you are having huge success with comments lately. Congrats!

  • Tim

    All those pleases and I had to comment. Listening to The Bravery's new CD, watching The Office and Diggnation, reading Alain de Botton. Mott cam sounds like a great idea.

  • Listening: my funk and soul radio show from last week
    Watching: watched 'The Cove' last night….hope they win the oscar
    Reading: Neal Rosenthals book

  • plcb

    QOTD: I listen to a huge variety of stuff on the iPOD. Dang nothing specific. I like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Joe Cocker, some alternative rock, a little pop. I watch a bunch of crap including Bachelor which is the biggest train wreck ever. Cracks me up though. Better shows would be LOST, Gossip Girl, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage. I'm reading my Wine Spectator subscription.

  • plcb

    QOTD: In my car I listen to Howard 100 and 101 and Alt Nation 21.

  • JustinM

    I have the Pigeonnier Cahors stored away for a special day! Can't wait to try it after this review. I'll make sure to have it in a old school type setting with a cigar 😉

    I've been LISTENING to everything in the Zune Marketplace. I can't believe I just barely found out about how awesome the Zune Pass is.

    I'm currently READING Tim's 4-Hour Work Week Expanded and Updated book and a couple other books on Search Marketing along with all my daily Google Reader feeds.

    I'm WATCHING Wine Library TV, 24, Chuck, 30 Rock, and other random things I find on Hulu 🙂

    And I'm PLAYING Pro Evolution Soccer and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 whenever I get a chance!

    Pretty standard, huh? heh

  • WineWoman

    QOTD: TV American Idol, Big Love, Survivor
    Books, Julie and Julia, Good Eats-Alton Brown, Quickfire Cookbook-Top Chef
    Music–Renee Fleming-Haunted Heart, The Firm Soundtrack-Dave Grusin, Some Lady Gaga, some cuts from Latest Whitney Houston.
    These are what I am currently immersed in–not necessarily my all-time favorites.

  • NY Pete

    SSaD … insert doucheroll here …

  • sashanyc

    big fan of Cahors wines.. never had a bottle more than $30 though.

    yes to Mott cam

    Listening to: African Funk Mix – Brownout – NPR
    Watching:Anthony Bourdain No Reservation, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny in Philla.. & Californication (web)
    Reading: Just finished Soccernomics.

  • QOTD: TV; Top Gear and The Daily Show. Books; actually more magazines; The New Yorker, Rolling Stone. Music; listen to a lot of different music, but love Pink Floyd, The dark side of the moon and The Brandenburg concerto by Bach

    great show:-)

  • lewharrelson

    Your starting to grow on me Gary, I don't know what it is. I take back what I said about you. You're only a half fraud…Just kidding man, your legit.
    Bourdain's No Reservations and Curb Your Enthusiasm
    I've been on a Phish kick lately. The new Monsters of Folk is outstanding.
    I just finished the D. Brown's The Lost symbol. Its bad. I'm reading Jessica Anthony's The Convalescent; its the literary equivalent of the 2000 Chat Lagrezette Cahors. Just finished Dave Eggers' A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius; pure literary joy.

  • yes on the Mott cam.
    Wow the Lagrezette sounds nice…how many bottles left after the inventory?

    Listening: Vermont Public Radio mostly and Alex Cuba lately,
    Watching:WLTV and the occasional Netflix…and Kahuna I confess.
    Reading: River of Doubt, Drink This , and the FedCo seed catalog

  • gncohen

    great episode!
    yes to mottcam
    QOTD: pinball wizard by the who/elton john; the office/30 rock; the economist

  • drew82

    Listening to comedy lately. Patton Oswalt, Zack Galifianakis, Louis CK.
    Watching: The NBA, mostly the Celtics or Lebron. Hockey, the Red Wings. Office repeats, and PBS cooking shows – Julia and Jacques, RIck Bayless, Ming Tsai…
    Reading: Mostly Net stuff lately. Always read Dan Savage, food/cooking blogs too.

  • EricD

    Si e’ un bel libro. E’ il primo libro di terzani che ho letto.

  • Big up for the Blueprint 3 shout out… u want sum hiphop, checkout @rasheedchappell (I gave you the CD already… shhhh)… he's got some BizMarkie & Buju Bonton joints up on there… NJ WUDDUP?! lol

  • QOTD:

    Listening: Sade's new album “Soldier of Love”
    Watching: WLTV & House
    Reading: “Why Women Have Sex”… already read “Crush It”

  • Pat__B

    Petit Pays Cesaria Evora.
    The Adventures of Auggie March by Saul Bellow.
    Just for Kicks, Enlighten Up!

    I'll let the Vayniacs figure out which is which

  • craig

    i'm a lurker….

    no longer….


    malbecs……hhmmm…cahors..are cool… i can't jive with the argentinian wave though. I”m not on that bus. I'm tooo much of an old man….even though i'm only 25 years old

  • cellarrat5

    TOOL is amazing. Probably in my top 5 favorite bands ever.

  • 750ml

    Listening: NPR
    Watching: Modern Family
    Reading: Salinger

  • Brady_B

    QotD: Listening to funk jazz
    Watching Good Eats on TV
    Reading Atlas Shrugged

  • XpensiveWino

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Dylan was the voice of the people and a song writing genius. His songs have been covered hundreds of times, by many many famous singer/songwriters. Laga Gaga and her contemporaries are no talent hacks.

  • cat888

    QOTD: Listening to The Black Keys, Watching Intervention, Reading Vampire Lestat

  • Anonymous

    in responce to pj4533:

    Massachusetts passed new direct shipping legislation in 2006. The new law has a limit on how much wine an individual consumer can receive from and aggregate of wineries every year. Unless wineries can be assured that they won’t be penalized for being the one that goes over the annual limit, we advise them not to ship. Most importantly, FedEx and UPS are NOT shipping into Massachusetts.


  • Anonymous

    in responce to pj4533:

    Massachusetts passed new direct shipping legislation in 2006. The new law has a limit on how much wine an individual consumer can receive from and aggregate of wineries every year. Unless wineries can be assured that they won’t be penalized for being the one that goes over the annual limit, we advise them not to ship. Most importantly, FedEx and UPS are NOT shipping into Massachusetts.


  • DaveyJohnson

    Listening: Grace Potter; check her out
    Watching: You GV
    Reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell (check it out!)

  • ben from boston

    right now…

    listening to – Blu & Exile (MC & DJ)

    watching – Brotherhood (the showtime series), and Always Sunny!

    reading – Rudyard Kipling (short stories and poetry)

  • ben from boston

    nice comedy picks, high five!

  • ben from boston

    gary, what about you?

    p.s. did you win that bet?

  • legend

    listening to -Paloma Faith
    watching Misfits
    reading The Conjurors Bird…and drinking with my wife!

  • Listening to – Lou Reed “Perfect Day”

    Watching – Better off Ted

    Reading – When its not my New Product Management book, Terry Pratchett. I'm a super nerd.


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